Communists are a TERROR to good!!  Thanksgiving is one of our holy days in America.  It certainly used to be for born again Christians.  The lying, SODOMITE, COMMUNIST, GLOBALIST, LEFT WING MAFIA PRESS has DEEPLY DECEIVED the public regarding this Holy Day of thanks to The Lord.   Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by William Bradford in 1621 to give thanks unto The Lord for delivering the Pilgrims and other groups from the persecution of the roman catholic churchThe catholic church was still burning born again Christians at the stake in those days.  These days, the catholic church has been secretive and NOT open to what they are still doing to born again Christians.   The lying, SODOMITE, COMMUNIST, GLOBALIST, LEFT WING MAFIA PRESS has scornfully, SCURRILOUSLY, shamelessly  pretended to tell the truth that the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts, U.S.A were “that terrible blot on American Protestantism” – – Alberto Rivera ~ The force, Volume 15, Alberto, Part Four. Starkey, the devil in Massachusetts. 1949, Anchor books, Doubleday and company, Garden City, New York.

ALL LIARS KNOW WHEN THEY ARE LYING!  The lying, SODOMITE, COMMUNIST, GLOBALIST, LEFT WING MAFIA PRESS KNOWS THAT THEY ARE LYING TO THE PUBLIC.  The loathsome, disgusting part is that they have succeeded in deceiving the public.
The following is what really happened.  Foremost, we all know that born again Christians don’t burn people!!!! That’s what the catholic church does, under the direction of satan. Tituba was an indentured servant who was living in the house of a preacher satanic occult. ALL occult is of the prince of darkness, satan, the devil. Tituba looked for innocent young girls to seduce into witchcraft and all occult. ALL witchcraft, which includes voodoo, seances, casting spells, hexes, wizardry, and so on and on and on is controlled by satan, the prince of the power of the air. The girls that Tituba seduced became possessed by devils.  The devil possessed girls began to accuse born again Christians and other souls whom they did not like of casting spells!! The force – Daniel 11:38 – is very powerful and sways people into believing LIES. We all see that today. 23 born again Christians were wrongfully hanged!!! This is horrible horrible. But it happened! The witches never paid for their slanderous CRIMES. They will be found out at The Great White Throne Judgment, described by THE LORD in Revelation 20:11-15. ALL witches, including the church of Wicca make sure that the truth doesn’t come out. Thus far, the truth regarding this HORRIBLE LIE still has not come . The public schools still “teach” this LIE as rock ribbed fact!
The prince of the power of the air – air!! Ring a bell?? Ephesians 2:2. You have heard: “are we on the air?” This is another of thousands advanced Revelations in the King James Bible.
satan is the deceiver and many deceived men follow him and are deceivers as well! Indeed, ther are antichrists in the world and always have been!! Thanksgiving is one of our holy days. It certainly used to be for born again Christians. And, the lying, SODOMITE, COMMUNIST, GLOBALIST, LEFT WING MAFIA PRESS choose to follow satan: Jeremiah 17:9. There are many references in THE WORD OF THE LORD for deceit, deceitful, deceitfully, deceitfulness { Matthew 13:22, Mark 4:19, Hebrews 3:13 }, deceits { Psalm 38:22, Isaiah 30:10 }, deceivableness { 2Thessalonians 2:10 }, deceive, deceived, deceiver { notice that the chief priests were MASTER deceivers. Still true today; sinful man hasn’t improved; no cultural EVIL-lution!: Matthew 27:62-66, 2JOHN 7 } deceivers {2Corintians 6:8, Titus 1:10, 2John 7 – for many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in The Flesh. this is a deceiver and an antichrist. Deceiveth deceiving { 2Timothy 3:13, James 1:22 }, deceivings { 2Peter 2:13 },
satan is a destroyer:  Psalm 17:4, Proverbs 28:24

Sample of the end result of EVIL liberalism.   karl marx said:  “The surest way to destroy Capitalism is to accuse freedom lovers of  ‘polluting the environment'”.  Heard about the environment before?   Heard “sustainability”  before?   Heard CO2 emissions before?    Heard that “we have been destroying mother earth”  previously?   Ahem!!  Galatians 4:26!!

Liberals May Make Californians Drink Treated Sewage

| May 31, 2015

I know that this sounds like a completely ludicrous statement in the headline, but, I assure you, this is not hyperbole.

Liberals have long controlled the state government in California.

Those same liberals restrict water usage to individual families while allowing large corporations to use water that the state does not have available.

The solution now being proposed by California water managers and environmentalists is to treat sewage to make it safe to drink.

Yuck.   And I’m not the only one who finds this idea disgusting.

Steven Oppenheimer, a Cal State Northridge biology professor, says, “Personally I would not drink water that has been recycled through the toilet to tap process.”

To be fair, though, Oppenheimer says he’s okay using that water for non-drinking uses such as bathing, household cleaning, or irrigation.

Of course, liberals will try to spin this whole situation as business’ fault (as if they did it without the help of liberals) and blame this on conservatives. Never mind the facts, eh, liberals?

What do you think: Would you drink treated sewage? Tell us below.

environmental protection agency is COMMUNIST!!!


Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized tighter limits on ozone levelsThis regulation is expected to be one of the costliest in U.S. history, even though ozone levels have been steadily declining for decades.  That’s right!  The EPA’s own data on air quality trends confirm that ozone levels keep dropping, even without additional federal regulation.

But even their own data hasn’t stopped the EPA from continuing its quest for tighter limits on ozone.

And now hundreds of counties are falling out of compliance with the new standards.

In fact, many areas of the country were still trying to comply with the previous ozone standards set by the EPA back in 2008.

Common sense tells us that the prudent thing to do would be to wait until localities are able to comply with the 2008 regulation.

But Obama’s { obola – Nextaxpro } EPA has decided to go ahead imposing newer, stricter standards that put even more counties out of attainment.

And remember, this is all happening while ozone levels are already declining.

Below is a map depicting areas that are projected to be out of compliance under the EPA’s new standard.

The worst part is that these revised standards could be incredibly costly to the economy and American families, especially the poor and the middle class.

According to a report by NERA Economic Consulting that analyzed the impacts of a 65 ppb standard, the total compliance costs could total $1.13 trillion from 2017 to 2040.

The rule could also lead to annualized GDP declines of $140 billion as well as $840 in consumption losses for households.

So why is the EPA punishing millions of Americans when air quality and ozone levels in the U.S. are already getting better?

Well, as is generally the case with the EPA, these restrictions aren’t really about improving the environment, but have everything to do with the federal government taking more and more control of your everyday life, centralizing power and control in Washington, and fulfilling Obama’s goal to “fundamentally transform” America.

This is why your American Energy Alliance stays laser focused on the Obama EPA!

It’s our job to fight back against power hungry federal agencies like the EPA and provide all Americans with the truth and the facts they need to make their own informed energy decisions.    Click here to read more about the epa’s costly and unnecessary new ozone regulations from the American Energy Alliance’s partner organization, the Institute for energy research.   Sincerely, Tom Pyle


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