Global warming-climate change – climate apocalypse LIARS

“Global warming” is as long gone as EVIL-lution. All of the huge 🌋 volcanic interruptions have sent more particulates and deadly gases in to the atmosphere than ALL of manmade pollution since the beginning of time!!! Mount Tambora in 1814 caused a 95 degrees Fahrenheit DROP, NOT rise (!!!!) in temperatures in the northern hemisphere!  THAT, and 18 other PLAIN climate FACTS that I have delineated nails the lid on the coffin over “global warming-climate apocalypse”, and ALL of the sheer NONSENSE of depraved liberals!
Your latest “global warming” hoax update:   SNOW in the foothills outside if Fairbanks, Alaska on August 20th!!!!  The 🌎 earth is COOLING!!   It just doesn’t snow this early!  

SNOW IN The Rocky Mountains, U.S.A, and, no doubt, Canada, in June, 2019!!!!! THAT IS, IN JUNE, 2019!!!  SNOW!!  THREE FEET worth in Denver, Colorado, USA. and Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S.A, on May 19TH!!!  It doesn’t happen! The terra firma ( earth ) 🌏 is becoming colder, NOT warmer!  Winters in Denver, Colorado are frequently MILD, even in December, January and February.
As I have stated before, and remind again, the pathetic, pathological LIARS will say “climate change can cause more snow and create more cold” ( !!!!! ). Like the EVIL-lutionist, the desperately wanted conclusion must supplant ALL FACTS!!! There’s NO honest research; NO truthful “findings”! See the hockey stick, east anglia university scandals, for example.
And THAT is your latest “climate change” update. As pointed out TRUTH- FULLY, study Luke 2:1-5. You will only find “tax, taxing” in a King 👑 James Bible. The advanced knowledge is DELETED OUT in ALL of the versions.  And the pharisees are consistent in removing ALL that The LORD shows to YOU in HIS Holy WORD: King James 1611.

Doesn’t it FROST YOU that obola, al gore, john kerry, Liz warren ( Geronimo! ), slick slewfoot willie, hitlery, chucky SCUMmer, harry reid, violently brain dead nanny pelosi, alexandria oCRAZY cortez, commie Bernard SANDhead, ALL of the DIM-ocratic candidates for President of The United States, and ALL leftie ABOMINABLES are saying what’s ALL READY been blown to smithereens?!!!  al-LIAR-gore -who is being sued – in January, 2006, said that “we have a ten year window to solve global warming”.  The brilliant Rush Limbaugh said: “we’re counting”. We’re still here; Rush is right; npr blasphemers, algore, PBS sodomtes, et cetera – ALL of them were wrong. Though January, 2016 is taller than 4, 6, 15, or THIRTY years past, depending upon when you read this: alexandria hernando cortez, the commies are still pounding the absurdity that “those who refuse to pay higher taxes to aid the CRIMINAL antitrust unholy nations must be put to death for destroying mother earth!” AHEM!  -Galatians 4:26!
And most lying liberals are the MOST VILE HYPOCRITES in all of history in terms of scope? They are worthy of death due to TREASON!!! They demand the weakening of we legal citizens of the United States 🇺🇸 to pay a “carbon dioxide tax” to the most evil propaganda organ; the useless nations.   They want to impoverish the Western world!!!  These leftists are NOT to be called good “socialists”;  good “progressives”; “marxists”. or any other pseudonym!! They are COMMITTED COMMUNISS -and that’s the name of the song!  They are the VILEST VILLAIN HYSTERICAL HYPOCRITES!! They fly in jets that “really pollute the air” – at least according to NPR anti-news, which hasn’t had a male voice for thirty-eight years.  These “climate change” alarmists – and they formerly called it “global warming” – ALL LIARS obsessively shift their LYING line – ride in limousines, fancy vehicles, sail expensive ships 🚢, FLY in private jets and choppers are MORE GUILTY of LARGESSE than just about any group or country of souls on The LORD’S blue earth 🌏 !!! While BILLIONS wallow in deep poverty, these slithering SHARKS 🦈. EXPECT YOU to have an EVEN LOWER standard of living!!!! While they have MAXIMUM heat and MAXIMUM air conditioning, these RODENTS expect you to give up our great American way of life for A TOTAL LIE FRAUD HOAX – yeah, indeed an impossibility, which Rush, I and many, many others have thoroughly documented on our pages. Furthermore, I have put up websites, blogs and will soon list BOOKS that PROVE WAY BEYOND ONE SPECK OF DOUBT that “climate catastrophe” or whatever they The LIE now, is a LIE to FORCE you to pay a urine nations international tax.  Please see Luke 2:1-5 for the prophecy: that all the world should be taxed. – Luke 2:1.

