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Read Pyle, Hugh, The Truth About the sodomites.
It is DETESTABLE that the sodomites have erected a museum for Matthew Shepard, the sodomite who attempted to molest 2 men in Laramie, WY.  The evil faggot press distorted the whole thing to make look like an attack on “gays”:  sodomites that is!         Http://godhatesfags.com/fliers/20131001_Laramie-Project-Otumwa-

While Westboro Baptist church has problems with doctrine and saying that God hates our soldiers, they do have Scripture to back up the LORD’s Hate for reprobate homo-perverts.   And they do picket to educate our youth and preach the Gospel to the lost.

The King James 1611 Bible is a Thorn in the side of ALL evildoers, including the “scholars” – Luke 22, 23:10, Matthew, Malachi 2:12, Jeremiah 8:8-11, et cetera –  and, of course,  the abominable fags, faggots, dykes, homo- perverts and sodomite sympathizers.     Pretty deceitful aren’t you pseudo-intellectuals, sodomites, sodomite shrinks, politicians, priests, theologians,  and all the “people that matter”, aren’t you?    You’re not e-mailing and writing the public school superintendents, the international anti-education association {NEA}, the international faggot teachers {NFT}, the Parent Teacher Associations, the extreme court, the fag deans of supposed “institutions of higher learning” and the boards of supervisors of counties, towns, townships, cities, et cetera, to get the King James 1611 Bible back in the public schools, are you?    You’re not being honest with us.   You’ve never spent time with the LORD saying “give me the Truth, LORD.   I don’t care what it costs me.    I want the Truth”.   Do you truly want to know the LORD’S Opinion about all matters?    Obviously, His Opinion is all that matters.