I AM GOING TO IMPART KNOWLEDGE IN TO YOU.  I’M GOING TO CLEAN YOU UP FROM THE LIES YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT SINCE you were between one and one half and two and one half years old. THAT seems impossible, but, if you have children, they begin to communicate and to understand a few things that you are saying at a very early age.  If you have been in a nursery where the hospital “takes care” of newborn babies { which is a criminal violation approved by the state: the baby belongs TO THE PARENTS ONLY — NOT the state, a sorcerer shrink, the public schools, a “guardian ad litem”, a judge, a lawyer, a communist “services” wrecker, or any one or any thing except the biological parents.    I have wondered if Andie and Jared really had jaundice – which the hospital used as an excuse to childnap my babies for a little while longer.   So, you MUST UNDERSTAND, that we are MUCH MORE a communist state than you supposed! }.

Please support this great endeavor. THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULACE SHOULD KNOW WHAT I AM PRESENTING ON THESE PAGES. I cannot ask for online transactions.  Even the Internal Revenue Service and department of Defense websites have been hacked.  You must ignore what your banker may have told you. So I will give my e-mail address and I can give you a postal address. Or, Routing number: 061 000 104 Account number: 1000 1640 73826   LORD BLESS:

TRANSLATE in to your language { some dialects available }

The precious babies are observing even before they can roll over on their side. In addition, cannot help of think of my daughter.  At age only 15 months, noticed that she was understanding some things, like if her mother was upset.  She understood when she was doing something wrong: not always, but some of the misbehaviors. Also observed that she was listening to me when I talked to her, smiled at her, sang to her, said jokes to her, said “cutey” things to her.   My son Jared did not “pick things up” as quickly.  However, I am convinced that between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years of age is approximately the time a child’s mind begins to absorb { obviously with some exceptions } what is told to him.  Obviously, children begin to learn prior to that age.

In muslim, communist and other countries, a CULT is very DOMINANT.   The time that a child reaches his second birthday, or, within a very months thereafter, the child is placed in “classes”.  The toddler is given blocks to play with. Some blocks are smooth and pleasant to the touch.  However, some blocks are sharp, jagged and pointed.  In the muslim world, when the precious one is pricked, pinched, in pain and even bleeding, the child is told that the jagged, sharp blocks are the “infidel blocks”.   In countries where communist dogma is inculcated, the toddler is told that the pointed, jagged blocks are the capitalist blocks.  As discussed under CULTS and elsewhere, I pointed out that ALL CULTS have two things in common – period.  It is very interesting that communism and mohammedism have many things in common.

What I am actually talking about is your conscience satan knows that conscience is NOT a “societal creation”!!    Conscience comes from GOD and GOD alone — no matter what you’ve been taught.   satan’s evil motivation is to SEAR your conscience.   Then you will call good evil and call evil good:  Isaiah 5:20.   A very, very good example of this is in southern New England, U.S.A.   That’s Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.   Those three States contain a very heavy roman catholic population.   The heavy immigration from Europe, beginning after the American Civil War, was, a large percentage, roman catholic or Protestant sects that were only different from roman catholicism in degree.     Catholics confess their sins to a mere mortal man or a devil.   That means the catholic is WIDE OPEN to blackmail. Catholics do not think in that manner: they just worry that their { eventual } salvation can be taken from them.   Alberto related how the confessionals from French statesmen, diplomats, army generals, et cetera^,  were used to tell the nazi catholic Germans where the French were vulnerable.   In June, 1940, France fell only 6 weeks to nazi catholic Germany within 6 weeks.

Blood is needed!  BLOOD is REQUIRED by THE LORD.  You CANNOT do what you want, confess your sins { what few you remember } to a mere mortal and be all right.  You do it THE LORD’S Way, or YOU WILL WIND UP IN HELL, the Great White Throne Judgement and The Lake Which burneth with Fire and Brimstone Proverbs 1:22-33, 3:5-7; Isaiah 5:20-23, Matthew 10:28, Luke 12:2-5, John 3:18-21; 1Corinthians 1:18-30, 3:18-21; Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:10-15, et cetera^.
My goal is to deprogram, educate and help hundreds of millions of souls all over the globe.

The ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL INVASION AND THE TREASON OF THE LEFT FOR WANTING TO MAKE THE  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A BORDER-LESS COUNTRY!!!!     In America, the majority of us can relate to the phrase:  “I am a stranger in my own country.”     I as well, do not recognize my own country.   Some of my friends and souls that I meet on the street have had to wait 14, 16, 18, and, one or two have told me that they had to wait even longer than that in order to be reunited with their families, girls that they wanted to marry, and, so on.   ALL who scale;  ALL who dig and CRAWL under our walls are to be blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed, thrown into paddy wagons and tossed back in to Mexico, or the sea, depending upon which direction these pond scum came from!!   ALL latino countries are to contribute at least 25 million into a fund of the government of the United States to pay the cost to get these criminals out!!  Mexico is allowing their “sovereign nation” to be used as a road;  thusly, Mexico is to contribute ten billion as a deposit in the event the Mexico doesn’t repent and CEASE allowing their country to be trampled upon as a road {!!!!}  by CRIMINALS who defocate, urinate, RAPE underage girls {!!!!}, commit SODOMY, rob, pillage, steal, camp on private property, commit mayhem, drunk in public, puff on pot, crack, heroin, cocaine, opiods;  commit vandalism, fight, duel, murder;  SODOMITE ABOMINABLES RAPE AND MURDER innocent children and teenagers, and on and on and on to infinite nausea!!!!!!
I am weary of not being able to go out to eat because the majority of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS DO NOT BOTHER TO EVEN WASH THEIR HANDS!!!   ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS will “do their business”, then handle food and serve the feces CONTAMINATED food!!!    And, corporations, LLCs, strapped by taxes and regulations small businessmen will hire ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS so that they can pay them a dollar, or, even lower per hour!!!!   IRS, DOL take notice!!   The Department of “labor” is WORTHLESS, because, if a worker or employee of Labor Ready, mcdonald’s, visa, wal-mart and others is a victim of injustice, the department of labor will refer the victim to some other department!!   How do you KNOW that department will do anything about the crimes and injustices???   I am sick and tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS STEALING EVERY THING!    They will try to steal it even if it is embedded in concrete!!   I am sick of seeing mailboxes left open because ILLEGALS are being hired by the U.S. postal “service”,  and ILLEGALS don’t have the decency to do ANY common courtesies, NOR observe our mores, laws, niceties and customs.
ILLEGAL ALIENS, OR IMMIGRANTE ILLEGALLES SODOMIZE, RAPE even babies!!!!!  MURDER, TRESPASS, PIRATE, STEAL, BREAK AMD ENTER, EVEN ATTACK  anti-illegall alien criminal law enforcement officers!!!!!!

