WHAT COMMUNISM REALLY, TRULY IS! Translate into Traditional; into Simplified Chinese

LIE = 

shrinks = 巫毒教 收縮
medicine man = 醫學人
Necromancer = 方士


Why I know the King James 1611 Bible is The Word of The Lord:  為什麼我知道國王詹姆斯1611聖經是耶和華的話語

The advanced Revelations of The King James 1611 Bible: 國王詹姆斯1611聖經的先進啟示。

environmental communism:  環境共產主義
environmental communist ecology terror:  環境共產主義生態恐怖:

If a lieth with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall 搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖!如果與人類交惡,就像他與一個女人同躺一樣,他們都犯下了可憎的事情:他們一定會被處死,他們的血將歸於他們   surely be put to death:  their blood shall be upon them. – Leviticus 20:13

None Dare Call it Treason: 沒有人敢稱它為叛逆  contemporary exposes: 當代曝光

Queers are petrified by The King James 1611 Bible:  酷兒是由國王詹姆斯1611聖經石化搖滾噪音:
搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖! 搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖!

Global warming liars! 全球變暖的謊言! Please help spread the word throughout the mainland: 請幫助在整個大陸傳播這個詞

Do NOT get vaccinated!  不要接種疫苗!

If you ask THE LORD to get you a King James Bible, HE will. 如果你問上主給你一本國王詹姆斯聖經,他會的。

WHY  “institutions of higher learning” breed COMMUNISTS = 為什麼“高等院校”培育了共產黨員

When I was young, I noticed that liberals tried to get me to believe what I knew was WRONG: ISAIAH 5:20:  當我年輕的時候,我注意到自由派試圖讓我相信我所知道的是錯誤的:賽亞書5:20。

國王詹姆斯聖經是主的話語:被陰謀者欺騙的仇恨驅動了“學者”不能抵擋:耶利米書36:32,約翰福音 5:39,17:17
communist media are LIARS!  Media is man with man; girl with girl!   共產主義媒體是騙子! 媒體是男孩對男孩的渴望; 女孩慾望女孩!

The creed of the catholic deadly jesuits:   天主教致命的耶穌會士的信條

I am going to deprogram you:  我要去解密你

sorcery psychology: seduction of the jesuit devils:  巫術心理學是誘惑鬼祟魔鬼

I am translating into Traditional Chinese, which you, in Taiwan and some of you in Hong Kong SAR, speak.  Please inform me of the mistakes that I am making.  Thank you:  Nextaxpro consult the Rock  我正在翻譯成繁體中文,你們在台灣和你們中的一些人在香港特區講話。 請告訴我我正在犯的錯誤。 謝謝:Nextaxpro諮詢 洛基

Sodomy { homo-perverts } must be outlawed now!  = 雞姦現在必須被禁止!

Exposes` = 揭露邪惡

american telephone and telegraph has turned exceedingly corrupt!  美國電話和電報變得極度腐敗!

Sodomites are criminal anarchists!  性變態是犯罪無政府主義者!

But HE was wounded for our transgressions, HE was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM; and with HIS stripes we are healed: Isaiah 53

Alcohol attacks every organ in the body!   酒精攻擊人體的每個器官!

WHAT COMMUNISM VERILY, TRULY, REALLY IS ~ “If you refuse to be governed by God, you will be ruled by tyrants.” -William Penn 1668

I am going to publish what is seldom published now:  what socialism, that is, COMMUNISM REALLY, TRULY is, and what socialism, that is, COMMUNISM, means for YOU and your country if socialism, that is, COMMUNISM, overtakes.  I have taken the liberty to calculate the BLOOD SHED, RAPE and GENOCIDE that socialism, that is, COMMUNISM entails!  The wall street journal estimates that 100 million have been killed by communists, but that is TOO LOW statistically and realistically, due to the wall street journal’s refusal to acknowledge that socialism is indeed communism.  “The slave state always follows the welfare state.”  Between 390 and 430 MILLION souls have been MURDERED by socialist\COMMUNIST THUG regimes, by means of genocide, executions, tyrannical programs that caused pograms, deportations that are ONLY environmental communism, wars, civil wars, insurrections, revolutions, riots, mafia style MURDERS, commie totalitarian caused famines, MURDERING their own people, including soldiers, commie caused murders, epidemics;  poor, or, nonexistent health measures, concentration camps ( the gulag ), torture, malnutrition; poor, or, non-existent health care, quack “doctors”, unsanitary living conditions, the only exception being when conditions are “cleaned up” in anticipation of visitors from foreign countries.   

Continuing: hidden MURDERS – a good example would be those released from concentration camps who were on their beds, or, “human skeletons”, opposition and fellow COMMIES exiled and MURDERED abroad, ALWAYS the shutdown of a free press, FORCED relocating, imprisonments, hidden grisly statistics – a good example would be fascism and nazism, which are TOTALLY by definition and reality – COMMUNISM IN ALL OF ITS GROTESQUENESS and REPULSIVENESS, ad nauseum.  That number DOESN’T include AT LEAST 57 to 67 MILLION babies that have been MURDERED in the United States, a nation that is not considered socialist\ COMMUNIST, although, in some aspects, the United States is:  socialist insecurity, anything but care medicare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, upwards of 180 oppressive regulatory agencies, federal and State.

All of this is far from all of the ghastly horrors of criminal socialism\COMMUNISM.  In ALL socialist, that is, ALL communist ( national socialist party – nazi, union of Soviet SOCIALIST republics, fascism ) countries, insurrections, associations, propaganda are anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-nationalism, anti-patriotic, anti-conservative and pro world government.  That’s why the USSR joined the united nations!   They hope to rule the world via a “United Nations”!  In Tortured for Christ, Richard Wurmbrand, The Death of a Nation, John Stormer, and other good books and publications, you can read about the unspeakable atrocities committed by communists, their stooges and those that enjoy torturing ✝ Christians and Jews.   You will be shocked by the DEEPLY DEPRAVED imaginations of thugs who LOVE to torture Christians and all whom they regard as “enemies of the state”.

Which countries were, or, are presently communist is a matter more of presumptions than concrete definition.  A very example follows:

COMMUNIST CHINA:  chairman mao tse tung, communist China:   as many as 78 MILLION MURDERED.  As many as 60-65 MILLION by starvation!

Communist China maintains a stranglehold on and over its people.  Sometime between 1990 and 2000, China allowed Capitalism and prosperity came to the cities.  I saw this myself.  The commies stifled Capitalism, with Capitalism’s incentives and entrepreneurship some time between 2013 and 2017.  🇨🇳 China is headed downhill economically, moralewise, tourismwise.  The feeling of hopelessness –  which is universal in ALL ALL ALL socialist\COMMUNIST nations – has returned to China.

   U.S.S.R – Union of Soviet SOCIALIST ( hear that?! ) republics:  lenin, stalin, khrushchev, gorbechew, putin:  67 MILLION MURDERED, if not more!  Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili ( Joe Stalin ) alone MURDERED as many as 66 MILLION.   That number DOESN’T include the thousands MURDERED on iosif vissarionovich dzhugashvili’s orders “to save on equipment”.   That order meant that THEIR OWN soldiers were sent to walk over the land mines that the retreating Germans had laid!!!!!!!!   Now, THAT is “progressive liberalism”  for real.  THAT is progressive liberalism in action!  The ghastly contempt for human life by the MOST VILE, EVIL, DEPRAVED, CRIMINAL, HEINOUS, SCURRILOUS advocates of socialism , i.e, COMMUNISM!!!  35 to 45 MILLION were MURDERED by starvation!   That grisly statistic may include the Russian generals who served in the Spanish civil war from 1936-1939.  Stalin ordered them shot!!!!!    I asked souls from Russia why Stalin would do such a thing.  One told me:  “that way he knew that he got the bad guys”.   THIS what socialists, i.e, COMMUNISTS, think about the value of human life!   democrats ( devil 🐀 rats ) do not tell you that, do they?  Do they?

North Korea:  1945-  Five million MURDERED, or higher.   Doesn’t include those who died as a result of starvation, diseases, infectious.  When diplomats split (!!!!) Korea in two and gave North of the 38th parallel to the communists, the communist BUTCHERS hammered SHARP bamboo sticks in to the ears of the children of Christians, Jews and conservatives.  They committed unspeakable atrocities!!!  In every country, territory, et cetera, occupied by communists, tortures were perpetrated upon born again ✝ Christians.  One of the millions of illustrations that shed light on the HATRED of God hating commies is the “gentleman”  who was the head of communist party U.S.A. from 1946-1949.  Gus Hall was quoted as literally bellowing:  “The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it!  Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar!  And let them drown in their own blood!  I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last preacher.”

One North Korean border guard who defected had a worm in his intestinal tract that was one foot long!

Those who have to live in North Korea are so completely BRAIN-WASHED, that, if you were to ask a child in North Korea what he wants most in life – his, or her response will be:  “to kill an American”

North Vietnam now Vietnam:  1954-

Cambodia 1975-1989- “Kampuchea”  from 1975-1979.  Changed name back to Cambodia 🇰🇭 When the commie Khmer Rouge bad guys took over in 1975, they MURDERED as many as two MILLION doctors, educators, civil servants, other professionals and those who were opposed to “reeducation, resettlement”, and typical EVIL communist, cultic idiotic twaddle.  Every one was FORCED to relocate to the country, even those who were hospitalized and couldn’t be moved!!!!  A commie army officer took over and was responsible for the atrocities.  In all movements, there’s strife.  COMMUNIST Vietnam invaded Kampuchea in 1979.  Then, communist  China 🇨🇳 invaded Vietnam 🇻🇳 .

Laos 🇱🇦:  1975 – present

Mongolia 1924 -1992:  taken over by lenin or his clique.  stalin entrenched himself effectively in power in 1929.  AT LEAST 50,000 opposed to the commie unrecognized SEIZURE of power were MURDERED!!!!

Afghanistan 🇦🇫  1978-1992

Cuba:  Fidel Castro began his MURDERS even before he seized power.  At least SIX MILLION murdered and died from starvation, malnutrition, underfeeding and disease.

Nicaragua:  AT LEAST one million MURDERED.

Venezuela:  AT LEAST 5 MILLION MURDERED and died from starvation, malnutrition, infections, diseases and diseases not seen since the Middle ages!!!!

Brazil:  AT LEAST 500,000 MURDERED by COMMUNIST takeover attempts, murders of public officials, et cetera.

Chile:  unknown;  had a socialist, i.e, COMMUNIST government in 1932 and between 1970 and 1973.

Angola:  AT LEAST 3 million MURDERED during a COMMUNIST takeover from 1975 until 1992, when it split in to two coalition commie parties ruling.  That coalition lasted until 1992, or, 2010, depending upon one’s sources of information.

Ethiopia:  from 1984 until 1991.  Worse than THREE million died as a result of communist executions and famines, and, the same surreptitious plan of FORCED relocating, as was committed by the communist THUG dictatorship in Kampuchea ( need Cambodia 🇰🇭!  Rule by COMMUNIST totalitarianism has MURDERED more than 80 MILLION souls by famine, disease, uprisings, coups and wars!

Guinea:  communist totalitarian government from 1966 until 2010. Brutal communist dictatorship under Ahmed Sekou Toure.  Imprisonments, exiles and NO freedom of the press ensued.

Madagascar:  1975-1992:

South Sudan:  2011-

Congo:  1969-1992:

Yemen:  1967-1990:  with the collapse of the USSR, 🇾🇪 Yemen was “free” from communism.  While an islamic-communist totalitarian dictatorship, a civil war occurred in 1986.  While a COMMUNIST slave nation, most, if not all, of the leaders were muslims.   Interesting;  islam and communism CULTS have a tremendous affiliation!  “We have never rejected terror as a matter of principle, nor can we afford to do so.” -vladimir lenin

Mozambique:  1965-1991:  

Somalia:  1969-1991:

Madagascar:  1975-1992:

Benin 🇧🇯:  1975-1990:

Czechia, Slovakia, Ruthenia:  formerly Czechoslavakia:  AT LEAST 750,000 of stalin’s, Khrushchev’s, Gorbachev’s enemies MURDERED!   AT LEAST 5 MILLION women and girls RAPED when the communists occupied from 1945 through 1991.  When the 🇨🇿 Czech people wanted a measure of independence, COMMUNIST Russian tanks rolled in.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania:  AT LEAST 250,000 THOUSAND MURDERED when stalin SEIZED these countries in 1940, then retook in 1944, and, 1945.  AT LEAST one MILLION women and girls RAPED – most MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!

Germany, 1945:  more than nine MILLION German women and girls were RAPED!!!!  Some 13, and, doubtless, some of a LOWER age than 13!!!! Many RAPED multiple times for days on end!!!!  stalin ordered this as VENGEANCE against Germany 🇩🇪 .   Wherein I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even unto bonds, but The Word of God is not bound:  2Timothy 2:9.   Some of those soldiers were born again ✝ Christians.  Russian soldiers who refused to participate were shot!!!!  This occurred in ALL of eastern and central Europe from 1945-1949, and beyond in some locales.  This occurred as a result of fdr -COMMUNIST –  ALLOWING (!!!!) Stalin to go BEYOND the border of the U.S.S.R, AND INVADE eastern and central Europe!

Poland:  1945-1989:  COMMUNIST Russia INVADED in 1920, 1939 and 1944.  AT LEAST TEN MILLION were MURDERED, as the communists established an illegitimate rulership.  The Polish people hated the communists.   Less than ten percent would have voted for stalin!  Stalin claimed to have received 89% of the vote.   “It’s not who votes.  It’s who counts the votes.”  – iosif stalin      AT LEAST 12 MILLION Polish women and girls were RAPED by Russian soldiers in 1944-1945!!!

Hungary 🇭🇺:  1945-1991:  SEIZED by stalin in 1945.  AT LEAST 500,000 of stalin’s enemies were MURDERED from 1944-1949!   AT LEAST three and one-half MILLION women and girls were RAPED, many MULTIPLE times!!!!  stalin ordered VENGEANCE on Hungary for participating with the Germans during the invasion of the USSR in 1941-1942.

More were MURDERED when the communists crushed the Hungarian overthrow of the communists in November, 1956.  The United States BETRAYED the Hungarian people by referring the BRUTAL commie REPRESSION of 🇭🇺 Hungary’s yearning for freedom to the united nations.   The USSR had a vote in the u.n. troika.  Our leadership KNEW that the USSR could NULLIFY any resolution that condemned the SAVAGERY of communism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Incidentally, unicef voted to send aid to the communists to be used to SUPPRESS the desire of the Hungarian people to overthrow the commie yoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austria 🇦🇹:  1945-1955:  largely unknown:  the USSR SEIZED the eastern portion of Austria in April and May, 1945.   AT LEAST 250,000 who opposed communism were MURDERED!!!  AT LEAST 1.5 MILLION women and girls were RAPED!!!  Communist USSR didn’t withdraw until 1955!

Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia ( all “Yugoslavia” then ):  1944-1992:   worse than one MILLION were MURDERED by stalin and communist tito!  AT LEAST 5,500,000 women and girls were RAPED by communists!!!

Rumania 🇷🇴  ( the spelling then ):  1944-1991:  AT LEAST one MILLION were MURDERED when the USSR took over in September, 1944!  🇷🇺 Russia’s soldiers were ORDERED to take vengeance on Rumania for sending soldiers to participate with the Germans invading the USSR in 1941 and 1942.   AT LEAST eight MILLION women and girls were RAPED!!!

Bulgaria 🇧🇬:  1944-1991:  AT LEAST 500,000 MURDERED who opposed the invasion by stalin and subsequent takeover in 1947.  AT LEAST 2,500,000 women and girls were RAPED!!!

Albania:  1944-1992:  AVOWED COMMUNIST tito allowed by stalin to take over following the retreating Germans. Albania 🇦🇱 was one of the DARKEST of COMMUNIST states, isolating itself from the world.

Pleasesee my page that details communism for REAL;  communism in action.  Over 309 million souls have been MURDERED by means of starvation, torture, revenge, infanticide, MURDER of the aged, feeble, handicapped, retarded, chronically ill and other ATROCITIES in COMMUNIST countries!!!!  And THAT does NOT include countries that are labeled “socialist”, which I explain means COMMUNIST!

America 🇺🇸 was founded during a tremendous Christian REVIVAL.   THE LORD led our Founders to embrace, require and advocate freedom to innovate;  freedom of thought;  freedom from oppressive government regulation;  freedom from oppressive taxatiob;  freedom from the bankers.  That means: Capitalism.  Capitalism.   Those who insist that heavy government interference brings freedom and prosperity are in dee darkness.  Their minds are DARKENED DEEPLY BY satan!!  Satan is the author of evil thoughts!  Satan is the author of oppressive government regulation, taxation, demanding money from you to fight fear, the LIE of Godless EVIL-lution;   the LIE of “global warming-CO2 emissions-greenhouse gases-climate change-climate apocalypse”.   ALL liars constantly change their phrases!Capitalism works!  Communism NEVER works;  NEVER can work.  MURDEROUS communism savagely occupies when individuals forsake THE LORD and put their trust in government!   “If you refuse to be governed by God, you will be ruled by tyrants.”  –  William Penn – in 1668.






On yahoo answers: How much does HR Block charge to file your taxes???

My answer acknowledged by the one who asked the question as: “Best Answer”:  75-149 for a 1040EZ; 100-187 if you are in a simple situation, but not quite as simple as what would warrant a 1040EZ. This is way too much to pay too much tax with H and R pirates and Jackson dimwit!! liberty tax also, but it is the same as jackson DIMWIT.

You can do your taxes online.  Have tested several.    Ones that seem to be consistent, Drake software;  may be Proconnect;   may be.  They have courses periodically, as, in my opinion, it is difficult to learn their software.   Many Enrolled Agents disagree with me, so you should use your own judgement.

If your return is complicated, look me or an  Enrolled Agent up.   The National Association of Enrolled Agents website:  http://www.naea.org.  Click on “find an Enrolled Agent”.   Please type in your City, Town, Township, State or, your zip code.  Enrolled Agents are professional Federal and State income tax preparers who are required to update their excellent moral and business status every third year by the Internal Revenue Service and have power of attorney with the Internal Revenue Service. Though semi-retired, I can do your taxes as well, Federal and State { where applicable }, business, individual and otherwise. Give me power of attorney and I will represent you before the Internal Revenue Service. In other words, if I fill or amend your income tax returns, will represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and I will win { am prayed up }.

H and R ripoff Block has to vacate their boiler room.  Firstly, the firm is not to print the social insecurity numbers {SS # in truth, COMMUNIST INSECURITY numbers! } of the client on any of the Tax software that they print online or in their “offices”.

Secondly, H and ripoff, jackson DIMWIT, liberty are NOT to advertise “refund anticipation loans”. Not only were they never necessary, they are not moral or ethical. The interest rate annualized – especially when you add the fees and figure them in – is outrageous! At least ONE United States Senator testified that it is as high as 1700% APR!!  In addition, it is unwise to do what boiler room, unscrupulous preparers do. H and R pirates, jackson dimwit’s jokers motivation violates IRS ethics.  Block and Nitwit should not want to be associated with such unconscionable shenanigans. In the case of refund anticipation loans, their motivation is NOT to help the client. The client is charged IN ADVANCE, AND, seldom informed that he/she may be turned down for the loan due to a government agency seizure, or the IRS wanting to examine the return.  That means you pay the electronics, refund anticipation loan and bank fees in vain!!

Here are six that are decent:  Drake, Lacerte, ProConnect tax online, CCH axcess, Proseries Professional and Ultratax.  A number of Enrolled Agents use these.

I used Tax-act for the first time in 2009.  It is slow; you have to start all over again if you want to change a business or capital gain/loss entry, for example.   But, much, much worse:  in income business year 01\ — 12\2008, found an 18,000 USD error done to one of my clients!!!  Therefore, had to give up on Tax Act. Unless you are in a complicated tax situation, you do not need expensive software. I found this out the hard way.  But I am able to do all, if you come to me. I do have to fill out an Amended Return { 1040X }. I cannot trust some other tax preparer’s work. Drake software is the best, but their software is very expensive. You do receive a sample of the previous Federal and State where applicable income tax year software for no charge so that you are able to test their software.

Wow!  Know that I am belaboring the point. However, you MUST, MUST watch out for refund anticipation loans {RALs}: “Don’t do it.  What they do is USURY and should be illegal.  These “emerald” loans are just as unscrupulous as the whole life insurance companies.  What a ripoff!!  Now, Block with their refund anticipation loans, instead of ceasing such things, have come out with the “emerald loans”, or “green emerald loans”.  They want to trap you into having no choice but to return to them. That’s the same as whole life insurance!   I, Nextaxpro heard more prospective clients tell me “I’ve put too much in to it.  I can’t get out”.   That is the same sad scenario.  So don’t go to H and RIP OFF Block, jackson dimwit, liberty and ANY income tax preparation firm that offers you a refund anticipation loan { RAL }.

Here are a very few of the many testimonials:  “If you got an emerald advance line done from them in December, probably yes { you’re trapped in to returning to that outfit }. If you can, do not go to H&R Block this year. My sister got an advance done in December and she paid through the teeth this tax season. She paid almost { sic:  nearly – Nextaxpro } double what she did in 2006.  Also, they are not issuing checks anymore, either. They are giving the early anticipation loans now on a debit card. My advice for you is to go to a local private tax preparer who will probably do the return for under $100. They can e-file the tax return and you won’t have to pay the outrageous fees. So if you did have H and R Block do an advance in December {sic: comma} you’ll have to have them finish the other part of the return for 2007. If you didn’t {sic: comma} then you won’t have to return there.” Note: a United States congressional Senator testified that RALS interest is as high as 1700% APR.

Another testimonial.  Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived: 2Timothy 3:13. Certainly applies to H and pirate ripoff:
“Beware of the H and R Block Emerald card…Tell your friends!?”  {SIC: Means ! or !!}
I got my 2007 taxes on the H and R Block prepaid emerald card. I was buying my wife a car and had the guy run the card. The card machine didn’t say or print anything. We didn’t know what to do; the guy said “for some reason this card isn’t working.”   We paid with a different card.  When I got home and checked my account, the money had been deducted from the card and put on hold for an 8 week length to be paid to the dealership. We essentially have paid for the car twice! The dealership has done every thing they can to get the money released. My wife has went {sic} into the h&r block office and made dozens of calls to the 1 800 number. Most calls you get hung up on. All I want is for them to release my money back to me so that I can pay off the other card. I am being charged interest on the amount. I am thinking about taking them to small claims court and exposing them to the media!
Warn everyone you know… .this card is a hoax!” { AMEN!!! – Nextaxpro }

More on the sick joke of going to H and ripoff: “In addition, I’d try to use something like Turbo Tax. All HR Block are {sic: Nextaxpro} doing is running software and asking you the questions. When my wife and I first bought our house we were a little apprehensive about doing the taxes, so we went to HR Block. What a mistake. The guy at HR Block was asking us the questions that popped up on his computer. During this process(,) we had a question about an item. The guy at HR Block said he didn’t know and he was only putting in what we told him to put in.  This cost us $150!  I ended up not letting them submit the taxes electronically because I had to look up my question. What a rip off! Turbotax costs about $50 and does the same thing.

Mine:  I am Nextaxpro: { This was before I began looking into the income tax laws and how to do income taxes }:  “When my ex and I went to H& R DILLDOCKS, we found we “owed” a large tax bill when we did not!  They “calculated” { without explanation as to how they arrived at the figure }  penalty and interest for us!  That’s up to the taxpayer and the IRS!!  Most taxpayers do not know that they have recourse involving a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service { nearly always known as the IRS }. We had claimed four exemptions.  Then the H and DUMBBELL representative said “drop ’em”.  That’s what she said! All the things you can legally do to save on your taxes; all the deductions and credits; all the ways you can save on your income taxes and you can find more ways every year.  That’s what she said: “drop ’em” {!!!!}. No questions; no time consuming, exhaustive, digging earnestly and more and more diligently for deductions; no asking about receipts and diaries of expenses; no list to prepare to save on taxes in future years – H and pirate ripoff block is much worse than worthless!  In a subsequent year, the moron told us that we were employers and had to withhold social security from our babysitter. The limit for reporting income then was $125 per quarter. We didn’t have to file Schedule H!!  So we didn’t have to withhold Federal taxes!!  I want H and R lying thieves to make restitution to me for the double charges, plus interest and penalty! We only paid around $50 to the babysitter for the entire year, if that much. Yet, H and R dumb dumb told us that we were employers and had to withhold tax from that poor lady!!  We were NOT employers!!! We did not have to fill out a W-2 nor did we have to fill out a 1099, for that matter. They did not tell us to get a second opinion!!!  Some Enrolled Agents that I discussed this subject with disputed this, saying that it depends upon which outlet you patronize. However, H and R PIRATES will hire idiots who do not know the tax law that they profess to know!!  Furthermore, the slicker and thief at this H and CON MAN office told us that their company { H and R ripoff } would graciously amend our income tax return. We didn’t need the return amended!! They didn’t even know the tax law for child care providers!!
Then, this H and ripoff “preparer” told us the equivalent fee without any advance warning!! They said they would do it. They did not have to; they lied. then they made it appear as if they would do it without a fee, since there was only one entry to “change”. They lied to us!!  We did not need to file a Schedule H !!!! Whether we babysat or not was none of their business!!!  They had no business even asking that question!!! They are agents for the internal revenue service. They added interest and penalty on that we were not liable for!!! They certainly are not interested in you the client paying the least possible legal tax! The fact that they are still in business show how illiterate taxpayers are about their taxes. That’s what started my business. I got tired of overpaying frightfully on my taxes. I went into competition with H & RIPOFF dishonest and exposed them. If they had been right, they should have mentioned federal unemployment tax Act { FUTA } !!! They did not mention FUTA!!! Ha!! H& R ripoff lying, abominable criminal thieves are the most lying, brain dead idiots on earth!!! They have no business calling themselves “income tax preparers”!!

