NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON! and, MY SENIOR High School LIAR Brainwasher WAS A COMMUNIST!! PATRIOTISM HAS BEEN DEMONIZED! EXPOSES: OUR GOVERNMENT “EDUCATION” SYSTEM 沒有人敢把它稱為叛國! 我的高中“老師”是個LIAR和一個共產主義者! 他是一個大腦清洗劑! 愛國主義已被抹黑! 我揭露了我們的政府“教育”體系。

Title is supposed to be exposes: our education system. Software won’t allow deletion of duplicates. I deleted and wrote in its place. But software will not allow title to be changed.

DIVERSITY CRIME ABOMINATION!! BE CAREFUL WHOM YOU MARRY contemporary exposes: 當代曝光 Queers are petrified by The King James 1611 Bible: 酷兒是由國王詹姆斯1611聖經石化搖滾噪音: 搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖! 搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖! Please help spread the word throughout the mainland: 請幫助在整個大陸傳播這個詞 Do NOT get vaccinated! 不要接種疫苗! If you ask THE LORD to get you a King James Bible, HE will. 如果你問上主給你一本國王詹姆斯聖經,他會的。 WHY “institutions of higher learning” breed COMMUNISTS. 為什麼“高等院校”培育了共產黨員 When I was young, I noticed that liberals tried to get me to believe what I knew was WRONG: ISAIAH 5:20: 當我年輕的時候,我注意到自由派試圖讓我相信我所知道的是錯誤的:賽亞書5:20

IF YOU ALLOW DIVERSITY, YOU GET SODOMITE san FAGcisco!!!  YOU do NOT WANT to know what the queer, sex pervert, maggot faggot, serial murdering, soul destroying, child molesting, child kidnapping SODOMITE homo-perverts DO in san FAGcisco and other large, medium and small cities, and even small towns!!   I was approached by one of these serial murdering […]


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ASSORTED EXPOSES AND: THE SODOMITES ENCOMPASSED THE HOUSE ROUND AND SAID: OPEN UNTO US THAT WE MAY KNOW THEM…. AND THEY WEARIED THEMSELVES TO FIND THE DOOR. – GENESIS 18:20 – 19:29. THINK ABOUT THAT! EXPOSE` OF CULTS, especially of “climate change”, primerica — 作為草藥的primerica金字塔計劃! islam. 我正在翻譯成繁體中文,你們在台灣和你們中的一些人在香港特區講話。 請告訴我我正在犯的錯誤。 謝謝:Nextaxpro 諮詢 洛基

<>TRANSLATE in to your language { some dialects available } Have aversion to recommending google.   Their software will not translate all that often.   But google to date works as well as any other.  You are correct:  I cannot believe it either. This one may be better; may be not.  Depending […]

Exposes of evil: Isaiah 5:20, Proverbs 14:34, 24:24-25, 28:4-5; 29:25

Thou shalt not bear false witness.   And sodomites always bear false witness, using the devil’s technique that, if you tell a lie long enough, nearly everyone will believe the lie.   hitler found that it worked.  It is all of the god of this world:   2Corinthians 4:4.    sodomites PLAN to make your children REPROBATE by getting […]

EXPOSES OF CULTS and CULTS that profess to be Christian but are NOT. AND, those that are perceived to be good, BUT ARE NOT! THE SODOMITE SATANIC CULT

<>TRANSLATE in to your language { some dialects available } Many, many thanks for all the wonderful, gracious comments, particularly in this Category.   Please support this great ministry, helping and educational endeavor so that I may put this up in a website and get the word out to all of the world.   […]

WHAT COMMUNISM REALLY, TRULY IS! Translate into Traditional; into Simplified Chinese

LIE = 言 shrinks = 巫毒教 收縮 medicine man = 醫學人 Necromancer = 方士 SIN – 罪 Why I know the King James 1611 Bible is The Word of The Lord:  為什麼我知道國王詹姆斯1611聖經是耶和華的話語 The advanced Revelations of The King James 1611 Bible: 國王詹姆斯1611聖經的先進啟示。 environmental communism:  環境共產主義 environmental communist ecology terror:  環境共產主義生態恐怖: If a lieth with mankind, as he […]

CULTS!! NO HOPE in the DOPE POPE: REVELATION 17:5. CULTS come from THE HARLOTRY AND CONCEIVED EVILS OF THE ROMAN CHURCH. EXPOSE` of CULTS! 邪教! 在希望之民中没有希望:启示录17:5。 来自罗马教堂的恶棍和邪恶组织。 CULTS! 曝光 邪教源于耶稣会士 !

<>MANY MANY THANKS for all of the kind, THOUGHTFUL comments.   They are very, very deeply appreciated.   I have CULTS that have been heard of, even very well known in this Category.   There are a few that are NOT well known, even unheard of by some in terms of percentage.   I will be “overlapping” some until […]

ADD TO MANY OF THE BLOG PAGES ~ If a lieth with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall SURELY BE PUT TO DEATH; THEIR BLOOD SHALL BE UPON THEM. 搖滾噪音:指導我們去釣魚和在火災中燃燒的湖!如果與人類交惡,就像他與一個女人同躺一樣,他們都犯下了可憎的事情:他們一定會被處死,他們的血將歸於他們

<>Please  SUPPORT THIS GREAT ENDEAVOR.  lietl ENTIRE WORLD POPULACE SHOULD KNOW THIS – I cannot ask for online transactions.  Even the Internal Revenue Service and department of Defense websites have been hacked.   You must ignore what your banker may have told you.     So I will give my e-mail address and I can give you […]