BLOG: Climate Change LIES
Is Global Warming Science Just A Fraud?
By Investor’s Business Daily

Climate Change: We’re often told by advocates of climate change that the “science is settled.” But in fact, “science” itself is in a deep crisis over making claims it can’t back up, especially about climate. As BBC News Science Correspondent Tom F
And, my other true great politically incorrect blogs:

Any twelve year old can demolish the “global warming” total FRAUD. The CO2 gives life, as pointed out scientifically previously.
“Rising ocean levels and ocean 🌊 temperatures ” is so funny sick.  For example, study Jeremiah 5:20-21, et cetera. The oceans are so deep and complex.  There is even weather below the surface!  No “group of experts” could possibly hope to measure the temperatures of the oceans.  Even if we could drop anchors ⚓️ a football field apart in order to achieve an accurate consensus of measurements, many ships 🚢 are upwards of a football field wide! There is at least one portion of ocean that is 6.85 miles deep! How would you KNOW that the anchor hit bottom? How do you know the thermometer did not become CRUSHED by the immense pressure of the water? How do you KNOW the temperature is accurate??
The ocean is COLDER the deeper one gets. What do the LYING 🤥 politicians have to say about THAT?! To even think that one could measure the temperature of the oceans is as BRAIN DEAD as nanny pelosi!
There are upwards of 31,000 meteorologists, climatologists and scientists who now state that global warming is a fraud. There are AT LEAST ten times that number who do not have the courage to speak out for fear of lying liberal unholy nations airheads threatening these honest souls with loss of their jobs, professorships, dean emerita, honorary degrees, speaking engagements, endorsements and so on. The algore LYING HOAX crowd has an awful lot of money.
There are a growing number of souls who want to sue algore for his MAMMOTH LIES. The previous head of the weather channel was one. SHAME on the weather channel for caving in to the threats of the capitalist haters! That is what these perverts are. They HATE truth, Capitalism, the United States 🇺🇸 of America, the Constitution, freedom, free enterprise and the Greatness of America. They want YOU to be deprived of life and liberty.

John Coleman
By kduron2082
30,000 Scientists 9000 Phd’s – Sue Al Gore Over Global Warming FRAUD.
World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data!!!!!!

The Mail on Sunday today reveals evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming
A New Global Warming Fraud – Commentary Magazine
The New York Times headline on February 16, 2012, read as follows: “Leak Offers Glimpse of Campaign Against Climate Science.”   The story appeared to present a …

Senator slams book burners protecting global warming ‘hoax’

If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger, apparently. Three Democrats on Capitol Hill seem to be following that rule when it comes to “global warming.”   Congressmen Bobby Scott, Raúl Grijalva and Eddie Bernie Johnson have demanded public “schooling”.  That is, BRAINWASHING!   -Nextaxpro

Useless nations (u.n. ) leftist commies are desperately hoping that you are stupid.  To imagine that the polar ice caps could disappear (melt ) is a depraved, sinsick, VERY retarded mind on “lock down”!  When the Russians sent trucks over Lake Ladoga, in an attempt to relieve the German siege of Leningrad from September, 1941 until February, 1944, the ice was forty-four inches thick.  I have related how the snow accumulated six hundred feet within sixty years in Greenland. If this Arctic Ocean 🌊 icecap is 200 miles thick ( may be much thicker), the ratio of Lake Ladoga ice to the “polar ice cap” % is 0,0000034 .  THAT’S a ratio 34 over ten millionths!! THAT’S approximately three / 34 million!! Questions?  We know how long the ice lasts on Lake Ladoga. There is literally NO HOPE of the ice cap melting!! It’s 200 ( or is it 300 or 400 miles ) thick! And the Antarctic Ocean’s ice is THICKER!!
   Lightning is FIVE TIMES the temperature of the sun.  With all this “climate change”, which causes “more violent weather” – how it does we’re not told! – why is not the earth 🌏 becoming hotter??