WHY doesn’t that “judge” sit in her own country?!   WHY does she have to come here to help ILLEGAL ALIENS become citizens?!!    THAT is a DISGRACE and SPITTING IN THE FACES of natural born citizens and those who went through legal channels to become citizens and LOYAL TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OUR CONSTITUTION!!   THAT SO-CALLED “JUDGE” NEEDS TO GO BACK TO HER OWN COUNTRY AND BE AN ABOGADO { attorney } THERE!!   A wife of a friend of mine had to wait 14 years;  others have had to wait LONGER to become citizens of The United States of America!   WHY should ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS EVER, EVER BECOME CITIZENS?!!    THEY ARE CRIMINALS WHO HAVE NO LOYALTY WHATSOEVER TO THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!   They keep THEIR religion and THEIR customs and REFUSE to change!!   From 1924 through 1965, NO immigrants were allowed to come into our country. THAT policy allowed legal immigrants so ASSIMILATE into OUR culture and OUR WAY OF LIFE AND OUR WAY OF DOING THINGS.
The SINS of the fathers in never mentioned, not even on fox news: JEREMIAH 31:29.   It does not matter if the illegal aliens had or have children.  THAT means that the illegal alien CRIMINALS DELIBERATELY HAVE children so that they can STAY HERE ILLEGALLY!!  THEY KNOW that IT IS EVIL, unless the immigrante illegalles are REPROBATE!  YOU can’t stay if you came illegally!   ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS, AND the leftists and DIM-o-crats and ALL liberals must REALIZE that and THINK ON THAT!!!   AND THAT’S the moral of the story!!  When my great-parents came to The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave;  our Starry Flag unfurled;  the Hope of all the world from Europe, they did NOT receive — nor EXPECT to receive — free health care, free food, free education, a guaranteed job, social insecurity that they could not have paid any money into, free insurance, driver’s licenses, the “right” to vote, to be released from prison if a CRIMINAL;  free job education, nor free this and free that!!!   I am tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS SAYING:   “give me free obamacare, give me free hospital care;  give me free life, auto and health insurance”.    I’m tired of having to lock all of my things up and bolt everything down because ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE SEARED THEIR CONSCIENCE AND PRETEND THAT THEY CAN SHAFT THE WHITE MAN.   I’m tired of dope head, long-haired, tattoo covered leftists selling fake social insecurity numbers to ILLEGAL ALIENS so that THESE ILLEGAL ALIEN TRESPASSING CRIMINALS CAN STEAL FROM any employer.    I’m tired of hearing reports that true Americans { born in America } have to wait in line at the hospitals for ILLEGAL ALIENS in front of them!!!It is NOT ONLY ILLEGAL ALIENS, it is FOREIGNERS who think that they can come to America and TAKE ADVANTAGE of America’s opportunities, freedom to roam and TAKE ADVANTAGE of Americans.  You CANNOT come to The United States of America unless you CONTRIBUTE to the benefit of the United States!    If you are an evangelist who believes the King James 1611 Bible, uses the King James Bible, preaches, proclaims and stands on the King James Bible;   if you are a pastor who believes all of the tenets of The Faith;   if you are a doctor, engineer, inventor, designer, builder – then you may come, be a registered alien and eventually apply for citizenship.   But allowing enemies in;   plights who do not believe the King James Bible;   infidels;  enemies who do not embrace what America stands for;   criminals;   criminals who intend to overthrow The United States of America;   criminals who INTEND TO STEAL;   loafers who want free food, medical care, education, shelter;   pagans who do not believe in Christian values;   heathen religious CULTS who have NO CONCEPT of liberty, free enterprise, free speech and do not care to learn the Foundation of the Founding of my county,  et cetera^,  without WORKING FOR IT is TREASON!!!    Yes, we have a lot of left wing TREASONOUS TRAITORS living in my country right now.     COMMUNIST CRIMINALS will LIE to you and say  “the Constitution protects those who do not believe  the Constitution”.   That is TREASON, and, if  YOU YOU YOU believe that LIE, then YOU YOU YOU are to be indicted, tried, and, if found guilty – HANGED!     We have AT LEAST 50 MILLION LEFT WING CRIMINALS living in my country right at this very moment.   We don’t have enough time to hang them one by one.  What has happened to my country?   I do not recognize it any longer.

DIVERSITY ABOMINATION:  IT IS NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON:  communists and their dupes PARROT and spew this rotted, rotten, stinky garbage.  ALL ALL ALL ALL of thee VILE, FILTHY, ROTTEN, LEFT COAST, LEFTIST, LIBERAL COMMUNISTS ARE TO BE PUT TO DEATH FOR INITIATING, ENERGIZING, PROPAGANDIZING ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS TO BE ALLOWED TO receive health care, driver’s licenses, education, free health insurance, free dental insurance, AND VOTE ILLEGALLY AND IMMORALLY AND CRIMINALLY in my once great country.

Illegal alien CRIMINALS are being told by DIM-o-cratic party voting booth “monitors” that they can vote!  This expose’ is still available.   It is dated 11-06-18, on  Unable to copy and paste.