Another testimonial: You see that this all ties together: “H and R ripoff is not looking out for you, the taxpayer: “Dont! { sic: Don’t think it! – Nextaxpro } They work with the government to screw you! Yes { comma here: Nextaxpro } I’ve had them done there. I also have a accountant {c: colon, then begin the quotation marks – Nextaxpro } we don’t do that here!”

Source(s): Latest Better Business Bureau report regarding H and ripoff: { This one taken down by “better business”!!!! bureau 9 to 11 years ago: – Nextaxpro } Please see my Category that exposes the “better business” bureau:
Which website do I check to get my refund? http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p2043.pdf

TRANSLATE in to your language { some dialects available }
https://translate.google.com.my/?hl=en&tab=wT https://thetranslationcompany.comg/services/languages/spanish/markets/spanish-varieties
This one may be better, especially in light that Baidu and Yandex are good for translating from English into Simplified Chinese.   Traditional Chinese?   I don’t know enough to judge: http://www.stars21.com You may translate in to approximately 119 languages.  It is a little more difficult to navigate and you actually have to choose between microsoft {msn} and google.

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<>Continuation of expose` of pirate versus America.   This is Part Two, because the wordpress is very, very slow.   I have divided in to two portions in an attempt to make the site scroll as rapidly as in previous years.  – Nextaxpro









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DIFFERENCES:  Within a PYRAMID and a PONZI, one hands money.

In a PONZI, there is a promise made of huge investment returns in a comparatively very short time.   With a PYRAMID, her or he hands over money and is told that she/he MUST RECRUIT others in to the “business”.  

With a Ponzi, there is NO business product to sell;  in a PYRAMID, there is FREQUENTLY no genuine business.   However, in the majority of pyramid FRAUDS, you work for a business and wind up being nothing more than a customer.   Registration with the SEC, local
government agencies are either LIES as to what the business genuinely is;  filed papers CONCEAL that the “business” is a THOROUGHLY EVIL PYRAMID SCHEME FRAUD.

Within a Ponzi, the investment doesn’t exist.   Within a PYRAMID, the investment either doesn’t exist, OR, you must solicit the “product’ ONLY WITHIN THE BOILER ROOM THAT HAS FORMED THE PYRAMID. There is little to very little emphasis on skills in SELLING.   THE EMPHASIS IS ON “RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT”.


Please support this great expose of pirate vs. America and what pyramid schemes are.   I have succeeded in informing many and helping many to stay away from this massive evil.   Hope and pray to help millions more.   This is not only a great educational endeavor, but a deprogramming from the lies that you have been told from so-called investment experts, FRAUDULENT FALSE CREDENTIALS consultants, enemy “friends”, “educators”, fast talkers, confidence men and confidence women, and, in many cases, even loved ones.    Please help me to continue and to inform many more and to save any individuals and families from being bankrupted:    Routing number:   061 000 104   Account number:  1000 1640 73826




The Pyramid Scheme Aspect of Primerica Financial Services

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com /6

Check out THE BLOGGER’S WHOLE SERIES on Primerica.      http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2008/04/the-pyramid-scheme-aspect-of-primerica-financial-services/#comment-181493  Date 26 April 2008  Tags financial mlm, pfs, primerica financial services,PYRAMID SCHEME   Comments s   { NOTE:    http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2008/04/the-pyramid-scheme-aspect-of-primerica-financial-services/#comment-166797

Sequence, Inc. had closed their discussion board for a long time, but opened their board back approximately one and a half years ago.



194 thoughts on “The Pyramid Scheme Aspect of Primerica Financial Services”  Deborah   I would like to offer a rebuttal to the previous post(s).  { NO posts were posted when she typed this !!!!!!   I’ve run in to this WITCH, BIMBO, DEVIL, REPULSIVE, RODENT, MARIJUANA HEAD, OAF, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, SERPENT, DRUNKARD, CEMENTHEAD, SHARK, CRITTER, HUCKSTER, VARMIT, SPLIT-TONGUED, FOUR FLUSHING LIAR DOG;  highest example of CRANIAL VACUITY posts elsewhere.   To call her posts “posts” is an INSULT to our intelligence!!   There are more apes:   Another one labels herself “linda”.    They change their names constantly to make themselves look like MILLIONAIRES as a result of insurance, including whole life fraud “insurance”, by the way –  for pirate vs. America – NEXTAXPRO  }    http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-203-651-0018/5  

“This is a deadly business model in which you are doomed to fail,” says Robert Fitzpatrick, president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, an Internet-based watchdog group located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  “There’s a ninety-nine percent loss rate” —meaning the vast majority of people who start MLM businesses end up losing money.  You’d have a better chance betting your life savings on a game of blackjack in Vegas than you would putting it all into a multi-level marketing  { in reality a PYRAMID – CONSULT THE Rock } home business.”  {Oooch!!!!  That hurts!!!!! – }


Standard (:)   I ran across a blog that did a series examining Primerica Financial Services, a multi-level marketing company that purports to sell financial products. While the company does offer life insurance, investments, and other financial products, like a typical MLM… they’re really out there selling the opportunity.  The name of the game is endless recruiting.    The Financial Blogger did several nice posts about the company, but this explanation of the pyramid scheme aspect of con America was exceptional:     Is it a pyramidal scheme?     In legal terms, the answer is no.   { BET ME.   IT IS, IS , IS “RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT”!!  AND, NO “FREE POLICY”, EVEN THOUGH YOU WORK FOR CON AMERICA.    – consult the Rock }   However, it does not mean that because it is legal that the company’ structure is not shape{d} like a pyramid.    Everybody is making a cut on the people below them;  it goes up to four level {s}.     I think this is clear that the guy on the top makes the big bucks.    They will answer that every company is like that as the President and the VP’s are in the driver’ {sic:  add “s” on the end -Rock }  seat and the other employees are left with nothing.    It is right also.   { WHAT!!! – CONSULT THE ROCK } However, they do not explain why they are able to give a commission to four people for the same sale.    The answer is pretty easy:  they have to cut down the commission compared to the regular industry.   As an example, if a life insurance of 100K { thousand – Rock } would provide another agent with $1,500 in commission, a Primerica advisor at the lowest level will earn $900  { ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!   No where approaching half of that figure!!  and 2/3??   I don’t think so !!  Those who were fortunate enough to find what the snsd, the nsd, the srvp and the the rvp were PILFERING IN CONTRAST to what the sales representative was EARNING may be approximately 80% to 5%.   The difference is the scrapping that the p!eople at the tippity top of the pyramid poach – consult the Rock }   { SIC:  you forgot the comma – consult the Rock } then his recruiter will receive $300, the recruiter’s recruiter will get $200 and finally the guy who put all of them together will earn $100.   So for those who are in to sell, Primerica is definitely not the right place to be.   “Yeah, but you could build a team and create your own business”,  { sic:  period – consult the Rock } I guess they forgot that the best sellers on earth are not necessarily interested in building a team compared to earning the big bucks right away.  The main problem I see with this approach is that you have to convince individual { sic: add “s” – consult the Rock }  to work hard for less that they could earn only because they have the option of building a team a earn extra commission on somebody else’s work.   In fact, if everybody concentrates on recruiting individuals, who will make the sales?     You may have a hundred people below you, { but }, if nobody sales { SIC:  sells – Nextaxpro }, it still makes 0$ { SIC: zero dollars – Rock } in your pocket.

{ COMMON SENSE.   AND I CAN READ –  }   same old LYING deborah.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first expose` posted  AND EVEN BEFORE a single, solitary post AT TIMES! .   If conAmerica is so great, why are you so scared???!!    Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, UNDER-HANDED, YELLOW BELLY, DUPLICITOUS, DOUBLE CROSSING FRAUDULENT, PIRATE, PYRAMID SCHEME  AND YOU WON’T MAKE ANY COMMISSIONS!!!   THERE IS GREATER THAN 99.75 CHANCE YOU WILL NOT, ANYWAY!!!    If conAmerica is so great, why not pay me for my lost time, inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off;   not having a protected territory which resulted in numerous lost sales, et cetera^??    WHY defend the INDEFENSIBLE??!!     My exposes are well documented and you and all the others only LIE and defame.   You have no concrete proof so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.   Furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is paid AT ALL????    

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/ 6  


https://www.consumeraffairs.com/employment/primerica.html?page=1#sort= recent&filter=1

When you are approached about an organization that you suspect might be a pyramid scheme or MLM scam, utilize websites such as MLM watch or Quackwatch or:  https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/6   and see what others are saying. Ask critical questions like – Does the money I would be earning come from the sale of the products/services or from getting recruits? Would I be required to purchase *pricey* training materials or company products?   Would I be expected (pressured) to attend events where an admission fee is charged? I  f yes, that could indicate the money is generated by recruiting or those “training” materials or workshops, and not from the products and services. I asked myself these questions prior to making the decision to join Primerica and I’m {sic} I { sic }    signed up because my experience has been very positive. con America is in the business of financial education and debt elimination,   { LIAR!!!!!   – Nextaxpro    }    aimed at the under-served middle income market { underserved?.    An individual can make a decent supplementary income, even on a part-time basis, without recruiting anyone. And the clients are often in dire need of the products and services we (licensed agents) are educating them about.   Going with the aforementioned life insurance example, those commissions are possible because that is a one-time payment based on the annual premium of that policy.  If a person “recruits’ you into Primerica, they are instrumental in your training and development, so yes, they do have a vested interest in your success. {  LIE!!!!!  THEY STOLE MY LICENSE, WERE VERY DECEPTIVE, AND, THEY ARE DOING MORE AND DIFFERENT CONS TO STEAL, YES STEAL, YOUR CASH!!!! -ROCKY }  There is no bonus or pay incentive to sign people up that won’t invest the time and energy it takes to get licensed/ trained (AND most, if not all, fees associated with obtaining the license of your state are reimbursable) so the “name of the game” is not endless recruiting .If one has an entrepreneurial mindset and wants to build a team and run an office – that is an option as well.   {LIAR!    THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPLAINED!   YOU ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF EXPOSES BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU GET NO RECRUITS.  AND THAT IS THE NAME OF THIS NEFARIOUS GAME.     IF YOUR BELIEVE THAT, THEN PAY ME WHAT A.L. WILLIAMS NEVER PAID AND STILL OWES ME!!!   PUT YOUR GOLD WHERE YOUR UGLY TOILET MOUTH IS!!!!!  }  

19 May 2008 at 3:06pm   Tracy Coenen  Primerica is not in the business of financial education.   It’s in the business of recruiting.  The under-served middle income market is far better off doing business with a real insurance agency or a real mortgage broker. The products Primerica sells are overpriced, and their main goal is recruiting you!   It is next to impossible to make a real living in MLM schemes like Primerica without recruiting.  Why?  Because the full commission you’d be paid if you worked for a REAL insurance agency is instead split among many levels of the { CON – Rocky } America pyramid.  You make less so the rest of the pyramid can make more.  If you want to sell financial products, stay away from the MLMs.   You can do much better elsewhere.  

19 May 2008 at 3:13 pm   CON VS. America  MILICO CITIGROUP A.L.WILLIAMS PAY ME WHAT THOU OWEST  bonnie floorman, rvp, a.l. williams, whom I had met previously when she was marketing Huff Cook, talked to me about a company that “offered a great opportunity through life insurance sales and asset repositioning”. Further, I could work part time and keep my present employ if I desired.    Enthused, I worked over 100 hours/week; put in time with the company.    Then, within 90 days, bonnie floorman, rvp, demanded I surrender my Bureau of Insurance license because I didn’t meet quotas!!    THAT’S RAPE!!    THAT IS DECEIT in light of the above.   It’s their sin; they can’t demand the license because it is false pretenses.    It is a fraud.    I worked for it;  I studied for it;    I received the license from the bureau of life insurance-securities ~ NOT CON ARTIST  a.l. williams NOR BONNIE FLOORMAN!      Why should it only be an SCC license that can only be used to sell  a.l. williams – conAmerica products?    It is a fraud;  a sham.   I had the same examination.  I had to study just as hard as my competition to receive my license to sell life insurance.     bonnie floorman, rvp, said you only have to work part-time and can make a lot of money.    They lied;  they smeared other firms that have protected territories.     One needs a protected territory.    I would have easily sold 12-24 replacement policies but I was awarded NO protected territory!!!   And bonnie floorman DEFENDED this practice by the a.l. williams shyster varmit confidence man.    So another rep had already sold.     So you can see from the above I’m still waiting for a fair remuneration for what I would have sold and art williams – crime against America can pay me for the time I put in.     They haven’t given me anything yet, therefore, there has to be a penalty for what they did in order to discourage further rapes of innocent, honest, hard working, taxpayers.    I wasted a total of 7 months going to the meetings, the class, studying and scouring the supposedly limitless field of “every person you meet is a sale”.     In addition, old a.l. williams reps find me every few years.    A quote that I can very well relate to:   “I was never told how my name was referred to them”.     They say they are headhunters.    They are leeches;   steal your leads;    find your family and friends and attempt to rape you again!!    They’re just looking for whom they consider to be suckers.     I always have to tell them I am still waitng for my money.    Not only has a.l. williams not made restitution;  he has made an offer of stock in an effort to take away the injury done to me.    No remorse, no offer to pay for the expenses to get my life insurance license back that was stolen FROM ME! – nothing.    a.l. williams-Citigroup- con America lies and lies and lies and crime vs. America CONTINUES TO LIE to everyone.    Here is I found out while I was slaving for a.l. williams:
$80 fee to go to their seminars!!     MORE NOW!    The RVP’s told us it was a great deal!!     $130 to stay overnight in a motel.   $15 for my meals expense.   $60 fee to take my examination.    WHAT!!!  All the other reputable life insurance companies give their training for no charge AND they pay for your accommodations.   And neither bonnie floorman nor ANY of the rvps nor sales representaives told me this.   The entire a.l. williams was a foundation of lies!   It IT IS EVEN WORSE WITH THE PRESENT PIRATE VS. AMERICA!!!

–  Gas and wear and tear on my vehicle.    – Gas to go to their “pep rallies”{.}  – Pay me $150,000 IN  GOLD for my time for 7 months of slaving.    Half a years salary is NOT unreasonable.   This amount is less than a half year salary,  and, it is less than that considering you work all of the time when you are selling life insurance.    This does NOT include the renewals which a sales representative receives with all OTHER life insurance companies AND should have been receiving with a.l. williams – con America the entire framework.   Be sure your sin will find you out.   THEY ARE PROVEN DISHONEST AND FRAUDS AND ROBBERS!     If one includes what I would have sold and WOULD STILL BE SELLING HAD I HAD A PROTECTED TERRITORY, THE RENEWALS A.L. WILLIAMS – CON AMERICA OWE ME GO IN TO THE IONOSPHERE!!!

– I started finding insurance policies that were cheaper!   CMA was the first one.    a.l. Williams, bonnie floorman, rvp’s told me I was selling the cheapest!    Really began to be disturbed over that.    One of the reasons bonnie floorman was able to talk me in to the business was the “fact” that a.l. williams policies were the cheapest and the riders made them cheaper yet.
– No reimbursement for my travel expenses.    a.l. williams has still REIMBURSED ME NOTHING for these expenses!!    Now I have learned it is even worse insofar as fees assessed by con America.    AND, dreamed up new charges by pirate vs. America that con America sales representatives must pay.
– A sales rep is a rag that they can throw out!   More regarding this fact is below.  Please study this website.   They tell you you are going to be wallowing in moola!    The RVPs don’t help you; I never, ever was introduced to a rsd or srvp and they throw you away so they can exploit another one and steal his/her leads!!!
– I started hearing “that person’s not even a potential client”.   When bonnie floorrman talked me in to getting in to the business, every one was a potential sale.  “Just start a list”.
– I began running in to people who wanted to buy from me but they had already bought from another guy who didn’t even work in the same state that I was working in!!!!!   My eyes finally began to open and it began to sink in that an agent needs a protected territory, which bonnie floorman nor art williams took the time to tell me.  I wonder why!
– You know it is so:   when you go in to business, you don’t “recruit, recruit” other businesses.  You stay right there and build your business up wherever you are. You get the help you need.   If you start a branch business, or a separate enterprise, you get the help you need.    You don’t tell them to pyramid on, for those new recruits to pyramid on, and on, AND ON, until you have exceed the entire population of the world!!      If you get 5, your down-line gets 5, and so on, you’ve EXCEEDED THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE WORLD IN ONLY 14 LEVELS !!!!!!!!!!!   wamway tells you you may get 6 recruits.   You have exceeded the entire world populace by the 11th level !!!!!!!!!!!!!     Those rvps and srvps know that.    Those recruits are customers!

al williams -Citigroup- con America still owe innumerable commissions plus interest and penalty because they stole my license after ONLY 3 months!!!     They never forced bonnie floorman to admit she was wrong and to return my license to sell.  That license was only good to sell MILICO products.    That’s a conspiracy in restraint of trade!!    The license granted by the government body was good for 2 years.    a.l. williams deliberately made up the 90 days and I had to pay my expenses on top of it to pass the exam and get my license!    What a fleecing!      a.l. williams takes away your license without any remorse!    It caused me impoverishment and upwards of 99.5% of the other pfs reps wind up impoverished because of this abomination.    It is nothing but a boiler room pyramid scam scum spit pyramid fraud!!!!     Only those at the top make money:    those any thing below that concocted level give their time, money, their clients money and energy to those at the top.    You CANNOT make a career in the death insuance industry unless you receive renewals.    And they charged me for the classes!!!    And I had to pay virtually everything out of my pocket.    Neither bonnie floorman nor any of other rvps,  district, srvps or regional leaders told me that all of the  life insurance companies and stock mutual fund companies, mutual fund companies, money market companies give you training out of their own pocket.   They help their reps.  It took upwards of one year for me to recover from all the uncompensated work time and expenditures.

All right then:   A fair restitution:

1.  You cannot get around base pay.  If you supposedly are going to make this fortune selling “buy term and invest the difference in mutual funds”, “the 72 rule”, et cetera^, they have no problem giving at least $1500/week so you can survive;  more in high cost of living areas. That’s not unreasonable. As aforementioned, if the reps did well on the Bureau of insurance examination, and I scored 87 out of 95 total, that’s not unreasonable. They recruited us and told us we were would swimming in dough working part-time!!

2.    Full, honest disclosure about the commission structure.    We’re still trying to find out what it truly is!!    art williams got around one lawsuit because Alabama {then} had only a one year Statute of Limitations for plaintiff action.

3.    Fair remuneration for selling the policy.    conAmerica can’t pound and pound that ludicrous “higher cost first year, lower later” because the reps don’t get paid commission in subsequent years.  The miscreants at the top, the district “managers”, the srvps are taking those commissions!   Prove me wrong!   Let’s see the billings!   Prove me wrong!   You are PIRATES AND RAUNCHY PARASITES!    Therefore, you are GUILTY you are proven innocent.   That’s laughing in the agent’s face!   I have never been shown the billings.   That’s an admission by a.l.williams -con America that they treat their reps very badly.   a.l. williams- Citigroup – con America owes me for the renewals.    A fair remuneration was not explained to the franchise owners at Southland Corporation, either.   Now  7-Eleven runs 7-Eleven, rather than Southland.   Southland began making ties with the mafia and eventually went belly up in 1990.

4.   I put seven months of my time in to that scheme, overall.     Should I hold my breath that pirate vs. America will pay me fair remuneration for all the mental stress and impoverishment that multi-level marketing causes?    Paying compensatory damages to me is NOT unreasonable, especially since there should be penalty as  al williams never paid me a dollar in lost fees, being ripped off, and no renewals.   With no disclosure of the commission structure, how do I know I was actually paid an agreed upon stipend?

5.   Fair reimbursement plus interest for my travel expenses to take the course.   That’s not unreasonable.    I obtained the license required by the state governmental body and passed their test with a high grade. Reimbursement for my travel expenses to obtain the license and stay at a motel.   That’s not unreasonable.    a.l. williams forced me to give up the license that I had earned!    No argument of sincerity can be made by a.l. williams, bonnie floorman or any of the rvps.   They want those leads and will be very swift to steal them from you.    When you franchise any store chain – if you’re smart, you check the contract for a fair evaluation of what the franchisor contributed to the good will and growth of the business.     al williams staff and lawyers knew and pirate vs. America knows about clauses such as that.      Was so young and am really surprised at the number of potential clients I visited and the enthusiasm I had and how I helped the image of that company.    I was recompensed with termination and theft of my time.    That’s theft of services!   That’s theft of promised commissions!!   That’s theft of renewals!    That’s taking away of protected territory and no disclosure of!     I gave them my time.   al williams and his people are thieves!    Never again will it be done to me.

6.    A fair evaluation and restitution for sales missed when forced to surrender the license I had studied for and earned. That means they owe me for the  bonuses I would have made as well as the sales I lost, not only in the valid period of the license, but in subsequent periods; volume build up; more sales, bonuses, et cetera^!    After 7 months with absolute minimal income, I was impoverished and forced to take overtime jobs so I could get back on my feet.   Multi-  level marketing { pyramid fraud } impoverishes workers!   Hundreds of thousands of others have been raped also, worldwide.

7.   The theft by a.l. williams means lack of credentials for the next insurance place.    The sin of a.l. williams.  Once again, you must have a protected territory.      Reimbursement for travel expenses;  fair restitution for my time to unnecessarily have to restudy for the examination.    Boy, does a.l. wiliams- pirate vs. America-Citigroup  plunder unsuspecting people!!    Taking away your license when no laws nor ethics were broken by the agent is an abomination!!!   a.l. williams, bonnie  floororman, con America-Citigroup who bought them out [hence bought their debts] and the rest of them should be thankful I’m not asking for compensatory and punitive damage awards!   Boy, do they fleece you!    A lot of time and energy for what?   To be used and thrown away so they can get your leads!!   Aha!!    Now you know why a.l. williams and all the RVP’s ordered you NOT to make the sale on the first visit!    Because they furtively sneak in and STEAL your leads and your sales!!    I have not told you everything, but, if you have scruples, you are able to tell that these PIRATES are VERY scurrilous.    And, with every year that passes, they pull new cons!     I’m having a difficult time keeping up with what they are doing!!!!

Why?   After 3 months, they will steal their license to sell, which is not even rightfully theirs!!!     I studied for the test, put out by the state regulator, not by a.l. williams;  not by MILICO;  not by pirate contempt for America:  not by Citigroup.   What a corrupt, unscrupulous, venal outfit!  You can’t even recover unless you take the courses;  then the examination and fee all over again!!    They owe for the mental stress!!   Those sales district and regional leaders really have their nerve in demanding that you surrender the license when you have committed no legal, propriety, moral nor ethics violations.    Any pirate can be labeled a leader.    HITLER WAS, HITLERY CLINTON IS.   A pirate is a PIRATE, NOT a leader!!

