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My name is “Nextaxpro” as in consult the Rock.    I do MAINLY corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship returns, “S” corporation, limited liability corporation and Amended individual, et cetera^, income tax, estimated tax { Form 1040-ES } returns for those in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service { IRS }.   Also do limited Federal and State income taxes and get clients and future clients out of trouble with the IRS.   So long as you feel you did your taxes honestly, I will win vs. the IRS.    Also, if you are an immigrant, come to me to get your Federal and State income taxes prepared.   All States in the United States of America, with the exception of Alaska, Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming have income tax.   Tennessee and New Hampshire have State tax only on dividend producing stocks issuing preferred and non-preferred stocks, mutual fund, stock mutual fund and other income { or loss } producing vehicles.
      I am fully able to keep books for your business as well.    But I know the time consuming work and headaches involved with the IRS and state income tax departments, so my price is very high.   Most go to other preparers or to an Enrolled Agent, of which I was until I semi-retired.    When I taught English and business English letter writing in mainland China, I allowed my license with the United States Department of The Treasury – Internal Revenue Service to expire.   I plan in launching other businesses so I have not bothered to renew, at least not as of yet, but can continue doing income taxes, AND you may fill out the From 2848 to give me power of attorney, should you be audited.
   The best to you!    Many, many thanks for those who posted very favorable comments and praise toward my blog and support this great ministry, deprogramming ministry and educational endeavor.    I have the equivalent of a little more than one volume’s worth online now and am looking around for a decent website provider.    Please give me your e-mail address so I may thank you personally!     Mine:










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