The thoroughly devilish, evil jesuits control immigration!! The filthy, CRIMINAL, WICKED, ABOMINABLE JESUITS OWE many Americans an apology AND a lot of money!! Prior to 1965, there were no immigrants allowed in. That is, from 1924-1965. Prior to 1924, NO immigrant obtained free health care, food stamps, SSI, social insecurity, disability, education, translation classes, “counseling” for this or that, this and that. When you emigrated to America, you brought enough money with you to tide you over until you built a business, received financial support from at least two verifiable relatives, acquaintances who could PROVE that they could support the immigrant or went to work for some one else.  You had to say “Aaah” to prove that you were not bringing in smallpox, tuberculosis, venereal disease or ANY contagious disease.
Ever since robert edward “teddy” kennedy did his EVIL deeds, influence  peddling, getting EVIL laws passed,    NONE of the past wonderful precautions are honored, or, even obeyed!   These protective features, STILL REQUIRED IN THE CONSTITUTION, FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LAWS to protect American citizenry, are scoffed at by filthy “people that matter”.  That is, prior to 1965, there was VERY LITTLE of this nonsense going on that is rampant now. These EVIL ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS who cross our Sovereign border like it is to be laughed and sneered at want something for nothing!!  They don’t want to work. They want to STEAL EVERY THING, EVEN MATERIAL THAT IS NAILED DOWN!  They think that they are better than Americans, even though they are thieves, rapists, murderers, druggies; smuggle in drugs, molest children, even gangsters.   Some are even terrorists!  An ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL REPROBATE WILL ALWAYS LIE!   We do not know the actual ages of these CREEPS; where they were truly born;  their verifiable background and the like. They think that they own us!!  This is all because most of them are catholic, thereby under the influence of the militaristic jesuit institution.  Their loyalty is to the pope, NOT to The Constitution of the United States of America.  Most of them are determined to go to Hell, meaning that they will NEVER give up their catholicism, or whatever baby of the roman church that they are:  Revelation 17:5.What I mean by the evil jesuits owing many Americans a good deal of money is this: in hard times, an American can always work a cash register, work in restaurants, do migrant labor, clean, do housekeeping, et cetera^. A TRUE American will always work. Bush and obola Ebola LIED when they said that {illegal ALIEN CRIMINAL, CRIMINAL!!!!!  NOT “undocumented!!!!!} immigrants do work that Americans won’t do.  THAT IS A CRUEL, VICIOUS, CONDESCENDING, SPITEFUL, SMEAR OF A LIE!!  TRUE Americans will always work, and work a lower paying job to help their families and do their best to support or help their families.  Americans will always take a half a loaf of bread if it is not possible to earn an entire loaf of bread. A TRUE American has ancestors who cut the trees, built the houses, built the roads, built the office buildings, created many things, invented thousands of things —  examples being the refrigerator, all kinds of radios, telephone, iron, laundromat, generators, all manner of vehicles, submarine, artillery, washing machine, dryer, all manner of batteries, surveying equipment; many types of clothing, air conditioners, solid state televisions, stoves, wood stoves, freezers, telegraph, teletype, fax machines, many, many surgical devices, many improvements of surgical devices, health care so great that people with the means came to America for surgery, hospital care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, et cetera^. Phone faxes, electric eyes, elevators, escalators, comfortable clothing, clothes lines, sensors, hula hoops, plaid shirts, permanent press pants, shirts and blouses; warm winter caps; dry cleaning, one hour martinizing, power lines, underground power lines, antennae, cell fones, wireless fones, tanks, jet planes, wireless internet, vehicles that did not need to be wound in order to start, apple pie, canning, freezing. Americans built the greatest