8.   License was good for 2 to 4 years.    Out and out fraud and nefarious, barbaric extortion to only allow a license to sell insurance and securities through a.l. williams!!    That really takes nerve!    Whom do they think they are?    God Almighty?    The intent is to issue a license to sell life insurance and securities for yourself or for any firm.     To limit to a.l. wlliams is tantamount to threats, lies, deception, unfair restraint of trade and extortion!!!     a.l. williams violated the Sherman anti-trust Act without even telling us!!!    Has crime against America turned from such reprobate shenanagans?     criminal con America must agree to pay for the remaining 21 months of lost revenue as a result of the illegal seizure of the license to sell life insurance.    That’s generous:  a.l. williams does not have to pay punitive damages and a.l. williams doesn’t have to pay compensatory damages for a minimum of 7 years.   And crime against America has a lot more fees and a lot more cons to pull on you.  It is worse now than before!     What?!    Ripoff Report states this?    To the editors of Ripoff Report:   CON America is willing to make amends?!?!    They bought a.l. williams, stock symbol ALW  { then } .    When you buy an outfit, you buy the debts.    Let’s see proof that Weill, the purchaser, did!!    a.l. williams “headhunters”  know I worked there, even if bonnie floorman and that other girl were to attempt to deny it.   Plus, I have been “headhunted thrice since bonnie floorman stole my license to sell death insurance.     RIPOFF REPORT MIS-MANAGEMENT ARE LIARS!!!    Ripoff report made the following statements that I have taken the liberty to place in to quotation marks:   “Not everyone is a sales person”  {they recruited you;  hence you are! – Rocky } –  “not every one is made for every business and your success depends entirely on the effort you put into it, but, the investment involved is very minimal in light of the training and licensing that it pays for” – all this talk about $199 { probably higher now }  being a great deal.    Those PREDATORS don’t tell you that any reputable company { and even some not so honorable } PAYS for your training and overnight expenses.    I guess people are wondering  “why do I have to pay to start a job?    “But Primerica isn’t a JOB,”   { IT’S A FRAUD, cranial vacuity!    By their fruits, ye shall know them:   Matthew 7:16-20.    WHAT?!    YOU REFUSE TO READ????    con to America is “a job”, and I’ve proved it.    – Nextaxpro } 



You’re starting a business;  {you’re starting a business when you go to work for all the others and the company pays -consult the Rock}  how many other businesses can you start for less than $200  {unlimited, especially now.  It’s called the internet!!!}?    Life insurance pre-licensing education is provided at no additional cost to you.”   {ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!    crime against America lied to you!!!   Documented by other threads, also.  We are NOT bearing false witness!!!!    That leads one to question the whole scope of the investigation put out by the staff of Ripoff Report.    How deep was the investigation?     I’ve spoken with thousands of life insurance agents, including former a.l. williams agents, and they all know that a.l. williams charged $80 for the pre-licensing seminar, which they did to I Rocky.    No additional costs?    Even then, it was more than $200, as I have documented.   

a.l. williams recruiters wanted me to buy a policy!   What!!   When one is employed by a “500 billion dollar corporation,  the employee receives their product for free or, at employee discount rates.   When I go to work for an insurance company, I get the policy for free.   Buy an overpriced policy to help National Sales Directors and Senior National Sales Directors.   What deception!   What dishonesty!   What treachery!

~  Ripoff Report said “recruit” in their ” Rip-off Report Investigation:  Primerica`.   “It should be noted that as an independent contractor, the compensation of a con America agent consists of commissions and bonuses earned upon the sale of a product, either directly or by an override commission GENERATED BY OTHER AGENTS {emphasis mine} recruited into his or her ‘hierarchy’. ”     Not my words, his.     Some have not seen through pyramiding, sometimes called “multi-level marketing”.     Now  the merchants of menace are calling pyramiding something else.   EVERY LIAR CONSTANTLY SHIFTS HIS LINES OF DECEIT.     “But you should know, that your results are going to equal to your efforts.”    Think {so} ??!     The ripoff report management knows better!    RIPOFF REPORT IS LYING LYING LYING TO THEIR READERS !!!    In any moral, legal, honest, above board, obey the IRS corporation, company, partnership, sole proprietorship, co-operative, charity, hospital – what have you – you are paid ON YOUR SKILLS, TALENT, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND WILLINGNESS TO WORK HARD AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND CONTRIBUTE IDEAS TO HELP THE CONCERN.   THAT IS ROCK RIBBED FACT.   YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH A FACT.   CON AMERICA brainwashes you and attempts to COERCE YOU in to wrong, crooked, perverted, slant-eyed, duplicitous thought processes.     Con America pays you according to your ability TO LIE TO PEOPLE TO GET THEM SUCKED IN TO A CONFIDENCE GAME;  A RIGGED GAME;  A ROLL THE DICE LOTTERY WHEREWITH YOU CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT WIN!
That is NOT so in multi-level marketing, even in a local economy on the upswing.     Here is the best explanation I have seen to date.   There are probably less wordy ones, but this is worthy of very careful, thorough study.     CRIME AGAINST America IS IS IS a PYRAMID company, BETTER CALLED A BOILER ROOM SCHEME, NOT A COMPANY;   NOT A CORPORATION.      www.frauddiscovery.net/Herbalife,WallStreetFooled.pdf

It’s the same a.l. williams hash refrigerated and microwaved up:    “Primerica was been and is under investigation by the SEC, FTC and numerous other governmental bodies.      Listing of investigations and litigations can be found SEC’s and other sites –>”  BLOCKED BY PIRACY VS. AMERICA DEFENDERS AFRAID OF LOSING VICTIMS!!!


If you just do a goggle or yahoo or bing search on “Primerica fraud”.    You will get hundreds of hits explaining lawsuits,  pirate vs. America’s deceptive tactics and testimonials of people defrauded.     { An agent with al williams told me that many reps are pastors.  It’s easy to believe you need “supplemental income” when you were not called and are not trusting the LORD for your support – consult the Rock }.   Think CON America is sincere?   Before publishing “Rip-off Report Investigation: Primerica pledges to resolve complaints & address any inquiries from the past, present and in the future.     Commitment to Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Primerica commitment to customer & agent satisfaction.     After interviewing executives from Primerica, it is clear that they are dedicated to helping their agents and clients achieve complete satisfaction and will not allow a legitimate complaint to go unresolved”,    Ripoff Report { that con does!!! }  has to acknowledge that one can’t get around base pay and that the average commissions for a con America agent is 200 and it goes in to a DEFICIT for you since only 0.25% of the RVPs, RVPs and SRVPs make 7 figure commissions and overrides { and possible kickbacks from chargebacks on their reps!!!}.    If it’s not a pyramid scam fraud, why no base pay?    Any company that pays only sales commissions without binding promises of preferred stock, stock, warrants, profit sharing, or some future reward for work performed – is a slave master.    An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.   Be up front.   Ronald Reagan was.  Sam Walton was.  Henry Ford was.   Mister Trump, junior and his Daddy were.    He asked the workers to accept shares of stock. Those who did not want his promises could walk away.      Con pirated America pressures you to stay with threats of no refund of your $199 { higher now }  and the usury regarding the loans.   Sam Walton,  Bill Gates, Bill Marriot, Orville Merillat, Mister Trump senior, Mister Trump junior, Ronald Reagan, Ray Kroc, backed up their promises.     They did not vomit empty, lying promises of riches.    They worked hard and responsibly and backed upthe promises that they made, EVEN WHEN IT MEANT WORKING 20 HOUR DAYS TO BACK THE PROMISES THAT THEY MADE AND IT BECAME EXCRUCIATINGLY DIFFICULT TO FULFILL!!!     That is my motto.    I back my promises.    That’s what I expect of everyone else.  I’m no better than any one else.    If I do it, I expect you to do it.    Many times in my business, I make a promise that I would take 3 hours or less to fulfill.    It sometimes takes a week or longer.    BUT I FULFILL IT!   I have zero respect for people who do not fulfill the promises they make.    Your word is your bind.   A girl who will write a “dear John” is total pond scum in mine eyes.    You are old enough, even at 18.    You’re old enough;   be mature.      That’s what a.l. wlliams needed and, of course, still needs to do and did not and has not to this day.    That’s what con to America needs to do and has not, to date.    Any one with honesty walks away from crime against America.

    Confession by con to America if they did the same that art williams did to those who spent money, time and energy to obtain their brokers license.   Does con America refund your $199 { or more now }?    May be sometimes, but then again, crime vs. America will at times say that you have a “chargeback”.     Primerica “loans” you money, whether you want a loan or not!       Chargebacks is really deceitful.     a.l. williams only allowed their agent to receive a commission for one year, and the client pays a year in advance.    Doubtless, con America is doing the same.   The premiums do not go down:   show me proof that they do.    The originators of the fraud are keeping the renewals!!!!     In what circumstance could there be a charge  back?       In other words, if the SRVP and RVP do not get their slice off of the agent – even after he is gone {!!!!!!} – they want to still make you pay!!!    And to make sure you DO pay, they “loan” you “insurance money”  in the event of a chargeback!!    Nifty, isn’t it?   Total evil.  Tell it like it really is.    Be sure your sin will find you out:   NUMBERS 32:23.      It’ll find you out.     It’s found a lot of multi-level marketers of swampland out. And their sin will find the rest of those boiler room shysters out.   In fairness to ripoff report, even stock, mutual fund analysts and institutionals do not know the inevitable law of rapidly diminishing returns involved in { PYRAMID, DECEITFULLY CALLED “multi-level  marketing” !!!}      I am asking Ripoff Report to read and pore over this daily for a month, then at least once a week for the next year.     It is extremely important.   Revealing information, even great revealing information, becomes dated.  More, better explained exposes will come.  Keep your eyes open.      Ever alert, never hurt:     To pay for a background report made me laugh myself sick.    They want suckers, even hardened criminals, so long as they don’t do their mischief selling for Primerica!    CON AMERICA DOES NO BACKGROUND CHECKS!!!   Anybody can get on as an “independent con”!     What’s the background investigation for?!    What if I had bought the policy?     Would I have gotten my money back??    I once heard that that a.l. williams went to jail on fraud charges.   Why is it that you can obtain no information regarding this on the internet?     Supposedly a.l. williams is an open book.       Fine, then tell us precisely what you were doing beginning around 1963 and what you’ve been doing all along, with documentation and receipts.    A Primerica mlm becomes so brainwashed, he never questions anything.    a.l. williams never came to see any rep and he never called for meetings. He can afford to pay the expenses.     http://www.frauddiscovery.net/herbalife/WallStreetFolled.pdf          http://search.myway.com/search/GGmain.jhtml?ct=ARS&n=782b42f6&p2=%5EY6%5Exdm459%5ETTAB02%5Eus&pg=GGmain&pn=1&ptb=E4F27C2C-22B8-4811-ADA7-123F40555B94&qs=&si=&ss=sub&st=tab&trs=wtt&searchfor=Binge+Led+to+Death+of+Herbalife+Founder&feedurl=ars%252Ffeedback%253ForiginalQuery%253Dfounder%252Bof%252Bherbalife%2526relatedQuery%253Dbinge%252Bled%252Bto%252Bdeath%252Bof%252Bherbalife%252Bfounder&tpr=jre10&ots=1480510142232



You are NOT an independent contractor!      YOU DO NOT OWN a business with con America:     https://find.irs.gov/search?utf8=%3F&affiliate=irs-fp&query=INDEPENDENT+CONTRACTOR&commit=Search     I did NOT receive a Form 1099- MISC, nor Form 1099-S, nor Form 1099-K, nor Form 5498, nor Form 1099- PATR, nor Form 1220, nor Form 1099-C from a.l.williams nor from any client.    I had to fill in Line 22 to report my income.   If you FAILED TO FILL IN your income from con America, or from any client { provided you made any sales that were not charged back or any sales at all!! }, YOU WILL be AUDITED by the IRS and YOU will have to pay interest and penalty on all of your sales!    Con America WILL NOT help you in this regard!     Crime against America WILL NOT mail you any from PROVING that you had a CHARGEBACK and can hence remove the CHARGEBACK from your income!    YOU do NOT have your own business with con America!   This is TRUE with the rvps and srvps as well, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE TO RENT OFFICE SPACE AND HAVE TO PAY THE RENT OR LEASES OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET!    As if this were not surreptitious enough, con America does NOT even mail you a W-2, even though you are an employee!   Had I not reported my sales to the IRS, I would have been assessed interest AND penalty.    When I kept the books for a client prior to  the couple selling their business, they were accused by the IRS of not placing their deposits for Federal income tax and FICA tax in to the bank on time.   I negotiated with the IRS and they agreed to waive penalty, but NOT the interest.    I have my own business.   The couple were clients.    Had I not reported my income to the IRS, I would NOT have been able to get out of penalty.



Original review: Oct. 16, 2017:  My premium was $199.23 per month. In July it went to $1051.66. Contacted agent, took him 2 weeks to return my call. He sent a form for me at premium of $467.00 and reduced my insurance to $250,00. { comma } to $,150,000. Claims he didn’t get the form.  Filled Out and mailed and, this one set premium at $287.00. When policy was sent to me the premium was $653.00.  They have taken $4204.00 from my account.  {  EVERY  SCAM VS.

Original review: Aug. 27, 2017:  I was introduced by a lady in my church and deciding that I want to take the life insurance and do the investment as well, next thing I know they invited me to a meeting. I went to the meeting listened all about how they make a $100000 a year and so on. At the end of the meeting the guy sending out an application for us to put our account # so we can start working with the company. I didn’t fill out the application. I took it. Went home with it. The next day those Primerica people went to my account. Withdrawn money from my account as if I signed the application. I believe it’s a scam because I never sign the application or filled anything out.

Sneaky Primerica…shame shame

AUTHOR: ntf – (United States of America)

Primerica yes the home office Primerica not your cousin who is coded to them ADVISES this website, no wonder every post has a how great they are intro. or below the “update” how funny.  Did the Primerica attorneys write that?  Yes, they did. 
The truth used to be here, not any more.  { THAT IS:  ripoffreport.com  Megedson – Nextaxpro }   {D}do a little research before you trust the source… good luck finding the dockets just a is a place to start. maybe this wont’  { won’t } even make it to the light of day…

http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2008/04/the-pyramid-scheme-aspect-of-primerica-financial-services/#comment-161146          Sequence, incorporated ceased taking comments on this blog in 2014.    The comments by those disillusioned, those pirated, OR BOTH, are worth your perusal if you are considering going to one of their “rah rah, hallelujah” meetings.     Some dabble in the occult, that is, tongues!



Satisfaction Rating  1  with 5 being the highest

I just joined Primerica with my wife because I wanted to start my own business. So yesterday my wife and I went to training in the office in Citrus Heights California. So I go into the men’s restroom and I can hear the senior vice president blurt out, “That I should let my wife be with someone else in this bay shop” implying that my wife should dump me for some senior vice president’s favorite worker. I was shocked to hear that from someone who has a family of his own. Anyway I kept my composure and finished training. I was wondering why any business would try to be a matchmaker for some lonely soul in their company and use my own wife as the answer. This make me angry beyond belief. Maybe they should just recruit more single women and leave my wife out of their loneliness. Keep in mind this was a senior vice president.

MORE EXPOSES OF CON AMERICA AND ALL PYRAMID SCHEMES    BEWARE!   MARY KAY MAY BE A PYRAMID SCHEME AS WELL!   MARKET AMERICA, wamway, alpine, FOR U, usana, THERE WAS EVEN AT LEAST ONE THAT MARKETED STOCKS AND IT WAS A PYRAMID FRAUD AS WELL:         http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2008/04/the-pyramid-scheme-aspect-of-primerica-financial-services

“This is a deadly business model in which you are doomed to fail,” says Robert Fitzpatrick, president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, an Internet-based watchdog group located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  “There’s a ninety-nine percent loss rate” —meaning the vast majority of people who start MLM businesses end up losing money.  You’d have a better chance betting your life savings on a game of blackjack in Vegas than you would putting it all into a multi-level marketing  { in reality a PYRAMID – Nextaxpro } home business.”  { Oooch!!!!  That hurts!!!!! – Nextaxpro }


Standard (:)   I ran across a blog that did a series examining Primerica Financial Services, a multi-level marketing company that purports to sell financial products.  While the company does offer life insurance, investments, and other financial products, like a typical MLM… they’re really out there selling the opportunity.  The name of the game is endless recruiting.    The Financial Blogger did several nice posts about the company, but this explanation of THE PYRAMID SCHEME ASPECT OF CON AMERICA was exceptional:     Is it a pyramidal scheme?     In legal terms, the answer is no.   {  BET ME.   IT IS, IS, IS “RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT”!!    AND, NO FREE POLICY EVEN THOUGH YOU WORK FOR CON AMERICA. – Nextaxpro }   However, it does not mean that{,} because it is legal that the company’ structure is not shape{d} like a pyramid.    Everybody is making a cut on the people below them;  it goes up to four level {s}.     I think this is clear that the guy on the top makes the big bucks.   They will answer that every company is like that as the President and the VP’s are in the driver’ {sic:  add “s” on the end – }  seat and the other employees are left with nothing.    It is right also.   { WHAT!!! – CONSULT THE ROCK } However, they do not explain why they are able to give a commission to four people for the same sale.    The answer is pretty easy:  they have to cut down the commission compared to the regular industry.   As an example, if a life insurance of 100K {thousand – Rocky } would provide another agent with $1,500 in commission, a Primerica advisor at the lowest level will earn $900  { ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha HA HA!   No where approaching half of that figure!!  and 2/3 AT THE LOWEST LEVEL??   I don’t think so.   Those who were fortunate enough to find what the snsd, the nsd, the srvp and the rvp were PILFERING IN CONTRAST to what the sales representative was EARNING may be approximately 80% to 5%.    The difference is the scrapping that the people at the tippity top of the pyramid poach – consult the Rock }   { SIC:  you forgot the comma – Rock } then his recruiter will receive $300, the recruiter’s recruiter will get $200 and finally the guy who put all of them together will earn $100.   So for those who are in to sell, Primerica is definitely not the right place to be.   “Yeah, but you could build a team and create your own business”,  { SIC:  period – consult the Rock }  I guess they forgot that the best sellers on earth are not necessarily interested in building a team compared to earning the big bucks right away.  The main problem I see with this approach is that you have to convince individual { SIC: add “s”!  It is plural!  – Nextaxpro }  to work hard for less that they could earn only because they have the option of building a team a{nd} earn extra commission on somebody else’s work.   In fact, if everybody concentrates on recruiting individuals, who will make the sales?     You may have a hundred people below you, { but }, if nobody sales { SIC:  sells – Rock }, it still makes 0$ { SIC:  no dollars -Nextaxpro } in your pocket.



I went to a supposed “interview” and get to know the company I was going to check out. I was excited because it was something new to me and I NEED a better job. Well, I find out that there are like 20 other people and it reminded me of those model recruiting things at hotels you can go too.
I got suckered in for it seemed like something wonderful to do for others! Esp. my parents because they are just like the helpless Jones family we learned about. I got to meet with the woman again who called me; I signed, and paid my $99 to get started! I was telling people about this great company I was going to work for now.
The lady and I were suppose to meet again to start training but she was ‘too busy’ for me and asked if I can reschedule. I said yes and called her the day she wanted me to, to make the time. She never got back to me till 3 DAYS LATER after our planned day.
She called while I had class and wanted to make another day. Claiming to be “so busy” (well why then recruit and meet with me?). I called and left a message and said I can’t do it for I work.   (She knew and said it was ok {; }  I had another job, for {SO}  I’ll be able to work around that).
I also told her to call me back for I was free a day she mentioned there is usually training going on. She never called. I still got charged the $99.   FOR WHAT?!   NOTHING! 
I called her AGAIN and told her she either get me trained, and going with this job like I’m suppose to or I want my money back because it’s not fair. I DO NOT have the $99 to just throw away. I don’t make enough and have bills to pay.
Then I find I’m being charged another $25! FOR WHAT! NOTHING! I’m not doing a *** thing.    No training, no nothing. I wasn’t even told where the headquarter was. Just that our meeting place was at a hotel.
I feel so scammed.    And i {I }don’t know how I’m going to pay my credit company money I barely have. I only paid because I thought I was going to make good money helping people. I guess its TOO GOOD to be TRUE.
Now I’m going to have to make ANOTHER phone call to her. I want my money back.


This could well prove invaluable.    con America is doubtless in to credit counseling scams as well.     Call your local consumer protection bureau first.   Most attorney generals will not take your case until you have tried recourse at least once previously. 

Most dealers will want to prevent you from submitting a complaint, so make sure you first give them a chance to fix the issue – in many cases, the threat of contacting your state’s Attorney General office will get them to act promptly.  There’s been an election in several States since I published this.  But the new attorney generals will act and react i the same way.  They want good publication and possible fame in pursuing these most ghastly, evil pyramid boiler room schemes.

Alabama Troy King
Attorney General of Alabama
Office of the Attorney General
State House
11 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130 http://www.ago.state.al.us
Phone: (334) 242-7300
    Fax: (334) 242-4891
Alaska Gregg Renkes
Attorney General of Alaska
Office of the Attorney General
Post Office Box 110300
Diamond Courthouse
Juneau, AK 99811-0300   http://www.law.state.ak.us
Phone: (907) 465-3600
    Fax: (907) 465-2075
Arizona Terry Goddard
Attorney General of Arizona
1275 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-4266
    Fax: (602) 542-4085
Arkansas Mike Beebe
Attorney General of Arkansas
Office of the Attorney General
200 Tower Building
323 Center Street
Little Rock, AR 72201-2610
Phone: (800) 482-8982
    Fax: (501) 682-8084
California Kamala D. Harris
Attorney General of California
Office of the Attorney General
1300 I Street
Suite 1740
Sacramento, CA 95814 http://caag.state.ca.us
Phone: (916) 445-9555
    Fax: (916) 324-6734
Colorado John Suthers
Attorney General of Colorado
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Law
1525 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 866-4500
    Fax: (303) 866-3955
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal
Attorney General of Connecticut
Office of the Attorney General
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06141-0120
Phone: (860) 808-5318
    Fax: (860) 808-5387
Delaware M. Jane Brady
Attorney General of Delaware
Office of the Attorney General
Carvel State Office Building
820 North French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 577-8400
    Fax: (302) 577-2610
District of Columbia Robert J. Spagnoletti
District of Columbia Corporation Counsel
Office of the Corporation Counsel
441 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 724-1305
    Fax: (202) 347-9822
Florida Charlie Crist
The Capital
PL 01
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
Phone: (850) 487-1963
    Fax: (850) 410-1630
Georgia Thurbert E. Baker
Attorney General of Georgia
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30334-1300
Phone: (404) 656-4585
    Fax: (404) 657-8733
Guam Douglas Moylan
Acting Attorney General of Guam
Office of the Attorney General
Judicial Center Building
Ste. 2-200E
120 W. O’Brien Dr.
Hagatna, GU 96910
Phone: (671) 475-3409
    Fax: (671) 472-2493
Hawaii HonorableMark J. Bennett
Attorney General of Hawaii
Office of the Attorney General
425 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 586-1500
    Fax: (808) 586-1239
Idaho Lawrence Wasden
Attorney General of Idaho
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 83720-96813
Boise, ID 83720-0010
Phone: (208) 334-2400
    Fax: (208) 334-2530
Illinois Lisa Madigan
Attorney General of Illinois
Office of the Attorney General
James R. Thompson Center
100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 814-2503
    Fax: (312) 814-2549
Indiana Steve Carter
Attorney General of Indiana
Office of the Attorney General
Indiana Government Center South
Fifth Floor
302 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 232-6201
    Fax: (317) 232-7979
Iowa Tom Miller
Attorney General of Iowa
Office of the Attorney General
Hoover State Office Building
1305 E. Walnut
Des Moines, IA 50319
Phone: (515) 281-3053
    Fax: (515) 281-4209
Kansas Phill Kline
Attorney General of Kansas
Office of the Attorney General
Judicial Building
120 South West Tenth Street, 2nd Fl.
Topeka, KS 66612-1597
Phone: (913) 296-2215
    Fax: (913) 296-6296
Kentucky, Comon-wealth of
Gregory P. Stumbo
Attorney General of Kentucky
Office of the Attorney General
State Capitol, Room 118
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502)696-5300
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https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress. com/6

1June 2008 at 9:29 am  daisy espinozai recently joined primerica but wondering if what they say is true and also yeah is true i been in six family homes and not sold nothing and all that time in training and gas that is coming from my pocket someone write back        YEP:  I did.  – consult the Rock

5 June 2008 at 6:58 pm  TrinityExile    A bargain     {  THEN PAY ME FOR THAT “BARGAIN” THAT THEY “GAVE MANY, MANY”,  INCLUDING I }  Part of what they say is true.   { No chance!!!   IT IS ALL ALL ALL DECEIT AND OUT AND OUT LIES.   – ROCK }  Yes, if your “customers” are disciplined enough over 30 years they can invest money in a mediocre account managed by Citigroup paid employees and be covered with term { whole life some times;  con against America doesn’t tell you }  insurance.   You initially will make a few hundred dollars { SIC:  COMMA -Before taxes!!!   – consult the Rock } which is like the bone thrown at a dog salivating.    However, you will have paid through the nose for licensing, gas, meals, and trips to various “training s” which will eventually leave you with more qu estions than answers.  Once your sphere of influence has been tapped you will be forced to cold calling with a host of slights, techniques, and hours of hang ups.  Very rarely does a RVP or upline give out sources.   Even when they do it is a few here and there to earn your trust to get to your sphere of influence.   I made $100 in the heat of the moment coming up with 100 names of people I knew that was faxed to a Senior person in Florida (former baseball player.)    Don’t put any personal contact information in the FNA computer.  They also scam by taking that list. Really look at the people and where they live.  There was a soon to be rvp in “Mark”  {SIC:  art  – ROCKY } williams office that lived in a run down apartment.   Clearly she wasn’t making the money claimed (or in the way.).   Be aware of people calling back and being stolen out from under you as a guise to help out your upline. That was a real experience as well.   My husband worked with a sweet gal that introduced us to the rvp of the upline she submitted… er, sucombed {sic} to.    She knew a lot of information about our family life which she told to this guy so he could better field our questions and make comments that fit our personality profiling.  In fact, we once went to a seminar training called STAR which totally was about profiling customers to make sales. ( Do you still believe in the idealism of helping others? )

Well, we eventually changed over the { to } term life { conAmerica sells whole life, too.   Not all the “SALES” reps know about that coverup sham disgusting disgrace.  They are NOT told!!!  –  Rock } to a cheaper institution when we dumped out of Primerica.  We sold our home to pay off the second mortgage financed through them.   We ate about $8,000 in expenses, fees and trying to prove we were worth the attention of the RVP or whomever { was } willing to help us make sales and “build” our “business.” {.}    I paid for daycare so I would go to the office to learn from these people… all I ever learned was that they … a lot and hand you an alumni book to create sales.  Don’t be surprised if they guilt you into using your contacts as a test of trusting them.