Are YOU FOOLISH ENOUGH to believe chronic reprobate 🤥 LIARS??!  You can always trust a commie – to be a commie.  Communists are dilldocks:  you learn by seventh grade that the 🌳 trees give life sustaing oxygen.  The 🌳 trees absorb carbon and give us oxygen.  Therefore, the internationalist LIARS are IMBECILIC, REPROBATE LIARS for stubbornly, CRIMINALLY, ABOMINABLY – LYING    LYING LYING. LIARS!!! THEY are NO BETTER THAN THE MAFIA!THESE   VILE, POND SCUM LIARS have a lot of money.  They LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE UNTIL YOU are BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVING A LIE!!! They are sheep; the dumbest of animals; love darkness; are leeches; hate any Light and light Truth and truth! Communists are ribarheads; vagabonds, beatniks, oafs, lazy, derelict knots on pines 🌲! “Global warming” communists desperately hope that you are a donkey; a dumbbell. They FORGOT that warm molecules expand; cool molecules CONTRACT!! They FORGAT!!! They are LUNKHEADS! WERE the icebergs HUGE enough, and the icebergs would have to accumulate a VERY MASSIVE number of square miles, the 🌊 oceans would RECEDE, hence the land would EXPAND!!!! Questions???
The “weather”(????) channel is still spewing LIES. Now it’s saying that a chunk of ice the size of the State of Delaware “w, U.S.A, 🇺🇸 has broken off of Antarctica. Soooo? Saudi Arabia towed a chunk the size of Rhode Island, USA, 🇺🇸 in order to bring fresh water. There were and will NOT be “rising 🌊 sea levels “!!!!
Manhattan, Long Island and the State of Connecticut “losing land, shoreline are LIES as well. Manhattan is a man made island. A new island just sprung Lup off of the coast of North Carolina, 🇺🇸 USA. We ARE NOT “losing shoreline, towns and villages”! That’s a LIE!! obola obominable said this and you should know that he ALWAYS LIES! ALL communists LIE! ALL communists ALWAYS LIE! YOU should KNOW THAT. What satan told to Eve was two-thirds or three quarters true, depending upon how you read Genesis Three in The King 👑 James 1611 Bible. Commies are such concrete heads, they don’t even know that one must inject some truth in order to seduce souls in to believing a LIE.
“Dead coral on the Great Barrier Reef” is the commu-nist crowd attempting to DECEIVE you again. There is lots of dead coral in many bodies of water 💦 and that includes ALL of the oceans.
Very poignantly and sadly, souls are gullible. If “the people that matter” utter a LIE for a prolonged period of time, the LIES are believed by the majority of the people hearing. In these, the last days of this present dispensation, you must be a skeptic of ANY THING and EVERYTHING mere sinful, fallen, mistaken prone men say. PROVE that there is such a thing as DNA. Let’s see you prove it! May be there is. Nevertheless, prove it. PROVE that there is such a thing as cholesterol. Prove that it is harmful. In Norway, Sweden and Finland, souls live longer lives in general, and their diet is consists of 🍳 eggs and cheese 🧀. In the past, the universal consensus was that, if an object traveled faster than 18, or 2022 miles per hour, it would die or blow!! They failed to note how rapidly eagles 🦅 fly and how speedily they can dive when they nab a fish 🐟 from three miles high! People used to say that it would be harmful to your eyes if we had television in color! People failed to notice that The LORD has created a beautiful 🌊 seas, earth and sky 🌌 for sinners to purview. Is there a real Bermuda Triangle? Did five army aircraft and a mariner rescue airplane REALLY disappear? Pop never said that that even happened. Be skeptical. Always be a skeptic. Be a real, thinking scientist, NOT an EVIL-utionist! Science is ALWAYS questioning. The useless nations – communist crowd is a sad, pitiful, pathetic sour grapes 🍇 sinsick EVIL-lutionist! Do NOT trust what they vomit 🤢!
Christopher Columbus’ crew crossed the Bermuda Triangle. All of the accounts claim that his seafarers landed in San Salvador. If all accounts are consistent, there’s a chance that the story is true, AND, that there is no ” Bermuda triangle”!
ALWAYS be absorbing the world around you. Read widely. Don’t trust what you see and hear on television. Television is controlled by the prince of the power of the air: – Ephesians 2:2. Be wary of what you hear, see and read. Associate with born again souls. You have a better shot of hearing truth. Liberals LIE 98.5 – 99.75% of the time.
When ( inter )national CRUMMYgraphic, putrid broadcasting of sewage queers, NPR faggot blasphemers, Washington compost, New York slimes, willie ley, time, newspapers, life, look, textbooks, Helly-weird, and all of the rest of the servants of the destroyer of the earth PSALM 17:4 – say, tell, print, put up their LIES about the 🌌 galaxcies, sun, earth, atmosphere, oceans, land, lakes, rivers, animals, life, et cetera^ being more than six thousand years old, you KNOW or SHOULD know that the thesis of their program is a LIE. This will get you in to “focus”.

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  1. Record snow and COLD on October 28-30, 2019!!!! Took place in Colorado, Wyoming, northern New Mexico, northern Nebraska, southern South Dakota, northern and western Iowa, parts of Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan.


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