rail network in the world, invented many types of boats, recreation, farms, chemicals, irrigation, rockets, running water, showerheads, guns, rifles, weapons to destroy Soviet nuclear rockets, ships, aircraft, spacecraft, improvements in cell fones, computers, laptops, e-mail delivery, central processing units, vacuum cleaners, cowcatchers, turntables, locomotives, many types of facilities, radio, television, telephone, printers, teletape, the internet, stoves, kitchen drawers, log cabins, magnetic tape, roach motels that effectively killed roaches. Split level houses, air conditioning, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Lion’s club, hospitals, orphanages, the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, ammonia, dressings, chloroform, hotels, motels, the TransAtlantic cable, tens of thousands of uplifting songs, the piano; built many churches, restaurants that delivered fast service, health inspectors that could not be bribed; policemen who could not be bribed; the best eye surgeons, the best brain surgeons, tens of thousands of medicines that worked; amplifiers, parachutes, gliders, apothecaries, antidotes, nursing homes, halfway houses, lattices, trestles, bridges that stood, Gospel missions to minister to the needy, the stock market, better and less expensive ways to build, improve, remodel tens of thousands of things, innovations in ways of doing business, the smartest businessmen and businesswomen in the world, and hundreds of thousands of other things, hearing aids, inventions, innovations, buildings, patented and nonpatented, seen and unseen, plans, designs, dreams that are better than any other country or group of people has done with the possible exception of ancient Israel. And nearly all of these wonderful things were done by true Americans – those of British descent of those that had married Americans of British descent.
Now, contrast this with the catholics, muslims, hindus, buddhists, shintoists, confucianists, agnostics, animists that have come from foreign countries. WHAT have THEY contributed? Look what happened to the Fiji Islands when the catholics, muslims and buddhists were allowed in. When born again Christian missionaries came to the Fiji Islands, souls were saved, revival came and the natives ceased their cannabalism and other crimes. The jesuits — please see my Categories that expose the jesuits — are responsible for the blocking of missionary work and persecution, torture, evil laws and murder of born again Christian missionaries.
  The mafia originated in catholic Sicily and catholic Italy.  catholics: “we kill only our own”.  That’s a mafioso who was saying that catholics only kill catholics who opened their mouths.  The mafia mob is adamantly opposed to free speech and the rule of law. The jesuits do nothing to stop the mob, hence, do nothing to stop mob MURDERS! { the jesuits MURDERED Abraham Lincoln and MURDER apostates jesuit definition: those born catholic who got saved, hence, left the catholic church }. DRUGS:  our country has been more affected by drugs from Latin America than from Turkey!BULLYING: catholic kids BULLYING; going to the low priest, “confessing”, then, going back to their bullying. Some don’t take baths, cook stinky foods, eat strange foods, dress strangely, put strange headgear on top of their heads and other places.  They bring with them BLACK MAIL, INTIMIDATION, FORNICATION, MURDER, WITCH CRAFT, VISIONS OF “mary”, BLACK MAGIC, SORCERY, PAGAN DOGMA, ADULTERY, PORNOGRAPHY, STRIP TEASE, DEEP CORRUPTION, PROSTITUTION, RACKETEERING, EXTORTION, PAYOLA, FIGHTING, INFLUENCE PEDDLING, GAMBLING, SLEAZY LAWYER MOVES, BALLOT BOX STUFFING, VAST, VAST DISHONESTY; not paying their honest debts: not paying their debts WHILE DEMANDING PAYMENT WHEN THEY WIN A BET ILLEGITIMATELY OR DEMANDING PAYMENT FOR A LOAN THAT WAS NOT EVEN MADE, OR MADE UNDER DECEIT!!! CHEATING, THREATS, OCCULT { ALL OCCULT IS DUE TO THE JESUITS. JESUITS WANT TO DESTROY The United States of America. Booze { please see my Categories }, jai lai, dog track, card playing { begun by the catholic church in the dark ages. Please see my expose` under CULTS }, lottery { jesuit deception: pretending that impoverishment can be “beneficial to the economy”!!!!.