I think what people don’t talk about is the level of depression and humiliation left after these people have raped your dignity.  Everyone eventually learns this is too good to be true somewhere down the line.  It can happen right away or take 6 months, or even a year depending on how emotionally attached you get to the “personal improvement” program.   Your reputation is tainted with family and friends depending on how aggressive and unprofessional the upline is with “training.”   Our friend lost her home and even her relationship over Primerica.    The house of cards is often stacked on building a business and,  as it doesn’t pan out, people find themselves in a jam with all the refinancing.  I experienced serious problems with lacking care in budgeting and helping people live within their means.  I experienced people being told you have to come work with us;  there is no way out … only later to realize how horribly worse off they were going to be.


https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress. com/6

You need to look clearly.   We went to a picnic of a Senior position in the Cleveland area.  I couldn’t understand why the inside of the house had 1970’s decor including a wall radio.   It’s because they inflate the numbers on how they exaggerate “income.”   It’s usually over a period of time, based on gross sales without chargebacks or business expenses. Even the rvp’s home, car and family circumstances caused me to realize… I was being scammed by him.   It’s a strange little world where a guy with 3 daughters who “loves god” and goes to church does such horrible things.   But that is the false sense of security that just because someone says prayers, quotes the bible and attends a church means… what?   They are not corrupt?   Citigroup is corrupt as many in corporate America . IT’s a fact of life. IF you don’t have personal integrity or a conscience and are desperate to rape people without knowledge of what you are doing or don’t care then you can make it with a lot of intense hard work. But you better have a great reputation and be able to sell out those around you and their “circle of influence.” Remember, you are not in it to make friends but to make money. And the only way to become affluent is to screw a whole lot of people fast before they know it and move onThick as thieves many of them are. You don’t have to feel bad for being gullible in a weakened or hopeful state. You can learn and be stronger in the end for all the manipulation they put you through and cost you. After all, you will learn about yourself, your character and if winning is more important than doing the right thing. 

Trisha 🙂16 June 2008 at 9:44 am  Elisa  Just a quick note: These are all very sad stories. I attended one of the Primerica recruitment classes in 2004 hosted by Luke Lorenz in State College, PA.   He tried to be convincing, but it was clear within minutes that it was a “multi-level marketing” pyramid (legal, but still a non-sustaining plan for business that hurts a great many participants–investors and the poor new employees who work on commission and don’t enjoy a living wage). I mentioned to Luke that that’s what was going on, and he pretended to be oblivious to that fact.  Or was he really that stupid?  I don’t know.  Best to steer clear of Primerica altogether (investors and potential “employees.”)

2 August 2008 at 8:37 am    It’s a pyramid scheme.   It cannot be any different.   It’s etched in stone and cannot be changed.    It is rock-ribbed, incontrovertible fact.   Name one person who hasn’t heard of Amway.   Very soon, it will be the same way for Primerica, herbalife, Malaleuca, For U, Market America, al pine:  EVEN IF THEY CHANGE THEIR NAMES!!!!    If you start at one as the first step, after ONLY THIRTEEN (13) STEPS you will have more than the entire populaiton of the planet if one recruits six, those six recruit, six, those 36 recruit six, on to the thirteenth plateau, BELIEVE IT OR NOT.    That’s why A.L. Williams – Primerica employees cannot recruit anyone, nor make any sales. Their family and friends avoid them.  Multi-level marketing { actually pyramids, face it} nefarious boiler room operations need to be forced to make monetary restituiton as well as mental stress, emotional isolation and humiliation restitution.   The bill AL Williams- Primerca owes would stagger you.   The human mind cannot take such an enormous figure in.

The proof is in the puddin’, as the wise old saying goes. “deborah” and “linda”typed  “rebuttals”  FIRST,  BEFORE any one posted on the pyramid, cheating, fraudstar, illegal conPrimerica!!!!!   What are you frightened of, deborah and linda??   Hmmm?   Put your money where you mouth is and make restitution for those whom have never restituted their victims.   Restitute first, post later.   Try starting a Primerica in China.   IT’S A PYRAMID, AND THE GOVERNMENT OF CHINA KNOWS!   It won’t be allowed, and you know it’s so.   wmway cannot do any recruiting, that is, pyramiding.   If wamway and herbalife does, China will run that SIN-sicko scamster outfit out, IF wamway and herbalife ARE LUCKY!!!    YOU CAN BE SHOT!!    It’s time those responsible be tried, and, if convicted – hanged.    I say that because pyramiding is allowed in the United States.  Those taking bribes;  those responsible for government regulators not taking down pirate vs. America, Market America, et cetera^, are to tried, convicted and forced to make restitution to the victims.     I, as well as over a BILLION victims all over the world, await our fair and just restitution.

George Boelcke, a financial consultant,[26] wrote in an article in the American Chronicle:[27] :  Yet there is a huge company, Primerica Financial Services  { CON AMERICA IS NOT A COMPANY!    IT IS A MAFIA PYRAMID CON SCAM MONTEBANK SCUM FRAUD!!!!!!!   IT’S “GREASE THE WHEEL” !! } , a division of Citigroup { then – Rocky }, that has made vast numbers of refinance mortgage loans through a product they call SMART.   NONE of these are adjustable rate mortgages.  Read that again:   Primerica has never originated any ARMs with their refinance products (done through Citicorp Trust Bank).   Their clients are watching the mortgage crisis from the sidelines and the safely of a fixed-rate term and consolidation, thinking:  “that could have been me in a foreclosure…”  Because they refuse to do false, misleading, or gimmick advertising, they need to work harder to make themselves known, in spite of doing the right thing, in the right way, all the time?    How sad that credibility can so often be bought by simple advertising.   But if you´re looking for a second opinion, some options, or perhaps a way out, it might be worth your time to get in touch with them.  { NOT “THEM”.    THE IRS, FBI, SEC AND FTC!  – consult the Rock } 

14August 2008 4:02 PM Shantell Harvey

How lucky am I to come across this website!  And to think, I have an interview with them tomorrow.   So blessed to be able to look up the potential companies  that want to employ me.  I thank you, you all have been a great help.     { You are most welcome!    Please support this great endeavor and please  ask all of your friends, loved ones, acquaintances, people you meet to Rock Nextaxpro@gmail.com }

20 August 2008 at 11:46 pm     ted    So I, like many recent grads, am on the job search- have been for 4 months now.  Out of the blue, James Panos, a higher up w/ primerica, contacts me about a potential job offer . I went there two days later and listened to him talk and talk about making tons of money, about having an effortless future, et cetera.  I thought it was all a bunch of … from the very beginning.     { You are most welcome!   – Rock }

I knew this was so the second he said “Ted, you would be perfect for this job.  I’m not trying to MANUFACTURE THIS CONVERSATION or anything, but you have the ability to talk to people….” He must have said manufacturing the conversation 15 times within an hour.How dumb do you think I am?  You are indeed manufacturing a conversation, lying to my face and wanting to rape me.  Why should I pay 100$ so you can do a background check?    What kind of company finds people out of the blue- without applying, etc….??  Stay away!

21 August 2008 at 10:22 am  K Fleming   It’s great to know this information before my meeting next week…..I can’t wait to bust these crooks in front of everyone else there. YIPPEEEE    { You are most welcome!   – Rock }

22 August 2008 at 2:37 pm lisa       Like {SIC – Rock } Them. All you non- { SIC:  Rock } believers can continue working in the corporate world and we see how great thats  {SIC:  forgot the apostrophe – consult the Rock } doing   { BRAINDEAD UNSCRUPULOUS CON WOMAN.   BETTER TO RECEIVE A LITTLE PAY THAN TO BE FLEECED BY PIRATE VS. AMERICA!  And YOU YOU YOU are working in the corporate world, by the way!  LEARN ENGLISH, ENGLISH, GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND CAPITALIZATION!! }    – Rock }

September 2008 at 3:42nic   {  LEARN GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND CAPITALIZATION } myself like the company i { sic:  consult the Rock }  have learned alot {SIC } about money and can say i will be debat { SIC:  SPELLING.  YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO SAY “DEBT” –  consult the Rock } free in 5 months { sic:  use periods! }  { sic:  CAPITALIZE!   – consult the Rock } any other company with { sic:  will – Nextaxpro } charged {sic }  you an arm and a leg for them to teach you about money. {sic } you all that hate the company, you just did not work at it as you have to at any other dum { sic:  learn how to spell!!  – consult the Rock }  job you all have.   { YOU’RE A LIAR!    YOU DO NOT PAY FOR TRAINING WITH REPUTABLE COMPANIES!    { COMMON SENSE.   AND I CAN READ – Nextaxpro }   same old deborah and/or linda.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first one posted, or EVEN BEFORE!!!.    If conAmerica is go great, why are you so scared?    Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, FRAUD, PIRATE PYRAMID SCHEME!!!    If conAmerica is go great, why not pay me for my lost time, NO PROTECTED TERRITORY, HAVING MY LICENSE STOLEN,  inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off, NO REIMBURSEMENT FOR LOST SALES, et cetera^?   WHY defend in indefensible?    My exposes are well documented and you and all the others only defame.    You have no concrete proof, so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.    Furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is EVER PAID AT ALL????       https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/6      a.l. wILLIAMS NEVER PAID WHAT HE OWES ME!  

20 September 2008 Karina   WOW!   and I had an interview set up for tomorrow;   I guess I have to call and “cancel”. I’m glad I did my homework!!!   Thnx.   { You are most welcome, Karina.  Please alert others, spread the word and support my great cause.  – consult the Rock }

30 September 2008 at 6:48 pm  ny   YOU ARE WELCOME.  SUPPORT THIS GREAT MINISTRY THAT HAS HELPED, AND IS HELPING, MA  NY, MANY SOULS!  SPREAD THE WORD!  LORD BLESS:   Nextaxpro   Nextaxpro@gmail.com             mgtenter95@gmail.com      Wow.. its very funny to hear what people say about Primerica.
1. Why do companies have job fairs? to recruit, right.  {  WHAT AN AIRHEAD!!   YOU WERE BORN WITHOUT A BRAIN!!   YOU’RE AN OAF;   A DIRTY ROTTEN FOUR FLUSHING LIAR!!  – Nextaxpro
2. Why are there so many ARM loans that are about to get forclosed  {SIC} ? mmmmmm someone mislead someone and it wasnt  { SIC:  LEARN ENGLISH GRAMMAR!!  – ROCKY } Primerica.    IT WAS TO CON AMERICA, AND YOU KNOW YOU DIRTY ROTTEN SOUNDREL!   YOU’RE A LEECH, LYING LIKE A DIRTY DOG!   ROCKY    YOU’RE A MAIJUANA HEAD!   LOTS OF ROOM UPSTAIRS!
3. Lets see. Every Corporation has a CEO, who makes all the money. and people under them, who don’t {  make as much. Am I right or wrong?    { YOU’RE DEAD WRONG.  SEE MY EXPLANATION AND DIAGRAM FARTHER DOWN THIS WEBPAGE.   I KNOW BUSINESSES.   DON’T TRY TO FOOL ME, YOU DIRTY, ROTTEN, FILTHY POND SCUM!!   YOU GO BACK TO THE BROWNIES WHERE YOU BELONG!    DON’T YOU ATTEMPT TO TELL SOMEONE WITH A LITTLE HORSE SENSE!    DON’T YOU DO IT!  – Nextaxpro }

Primerica’s life insurance underwriter Primerica Life Insurance Company and its New York subsidiary National Benefit Life are rated A+ as “Superior” by A. M. Best  { no such company any longer:   ha ha ha ha ha!    And, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LYING!!!   YOU CANNOT PROVE YOUR FALSE POINT!   con america apologists are LYING when they say such things.   Any one can get an ” A plus rating” from the BBB, STANDARD & POORS and, for money, any one posing as “Warburg Pincus” can give you a “stamp of approval”.    IT IS “GREASE THE WHEEL”!!!   YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.    Look what the staff at ripoff report did!!   PLEASE SEE #   – consult the Rock }  as of May 2008.[20] Standard & Poor’s { SIC:  SPELLING AGAIN }  has the company rated AA as “Very Strong.”   { NO CHANCE, LIAR!  LIAR!  LIAR!   THAT’S A LIE.  THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS!!    –  EXODUS 20.  DEUTERONOMY 5.   BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT – NUMBERS 32:23 – consult the Rock }         THEN YOU YOU PAY ME WHAT A.L. WILLIAMS  OWES ME!    PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR FOUL MOUTH IS!!!

In 2007, Primerica received its fourth Dalbar Service Award from Dalbar, Inc. { LIE!!!   NO RECORD OF ANY “DALBAR” EXISTING!! – consult the Rock }  a client service rating organization focused on raising the standards of customer satisfaction and quality in the financial services industry, for Primerica’s excellent customer service in mutual funds .[23]   {EXCELLENT SERVICE??!   SERVICE AWARD???    FROM WHOM?   RIPOFF REPORT?   eric holder?   joe stalin?   jesse jackson?   HITLERY?  OBOLA?   slick willie?   loretta linch?    ARE YOU REALLY THAT MUCH OF AN OAF DOLT CEMENTHEAD AS TO BELIEVE THAT CON AMERICA RECEIVED ANY AWARDS WITH THE LAWSUITS, EXPOSES, WEBSITES, BOOKS, TAPES, LEAFLETS THAT EXPOSE CON AMERICA?!?!!    IT IS “GREASE THE WHEEL, DUMBBELL!!!   ASK THE VICTIMS ABOUT  “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”, “QUALITY” AND “EXCELLENT SERVICE”!   WHEW!!!   PIRATE VS. AMERICA APOLOGISTS WILL SAY ANYTHING!!   THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS!   TURN OR BURN!!  }
Bruce Sankin,   { never heard of him.   And you haven’t, either, you lowdown, double crossing con man.   You lie like a dog.   Again, IT IS “GREASE THE WHEEL!”  – Nextaxpro }  an investment counselor, consumer advocate, and columnist,[24] wrote in his 2005 book What All Stock & Mutual Fund Investors Should Know! of the Financial Needs Analysis that Primerica provides to its customers:A good financial analysis will give you a “Game Plan” on how to attain your financial goal. Many companies offer financial analysis. A financial analysis will cost between a few hundred dollars to as high as a few thousand dollars. One company, Primerica Financial Services, which is a division of Citigroup, offers the best value for a professional financial analysis. Primerica, which creates a custom design financial report, does not charge a monetary fee for this service. Their marketing approach is, if you are satisfied with the service provided in the creation of their financial analysis, they ask for referrals as their fee.[25]   { THEN WHY AREN’T YOU TELLING THIS “bruce sankin” to study my website?    WHAT are you afraid of?  – Rocky }



George Boelcke, a financial consultant,[26] wrote in an article in the American Chronicle:[27]  Yet there is a huge company, Primerica Financial Services  { Never heard of this “boelcke”.   CON AMERICA IS NOT A COMPANY!    IT IS A PYRAMID LEECHING FRAUD  !!!!!!!   AND WORTH YOUR TIME TO BELIEVE WHAT  YOU SEE!! –  CONSULT THE ROCK   Citigroup has been attempting to divest the pyramid scheme con America for over a decade –  FINALLY HAPPENED IN 2011 IN FULL.    This is the same old smut peddler “deborah” AND/OR “linda”.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first one posted.   If conAmerica is go great, why are you so scared?   Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, FRAUD, PIRATE DISHONEST CONFIDENCE MAN LEECHING DESTROYER OF SOULS PYRAMID SCHEME!!!    If con VS. America is go great, why not pay me for my lost time, inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off, not having a protected territory which resulted in numerous lost sales, et cetera^?   WHY defend in indefensible?    My exposes are well documented and you and all the others only defame.  You have no concrete proof so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.    Furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is paid AT ALL????   Whom is “george boelcke?   Again,  IT IS “GREASE THE WHEEL!!” – consult the Rock }




30 September 2008 at 7:54 pm andy  I just sat through a 2 hour presentation that was supposed to be a training sesssion for my friends ” new job”.   I knew something wasn’t right when the trainer was offering us a job and term life insurance.

13 October 2008 at 11:07 pm   Rocky:   Thou shalt not bear false witness, {  Kenny.  You lied!!   Primerica IS a pyramid scheme.   con America, with their interest only loans, must bear partial responsibility for the current meltdown of the real estate and banking industry  { as the international bankers are to blame }.      At crime against  America pyramid, it is “recruit, recruit, recruit” to the point that every one knows about the con America fraud abomination,  just as everyone knows about Market America, for you, al pine, Herbalife, Quixtar nee wamway and Mary Kay – all illegal scam pyramid schemes.
Who is A. M. Best?   May be you mean sardonically “I M Best”.  Prove that the Primerica abomination { not even a company ! } is rated A+ !    Does it mean anything?    How so?   Prove it.   If your boiler room con is so great, then pay me the 100 million that a.l.williams owes me.  He won’t, I can guarantee that.

SOLVE THIS LIGHT PROBLEM:    those who want to bear false witness by complimenting fraud, scam, skim, lottery rip off, flim-flam, fleecing, fakir, lying, extortion piracy,  deceitful, elixir merchandising pyramid nefarious scheme unscrupulous con America will pay $15000 for every lie that they post.   Charge the scurrilous and oafs admission – they won’t come.    THIS THREAD is for customer complaints, exposes and consumer essays to shed light on the con men; the shysters and the sharks to watch out for:  such as spurious serpents flattering you with impossible to make money pyramid schemes.     PROVIDED you can read, read the title of this website.  You KNOW what this website is for!  The proceeds would be used to aid the millions of victims and their families that you have sucked the life savings out of.    Believe me, some victims have poured as much as , 200K, 300K, 400K, 500K or even more in to something that is DOOMED TO FAIL.     A pyramid scheme and a ponzi scheme WILL inevitably collapse of its own weight.

“And I will also say that I’d love for Primerica to publish a book listing all the people who make poverty level earnings.”     And I won’t hold my breath awaiting publication.  This website wasn’t designed to promote fraud!  It was designed to expose and help eliminate fraud!  YOU read and AGREED to the “Pissed Consumer Terms of Service”!!!!    Your excuse that you went to public school, hence cannot read, will never fly.   IGNORANCE IS NEVER AN EXCUSE TO BREAK THE LAW!!  READ THE OLD TESTAMENT – in particular the Penteteuch.    You dig?   Comprendes?    Thank you very much


I have  written to the Utah Attorney General inquiring as to why the arrest of some primericans was taken down.    The website will not open any longer:   http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/txt-srch-sec?text=Primerica&mode=&start=&count=§ion=Litigation&sort=rank

18 October 2008 at 6:39 am     Guess what?   I was a Primerica agent and left. Why?   Not for the reasons you may believe. I am not a whole life agent { you are if you were with conAmerica.  They do not tell you that they sell whole life some.   Not “wholesome”!   – Nextaxpro } and do not push products that are not right for my clients      I left because Primerica does not have the best products for my clients. There is no way you can argue that their life product (singulur because the only have one product for all clients) is not over-prices. It is!  You can find dozens of carriers to provide coverage for much less. AIG, American General, ING, Genworth, Banner Life, etc. all are much less expensive and have better clauses within the policies.   Did you know Primerica has permanent products?     {  HOW?   THEY WILL BE FORCED OUT OF BUSINESS BY THE IRS, FBI, SEC, FTC, OR BY ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED AGENCIES!    YOU CAN’T MAKE THE STATEMENT THAT YOU DECEITFULLY MADE!!!    CON AMERICA WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS SOON!   MILICO WILL CEASE THE GUARANTEES!!!    THEN THERE’S NO WAY CON AMERICA CAN PAY OUT BENEFITS!   CON AMERICA HAS ALREADY BEEN PROSECUTED BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF UTAH IN 2007.    CON AMERICA WILL BE FORCED OUT OF BUSINESS AND THEIR FOUNDERS IMPRISONED!!    THEY SHOULD BE THANKFUL THEY ARE NOT IN CHINA!    I ASKED MY FORMER GIRLFRIEND IF THE GOVERNMENT EXECUTES YOU FOR PYRAMID  SCHEMES IN CHINA.    SHE SAID LOUDLY,  “PIIHH! ”   THAT MEANS FIRING SQUAD, FOR THE UNENLIGHTENED.    – Nextaxpro }    They do.    Your RVP will not admit this but they do have them.    I have a copy of a permanent policy by PFS. It came as a result of a conversion from an old client.    Read a policy and you will see the limited conversion clause they have for permanent insurance.     In my case I replaced their garbage permanent insurance for one that was 48% less.

Does one product fit everyone?    Nope.   { But don’t forget that whole life policies fit NO ONE AT ALL, EVER.   AND, READ the documentation and testimonials – consult the Rock }    There are different products because there are different needs. Sure there are the likes of WFG, WMA and other organizations that steer folks to high commission products, but that is not always the case Primerica folks. There are cases where Universal and other permanent policies are proper.  Say for estate preservation or for older folks. Wake up and see that Primerica is not doing “What is right 100% of the time.”   How can you make a statement when there are better products for less monety  { sic – Nextaxpro  } ?     Also, PFS is about recruiting.  You start at 25% commission which is pitifull  { sic – Nextaxpro }  compared to any regular insurance company.     The only way to succeed is to recruit and get promoted.  Without recruiting you stay at the same level regardless if you sell hundreds of policies.  Does this seem fair to those who want extra income without building a team? I left Primerica for a non-captive brokerage and started at 80%.     That was in 2001 and now I am at 110% commission and have a large national team.    Nearly everyone I knew atPrimerica when I joined quit because they were frustrated.    The few still there are still striving to make RVP and 100k. I made over 100k between my wife and I before I joined Primerica.   { If you did, you are mafioso.  You didn’t do it by selling insurance.   AND, FURTHERMORE, IT IS VERY EASY TO TELL THAT YOU ARE TOO BRAINDEAD TO BE SELLING SECURITIES. – consult the Rock ]  Why would I want to take a step backwards. { SIC:  ? – Nextaxpro }    Now I recruit licensed agents and have the ability to match their commission structures and still make over-rides.     At Primerica {,} they would never allow someone to make a lateral transfer because the top-feeders like Hector LaMarque, Rick Susie, Mark Younger, Mark Rolls, would not get freebies.   Further, why must you work so hard to build a team only to have your BEST LEG taken by your RVP when you go RVP?     This is like building a business and then giving away your best products?     Who does that?     That systems {sic } is set up for you to fail so your up-line can steal your down-line when you quit.    This system was originally in place when AL Williams first started because they did not have the over-ride structure and this was a way to compensate your up-line. It was kept after those at the top of the food chain realized they would not have t{o} continue recuriting { sic:  recruiting }  if they just took you {r} best leg.     Finally, why doesn’t Primerica allow you to be non-captive. { SIC: ? – Nextaxpro }    For those of you who are not familiar with this term it means you can only sell the products for one company.   There are many companies that allow you to sell multiple products to suit your client needs.    Primerica touts to be the best opportunity in America?  Well, it is not.    Otherwise they would allow you to be non-captive. Because they know they do not have the best products {,}   they force you to use the one life product they have to serve your clients  .I think Primerica had a great system when AL Williams conceived it.   { LIE!!!  IT WAS, FROM THE BEGINNING, A CONCEIVED, BARBARIC PYRAMID BOILER ROOM SCHEME!  – consult the Rock }  But think about it, how can it continue to be a great building opportunity when it is owned by a corporate giant of the type Primerica teaches you to despise?    Use your common sense and don’t believe the hype. Have them show you their Tax Returns with their income. If they refuse to do so then they have no credibility and are making “Primerica” statements and not statement of fact.

22 October 2008 at 4:57 pm T. LaFore    I started as a client of Primerica.   Since then my husband and I have joined and absolutely love it!   We’ve been in it about a year and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  hank you A.L. Williams!!!   YOU’RE A LIAR!   WHAT ARE YOU SAYING NOW??  Repent, confess and tell all the fraud, extortion, lies, double dealing, concealment that you have learned!  – Nextaxpro

November 2008 at 1:18 pmFA   SESAME STREET ECONOMICS – 1 – If you are only licensed as a life insurance agent and a mutual funds representative and you believe you can take a wholestic financial planning approach you are wrong. Let me ask you how you’d hedge a portfolio against systematic risk. Sorry diversification is a text book wrong answer. You are in denial if you think you will get rich off these products alone that have a small trail and a trail only if you are even licensed with your 6 or 63. That isn’t half of you on this page. Your “business” which is a Multi-Level-Marketing, hence largest finanical services MARKETING org; notice the legal lingo that requires them to use marketing because you are definately not the largest financial services organization, is based very much so on recruiting. I’ve done corporate recruiting and guess what, not everyone wants to change thier life to a MLM anyone with a pulse can be a client life style, and believe me a salary PLUS commission is for the talented and truly competent; Anyone can go grab a commission only job at any financial services competitor. Sorry to say but the reason you are new to the industry and not receiving salary plus commission is because you have a history of slacking off in either your academic studies or other employment; hence your last desparation to grab this opportunity that you’ll soon find has a very poor pay out. If you are really interested in the financial industry obtain a series 7 license and 66 license your CFP and learn all the capabilities out there so you can really help people without being limited by primerica’s philosophy of that you only need these few products.  You have fewer fund families than a 401k which is sad, and a “common sense” annuity; give me a break.  It’s funny how you’ll criticize MetL life insurance and then go and use thier annuity product.  Where is the falacy there??   Anyone?   What you sell is sesame street economics to people that really have had no exposure to the industry. You exploit their lack of knowledge and use primerica slogans for every aspect of the business. When you are a parrot repeating the same lingo it is apparent you’ve given little though to do actual research yourself on the markets or how different asset classes are even correlated. A freshman with one econ 101 course could do circles around your fabricated knowledge of what you think is this whole financial realm. Well wake up and see that your not only doing an injustice by blindly leading these client sheep of yours to the slaughter house, but to say it’s in the name of doing what’s best for clients; seriously; go study, pass exams that qualify you to actually financially advise, which is not the 6 or 63 or life, health, ltc, and do us all a favor and use some self due diligence and educate yourself first before you just try and sell stories and common sense catch phrases that sound so ammature and weak. Now you can’t call yourself a financial advisor or planner because you legally are not aloud because you are completely not even close to being qualified so like i said do us a favor, go to citi.com and search for primerica and see that your parent company is so shameful of you the company is nowhere to be found on any of its main web pages. Our competitor Smith Barney of course, a wirehouse, is reputable and where they send clients for investment advise and financial planning. Guess how much pfs pays to use the citi name… how bad does pfs have to milk that too… it’s so funny… well whatever helps your denial keep feeding to each other.  It’s like a bunch of fat kids thinking that cake is actually healthy for them if they wish it to be true.  Well keep doing a great job pulling in that first paycheck that’s your life and health reembersement {sic}  and make sure you keep outfitting yourselves as unprofessional as possible when you show up in t-shirt and jeans to your little pep talks. and secretly i know each and every one of you has a pfs life policy… u know u do too… who did u compare it with…uhh that’s right.. no one.. u bought in to it all


RECRUITING JUSTIFICATION:   well lets see… get the blind teaching the blind and say “who am i to judge who will make it or not” and yes then you can put your head on the pillow at night… well, that’s if you have no real judgement and are more motivated by what, oh ya, the dream of money and success; ah so hypicritical.  So i get a stupid 18yr old and sell him/her the world.   They feel all excited b/c they are this business owner or soon to be business owner lol.  They “spread the word” and the “regional rep” takes him/her on appointments and closes all the business making more on the business than the junior rep… which u all think is justifiable but in reality the person with the actual relationship makes the most. Well then the 18yr old just gives everyone he knows away the senior guys are happy and the junior guy thinks that’s great, but then the will runs dry.. uh oh.. now its time for real business and talking to people we don’t know.. ummm how about we just get another idiot to be convienced to join and we’ll exploit his “warm market”.. and round and round this vicious cycle we profit… the 18yr old tries to coach, but can’t… why.. he’s not licensed or at that level.. hey they never told me that… so yep.. that regional or rvp gets all that business… and u thought u owned a business… uh no… but ur are a 1099 employee.. wait.. don’t u criticise them too.. umm ya u do.. wow.. so many flaws in this model.. so there lies the reason to recruit.. it continually opens up that persons warm market and u move on.. u sleep at night because you say, who am i do judge someones potential… well wake up people.. you are judged every single day by your potential and rightly so.. are you going to tell me your fund managers don’t judge funds potential based off history and past performance… or do you want there money invested in a company where they say.. hmmm hey lets give them a chance… no.. just doesn’t work that way.   Oh and all this talk about how everyone else out there is Soo unhappy in corp america … let me ask you your positions you had before.. mcdonalds and wallmart don’t count as corp america.  ya you have a few people with reputable backgrounds but there is a reason they didn’t make it in thier industry either.. and to say all those people that make it are “evil” well is just irresponsible and makes you look so amature.  Who are you to assume everyone is dissatified.  Many people that are real entrepreneurs not fake MLM ones, are happy and many people in other fields are just the same.  But you negative people have to just talk crap about everyone else to make yourself feel better… or at least you exploit the 18 yr idiot… i think i’ve seen as high as 40 yr idiot at a volnerable {sic } time in their life… so rest easy


COPY AND PASTE AND SAVE THIS POST!!      15 November 2008 at 1:30 am { not sure if this is Shanghai time, Pacific, Mountain, Central, eastern standard or Atlantic:   – Rocky }     MSUGRadstud10  I was sucked into this scheme the summer after my freshman year of college.   I will be getting my MBA in finance next year and am here to tell you this whole thing is a bunch of crap.   Primerica’s fundamental principal, buy term, invest the difference is lax.  It focuses on intelligent investors who understand the volatility of financial markets.  I asked my recruiter who at the time was a senior RVP and soon to be NSD what his investment style was.  Any prudent financial planner would tell you with ease his investment style.  He simply said “I earn 12% a year on my mutual fund”.   Being a student of finance I was shocked.  He proved to me at that moment that a soon to be National Sales Director knew nothing about value investing or anything else of the nature.   A person prudent in finance would not rely on a mutual fund to diversify their portfolio for them because mutual funds RORs are not all that great because of costs within the fund and an average investor can construct a portfolio that exceeds their ROR.   Because I paid the $99 and the testing fees { !!!!!!! – ROCKY }  I went on and took my insurance exam, passed, and quit after they refunded me my testing fees.   This was the biggest waste of $99 I have ever encountered.   Primerica’s agents are not financially sound themselves and seek to benefit from other’s stupidity. My SRVP alSo told me that it was simply a distribution business, not a financial services business.    WOW!   Now we know why Citi is being bailed out right now, because the 100,000 Primerica agents are DISTRIBUTING financial instruments to people who cannot afford them in the first place.  Do you honestly think that someone with a $30,000 income needs a mutual fund, life insurance, and legal protection?   … no, thats why they make 30k/yr, they missed out on an education!   EVERY Primerica representitive who believes in their company should be lynched along with some of the CEOs of various financial institutions, Bernie Madoff’s stuff, Enron, FRE, FNM, AIG, and LEH!  They are the same kind of scum and deserve the same treatment!

24 November 2008 at 10:03 am  stay away from primerica  I only hopes primerica goes out of bussiness,they take advantage of ignorant people .I currently have a mortgage with a 5.62 fixed interest rate for 20 years and i send extra towards the principal every month.A primarica agent was ‘HELPING “to refinance .My new interest rate would be 7.65,fixed, 20 years.Was this primerica agent really helping me or was he just triing to make a commission?I do not think i have to answer this question.I was told not to worry about the higher interst rate and only look at my “MONTLY SAVINGS”.What montly savings?If interest rates do not matter,why not give me a mortgage at

7 November 2007 11:40   “jake I left Primerica, NOT because I wasn’t making good money, but because I couldn’t handle GIVING IT BACK via chargebacks!!  I will NEVER again watch my children go without what they deserve,  simply because I’m unable to keep what I’ve earned

28 November 2008 at 3:26 pm  artie i actually enjoyed the people in the Base Shop but quit after my RVP closed 2 of my referrals with out telling me and paid me with a personal check on one and kept the commission on the second because he knew i was strapped for cash and needed the money.  He got All the Credit, All the Commission and im sure His bonus!   Thank god, { SIC } it was the best thing that happened because it broke the spell.  i was Mr. Primerica and believed in the hype at a terrible financial cost to me and my family.   there was almost no product training and 99% hype and speeches about hope.  now my family and i are 100% better, but i am upset with myself for putting my through such financial turmoil for 7 months because i was hypnotize. LEARN FROM THESE POSTS!    CRIME AGAINST AMERICA IS A SATANIC CULT!    DON’T PAY!!!    DON’T JOIN!!!     – ROCK   HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM


29 November 2008 at 12:31 pm  JP I’m glad I read this before I gave Primerica my final answer to join today.    Thanks      YOU  ARE WELCOME:   NEXTAXPRO


5 December 2008 at 12:53 pm teveOk. Somone } above said that the RVP’s dont care for you. I find that funny cause my RVP actually does all the work for me and i get paid.    {  WHOM DO YOU THINK TRICKING?!!!     HA HA HA YUK YUK YUK.    WHAT A BRAINDEAD, dolt,  RODENT AIRHEAD!!     ROCKY    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM }He personally goes on the appointments with me and now that i have a license he helps the people and if they decide to get life insurance i get paid for it. It has been pretty nice. I’m not sure if other RVP’s are corrupt or something but mine is not i know that for sure.

7 December 2008 at 12:02 am  Portfolio Manager  On 15 Nov 08 FA’s comments probably would describe this multi-level-marketing scheme the best.    AND MINE:   ROCKY    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM   I’m a portfolio manager for a very reputable company and just went to a introductory meeting with my nephew that was convinced this was a great business. He is 19, on winter break, and his old friend got suckered in. I took them down on campus at Cambridge and we spoke with one of the professors their, and then to my firm where a colleague of mine that is a Financial Advisor spoke with him about how it’s just an MLM Scheme, like Amway, Mary Kay, and many other berry juice and other MLM Schemes. The gist is to have a product where you inflate the price and thus it allows you to pay everyone in the “Downline”.  Give it a try and learn the hard way or listen to words of wisdom and go visit a reputable firm and ask them about Primerica.   If you are trying too hard to defend your position, there is almost always a reason. Remember that kids.     AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

14 December 2008 at 3:32 pm     Julius Midtown This Saturday I had a Primerica “headhunter” call me during my shift at my current sales job, asking if I wanted to meet for coffee etc etc, as he had heard I was very good with people. I already knew all about this company, and since he decided to take me away from my sales and possible commissions for ten minutes to offer me the chance to throw away my career, I thought I’d return the favor.   At 2:30pm this Monday (20 minutes after our scheduled meeting over coffee) I received an “I’m here, where are you?” message.  This was soon followed by two more hoping I was still coming and “I guess something came up, call me to reschedule.” oh!  And did I mention I asked for our meeting to be in my end of town, which was really just the farthest place i could think of from the office address he’d told me? Sucker

24 December 2008 at 12:36 am ken  To those out there who think Primerica is a scam,   I  { sic:  IT’S PROVEN IS! – ROCK }  probably is.   {IT IS  } you will never ever have a real opportunity in life to make $100,000 a year or more.      { BET ME    ~ ROCKY  }  ughts that every good opportuinity in life is a scam,you deserve what you get.Hard work,bettering yourself,and being around positive people is not a scam.If you read Art Williams book “Coach” you will understand why he started this company 32 years ago.Primericas last quarter earnings showed a profit,did you?    THAT’S A LIE!!   READ MY ENTIRE EXPOSE.   I CHALLENGE YOU.    – Nextaxpro


truly { SIC:  CAPITALIZE! – ROCK } inspiring people who do help the MIDDLE CLASS.    ow { sic -Rock } much do I need to have to talk with portfolio manager?  Can I invest $50.00 a onth { sic } with your firm?  And what is the average salary of a college grad.?  Can you ever work your way to owner?  More importantly can you ever become financially independant?  { SIC:  SPELLING AGAIN! – ROCK }   YEP.   ROCK  YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED.    SAM WALTON, J. PAUL GETTY, DONALD TRUMP WORKED THEIR WAY UP AND THEY ARE AND WERE VERY, VERY OBVIOUSLY FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.    WHY IS IT THAT CON AMERICA CULTISTS NEVER CAN SPELL OR HAVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR ABOVE A 2ND GRADE LEVEL???   ASK THE LORD TO GIVE YOU COMMON SENSE BEFORE YOU GET TAKEN,  AS I WAS.  }


29 December 2008 s. A I was offered a job with Primerica, while I was working at my current. I kept in contact with the man who approached me, and set up an “interview”. I went and bought a cute dress looked amazing. I forced my boyfriend to go with me, because a meeting at 7:30 at night was sketchy. I thought I’d try it though, well when we pulled up to the building, there were ALL these people. I called this man, and he came to meet us outside.  It was a seminar, it was CRAZY. They never said how they were making the money. The first gentleman to get in front of the group to speak, said no one else was a “public speaker” LIES, no one said “um” once. This was rehearsed.  It was acting.  They weren’t recruiting, { sic:  : }  they were lying.   They had a small space for all these people to sit, it was long and uncomfortable. They had people in another room who were “training” and who were “now with the company”,  from across the hall we could hear them laughing and making jokes.. probably about all the people I was sitting with who were buying into everything Primerica Reps were saying. When it was over, the man who “recruited” me asked my boyfriend and I what we thought, I told him it felt like a CULT, that they were vague, and that though he was very convincing, I felt like people were acting, I told him I had many concerns but that I felt like I should be open to new opportunites.  My boyfriend was explaining the same, and we said we would research the company. Well, the moment we said we were going to research and look into the company before we gave any information, he said that we weren’t the kind of people he was looking for, and that he wished us the best of luck. I shook his hand and we left. Not looking behind us.  Just pissed we wasted so much time. An interview???   An interview my butt!   ( They are ) liars, cheaters. crazy cults.     AMEN!!    



6 January 2009 at 9:13 pm Melissa was called earlier this morning by a gentleman representing Primerica Financial. He found my resume on a very well known job-seeking website. This gentleman made this company sound like something fantastic. I informed him early on that I recently lost my job and he sounded even more eager to schedule my “interview”. I accepted, as the economy has given me no other bites for employment. He stated that if I liked what I heard at the “interview” slash orientation, I would be invited back for a second inerview. I’ve never done anything like this before, was started getting a little skeptical, but decided whta the heck…I looked up Primerica Financial online and read more negative things and personal experiences and am ever so grateful that I did not get “fooled”.   Thank you for the comments and helpful information about the pyramids and recruiting. I am not looking to fool anyone as part of my job, nor am I looking to be a part of something where I am not genuinely helping people. Thank you again for those of you who have taken the time to educate other potential victims of this company and their true intentions.   YOU ARE MOST WELCOME.    ROCK

My experience:    Mike, a long-time friend of my husbands{sic}, told us that he had just started working for a “financial planning company” and asked if he could come over and give us his spiel. He made it sound like this meeting would actually just be him fulfilling some sort of training or quota requirement. It would be doing him a favor. Mike didn’t give us any indication what kind of services he would be presenting to us, but we assumed that it would ultimately have something to do with investments. Because my husband and I are relatively satisfied with our current financial situation, we weren’t terribly curious about what Mike had to offer us – however, we’re open minded and after all, we were doing our friend a favor.  My husband and Mike scheduled the meeting to take place in our home at 6:30 PM on a week night.  This wasn’t a particularly good time for me since I get home from work at 6:00 and have a routine of things that I need to get done: preparing dinner and making our lunches for the next day, etc…  Since it was an informal meeting between friends, my husband and I figured that he could be the one to entertain Mike’s presentation while I listened from the kitchen.Shortly before the meeting, we learned that Mike’s supervisor (or trainer or something) would be coming along and that this supervisor would ultimately be the person presenting the company’s services to us. This was a bit unnerving because the meeting was originally presented as an informal favor for a friend. Now it seemed to be turning into a full fledged business meeting with our friend’s boss. Had the actual circumstances of the meeting been explained to us in the beginning, my husband and I probably wouldn’t have agreed to it.Mike and Carl (the supervisor) showed up on time and introduced their company: Primerica which neither of us had ever heard of. My husband and Carl made small talk while I puttered around in the kitchen making dinner. My husband made a few attempts to get the ball rolling by asking what sort of services Primerica provides, but Carl made it clear that he would wait until I was finished in the kitchen. I’m sure that he was just being polite, but I thought that he was missing a social cue – If my husband and I were alright starting a presentation without me then he should be too.So, with our dinner on hold, both my husband and I gave our friend’s boss our fullest attention. Carl started by saying that he wanted to “get to know us” which consisted of asking us a series of ridiculous questions like: “If you could make any amount of money, how much would you like to make?”, “If you could retire at any age, what age would you like to retire at?” and “If money was no object, what would you do or buy?” You can imagine how pointless our answers were and Carl never did get around to telling us how Primerica could help us earn 100 trillion dollars a year while retired so that we could buy a unicorn.Carl then went on to assure us that by the end of the meeting we would be convinced that Primerica was a “legitimate business” that “helped people”. Carl really couldn’t have waved a bigger red flag short of calling Primerica a scam. He continued on by showing us a series of statistics regarding consumer debt, insufficient retirement funds and scarce savings accounts. Then he showed us some before and after numbers of a couple, Bob and Susan, that Primerica saved loads of money by giving them a better mortgage and better life insurance and better savings AND putting $500 back in their pockets every month!  Then, if that wasn’t good enough, Carl told us that we could make big money helping couples just like Bob and Susan.  At this point, I stopped Carl and asked him what exactly he was trying to sell us.  Life insurance?  Investments?  A career?  Carl said that he could help us with all of those things, but he was mostly excited about offering us both career opportunities recruiting more people to work as recruiters. Out of sheer politeness, we inquired about Primerica’s life insurance policies and investment opportunities; both subjects Carl didn’t seem to have any concrete information on.  He was able to tell us about a seminar the next night where we could learn more about Primerica, but that sounded like it was geared for recruiting employees as well. We finally asked Carl to leave some literature about Primerica’s products and services so that we could learn more about the company. Unfortunately, the only literature Carl had in his big important briefcase on wheels was a scant brochure about career opportunities as a recruiter.   Now I’m not saying that Primerica’s a scam or a legalized pyramid scheme.   { WHY NOT?    You can tell that con America is!    ROCK  } 


https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress. com/5158

t: saying that Carl was a representation of all of Primerica’s employees. I’m not saying Primerica doesn’t have tangible products and services.   I’m not saying that people can’t make money with Primerica recruiting people to be recruiters. All I can say is that after that meeting I know I never want to do any kind of business with Primerica.    { It will be very well worth your while for you to come to my seminars. }

5 February 2009 at 12:34PM Financial blogger:  usuallly { sic:  Nextaxpro } don’t try to plug my post, but since you are referring to them, I think you should also take a look at a question from one of my readers:

There are about 55 comments that will also help understand what crime done to America.     BUT DO THEY EXPOSE THE CRIMINAL, FRAUDULENT INTENT OF A.L.WILLIAMS – CON AMERICA?    I DO,  AND I  HAVE SPENT A GREAT DEAL OF TIME FOR THE LAST 31 YEARS DOING THIS:     – ROCKY    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM    cheers and thx for the mention!    YOUR ARE WELCOME!   LORD BLESS:   ROCKY


TFB.  11February2009 at 7:43 pm  ECI was contacted by a rep this past Tues. When I asked exactly what is the company about and what were they selling. He went round and round the bin, up younder, and over the chicken coup. And I still didn’t know what Primerica was about. So his ambiguous response made me want to do some research on the net before our little interview. I’m so glad I did. I thank all you guys for taking out the time to share your thoughts and comments. Now, I feel like I can make an intelligent decision as to what I need to do now. Thanks again.    YEP:    ROCKY    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM

11 February 2009 at 12:47 am  jroseville  My my my, you Primerica folks! so proud of yourselves are you? ‘ oh, stop bad mouthing us! ‘ well, where are your Art Williams and John Addisons now?  Canceled conventions? Canceled company trips? looks like the big sugar daddy has lived the large life too long and came falling down! been down this road with P and found the RVP is a fair weather fan. one minute you’re the next up-and-coming RVP and then you’re a doormat the next. as long as you bring in the fresh meat, you’re da bomb! but as soon as the #s start to dwindle, so does your fan base! have fun at the next convention. lol

23 February 2009 at 10:22 pm   Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the varied responses. I had a gut feeling at the “overview” that this company was using “Little people” to get to the top.  Sorry to say my own cousin lead { sic } me there. I am not going to my interview today!    THAT’S A FACT!!    GOOD FOR YOU!   SUPPORT THIS GREAT ENDEAVOUR.   I HAVE HELPED A LOT OF SOULS ALL READY.     nextaxpro@yahoo.com     ROCKY    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM

25 February 2009 at 11:53 am  Craig Hansen “Bonified”?!?!?!  { -deleted  crass – Rocky }  that was satire…well done. If that was a serious attempt at a glowing endorsement of Primerica…it was still  funny.     same old Deborah.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first one posted.   If conAmerica is go great, why are you so scared?   Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, FRAUD, PIRATE PYRAMID SCHEME!!!    If conAmerica is go great, why not pay me for my lost time, inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off, not having a protected territory which resulted in numerous lost sales, et cetera?   WHY defend in indefensible?    My exposes are well documented and you and all the others only defame.  You have no concrete proof so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.   furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is paid AT ALL????   

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com /5158   

4 March 2009 at 7:09 pm Tracy Coenen Craig – Thank you for pointing that out so that I didn’t have to.

5 March 2009 at 1:09 pm  Carlos I just want to thank everyone for telling their stories. I’ve been unemployed for 3 months and was called for an interview today.  I was told it was a great opportunity and that it would change my life.  As it is I’m in debt because times are tough… THANK YOU ALL on behalf of my 3 and 1 year old girls I’m struggling to keep happy!!!!      PRAY PRAY PRAY TO THE LORD JESUS.   I HAVE BEEN IN THE SAME SITUATION.    THANK YOU FOR YOUR TESTIMONY.    NEVER GIVE UP AND REMEMBER ME TO YOUR CHILDREN:     Rock

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/6       The following guy is in such froward shape, it will make wail and shriek with piercing tears:

17 March 2009 at 3:58pm  { LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!  WHAT ARE YOU DEFENDING OR ATTAKCING??-consult the Rock   Really  { sic: .. }  guys  { SIC:  COMMA! – Rock } how can any one read these false stataments and { SIC: CONSULT THE ROCK } acusations { SIC:  SPELLING } and accually {SIC } belive { SIC } tham {SIC}?  What i { SIC } understand is that at lEAst { SIC:  TERRIBLE.  JUST TERRIBLE!!  {ROCK } 3% of the population that is put into this world, are simply here to complaint { sic:  spelling – Rock }, if you tryed { SIC:  I mean ~ YOU have not graduated from pre-school yet!!!! } primerica and it did not work for you, this simply means you did not put any effort into it { LIAR LIAR LIAR!!  DOCUMENTED BY OTHERS AND I – ROCK }, and the products primerica offers { LIAR!!   DOCUMENTED BY OTHERS AND I – ROCK }  really do help pleople, and there are proof!!   { sic:  Capitalize!  – Rock }  check out the better business bureau the are an A+ rated company, { WHAT A CRUEL LIE!!!!    YOU ARE TOLD THAT YOU WILL MAKE A TON OF MOOLA WITHOUT ANY EFFORT!!    AND, AS I HAVE DOCUMENTED, LOOK UP WHAT I EXPOSE ABOUT THE WORSE BUSINESS BUREAU!!  – ROCK }  if there really was { SIC:  WERE.   DO NOT TYPE UNLESS YOU REALLY KNOW ADVANCED ENGLISH GRAMMAR, YOU IMMIGRANTE ILLEGAL!   – ROCK }  any truth to all the aligations { SIC!! } against the company { SIC: . } there should be record of it somewhere { SIC: . } right???   w{ SIC } here is it??     YOU’VE GOT IT- IN 100 MILLION OR MORE BLOGS, WEBSITES, BOOKS, BOOKLETS, MAGAZINES, BILLBOARDS, BULLETIN BOARDS, COURT DOCUMENTS, COURT WEBSITES, TAPES, DVDS, LEAFLETS, TRACTS, ARTICLES, ET CETERA^, CEMENTHEAD!!   I HAVE WEBSITES LISTED HERE ON THIS WEBPAGE, ON MY WEBSITE AND, ON OTHER WEBSITES.    LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!   WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?     GIVE UP YOUR BOOZE, POT, PCP, CRACK!      You had better know what you are doing before you get in to this business { UPLINE and all the FRAUDS make sure that you do not know that!!! }, and there are a whole lot of other varmits out there.   I have been doing Federal and State income taxes for a number of years.   You had better be pretty well to do better than I have.   But I am a lot better at my business than I was when I began.   I thought that I was pretty smart.    However, no matter how smart you may think you are, you will IMPROVE AND BECOME MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE as time goes on.    When ever con-pirate VS. America and others come along and ATTEMPT TO BRAINWASH you WITH AN IMPOSTER, MOUNTEBANK LINE OF STORYBOOK FAIRY TALE LIES that you will make a boatload of money, you had better do your research and CHECK with those whom have been in THAT SURREPTITIOUS business in times past!    TO CON AMERICA,  MARKET AMERICA, HERBALIFE, FOR U, AL PINE, wAMWAY, mary kay, prepaid legal, and a lot of others, you are a CUSTOMER.    YOU do not get “trained”.   LEARN SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, SIMPLE ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND GRAMMATICAL CLARITY!!   FURTHERMORE, WHAT ARE YOU DEFENDING OR ATTACKING?!    You are told that you must pay.    When you go to work for Farmers, Met life { ughh! }, massachusetts mutual { ughh } and very nearly ALL of the insurance companies, mutual fund companies, stock fund companies, or any entity { IRS Form 8832 }, you are trained and taken care of FOR NO FEE(S).     You are carefully selected.   You CANNOT just go in to business and make millions, as con America promises you.     THAT PYRAMID PATCH OF BLUE SKY OUTFIT PRESSURES YOU to buy a policy.    WHAT?!!!!     What about good treatment as I am a representative of con America,  market America, herbalife and so on?    NO NO NO!!   YOU are a CUSTOMER, and as a CUSTOMER, you are to be sucked dry in case you do not get LEADS for your “up-line” and the double crossing dissembler reprobate who runs this CON MALIGNER BEARER OF FALSE WITNESS!