Please see my expose`:  DO NOT PLAY THE LOTTERY!   COCK FIGHTING, ASSAULT, BATTERY, ASSAULT AND BATTERY, PERSECUTION OF THOSE WHO SPEND TIME WITH THEIR PARENTS, PERSECUTION OF THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR PARENTS ACCOMPANY THEM;  MANSLAUGHTER, LAZINESS, PIRACY, STEALING, IRRESPONSIBILITY, DRUNKENNESS, DRIVING DRUNK, RECKLESSNESS, FECKLESSNESS, DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE, DRUNKENNESS IN PUBLIC, ROCK BANDS WITH ALL OF THEIR BLASPHEMING OF THE LORD; BLASPHEMY, SCREAMING AT YOU TO FORNICATE, COMMIT ADULTERY, TAKE COCAINE, GAMBLE, RAPE; DRUGGIES, CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR; INCITING A MINOR TO COMMIT CRIMES;  BLAST OUT THEIR MUSIC, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO OBTAIN A DRIVER’S LICENSE, DRIVE DRUNK, SLAUGHTER OTHER DRIVERS, CYCLISTS AND PEDESTRIANS;  FIGHT, GET DRUNK, MURDER YOUR PARENTS, MURDER THE POLICE, AND HUNDREDS, IF NOT MANY HUNDREDS OF OTHER EVILS THAT THESE PEOPLE BRING!! THAT’S WHAT THESE PEOPLE BRING!  America is NOT NOT NOT “a nation of immigrants”!!!!!  America was a nation of Britishers.   “I am a stranger in my own country.”   THAT is what these ILLEGAL immigrants are: STRANGERS WHO DO NOT SHARE OUR MORALS, VALUES AND VIRTUES. The internationalist unholy nations crowd want ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS TO OCCUPY US!!!   THAT is what these immigrants bring. THEY have NO loyalty to America nor love for Americans.   Some catholics, muslims, hindus, et cetera^, do keep their conscience.   But remember what I have taught you here and in my other Categories.What this all means is that the dim-o-crats OWE a lot of Americans a great deal of moola { for the uninitiated, the means money }.An American looks for a job in a restaurant of a motel and he is denied a job because AN ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN is working there!!   How McDonald’s, wal-mart, labor ready, labor finders and other corporations get away with paying these ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS BELOW MINIMUM wage is still beyond me.  ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS send their money back to Latin America, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Italy without the money being taxed!!  They are here illegally; work without a work permit and send the money to their own country!! They have NO LOYALTY WHATSOEVER to America and never intend to!! There are WEBSITES up today, and, many have been up for 25 years and even longer in some instances that say that “Mexico moved south”!!!!THAT’S THEIR VILE, EVIL ATTITUDE!! Hopefully, you can see just how slimy these trashy people are. They are devils. You see that every single day if you are near the border. They climb the wall, try to sneak over, under or through PRETENDING that they have a RIGHT to LEECH off of America! That money would have been HONESTLY worked for had an American been hired. The money THAT illegal ALIEN CRIMINALS is seldom earned — they work 10% or less of the time — thus money they take is STOLEN, and, sent back to foreign nations!!  I have documented before THAT ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS keep their pagan abominations and DO NOT SEEK to learn how things are. Wish I could not prove that.  But PROOF is that the ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS “do their business”, then place the soiled toilet paper in to the trash cans!!  Why?  Because they are too arrogant, lazy, unambitious, irresponsible to learn that, in America, the toilets will flush the toilet paper and waste!  And, if the globalists do not succeed in murdering President Trump and Vice-President Pence, we will BE RID of these enviro commie toilets that have been installed in half of public places, new homes, et cetera^ in the past 25 years, unfortunately.
   These EVIL, totally depraved lawyers who are worthy of death – Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:32 – statesmen, politicians, catholic bishops and priests who shelter CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS, advocate groups, dim-o-crats who are willing to COMMIT TREASON for votes, are to be indicted, tried, and, if convicted – put to death. But FIRST, they are to make restitution to Americans who could not find a job during the obola years BECAUSE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS were occupying jobs that Americans could do honestly, WITHOUT STEALING TIME AND POSSESSIONS FROM OTHERS, and, would do better, more thoroughly, conscientiously, caring for the customers and without STEALING from the boss and their fellow American employees. These filthy, stinking, slimy, pond scum critters OWE true Americans for 8 years of lost wages, social security build up, insurance coverage, retirement, well being, security, peace of mind and the mental stress of not being able to find a job IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. I am talking about true native Americans. Indians are NOT NOT NOT “native Americans”. They are native Asians. NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON!My high school English AND history “teacher” deliberately MISquoted the CRIMINAL, ABOMINABLE smelly garbage about the Constitution.   Jake mehegan deserved to hang and he wasn’t even CHARGED with TREASON!!   “The Bible is the foundation upon which our Republic rests.”  –  Andrew Jackson, who was the 7th President of the Independent of the useless nations, Sovereign Republic of The United States of America.     “Give me liberty, or give me death.”   – Patrick Henry, one of the statesmen who risked his life to fight for freedom.