Firstly,   you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license.  You say “nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here.  And, you already have my SS number”.  Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making  50000, 200000 or even more { less than .005 do}.
Secondly,  you must “recruit” other workers so you can be paid.  “What?  What if I get five;  they all get five;  they get five?    Where will all these workers fit??  There’s very limited space.”   You only hear:  you must RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. }

You had better realize that you are not going to make money unless you work hard.   You especially WILL NOT NOT NOT make money if you are enrolled in a pyramid scheme, as  a.l. williams, now primerica;   market America,  4 U, al pine, herbalife, prepaid legal  and a number of them are.    You are told you will make tons of money will very little effort.   IN YOUR CASE, IT WILL WORTH EVERY SINGLE NICKEL TO YOU PAY ME TWICE MY CONSULTING AND SEMINAR FEES!!



CONCRETEHEAD MARIJUANA AIRHEAD!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH A PYRAMID ENTICER PIRATE??!   WHAT!! Is your name conyers?  O  IN OTHER WORDS, YOU HAVE NO MORALS NOR SCRUPLES!!    YOU ARE A SERIOUS MENACE TO SOCIETY!!   WAIT UNTIL ONE OR MORE OF YOUR LOVED ONES GETS TAKEN!!!    IT WILL HAPPEN!!   THE PYRAMID HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 39 1/2 YEARS AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL BE APPROACHED, IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ALL READY!!  –  Rocky         { SIC:  CAPITALIZE!!   – Rocky } come on now { SIC:  . }  quit you { SIC:  SPELLING! } winning, if you tryed  { LEARN SPELLING AND GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!    –  ROCKY }   You are NOT screened to see if you are able to sell life insurance and securities. {sic}  this company and got lisenced { SIC SIC SIC ALL OVER THIS FALSE WITNESS STORYBOOK MALIGNER!! } remember you still have that lisence  { LIAR LIAR LIAR.  AND, MORE SPELLING TERRIBLE MISTAKES – ROCKY },  and by the way you should also know the term twisting, yes there are bad people in this world that are simply out there to make a buck what ever it takes, however there still are people who enjoyes  { SIC:  SPELLING! } helping others! and those who are selling products that does { SIC } not benifit {SIC }  the contumer, can and will be prosecuted and will also get his/her lisence { SIC:  SPELLING AGAIN!! } revoked, { SIC:  PERIOD.   AND, YOU ARE A LIAR!    THIS SELDOM OCCURS!   HAVE YOU HAD YOUR YOUR YOUR LICENSE REVOKED?    OR DO YOU ONLY SELL OVERPRICED TERM AND WHOLE LIFE?  – Rocky Nextaxpro }  so { SIC:  COMMA! }   with that in mind i holpe { SIC:  SPELLING!!  } any one deciding as to reather { SIC:  SPELLING AGAIN! }  or not this would be good for you, ask yourself!!   [SIC:  CAPITALIZATION!! –   Rocky } are you willing to help people you have never met?  {SIC!! } and how much effort are you going to use to help these people?  {SIC!!  } sounds simple {SIC!!! }  how ever it is not!!      Same old deborah, OR linda.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first one posted.  And even before at times!!!   LEARN HOW TO SPELL!  WHAT ARE YOU DEFENDING OR ATTACKING??    If conAmerica is go great, why are you so scared?   Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, FRAUD, PIRATE PYRAMID SCHEME!!!   If conAmerica is go great, why not pay me for my lost time, inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off, not having a protected territory which resulted in numerous lost sales, et cetera^?    WHY defend in indefensible?    My exposes are well documented and you and all the others only defame.  You have no concrete proof so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.    Furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is paid AT ALL????        AND, WHY WHY WHY IS IT THAT ALL ALL ALL PIRATE AGAINST AMERICA PHONEY SHYSTER QUACK CHARLATANS DO NOT KNOW GRAMMAR, SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, CAPITALIZATION BEYOND THE SECOND GRADE???!  – Rocky    




25 MARCH 2009 AT 7:27 PM  mj1987  Primerica is not a job opportunity, as many have emphatically said in defense.    This is true.   Unfortunately, there is the problem; it is often advertised as one.   I’m not going to get into the Mult-Commission argument or if Primerica offers better services or not.  The problem most people have, I believe, is how the “opportunity” is presented.   Nobody wants to spend time and money driving to what they believe is a job interview when it really is a business opportunity { SO SORRY:  NO IT ISN’T:  –  }  with cost up front.    I realize not everyone recruits like this but many do and so does the company.   If you have seen their job openings on job sites or have been called by them, this is not apparent.   On the phone, they are unable to answer very simple questions that I would expect any other employer to answer if I was to ask about their company.  The sad part is, this works against them.   People then go on the internet, read blogs and have the negative feeling that they were being conned. I, like most people without a suitable background, found it odd to be contacted for an opening based on my qualifications for a potential high paying job.    Sorry, but that doesn’t sound remotely right and most people know at that point that it can’t be exactly as advertised. The company needs to stop doing this, as it is subtly deceitful and in the end, is what helps give it a bad name.   As for the Primerica opportunity, I’m sure that after 30+ years, there is something to the opportunity { don’t bet your soul! – Nextaxpro } for those willing to put in hard work{????? Check out my figures and experiences! }, just like many similar opportunities with similar backgrounds (both Melaleuca { NO } and Amway { You need to pay for my consulting.  It will be worth every nickel in your case } actually have strong financial stability, long { ?!!! } histories, and have garnered prestigious international awards for their companies, as well as producing financial independence in some).  { THAT’S long, long since been disproved:  Nextaxpro }      Hopefully Primerica reps will read this and not see this as a personal attack on them but as something to consider.    Every company can improve and they all have areas that need to be fixed. In my opinion, working on how the opportunity is presented would help their image and eliminate a lot of the complaints people have, as well as get more people to consider the opportunity.   P.S. I am not affiliated with Primerica but have a friend who is starting soon and going to get licensed in a few weeks so I’ve looked into it a bit more to understand what they’re doing.    Plus I was contacted by them several months ago and looked into it a bit then an decided that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.   I will state my opinion on them is basically neutral as I don’t have definitive evidence yet on them as a whole as far as their product and service goes compared with all their major competitors, so I will not say anything else about them that would be speculation

 11April 2009 at 12:25 pm  Lehigh Valley    This comment will never get posted, but here goes.   Why are you promoting multi level marketing schemes on the same page you are purporting yourself to be a “lily white” fraud investigator.  { SIC:  ?  Who is “promoting pyramids?   I AM EXPOSING PYRAMIDS!!  – ROCKY }    I am not into MLM’s never, have and never will be.   A friend asked me to research Primearmerica { SIC:  ROCKY } and gave me your site.    She now wants to get into an MLM as a result of being baited and switched by you into one of the scams you are promoting on the right hand margin of your site.  S   hame on you!!!   { WHOM are you talking to?    Are you another brain dead rsvp?  – Rocky }  

16 May 2009at 11:59 pm  Tracy Coenen LOL –  I’m not baiting and switching anyone, nor am I promoting any MLM.    As you are well aware (or as you SHOULD be aware before you go around throwing meritless allegations at me), Google serves up advertisements based on the keywords on the pages (which in this case often mention MLM scams), and doesn’t give me the opportunity to block the MLMers. Yes, I can block some, but there is a limit to that, and I exceeded the limit months ago.  I’m sorry your friend wasn’t smart enough to evaluate the MLM and decide against it.   

16 May 2009 at 10:58am  Tracy Coenen  No, Mike, regular insurance companies and agencies are NOT the same as Primerica.  Primerica hangs their hat on the fact that you’ll believe that, based on one “similarity”:  commissions.   But a real insurance agency is far different from the multi-level marketing model Primerica uses. { PYRAMID MODEL:    –  }        


23May2009 at 7:04 pm Tracy Coenen  The biggest difference is that an insurance agency is actually focused on selling insurance, whereas the #1 focus at Primerica is recruiting new marks into the scheme. In a real insurance agency, the person who sells the insurance makes the bulk of the commission, as it should be. In Primeica, those above the seller collectively make much more off the sale than the actual seller. (This is common in all MLMs.. not rewarding the actual seller for selling, and instead giving most of the rewards to those who are recruiting.) And no, I don’t work for an insurance agency.

23 may 2009 at 9:01 pm Tracy Coenen   No, they don’t “recruit.” Insurance agencies do hire new agents, but only two parties will get commission on the sale of insurance: the agent, and the agency itself. No one else.   Not like the pyramid in Primerica or other MLMs which pay 8 to 10 levels.    If you want to know that the commissions are in a real insurance agency, ask an insurance agent.       

24 May2009 at 8:37am  Tracy Coenen    No,  Mike, that’s not what I said. What I said is that on the sale of insurance, the agent who sold it will get a commission, and the agency the agent works for may also get a commission.

May, 2009 3:04 pm Tracy Coenen The statement isn’t vague at all. The agency might get a commission too. The agency might not. (Hence the use of the word “may.”) It depends on the insurance company or companies the agency is aligned with, what their agreement says, and what type of policy has been sold. So for the third and last time, the person who sold the insurance policy will get a commission and the agency might get a commission.    

28 May 2009 at 7:27am  Tracy Coenen  Mike – I know because I do work in the industry. I’m not interested in researching this commission issue for you. Good luck finding the information you seek.

29 May 2009 at 11:12 pmTracy Coenen  Mike – It is possible for someone to do work in the insurance industry without working for an insurance agency.  Surely you’re aware that there are lots of different jobs and consulting opportunities in the insurance industry? S o both of those statements are true.  I do not work for an insurance agency, but I have done (and still do) work in the insurance industry.         

29 May 2009 at 11:40 pm stufrog  { “stu frog” is some lunkhead airhead animal rights sinsick satan lover!!   “stu frog”  IS SOME ANIMAL RIGHTS FROG CEMENTHEAD!!  

I find it funny that traditional insurance agents have a problem with Primerica’s model.     BRAINDEAD RODENT!   read some of the violations here!!!    pirate vs. America doesn’t have a “model”.    They have a preconceived fraud, wolf in sheep’s clothing judas iscariot fraud!    – Nextaxpro

Well, primericans have a problem with traditional insurance agent’s products:  cash “trash” value products.    What I found is that cash value life insurance products are the real scam!   {  AND CONAMERICA IS A REAL SCAM.    READ MY WEBSITE!   GET INFORMED!  –  Consult the Rock }    Primerica’s model is just like real estate brokerage, except with more agency levels and 6 levels of back-end royalties.  What is so wrong with that?  { YOU DON’T RECEIVE IT, CEMENTHEAD OAF!   THE ROUNDERS OF THE FRAUD DO!  – Nextaxpro }  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!   Oh and don’t give me that whole “Primerica has expensive Term”   blah, blah, blah….Until someone really sits down and does a comparison you won’t know.  Likewise, even if it were a little more expensive in some cases, so what! The benefits and features unique to Primerica Life Insurance are worth it!  { WHAT A BRAINDEAD CONCRETEHEAD SERPENT!!! – ROCKY }   I don’t know about ya’ll {SIC  -ROCKY }  but I don’t live in the cheapest house in town, just because it’s cheaper!   Whole life agents typically sell Term that is only guaranteed renewable into whole life!   {  THAT’S WHAT CON AMERICA DOES.  AND THEY SELL STRAIGHT PERMANENT LIFE (WHOLE LIFE).   THEY DON’T TELL YOU THIS.  -ROCKY } How about a Term policy that is guaranteed renewable till age 100. Then invest the difference? >>>>   It’s a NO BRAINER!   Then guess what, if you want to be a messenger for helping others, you can join and get paid! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?Then guess what, if you train and develop leaders, the company will pay you a ton of money for helping families! Is that good or bad!  Nobody in Primerica gets paid for recruting.    { LIAR LIAR LIAR.  YOU WILL BURN IF YOU DO NOT REPENT!  -Rocky } Paychecks are sent out when business is transacted!  If you want to find out what a pyramid scheme is….see Bernie Madoff!    {AND YOU!!!! – ROCKY }       Losers have a victim mentality. inners have a victor mentality.   Which mentality do you have?      { COMMON SENSE.   AND I CAN READ -ROCKY    same old Deborah.   Offering “rebuttals” to the first one posted.   If conAmerica is go great, why are you so scared?    Because you DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW THAT CON AMERICA IS A BOILER ROOM, FRAUD, PIRATE PYRAMID SCHEME!!!   If conAmerica is go great, why not pay me for my lost time, inflation factor, interest, penalty;   being ripped off, not having a protected territory which resulted in numerous lost sales, et cetera^?    WHY defend in indefensible?    My exposes are well documented and true and you and all the others only defame.   You have no concrete proof so you slander, lie and attack those who tell the truth.    Furthermore, and this has not been pointed out, if con America is so great and you make all these millions and hundreds of millions, why not take over milico and YOU PAY OUT THE CLAIMS WITHIN 3 HOURS, instead of the usual 6 weeks, if the claim is paid AT ALL???? }   


10 June 2009 at 1:57 am   Tracy Coenen The problem with the commission structure in MLMs is that the person who actually sells the product or service is not receiving the bulk of it. Most of the commission is going to the upline who, in reality, had little or nothing to do with the sale. That’s what we call an endless recruiting scheme… in which the money is actually made from recruiting rather than selling the product or service. The business of recruiting helps very few people, and certainly doesn’t help those at the bottom of the pyramid make money.

June 2009 at 7:30 am   Tracy Coenen   It’s common to use “typical corporate jobs” to justify the MLM structure, but it just doesn’t hold water. MLM is pay to play, while corporate jobs PAY YOU. And there are not 8 levels of people being paid on one sale in the corporate world. In the real corporate world (such as insurance or other commissioned sales) the bulk of the commission goes to the actual sales person, with one or two others also being compensated. In MLM, the bulk of the commission goes to everyone BUT the person making the sale. That’s why I don’t like the structure of Primerica. You can’t make a decent living in Primerica without recruiting… hence it becomes an endless chain recruitment scheme. Members are constantly searching for new recruits as the try (almost always unsuccessfully) to earn a living wage in Primerica. And they’re usually forgetting that all they’re really doing is recruiting competition and therefore taking sales opportunities away from themselves. I know of no industry outside of MLM whose purpose it is to recruit as many COMPETITORS as possible.  Dumb.

16 September 2009 at 11:23 am Channing W.  this guy or girl ~   IS A FRAUD ATTEMPTING TO DEFEND A PYRAMID SCHEME BECAUSE HE KNOWS, KNOWS, KNOWS THAT IF THE WORD GETS OUT, HE HAS NO CHANCE OF SELLING  A FRAUD.    – ROCK    We are not recruiting “competitors,” we are recruiting teammates.  If we recruit someone, it isn’t taking sales away from us, its adding to our sales…   { LIAR!  DO YOU REALLY, TRULY, SINCERELY THINK THAT ANY ONE WOULD FALL FOR THAT LIE ONCE SUCKED IN TO THE CON FOR ONE, TWO, THREE OR FOUR MONTHS??   DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT, ONCE THE DECEIVED WAKE UP, THAT THEY WILL THINK OF YOU AS “TEAMMATES”???!   YOU ARE A JUDAS BACKSTABBER!!  -ROCK.   I’VE PROVED HERE IN MY WEBSITE  AS HAVE OTHERS}   Even if the recruited gets more sales than we do, we get compensated for it too; so how is that taking sales away?   { BECAUSE YOU DID NOT EARN IT IMPOSTOR INVEIGLER, THAT’S WHY!!!    I HAVE EVEN HEARD PIRATE AGAINST AMERICA AND HERBALIFE SWINDLERS DEFEND, YES DEFEND!!   THIS BEGUILER, FRAUDULENT, OAF, VILE PRACTICE!!    YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE COMPENSATED, LIAR, MISLEADING, FALSIFIER, PERJURER MISLEADER OF THE PUBLIC!!!  – ROCK } Also, in Primerica, it is not necesarily true that the bulk of the commission goes to everyone but the seller.  If you are at a division leader position, you earn a 60% contract and if your recruiter is a regional leader, then they earn a 70% commission (in general).  Now, if the downline makes a sale, the upline makes the difference of it… and the difference between 70% and 60% is 10%, so the upline is only making 10% of wat { SIC! } that commission was while the seller made 60% from the commission.  Granted, sometimes it is the other way around, where the difference in commission is a lot greater than wat the seller would make  ( i.e. an RVP making 95% and a new rep making 25%… the difference is 70%) but this isnt  {SIC}  the case all the time.  If you are a newer rep, you cant {SIC } expect to make as much as a 10 year seasoned vet, the same as if you are new on the job  {  You never explained how you arrived at those % .  WHAT IF THE “NEWER REP” EARNED IT AND THE LAZY, LEECHING “SEASONED VET” DID NOT EARN IT?!    YOU ARE COUNTING ON IGNORANCE OF THE THIEVERY!!    SIMPLY STATED, YOU YOU YOU ARE A LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!   -consult the Rock }… u wouldnt expect to make more than the 5 year seasoned department manager, or the 30 year store manager, or anyone else above you that has been working alot { SIC:   Rock } longer.  { LIAR!!  – Rock }  Corporate jobs dont PAY YOU, they TAKE from you.  { LIAR!!   ROCK }    They do not pay you what you are worth, { YOU OUGHT TO KNOW!   YOU ARE A PIRATE, THUSLY, DESERVING PRISONER’S WAGES!!   – ROCK } they pay based on the job position… therefore, you have no credibility. If Oprah Winfrey wanted to stop doing what she was doing to be a fryer at McDonalds, do you think they are going to pay her loads of money because she is Oprah, or they are gonna pay her $7.00/hr jus like all the other fryers?  { DEPENDS UPON WHETHER SHE DOES HER PROFANITY, OBSCENITY, SLEAZY, CRASS, GROSS PERFORMING, CEMENTHEAD!   – ROCK }  They are going to pay her what a fryer makes… Therefore, you are being paid based on the JOB, and not what you can do, bring to the table, or anything else. It doesnt { SIC:   YOU FORGOT THE APOSTROPHE!  – ROCK } matter how much education you have and if you received your Master’s or Doctorate’s degree, you are still going to make somewhere in the range of WHAT THE JOB PAYS! At least with what we do (as with any other commission job) you get paid based on what you bring to the table. { THAT’S A LIE, YOU VARMIT, RODENT, FOUR FLUSHING CARD SHARK CONFIDENCE MAN!!   EVERY LIAR KNOWS WHEN HE IS LYING! – ROCK }  If you slack and don’t {SIC}  put in much work, then no you will not succeed in Primerica, or any other corporate commission jobs out there. But I know I work my butt off when I have a job, so I would rather work for a company that pays me for how much I put in than to work for someone in which I will only bring in the same paycheck regardless of how hard I work     September 2009 12:22pm     {  PROVE IT !   IF YOU’RE MAKING ALL THIS MONEY WITH CON AMERICA, THEN PAY 30000 TO EACH OF YOUR POTENTIAL RECRUITS AS A GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE ALL THIS MONEY IN AN ILLEGAL, IMMORAL PYRAMID CON MAN NEFARIOUS BOILER ROOM FRAUD FECES SCHEME!  AND, YOU ARE NOT NOT NOT PAID FOR WHAT YOU PUT IN TO IT!!!     YOU ARE LINING THE POCKETS OF SWINDLERS, AND YOU YOU YOU KNOW IT IS SO!    YOU YOU YOU ARE A CHEAT;  A PHARISEE, A SNAKE IN THE GRASS, A HYPOCRITE, A COCKATRICE, A CHARLATAN, A CONNIVER CHISELER CON ARTIST CROOK ROGUE INVEIGLER PARTICIPATING IN A SWINDLE AND LINING THE POCKETS OF YOUR UP LINE ENTICERS!!    AND THAT’S FAR FROM ALL.   WHY IS IT THAT ALL PIRATE AMERICA DEFENDERS OF CHARLATAN DOUBLE CROSSERS CANNOT GET BEYOND SECOND GRADE GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL CLARITY?!  – ROCK }

Tracy Coenen  You foolish foolish man. Of course you’re recruiting competitors. That’s one of the most poisonous aspects of MLM. They are into recruiting large volumes of competitors.   And your analysis of the commissions is terrible. Seems you’ve learned some talking points but haven’t figured out how wrong they are. THE PERSON WHO SELLS THE PRODUCT is not receiving the bulk of the commission on the sale. THAT is what I said, but you used numbers to address something completely different, while making it sound like you were disproving me. I never said the person at the top makes the bulk on each sale, just that the actual salesperson is not making the bulk of the commission on their personal sale. And YES corporate jobs pay you want you’re worth.  If you’ve got skills that can earn you more than $7/hr, you’re free to go present those kills {  SIC !!!! – NEXTAXPRO } to anyone around the world and invite them to pay you more.  No one is forced to stay in any job in this country.   So long as the free market exists, you can go get yourself a higher paying job any time you can find an employer who believes you’re worth more.

17 September 2009 at 1:56 pm usana WatchDog  Also like to point out (if it hasn’t already been stated), that promotion in MLM does not depend on how good you are at retailing the product or service, but how well you can recruit additional business associates into the pyramid scheme.   The commission you are paid is from those beneath you and the only reason you got a commission is because those below you are required to purchase the product or service on a regular basis in order to be commission eligible.   That is how MLMs pay you to recruit.   {  They DO NOT ” pay you”!    You make money for them, provided you are one of the less than one percent who can deceptively sell a policy    – NEXTAXPRO   }   Sept, 2009 Tracy Coenen  Channing – Different jobs pay different wages.  You understand that, right?   So the bottom line is that anyone who is “worth more” than whatever job they’re working in, can go find a different job that pays more.   Suggesting that MLMs “pay you what you’re worth” is silly, particularly since 99% of people who participate in them actually LOSE money.   { 99% or worse ~ Nextaxpro }



18 September 2009 at 8:20 am USANA WatchDog  Someone with no experience at a construction company will get the starting base salary.   As the worker gains more experience, their value as a worker increases.  That worker will get paid based on performance, experience, and knowledge.  That worker can then take his talent from one company to another.   That new company isn’t going to start that individual at the lowest pay scale.   Comparing job talents from one type of career to another is flawed in your argument. Of course when someone starts a new line of work, they will start at the bottom of the pay scale.    Also, the more education someone has the more money they will be paid.   MLM is unique in that it doesn’t matter how good you are, you have to fight to be that 1% who make money. { I’ve met many con men, robbers and thugs with PhDs – Rock }  If you took all expert sales people with IQs of 200 and stuck them in an MLM company, guess what?  Only 1% of them will succeed.  { or less -Rock }  Why?  Because MLM doesn’t pay based on talent, or even how well you retail product. It pays based on who can recruit the biggest  downlines. And that is where Boiler Rooms come into play.  Recruiting hundreds at a time is what these guys do. 99% will always fail no matter if they are all perfect or cut out for the job. That is the mathematical result: 99%.    Do you know how to do math?    { fraud thieves don’t:    Rock }

18 September 2009 at 1:15 pm    Tracy Coenen   Yes, different jobs pay different wages. And as one acquires more skills, one is worth more to an employer, and will begin to see their earnings go up. You pretend we’re all slaves to employers, when that’s far from the truth.    Almost everyone in MLM loses, so they definitely are NOT “paid what they’re worth.”    By your logic, they’re worth negative earnings… i.e. they pay into the company    
18 Sept 2009  Tracy Coenen   P.S.  mlm is the only industry in which I’ve seen that there is almost NO CORRELATION between hard work and results.  Millions and millions of people work very hard in MLM each year, yet end up with only financial losses  { AND RUIN ~ ROCK }        

http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2013/05/primerica-financial-services-the-fake-job-interview   Yeah definitely not going to this after seeing the mass amount of negative comments.   My Lyft driver actually was the one who told me I should come by his office but didn’t mention what he actually did (broken record much lol).  He texted me his contact info after my ride and I noticed it said Primerica Inc. on it so I googled it to find out just exactly I was getting myself into.   Glad I found this page though so I don’t have to waste my time or money {.     – You are most welcome:   Rock     

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress. com/6

Misa Olamina

“Apparently these Primerica folk are misusing LinkedIn profiles for their slimy deeds  I was just contacted by one of these clowns and told based on my “god given gifts” I would be perfect for this opportunity. Blah blah…I knew it was {… }  only because I have had encounters with companies like this when I was younger. Also, there is nothing on my LinkedIn profile that indicates I have any financial talent. When I enquired further about the details of this “opportunity to make extra income as my schedule permits” He responded to me telling me that I would be licensed with my state and I would serve as a “financial GPS”  Lol.  { lots of laughs  -Rock  }
It isn’t right how these companies take advantage of folks in need of employment.
If you do find yourself mixed up in something like this, please don’t let it effect your perception of yourself. You aren’t stupid or naive. They prey on our natural vulnerabilitis and at anytime any of us can find ourselves being lured in.
I’m grateful for this site and the posts here.   It amazes me that people still think they can get away with taking advantage of good people that just want to work.

“Hey guys I need some help… I wish I saw this before the meeting but I just got home from it.  What should I do?   They have a lot of my information?   Would they use it if I don’t show back up?   I’m kind of worried they have ALOT of personal information about me”    

Hi:   Thanks for posting on sequenceinc.   My name for posting exposes, et cetera^,  is Nextaxpro.   What you must do is call your bank or call the bank toll-free number daily for at least 3-4 weeks.    MAKE SURE your bank balance AGREES ENTIRELY with what you show, plus or minus the outstanding transactions, of course.  If you are SHORT, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, GET A HOLD OF ONE OF THE REPS AT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY.   What these sharks do is ROB a little.   Then, if no reaction, they DRAIN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND LOOK FOR MORE ACCOUNT NUMBERS THAT YOU MAY HAVE AND DRAIN THOSE!    That’s their slimy, rotten, stinking game.    The best to you.   Please make a comment here and let me know.   CON AMERICA HAS MANY, MANY UNSCRUPULOUS EMPLOYEES.   NONE of these plights are above attempting to STEAL.    IF MONEY IS GONE, YOU PROBABLY HAVE A LAWSUIT.     I hope you have a loved one who knows a lawyer who will not charge you for an initial consultation.    The LORD Loves YOU.

“Wow. good looking into this before going to my “interview” today.  A recruiter found me on Linked in and said he was impressed with my resume and feels I am qualified for a “position” again like everyone else I asked for more information and very vague did he explain to me the concept of this company. He kept messaging me even if i wouldn’t give him a reply and somehow found my number and keeps contacting me.   When I told him I am no longer interested he kept asking me why and then called me arrogant.  What a joke.”      YOU ARE MOST WELCOME.   PLEASE CONTINUE CHECKING MY WEBSITE.    I HAVE BEEN “CLEANING UP”  TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS, MAKING EXPLANATIONS CLEARER, ET CETERA^.   SO, SO SORRY IT HAS BEEN TAKING ME LONGER THAN 8 YEARS!     LORD BLESS:     Rock


“I was at one of their “interviews” just a couple hours ago.  It all seemed so legit at first and since this was my first interview and I’ve been looking for an internship, it seemed perfect. I talked to the women who contacted me through LinkedIn and her husband when I first got there. They explained how everything worked and it all seemed to be on the up-and-up. I then sat through the presentation which also seemed legit because the two presenters just seemed so down to earth and passionate about helping the common man (except the guy who kept bragging about his house and cars). After the presentation I went in to talk with the reps I talked to at the outset of the “interview” and we went over how the work schedule would work and they asked me what days I was available and when it got to the application portion, I hesitated.  It was the first time I smelled something fishy.  I told them I would have to think about it and let them know but they offered to “sponsor” me and they paid my $99 fee as well as the $25/month fee for the first month which made me feel less suspicious. What would happen if I cancelled the whole thing? They didn’t get my credit card info but they have my social security number and my other info.  Do I just block them and never contact them again?”      Nextaxpro’s ANSWER:   HI:   Thank you for posting on sequenceinc.   If the con America rep has your social insecurity number, he has everything.   What a few of the con America reps and srvps do is pose as background investigators.    We moved in to an expensive apartment two years ago.   I refused to give my social insecurity number, but the leasing consultant said they needed it for the background investigation.   What you must do is call your bank or call the bank toll-free number daily for at least 3-4 weeks.    MAKE SURE your bank balance AGREES ENTIRELY with what you show, plus or minus the outstanding transactions, of course.  If you are SHORT, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, GET A HOLD OF ONE OF THE REPS AT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY.   What these sharks do is ROB a little.   Then, if no reaction, they DRAIN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND LOOK FOR MORE ACCOUNT NUMBERS THAT YOU MAY HAVE AND DRAIN THOSE!    That’s their slimy, rotten, stinking game.    The best to you.   Please make a comment here to let me know.

“I know a couple that have reached their { SIC:  QUOTATION MARKS }$100k     status and are so proud of themselves, except they have no money and do nothing.   They just tried taking a mortgage out for half a million and the bank denied them because “neither of them have a real job or make enough money”.   This place is a joke, don’t waste your time or money on them.”  {  So much for the “$100k status”.    It’s:   “fake it until you make it”.    LET’S SEE YOUR FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!     – Rock }

“Wow, thank you to all who posted about this company.  I graduated from college last month and primerica does prey on with people who are unemployed.  I finished having a fake interview last night and was literally thinking about going to that informative session.  And we are educated.  If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have had researched about primerica.”    { You are most welcome:  consult the Rock }


Nunya  { IS A NUNCA – Rock  }  this is defamation. Take this down before i { sic:  capitalize -Rock } file a complaint.  We are not a scam and there are no fake interviews. THIS IS A BUSINESS, and youre { sic: ‘ —  learn English grammar!!!!   GET BEYOND THE FIRST GRADE  – Rock }  too lazy to work for yourself or want to educate people on their finances. If you didnt get the license or actually go on the field then { spelling – Rock }  you know nothing.   Don’t spread lies when you failed at the business.  To the last comment, the most draining 2 months?? Maybe you dont { sic:  don’t -Rock } know that in order for you to have a successful business, you have to work like a dog to build it. Rome wasnt built in a day. It takes time, effort and tears to build something you want. No one ever said it was going to be easy, and if you thought it was, then i {sic } dont { OH BROTHER.  SIC.  AGAIN.  – Rock }  know what to tell you.  Nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain.  Youre { sic:  USE APOSTROPHES!!! — LEARN English grammar!!! – Rocky } building a team of individuals to get them to the top, too. Theres no scheme, no one earns more unless you DO more. Youre {  YOU ARE A LIAR!!!   Numbers 32:23, Luke 16:19-31, Revelation 20:11-15, 21:8.   And: Grammar – Rock }  just a bunch of lazy, whiny children. Ive seen success, a lot of it, and thats because we had a passion for what we do. { Then why don’t you show your Federal income tax return?? – Rocky }    To date, I have met or even heard of only one con America representative, rvp or srvp who can speak or write proper English.     Over 99.5% of the con America apologists are not better than 2nd grade in English grammar.   THEY ARE FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE! 14



https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro. wordpress.com/6

https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro. wordpress.com/168

Tracy Coenen    No, it’s not defamation.  And where, exactly, are you going to file that complaint?   Yes, the fake interviews have occurred.    And you say I’m too lazy to work for myself?    Then why, pray tell, have I owned Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting for 16 years?     I make a very nice income for myself with a legitimate business.  Apparently I’m not too lazy, and I’m actually quite good at being self-employed.  15 Jan 2016 at 3:58

NOTE:    I have still received NO restitution at all from A.L. Williams for my time and fruitless effort in an unprotected territory.    5-27-08, 4-19-16, 5-18-16, 6-29-16, 7-5-16, 8-6-16, 8-25-16, 9-20-16, 10-26-16, 9-9-17, 10-28-17, 11-30-17,    – Nextaxpro

FROM complaintsboard.com, consumerreports.com, pissedconsumer.com, sequenceinc.com :    And many more of interest:

Written by one who saw red flags:     “I already feel deceived.   I’ve never heard of a legitimate honest job that requires you to put down at least $199 in order to begin working.   That’s ludicrous.   Furthermore, during the presentation, there seemed to be two very strong points in which the gentleman emphasized:  {m}Money and recruiting.   They would go on and on about how much money they made, and the fact that in order to make money, you have to recruit people.    95% of the presentation time was spent on these two subjects;   the remaining 5% was spent on helping people get out of debt.    Right now, my mind is boggled.   I can’t figure out how a company can claim to be an honest company that helps people and does noble deeds while concentrating much of their energy and manpower;  on greed and dishonesty.   It sounds too good to be true, because it is.   Don’t believe everything you hear, fellow people.”     http://primerica.pissedconsumer.com/i-just-got-home-from-a-primerica-presentation-and-20080805130392.html 

Written by Another one taken, on 12-07-2008 20:52
My wife went to an “interview” about a medical job { YEAH you apologists are really filled with godliness, aren’t you?   wamway was very deceptive but I do not know of wamway ever stooping so low as to say they are health practitioners, et cetera!!   Albeit, close, because one guy said “No, it’s no amway.  amway is just one of the suppliers”. !!!!! }  that was posted on Craigslist which turned out to be one of these hyped “opportunities” and paid the *** $299 & signed stuffed before reading it or understanding what she was doing. After doing some research I found this forum and I am now pissed off that they would do this.  I am not an easy target for scams like this because I always am leary about “get rich quick schemes” that blow smoke up your *** without any real or tangible products or services.  My wife had to cancel her debit card in order to keep from being another victim. Lesson learned.

Primerica has ruined our once-happy, Christian marriage.  My husband started it about 7 months ago and did well at first, so I supported him. Then, he ran out of contacts and was putting in about 20 hours per week at trainings and appointments and made ZERO dollars. He also left me to live with the person who got him into Primerica (about 1 hour away), and he took our 3-year old daughter with him.

I met my husband 2 years ago.   When I first met him. { sic:  comma }  I was enamored that he was helping people and trying to have a better life.   I was convinced that Primerica wasnt {sic:  wasn’t } a scam because his family lived in Boca and seemed like a normal family.   After a year, I slowly realized how corrupt primerica is.   My husband spends hours working in primerica with his dad and comes home with no money week after week.   We lost our apartment.     We had to move in with my in laws.   He cant even afford to buy a crib for our infant son.    Our son has been living in a bassinet for months.    We lost everything because he decided to go full time.   I never thought it would turn this way.     We cant even afford to buy the little things our son needs.   I am getting worried that I may have to give up my son for adoption because I hate that he cant go to the doctor, and have normal neccessities.    He {husband} is so brainwashed.    He couldn’t even afford to put food on the table and take me to the doctors when I get sick yet he has enough money to go to a convention in Atlanta.   I wonder how many divorces have developed from this company.   They preach partnership but all I see is time away from your wife and child and we don’t get anything in return except heartbreak and suffering.   I hate Primerica!!!    I hope it gets closed down immediately  {.}

ANOTHER:   Uggnh!!! A Primerica branch occupied the offices directly above where I work for several years (they finally moved out last fall, thank OG!).  High pressure, multi-level marketing sales of iffy financial services was their thing.  

Viewed from the outside, it looked like a real meat-grinder, and I rarely saw the same faces returning year after year.   Those who did were inevitably in-your-face sales types with attitudes that oozed insincerity.  We have limited parking for our building and they regularly had recruitment drives that would flood the lot with their marks’ { sic } cars which would cause absolute chaos and no small amount of fury when multiple idiots would double or even triple park.    The foot stomping chants and cheers as they rallied around the cause of bilking their ‘clients’ just compounded the headaches ( did I mention that they were directly above my office )?

The building manager hated their guts and would regularly complain about building doors being left unlocked overnight and the disgusting condition of the upstairs bathroom.    After about the sixth time they clogged the toilet and flooded the bathroom he decided to rip out the toilet paper dispenser altogether and replaced it with those dispensers that distribute really thin tissues that are so low-grade you can still see chunks of wood in them.   Never piss off a building manager.

I’ll give them credit for one thing though, they were smart enough not to try to hard sell any of the other tenants.   That would have crossed a major line would likely have ended up with them getting booted from the premises.   The only reason the owner put up with them in the first place was the rent they were paying.   Of course, that only gave the weasels a monumental sense of entitlement to add to their already inflated egos.  phew…did I mention that I’m really, really, really, happy that they’re gone?


ANOTHER:   My husband joined this company a year ago.   I’ve been always supporting him.   He is working so hard in Primerica, he makes so many phone calls every day, we listen to the CDs in the car, we both read books that our up-lines recommend, we wake up early, we go to any social event possibly out there, we go to church, we go to training TWICE A WEEK.   I have a full time job, {sic}   He does Primerica full time, {sic} he has nothing left he got lay off 3 months ago.   I’m so upset with this company and so disappointed!!   My husband won the contest of month, last month, however I got sick and I got a doctors note to stay in absolutely rest for { AND } 3 days and he went away for the weekend with the army.   I was so excited when he won the contest of the month that I even asked for the day off at work in order to get the prize, { sic } unfortunately was the same weekend I needed to s tay home.   And the upline said that unfortunatly there is no rain check… He works so hard and he doesn’t get anything!!    He have { sic: has } changed so much!  { When it is for the worse, that’s a pretty sure sign that the subject is in a cult.  – Nextaxpro }   I’ve been very patient.   But for me this is …!!     If they couldn’t even give us the prize, that was such a stupid shopping day!!!   I hardly believe about making the 6 figure income!!!  The worst part is that I don’t know if should feel sorry for him or myself!!!   He has been brainwashed!!    He doesn’t make more {than} 500 a month!!!    { I would be VERY, VERY surprised if he made that much –  }   After one year! and he really works his butt out to get appts!    {B}but I still don’t see anything good happening.  I’m so disappointed and I don’t even want to stay with him anymore.  Is like seeing a child chasing the bucket or gold at the end of the rainbow.     “This article is very accurate.  { She was looking at my blog.  Glory to GOD! ”  – Nextaxpro }




Carol of Baltimore, MD on :    I was sold a Primerica Life Insurance Policy when I was around 25 years old.  I paid $17.29 a month.  I was under the impression that that amount would never change as I got older.  I had this policy for 20 years with no problems.  As soon as I turned 45 in late 2010 my premium more than tripled.  It went up to $59 a month with no explanation. I was in good health. I had no major health problems.  No one I spoke to could give me a reasonable explanation for the large increase of my premium. I decided to cancel the policy as I cannot afford to pay that much every month. I got nothing back for it.  Not a penny.  All the money I paid for the policy over 20 years and nothing to show for it.”  

Jennifer post author Apri 26, 2016

kay, here’s another dissatisfied customer:

I know nothing about life insurance. When Primerica (wife of the agent) had me signed my policy in 1995, she did not disclose that at the end of 20 years, premium would increase & have no cash value.   I was not informed that {,} at the end of 20 years, premium would go up to more than 200% per month (from $79.85 to $218 for one policy, thereby increasing every ten years).   Had the agent been honest and disclosed the truth, I would have cancelled it right away.  She never explained nor gave me an idea about term or whole life insurance.  Agent was not honest in disclosing the truth.   She took advantage of my ignorance.  Obviously, agent misled me as she was only after her commission.   She never called again to follow up.

This is a total rip off. I have paid a total of $30,436.91 for two policies.  { WHAT!!!  30 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!   THEY ARE NOT WORTH 1/60 THAT!!  

     https://wordpress.com/post/Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/6                                }

For your information, I cancelled both as I can’t afford to continue paying the outrageous premiums. I live on a fixed income. I would appreciate if Primerica would return my money for being dishonest and misleading to customers. I need your expertise and help. Thank you and God bless!

– ConsumerAffairs.com     sequenceinc.com

“A.L. Williams rode my father, a very prosperous respected business man to the grave.  One lie after another.   He was a top regional RVP sales person bringing hundreds of thousands of $$ to A. L. Williams and their upper line mgrs until they took all his clients away one day and gave them to another SRVP.    He was told good job, here is your top sales plaque, now start all over again.   His widow now gets a check for $6.42 cents a month from his commissions.   Wow, are they grateful or what? For all he had done for them this is her reward.  She waits until she gets 2 or 3 checks accumulated and then deposits them all at once to make it worth her while.   Our family says ‘Run Run Run’ as fast as you can.   Once a RVP sees this and realizes that she is getting some money they will probably go after that also.   They will be judged by God to pay for their sins!”   { and that is an unavoidable FACT – Rock    Mark 9:42-48, Revelation 20:10-15, et cetera^.    These con America scoundrels are racketeers!!!  }

“I joined primerica years ago along with my husband.  I told him at the time that something didn’t feel right.  My husband got his Dad to give him his retirement money to invest in this company and he lost every red cent. We were never reimbursed for the thousands that we had invested.   Run from this scheme as quick as you can {; } it is a rip off.”

To Whom It May Concern!  My Name is Mir F Ansary I joined this Life insurance company and the told that, I am only paying $99.00 for the state test and nothing else and now they Been charging me $25.00 each month automatically without my permission so far they pull out of my account total of $75.00 Dollars for no reason what so ever…it doesn’t makes any sense, if I am not working with them who give them the right to withdraw from my account that is stealing and it’s against the law… Is in it?   Thanks Mir F Ansary   { I wish it were.    AT&T did the same to I, and I have exposed them on this website:  }

ANOTHER:  “Most concerning of all {,} though is that members of Primerica during company’s presentations and speeches yell out ‘Amen’ and ‘Hallelujah’ (my husband admitted hearing this too) and insist upon Primerica being a ‘Christian’ organization.

To have the RVP promotion, you must absolutely secure 100k$ per year. Of course you need to be full time, if you want to be there for your team. Also, here in my country (or Province?) it is illegal to work in the insurance/financial business on Part Time. Primerica developed a simple solution to this.. you pass your permit and you have three months to secure money and if you can’t, well it’s just not for you and you can go work to a bank with your permit. They don’t care what you do, and if you’re not there for the Primerica opportunity.       { THIS IS VERY INTERESTING!!Knowing what a.l. williams representatives told me, they all LIED LIED LIED!!!   I was told I did NOT have to work full time and that I could keep my present job.     a.l. Williams also had my immediate rvp STEAL my license to sell insurance, even though I obtained my license by passing an examination and having a background check through the state agency, bureau, division or whatever department that regulates life insurance and securities   http://www.financialindustryscam.com/index.htm

As a result of questionable business practices Primerica’s {sic} has been banned from operating in the state of New York for two years (strangely enough my husband’s recruiter had moved down from New Jersey?)
Even Primerica’s disclaimers state that ‘Representatives are not financial planners, investment advisors, financial consultants or other specialists who provide financial advice and whose compensation may be unrelated to sales’.    { Hence, bonnie floorman was a LIAR AND A FRAUD AND A CON as she told me that she had a securities license and was a “certified financial planner – cfp”   – Nextaxpro }





When they continue to pursue, harass, harangue, say:  “OK, give me $30000;   30000 in gold;   30000 in silver;   30000 in brass, et cetera^.    I will hold in escrow.   If I do not get paid for my time, I take the money”.    Gold will be made illegal again.    fdr, devilrat did.   So will obola.    Thusly, demand other metals as a back-up.   –  ROCK  

As a result of questionable business practices Primerica’s {sic} has been banned from operating in the state of New York for two years ( strangely enough my husband’s recruiter had moved down from New Jersey? )   Even Primerica’s disclaimers state that ‘Representatives are not financial planners, investment advisors, financial consultants or other specialists who provide financial advice and whose compensation may be unrelated to sales’.    { Hence, bonnie D_____ was a LIAR AND A FRAUD AND A CON as she told me that she had a securities license and was a “certified financial planner – cfp”   – Rock }

Written by John Garvin, on 07-04-2008 19:08
Last week, the Department of Ins. for the  state of Utah raided the Primerica offices in Salt Lake. The RVP admittied {sic} to investigators that he had committed a fraud.

May be the reason Ripoff Report has ceased publishing exposes and complaints regarding PIRATE VS. AMERICA:

9. Written by Consumer Advocate, on 11-08-2008 13:55:   Go check out what the editor of ripoffreport.com said after being PAID by Primerica to become part of his  “Consumer Advocate Program”    He will say whatever you want after you PAY him!!     http://primerica.pissedconsumer.com/primerica-3a-one_recruit-s-reflection-2c-2yrs-later-20080808130739.html

MORE COMING:      http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-203-651-0018/5     REPORT harassing telephone and cell phone and computer dialed harassing calls.


PYRAMID SCHEMES ARE OUT THERE NOW!     https://www.google.com/#safe=active&q=what+are+pyramid+schemes+as+of+now%3F



HERBALIFE was convicted of pyramiding,

but then a judge threw out the conviction!!   herbalife was CONVICTED!  Their stock was STILL SELLING on the NYSE.  Symbol:  HLF.   Used to be on the nasdaq, symbol hflt.  Now on the nyse.  That’s something to keep in mind!!!!     http://www.mike-buss.com/herbalife-another-fantasy-weight-loss-con

http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/06/wall-streets-6-billion-mystery/361624               http://www.reuters.com/article/us-herbalife-probe-ftc-idUSKCN0ZV1F7


con America apologists-nefarious-surreptitious shysters do not tell you anything true:  far, far from that!   herbalife is still trading on the NYSE!


con America’s stock stock is selling at between 50 and 60.   But THAT is very misleading.

There could have been a reverse stock split.   primerica has traded between 20 and 60 over the past 5 years:    http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/PRI     But THAT doesn’t tell you that the SEC could launch an INVESTIGATION of FRAUD;  THE IRS could launch an INVESTIGATION OF INCOME TAX EVASION and con America stock could fall to 0.50/share – OR EVEN LOWER – AT ANY TIME.  Don’t believe?   Then you are not familiar with the stock markets.

I certainly DO NOT recommend wikipedia TO BE ACCURATE OR EVEN TRUTHFUL!  But this is the only one that mentions CON AMERICA AS A “MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING, THAT IS, A PYRAMID, BOILER ROOM SCHEME:           https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies












While I do not like to point out wacki-pedia { they tell lies as it is liberal }, these are worth checking out as being  the latest cons.   Many  are labeled “ponzi”, but they may well be pyramid frauds:  In 2010, Trevor Cook of Minnesota plead guilty and began serving a 25-year federal prison sentence in connection with the Oxford Group which reportedly took in $194 million. Bo Beckman still has charges pending in connection with the scheme.[80][81][82][83]

In early 2010, Tzvi Erez { ha! muslim! } from Toronto, Canada scammed 76 creditors out of a combined $27 million. He created an illegitimate print business called E Graphix and convinced investors to give him large loans in order to carry out fictional printing orders. He was charged with fraud and forgery by Toronto police, but was not convicted because the Canadian courts lacked adequate trial time to give him a trial.[84][85]

On May 20, 2010, the SEC filed a federal case against Edward A. Allen and David L. Olson, two former brokers of World Financial Group / World Group Securities, accusing them of having raised approximately $14.8 million through the offer and sale of promissory notes as part of an illegal Ponzi scheme in the States of Ohio and Florida between September 2005 and December 2008.[86]

On June 15, 2010, the United States Securities and Exchange commission filed an enforcement action against Matt Jennings and his cohorts and accused them of running a Ponzi Scheme wherein they stole over $53 million from investors.[87] On December 12, 2012, the court appointed receiver for Westmore entities filed an action against Robert Jennings [88] for return of investor funds.[89]

On August 29, 2011, James Davis Risher, a twice convicted securities felon, pleaded guilty in US Federal Court to his role in operating a $21 million Ponzi scheme from 2007 to 2010, targeting elderly and unsophisticated investors. His victims were spread out across eight US states and Canada, although most were concentrated near Lakeland, Florida.  Operating through multiple US banks and at least two investment firms registered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Risher was able to attract approximately $21 million from unsuspecting investors to be managed in his “private equity funds”. Although millions did find their way to the FINRA-registered brokerages through which he advertised he would manage, many millions more were funneled through his bank accounts and used to purchase real estate, vehicles, artwork, and other effects. The FBI, SEC, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, IRS, Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation, and US Postal Inspection Service began to collaborate on an investigation into the matter sometime in 2010, leading to Risher’s May 31, 2011, apprehension and subsequent arrest.[90][91][92][93] In December 2011, a federal judge sentenced the 61-year-old Risher to 20 years in prison, years of supervised probation upon his release, and ordered him to repay the victims $17,756,186 in restitution.