The jesuits control immigration!!!    When I was in elementary, junior high and senior high school, the neighborhoods and public schools were SHOT UP with italianos, sicilians, french,  espanols, puerto ricans, slavics;  some Portuguese, Africans, some Asians, some Germans, some poles, some Russians, a few muslims and many irish.   They were MOSTLY catholics – long story.    NONE of them were born again Christians.   Most of the CATHOLICS were BULLIES who deserved 40 LASHINGS save one.  Their parents deserved the same.    Those CATHOLICS would beat mego to the low priest, obtain A TOTALLY FRAUDULENT “absolution”, then go right back to BEATING ME UP, TERRORIZING me;   go right back to their drinking, fighting, taking THE LORD’S HOLY NAME IN VAIN, smoking in the rest rooms, cussing, lying, backstabbing, trashing the restrooms, halls, buses, cafeteria, et cetera^.    CATHOLICS are directed by the dope pope, the priests, the parish priests,the nuns, the monks, the abotts.   They are instructed that their loyalty is to the pope, NOT the Constitution of the United States.


muslim woman:  “What did you do to our daughter?”  asked a muslim woman, whose child had died at 16 years of age.  “We did nothing”,  answered the missionary“Oh, yes, you did,”  persisted the mother.  “She died smiling.  Our people do not die like that.”   That girl had been witnessed to;  accepted The True Christ and believed on Him a few months before.   Fear of death had gone.  Hope and joy had taken its place.Saladin was the muslim general who inflicted the worst defeat that the catholic crusaders ever suffered. It was at the battle of Hattim, near Tiberias, in present day Israel, on July 4, 1187. Less than 6 years later, on February 19, 1193,  Saladin’s dying words, as a muslim were: “my life is only the tattered coat that I wear!”

To ALL ALL ALL muslims.  You are lost!  You do not have THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO HELL IF YOU DO NOT REPENT AND RECEIVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR.  Saladin was a fanatic, throughly devoted follower of allah, the CHIEF DEVIL of the kabba!!!!

John Wilkes Booth, the roman papist who assassinated Abraham Lincoln:  “Useless!  Useless!  Th terRors before me.”

A fashionable lady attended revival meetings at the Morgan Street church, Chicago. Deep conviction settled on her soul. She wept and said she would like to find peace, but was not ready to give up the pleasures of the world. To drown her convictions, she absented herself from the house of God. Time hurried on and soon she was on her death bed.  Realizing her condition, she sent for a friend who had attended the meetings with her and who had listened to the spiritual pleadings and found the joy of pardoning love.  This friend hurried to the bedside of the dying one. As she entered the room{,} the dying woman looked at her with eyes of terror, and grasping her hand she exclaimed, “Oh, stay with me till I am gone! I am dying and going to hell! Tell Bro. C — (the minister) to preach hell as he has never preached it before, for I am going to hell!”.  Then, pointing to the wardrobe, she said, “Go there and you will see what has ruined my soul.”.   She opened the door and saw the rich, fashionable clothing and turned again to the side of the dying woman, who raised herself up and sang the hymn she had so often heard at the meeting:   “Parting to meet again at the Judgment, Parting to meet no more here below;   Oh, how sad the thought to thee, Traveler to eternity, Parting to meet again at the Judgment.
   As the last word fell from her lips she fell back on the pillow and her soul passed into eternity to meet the God whose mercy she had trifled with and turned away for the gaudy toys of this earth.   Dear reader, take warning from this sad death.  Turn away from the vanities of earth and give God your heart and life’s service, and eternal happiness shall be yours. 