In December 2011, film exhibitor Norman Adie pleaded guilty in U.S. Federal Court to running a Ponzi scheme in New York and Pennsylvania.[94]

On August 17, 2012, the SEC filed a federal case against defendants Paul Burks and Zeek Rewards, based out of North Carolina. Paul Burks ran the entity of Zeek Rewards, a fraudulent investment opportunity that promised investors returns as high as 1.5% per day by sharing in the profits of Zeekler, a penny auction. Investors were encouraged to recruit new members to increase their returns. New investors had to pay a monthly “subscription” of up to $99/month and an initial investment of up to $10,000. The higher the initial investment, the higher the returns appeared. The Zeekler entity was an online penny auction that served as a front for the Zeek Rewards entity. Investors in the Zeek Rewards scheme were promised payouts from the profits made on Zeekler by recruiting new members and giving out “bids” that customers would use on the penny auction. While the Zeekler website did bring in revenue, it was only about 1% of what investors believed was being brought into the Zeek Rewards company. The vast majority of dispersed funds were paid out from newly recruited investors.  It is believed that the ponzi scheme was a $600M enterprise and the number of affected investors was 1 million when the SEC filed suit. This made Zeek Rewards the largest ponzi scheme in history by number of affected investors, even though numerous other ponzi schemes have had larger enterprise values. Paul Burks paid $4M to the SEC and agreed to cooperate. It remains unknown how much, if any, of the funds lost in the scheme will be returned to affected investors, as of August 2012.[95][96][97]

In August, 2012, Trendon T. Shavers (aka “Pirate” and “pirateat40”),[98][99] the founder and operator of “Bitcoin Savings and Trust” (BTCST),[100] a non existent company advertised over an internet forum, disappeared from the public scene.[101] Shavers raised at least 700,000 Bitcoin in BTCST investments by running it as a Ponzi scheme. The fact that BTCST was run using Bitcoin, makes this a unique instance of a Ponzi scheme. It allowed Shavers to initially stay completely anonymous, making it possible for him to just disappear with the money from his investors. Although some called it a pyramid scheme,[102] BTCST is generally considered a Ponzi scheme. At the time he disappeared, somewhere around August 31,[103] the 700,000 BTC were valued at around US$4,500,000. However, since Bitcoin prices increased significantly since the time it happened, they could now be worth more than US$500 million. The SEC has charged Shavers with fraud.[104]

On September 5, 2012, the Economic Offences Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police arrested M S Guru, the mastermind of a ‘contract emu farming’ scheme for financial fraud and cheating over 12,000 investors. The filed cases alone amount to over $28 million.[105] On October 1, 2012, a joint raiding operation was conducted on Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd and its affiliates by the Royal Malaysian Police, Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, Companies Commission of Malaysia, and Bank Negara Malaysia. Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department has also conducted a similar operation against Genneva Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Estimation of RM10 billion (close to US$330 million) filed cases.[106]

In June 2013, in Tunisia, a fraud investment network collapsed when the master of a Ponzi scheme, Adel Dridi, tried to flee the country following government investigation with more than 80 million Tunisian dinars that he stole from around 50 thousand investors, who many of them claimed that they sold their possessions to enjoy the interests of Yosr development.  Adel Dridi was arrested the day after he ran, and he is now being prosecuted. The company “Yosr Developpement Ltd” director was behind money laundry, illegal investments and Ponzi scheme frauds.[107]

On February 26, 2014, Gregory Loles, who formerly ran Farmbach Loles and related investment entities was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment by federal judge Alvin W. Thompson for a $25 million ponzi scheme resulting in several million dollars in losses.[108]

In June 2014, theSecurities and Commission alleges that Tom Abraham and Kenneth Grant their company KGTA Petroleum, Ltd., stockbrokers Jeffrey Gainer and Jerry Cicolani, and others orchestrated and/or helped promote a Ponzi scheme related to KGTA, a petroleum company that purported to earn profits by buying and reselling crude oil and refined fuel products. Grant and Abdallah are accused of having operated KGTA as a Ponzi scheme. The oil purchase orders never existed and KGTA did not sell fuel or oil to its purported buyers, according to the complaint. In classic Ponzi scheme fashion, KGTA allegedly used some of the funds raised from new investors to pay fake returns to earlier investors. The two men raised at least $20.73 million between Oct. 8, 2012, and February of this year, the lawsuit says.[109]

In September 2014, the Securities Exchange Commission conducted an emergency asset freeze and filed civil fraud alleging that California-based company, Nationwide Automated Systems, Inc. (NASI), was operating a $123 million ATM ponzi scheme.[110][111]

On 19 April 2016, the body of Steve Halgryn (52), a Zimbabwean ‘investment broker’, was found on a local beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Halgryn’s company office in nearby Buderim had recently been burgled { SIC:  burglarized – Nextaxpro } and four computers stolen, along with company files. Subsequent investigations by police revealed that Halgryn had been running an elaborate Ponzi-type scheme involving around 600 clients who had been promised a 24% return on their investment.   The corruption watchdog ASIC had allegedly begun questioning Halgryn’s operation but had taken no action against him. An estimated $A100 million was unaccounted for, apparently ‘lost’.

In July 2016 the SEC obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against Traffic Monsoon LLC and its owner Charles Scoville, accusing him of operating a Ponzi Scheme and four counts of Fraud [112][113]

In June 2013, Brazilian Justice first blocked Telexfree Brazilian operations,[114][115] and in September 2015, convicted the company for operating a Ponzi Scheme.[116][117] Telexfree operations in US were shut down by SEC April, 2014.[118][119] In October 2016, Telexfree co-owner James Merrill pleaded guilty.[120][121] Telexfree was a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme desguised { sic – Rocky } as an internet phone service company. Prosecutors have described it as the largest fraud of all time in terms of the number of people affected – more than 1 million, with victims in various countries.[120]




FTC:    https://www.ftc.gov/public-statements/1998/05/pyramid-schemes





http://www.sequenceinc.com/fraudfiles/2008/04/the-pyramid-scheme-aspect-of-primerica-financial-services/#comment-161146          Sequence, incorporated, ceased taking comments on this blog in 2014.    The comments by those disillusioned, those pirated, OR BOTH, are worth your perusal if you are considering going to one of their “rah rah, hallelujah” meetings.     Some dabble in the occult, that is, tongues!





It is verily SAD that you cannot find any thing in the public libraries exposing the con America pyramid scheme.    You can only find bernie madoff.

This one hasn’t been knocked down yet:  http://primericacomplaints.blogspot.com/2010/08/reply-to-this-post-with-your-complaints.html




Keep minors from seeing!!!   Expose of a. l.williams with a lot of foul language in  it…
http://www.google.com/search?Hl=en&rlz=1T4ADBF_enUS219US219&sa= X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=al+williams+milico+jacksonville&spell=1


BEWARE!!!!  BEWARE!!!!   This one has had a virus previously and MAY STILL HAVE.      http://iripoff.com/2187/A.L.Williams,_Inc-Primerica.html     BEWARE!!!!  BEWARE!!!     This one has had a virus previously and MAY STILL HAVE:   http://iripoff.com/2516/PRIMERICA.htm
















AHA!!   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-citi-insurance-settlement-idUSBREA1508Z20140206

CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS VS.  PIRATE VS. AMERICA:        https://www.google.com/#safe=active&q=class+action+lawsuits+against+primerica




CON AMERICA RETIREMENT PLANS BILK ALL WHO PAY IN:      http://www.reuters.com/article/primerica-arbitration-idUSL1N0FS1FK20130725

I should have gone to the FBI as soon as I received this spam: https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=f2aurpnpstpdr

If you just do a goggle, bing or yahoo search on ‘Primerica fraud’ you will get hundreds of hits explaining lawsuits, con America’s deceptive tactics and testimonials of people defrauded.   Do not trust ripoff report!   ripoff report “caved in” to crime against America and have been LYING for 19 years! 





Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service – take notice!!

Securities and Exchange commission, Federal Trade commission – Bureau of Consumer Protection;   Consumer Financial Protection bureau,  department of Housing and Urban Development, Employee Benefits Security administration, Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, United States department of Labor, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency  should be investigating con America’s securities transactions to discover how much con America is STEALING from their policy holders and account holders.   Further, how much con America is stealing through their mortgage loans.   Also, how many incidents and how much is being taken from their clients via out and out fraud, excessive commission fees, lower returns than the prevailing returns on the stock markets, whether their “expert traders” are doing their job, et cetera^

Hope this helps.   So many have to go through so much hassle and harassment and extremely prolonged waiting times to get their fees, especially the $25-45 that pirate vs. America STEALS from one’s bank account and/or credit/debit card!!!   Office of the Comptroller of the Currency   {OCC} :

400 7th Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20219
(202) 649-6800

District and Field Offices OCC Customer Assistance Group
Information specialists available in English or Spanish, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST
Phone: (800) 613-6743
TDD Number: (713) 658-0340
TTY: (800) 877-8339 (via a relay service)

As a result of questionable business practices (,)  Primerica’s {sic} has been banned from operating in the state of New York for two years (strangely enough my husband’s recruiter had moved down from New Jersey?)
Even Primerica’s disclaimers state that’Representatives are not financial planners  { yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk;  ark ark ark ark ark;   chuk chuk chuk;   he he he he he;  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! -Nextaxpro } investment advisors, financial consultants or other specialists who provide financial advice and whose compensation may be unrelated to sales’.    { Hence, bonnie floorman was a LIAR AND A FRAUD AND A CON as she told me that she had a securities license and was a “certified financial planner – cfp”   –  }

Written by John Garvin, on 07-04-2008 19:08
Last week, the Department of Ins. for the  state of Utah raided the Primerica offices in Salt Lake. The RVP admittied {sic} to investigators that he had committed a fraud.







BEWARE of stuff like this:   “$100 buys $50.000”.    They have to prove that they are honest and that they pay claims.   Investigate before you invest! 



NINTH:   PYRAMID BOILER ROOMS OCCURRING NOW PYRAMIDS AS OF 2018:    I do not like to feel that I’m recommending google.   However, google is more thorough in bringing up helpful websites:   http://www.google.com/#safe=active&q=PYRAMID+SCHEMES+AS+OF+2016

RELUCTANT to add Wikipedia as it it liberal and chok full of lies, fraudulent info, half truths and so on.   But they do have a list of pyramid schemes and this should help to stay way away from any one or any representative attempting to persuade you to fork over money just to get a job:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ponzi_schemes    

http://www.slate.com/articles/business/money box/2016/05/the-government-is-finally-closing-in-on-herbalife-herbalife-will-fight-back    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/jul/15/herbalife-ftc-fine-200-million-pyramid-scheme-label


Federal Trade Commission:     https://www.ftc.gov/search/site/pyramids :  
wamway determined by judge not to be a pyramid due to this foolishness:    THEY ALL SELL TO SOMEONE AND MAKE A COMMISSION.   IF NOT, then it is different:   a Ponzi: 

Support this great ministry.   Print out my website before it gets shut down.   This will help as a reference point to what I have online:    routing number:   061 000 104    Account number:   1000 1640 73826  Nextaxpro@gmail.com








https://Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/?s= PRIMERICA
















Ghost writing, tattoos, united nations, marijuana, genocide, public schools, the devil’s juice, and a few others coming



I AM GOING TO DE-PROGRAM YOU.    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death;  their blood shall be upon them.      – LEVITICUS 20:13





















*3 years refunded for chargebacks ~ provided art williams pays.  

















DATING SCAMS:   THAT should include the girls looking to SCAM men who want to spend sweet time with a woman.   THERE ARE EVEN MORE GIRLS SCAMMING ON DATING SITES THAN THERE ARE MEN ON DATING SITES!!!

Work from home SCAMS:   checking hundreds, have not seen even ONE that was not a SCAM.   They want money UP FRONT!!    FLEE!!   You’re looking for a job, NOT paying to go to work !!!!    ALL, AND I MEAN ALL of the “work from home” promises whan MONEY UP FRONT!!!


Pyramid schemes of 2016-2018:


THE KING JAMES 1611 BIBLE HAS BEEN RIDICULED, ATTACKED, BURNED, HACKED, SLICED, BUT IT STANDS FOR EVER!!    PSALM 119:89   PSALMS 119:42, 53, 160, and many more in PSALM 119 ALONE!!    GENESIS 40:8, PSALM 50:16-22, ROMANS 9:17, et cetera^.      And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.  And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send  Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue;  for I am tormented in this flame.   They have Moses, let them hear them.   Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house;   for I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment.”     ( Luke 16:23 – 31 )    In LUKE 16, the sodomite rich man { clothed in purple } cried for mercy, but he did not repent!   He begged for water, but he did not repent!

This man’s first cry was for himself, that he might find relief from the torment and agony he knew in Hell.  When he found this impossible, he immediately begged that a soul-winner would present the Gospel to his family so that they might be saved from the anguish that was his.   How many others in Hell might be pleading the self same request, if only we might hear them?

The last words we hear of Cain, the world’s first murderer, are:   “My punishment is greater than I can bear.”   I am sure that is the cry of many in Hell today.

Lord Byron, at 36 years of age, was facing death after a life without God.  He said, “My days are in the yellow leaf, the flower and fruit of life are gone; the worm, the canker, and the grief are mine alone.”

And I saw a great white throne, and Him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.    And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God;  and the books were opened:  and another book was opened, which is the book of life:  and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.   And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;  and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:  and they were judged every man according to their works.   And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.   This is the second death.   And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.   – Revelation 20:11- 15

Accounts from History:   

The notorious saladin, heathen “allah believing muslim  { Isaiah 8:20, John 3:18,36;  Acts 2:23, 20:21;  1John 2:21-23, 4:1-6;  Jeremiah 10:2, et cetera^     AND

http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/search.php?hs=1&q=learn+not +the+way+of+the+heathen

saladin, muslim general:   his dying words in 1193 A.D:   “My life is nothing but the tattered coat I wear!”

** charteres cried, “I would gladly give { 2000 pounds he actually said – Nextaxpro } one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to have it proved there is no hell!”

In great terror, **hobbs, the infidel said, “I am taking a fearful leap into the dark.”

**altamont the infidel, cried out his last words:  “My principles have poisoned my friend; my extravagance has beggared my boy;  my unkindness has murdered my wife.  And is there another hell?   Oh, thou blasphemed, yet most indulgent Lord God!   Hell is a refuge if it hides me from thy frown.” 

**Thomas Scott, president of the English lower house, died in 1594:   “Until this moment I thought there was neither a God nor a Hell.  Now I know and feel that there are both, and I am doomed to perdition by the just judgment of the Almighty.”     (Sir Thomas Scott)

A noted infidel by the name of  **Adams cried out these last words,  “I’m lost!  Lost!    Lost!    I’m Damned!   Damned!   Damned forever!”   His agony was so terrible that he tore his hair from his head as he passed into eternity.  

**Charles IX — dope pope papits:  Nextaxpro — was responsible for ordering the great massacre that took place on St. Bartholomew’s Day.   { catholics murdering Protestant born again Christians.  – Nextaxpro }   On his own dying day, Charles cried, “What blood!   What murders!   I know not where I am.  How will all this end?  What shall I do?   I am lost forever…I know it!”

**robert ingersoll:  “O God, if there be a God, save my soul, if I have a soul!” ( Some say it was this way:  “Oh God, if there be a God, save my soul if I have a soul, from hell, if there be a hell!”

**david hume, atheist philosopher famous for his philosophy of empiricism and skepticism of religion:   { when death came, } he cried loud on his death bed “I am in flames!”   It is said his “desperation was a horrible scene”. 

**napoleon bonaparte, the French emperor, and who, like Adolf hitler, brought death to millions to satisfy his greedy, power-mad, selfish ambitions for world conquest:  “I die before my time, and my body will be given back to the earth.   Such is the fate of him who has been called the great napoleon.   What an abyss between my deep misery and the eternal kingdom of Christ!”

“Devils are in the room ready to drag my soul down to Hell.   It’s no use looking to Jesus now; it’s too late!”   Cried **brown . 

The anguish of  **volney, the atheist, was reported to be something awful to behold.   Nothing could calm him, but he repeatedly screamed out,  “My God! My God!”  { Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11 – Nextaxpro } until he finally fell back dead.

** Kay ~ infidel When Kay was dying, he cried  “Hell! Hell!” with a soul-rending terror.    His family fled from the house until death had quieted him.     I AM STILL RESEARCHING THIS ONE.   A ) Kay’s first name  B ) When  he lived  C )   The book I read in school may have had this infidel.    The words I read were that “his family fled from the house until his groanings finally ceased”.

**thomas paine was a noted infidel, brazen in his attacks on God and the Bible.  Yet when death came, his boldness was gone, and he pleaded, “Stay with me!   Stay with me for God’s sake!  { Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11 – Nextaxpro }    I cannot bear to be alone!”

Begged **mirabeau.  “Give me more opium that I may not think of eternity!”     Evangelist, teacher, author and radio evangelist Oliver Green{e} once told of a man on his deathbed who suddenly began to scream in terror:  “Pull me up in the bed!   My feet are burning!  I am sliding into Hell!”   

 ** Sir francis newport, the head of an English atheist club to those gathered around his deathbed:  “You need not tell me there is no God for I know there is one, and that I am in His presence!   You need not tell me there is no hell.   I feel myself already slipping.   Wretches, cease your idle talk about there being hope for me!  I know I am lost forever!  Oh, that fire!  Oh, the insufferable pangs of hell! …Oh, that I could lie for a thousand years upon the fire that is never quenched, to purchase the favor of God and be united to Him again. But it is a fruitless wish.   Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer the end of my torments than one poor hour.   Oh, eternity, eternity forever and forever!   Oh, the insufferable pangs of Hell!”
[youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GHhtTqtTTo%5D                 

 ** david strauss, leading representative of German rationalism, after spending a lifetime erasing belief in God from the minds of others:  My philosophy leaves me utterly forlorn!   I feel like one caught in the merciless jaws of an automatic machine, not knowing at what time one of its great hammers may crush me!”

**voltaire , upon his deathbed, cried out, “Oh, Christ!  Oh, Jesus!   I must die abandoned by God and men.”   His condition was so frightening that his infidel associates were afraid to approach his bedside.   voltaire said to his doctor, “I am abandoned by God and man.   I will give you half of what I am worth, if you will give me six months of life.”   The doctor replied,  “Sir, you cannot even live six weeks.”     voltaire immediately answered, “Then I shall go to Hell, and you will go with me!”

“Devils are in the room ready to drag my soul down to Hell!  It’s no use looking to Jesus now;  it’s too late!”    ( **Brown)

“What argument is there now to assist me against matters of fact?   Do I assert that there is no (H)hell while I feel one in my own bosom?   That there is a God I know, because I continually feel the effect of His (W)wrath.    That there is a (H)hell, I am equally certain, having received an earnest of my inheritance already in my own breast.   Oh!  That I was to lie a thousand years upon the fire that is never quenched to purchase the (F)favor of God, and be reunited to Him again!    But it is a fruitless wish.   Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer to the end of my torments than one poor hour!    O Eternity!  Eternity!   Oh!   The insufferable pangs of (H)hell!    Oh Eternity!  Forever and forever!”    (**Francis Newport)

The sad reality is that every infidel whose last words can be found recorded expressed unimaginable grief and fear of death.     CONCLUSION:   We all have a DATE with DEATH!    There are many religionists and infidels breathing THE LORD’S AIR TODAY!!!    All of us are born on death row.   Most people are scared to death of dying.   They do not want to talk about it or be talked to about it.   Man has no way of knowing the date of his death.  Everybody knows their BIRTHDAY but nobody knows their DEATH DAY!     The Bible teaches us that death is an appointment (Hebrews 9:27).  Unlike all other appointments, death is one that cannot be rescheduled.  The Scriptures also teach us that death is NOT the end.   After death there will be a Judgment.   The saints of God will be clothed in The Righteousness of The Lord Jesus Christ.   The lost sinner will stand with his sins open before God and be sentenced to his eternal condemnation.

Examining the last words of saints and sinners causes me to say with The Scripture,  “Let me die the death of the righteous…”  (Numbers 23:10).   The child of God does not have to fear the day of death.  No Christian has ever been recorded recanting in torment in their dying hours.  Death is Certain.
Judgment is Sure.     { Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:10-15 – Nextaxpro }
Sin is the Cause.
Christ is the Cure!      *WHAT WILL YOUR LAST WORDS BE???

**Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman empire.   He was an infidel, and his dying words are recorded on page 215 of this book:   **Dying Testimonies of Saved and unsaved    This may the book that I Nextaxpro was referring to.   I have not seen this book since I was in school.    If so, the dying of testimony of Kay was that his family could not stand his groaning and left his bedroom until the groaning stopped.   Kay had passed in to eternity without The LORD JESUS CHRIST.   WHAT A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, IGNOMINIOUS, UNIMAGINABLY HORRIBLE FATE.

The noted French atheist, voltaire, died a frightening death on May 30, 1778.   Let me quote for you the exact record as published,  “When voltaire felt the stroke that he realized must terminate in death, he was overpowered with remorse.   He at once sent for the priest, and wanted to be ‘reconciled with the church.’  {sic:  Nextaxpro }   His infidel flatterers hastened to his chamber to prevent his recantation;   but it was only to witness his ignominy and their own.    He cursed them to their faces;  and, as his distress was increased by their presence, he repeatedly and loudly exclaimed, ‘Begone!  It is you that have brought me to my present condition.  Leave me, I say; begone!   What a wretched glory is this which you have produced to me!’

“Hoping to allay his anguish by a written recantation {  No hope in the pope;  no hope in the priest – Nextaxpro }, he had it prepared, signed it, and saw it witnessed.   But it was all unavailing.    For two months he was tortured with such an agony as led him at times to gnash his teeth in impotent rage against God and man.    At other times in plaintive accents, he would plead, ‘O, Christ! O, Lord Jesus!’   Then, turning his face, he would cry out, ‘I must die-abandoned of God and of men!’

“As his end drew near, his condition became so frightful that his infidel associates were afraid to approach his beside. {!!!! – Nextaxpro }   Still they guarded the door, that others might not know how awfully an infidel was compelled to die.   Even his nurse repeatedly said, ‘For all the wealth of Europe I would never see another infidel die.’    It was a scene of horror that lies beyond all exaggeration.   Such is the well-attested end of the one who had a natural sovereignty of intellect, excellent education, great wealth, and much earthly honor.”   

 Shortly after his death the very house in which he printed his foul literature became the depot of the Geneva Bible Society.     The nurse who attended voltaire said:   “For all the wealth in Europe I would not see another infidel die.”     The physician, Trochim, waiting up with voltaire at his death said that he cried out most desparately { SIC:  Nextaxpro }:   “I am abandoned by God and man!    I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months’ { sic:  Nextaxpro} life.      Then I shall go to hell, and you will go with me.    O Christ!  O Jesus Christ!”

  **  Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved by Rev. S B Shaw, pp. 49-50.)      https://wordpress.com/post/nextaxpro.wordpress.com/368

Reading of such a dying experience is overwhelming, even to us who are secure in {S}salvation.    Human emotions are a powerful source and no one can live and die without them.   Our present generation has mainly escaped the horror of unpreparing { sic } for death by the use of drugs to kill all pain.   Sadly, the beauty of a Godly death is also lost in our drug culture.   The new “right” of the health world is the right to be free of pain.  In most cases, the pain or joy is simply transferred to the immediate moments after death.    We are spared both the joy and the screams.   


THIS { sic:  THESE:  Nextaxpro } CAN BE YOUR DYING WORDS:   Our Bible teaches us the absolute beauty of a saint’s death, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints”  (Psalm 116:15).    Isaiah spoke by prophecy of the triumph that Jesus Christ would accomplish over death, “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it”  (Isaiah 25:8).    

Apostle Paul echoed this great prophecy, “O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?  The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.  But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”   (I Corinthians 15:55-57).  

muslim woman: “What did you do to our daughter?” asked a muslim woman, whose child had died at 16 years of age.  “We did nothing”, answered the missionary.   “Oh, yes, you did”   persisted the mother. “She died smiling.   Our people do not die like that.”   That girl had been witnessed to;  accepted The True Christ and believed on Him a few months before.    Fear of death had gone.  Hope and joy had taken its place.     

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