A website denied that infidels die in horror beyond expression.  It stated that charles darwin, the infamous NOTORIOUS EVIL-lutionist, died, on April 19, 1882, a “peaceful death” following fainting spells and a state of “unconsciousness” the previous few days.
    That is a LIE!  There is NO WAY, at the end of his infidelic, rebellion against GOD, stating that we are animals, hence, the law of the jungle, that he died other than a HORRIFIC, DREADFUL beyond any and all exaggeration, as he entered the volcano of HELLFIRE: Psalm 16:10, Isaiah 5:14, Mark 9:41-48, Revelation 14:9-11, 20:10-15 – death.  The infidels CONCEALED – Jeremiah 17: 9 – his ANGUISH beyond description. darwin NEVER confessed Christ; only said that he was not afraid of death from the beginning of his twilight years.   It could NOT been any other end.  darwin was a REPROBATE, hence, BEYOND REPENTANCE and hater of THE LORD, it was too late for him.  Way beyond doubt, darwin died the way ALL infidels die: inexpressible GRIEF and writhing in such horror, that his infidel associates SHAMEFULLY COVERED UP ALL of his GRIEF, REMORSE AND SHRIEKING HORROR!   Infidels have no friends – consult the Rock .  “A Man may Live a Lie – but His Deathbed Tells the Truth.

The black pope runs the jesuits behind the scenes.  pope pius IX, the black pope, his jesuits and john wilkes booth, the jesuit roman papist who assassinated then President Abraham Lincoln of The United States of America. booth shouted “sic semper tyrannis”.  booth broke his leg, rode to “doctor” mudd’s house . “Doctor” mudd was a jesuit.  mary surratt was a jesuit and allowed her house to be headquarters for the plot. george atzerodt helped booth to escape.  davey herold was assigned to murder vice president Andrew Johnson. booth was killed 12 days after he murdered then president Abraham Lincoln.  Around booth’s neck was a medal of the queen of heaven, whom catholics call “the virgin mary”.  In booth’s diary was an entry: “I can never repent. god made me the instrument of his punishment”{!!!}  A trial was held. Eight were found guilty.  Four were hanged: mary surratt, lewis payne, who stabbed secretary of state seward; davey herold; george atzerodt. The other four were sent to prison.  The cabinet was terrified.  The fact that it was a catholic jesuit plot was played down.
The jesuits asked the conspirators to deny that they were roman catholics for public relations sake.  john surratt, mary surratt’s sister, with the help of the catholic bishops and priests, escaped and was sheltered in the black pope’s jesuit bodyguards, called the “zouaves. The United States had no diplomatic relations with the vatican. The United States demanded his return for trial.  The vatican released him, but saw to it that 3 catholics were on the jury. It was a hung jury and john surratt got off — released.  The vatican had escaped exposure once again. Alberto Rivera, while under jesuit extreme oath, was vatican keeps records of their persecutions, TORTURE and MURDER of born again Christians.  That includes all of the TORTURES, burning at the stake of 68 million born again Christians, and, doubtless, the MURDERS that still go on of roman catholics who accepted THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR.  They are regarded as heretics and apostates by the roman catholic church.  After booth MURDERED then president Lincoln, the vatican ordered catholic authors and writers to destroy Abraham Lincoln’s born again Christian testimony.       
Catholic historians portray Abraham Lincoln as an agnostic, freemason, atheist, into seances.  Even today, protestant authors COPY what roman catholic authors write.  In some public schools, black pupils are turned against Abraham Lincoln.  The vatican never gives up. their jesuits NEVER forget.  john wilkes booth never repented.  Alberto’s account is REINFORCED by several, if not many, reports that came over the wires in Minnesota. The wires announced that president Lincoln has been murdered FOUR HOURS prior to booth actually murdering then president Lincoln.  As he was dying, he exclaimed:  “Useless! Useless! The terrors before me!

George Herman Ruth was a tremendous pitcher for the major league baseball Boston Red Sox and a great slugger for the major league baseball New York Yankees.  He hit a record 60 home runs in 154 games in 1927.  His record was not broken in 154 games until 1998.  He was a “happy go lucky” man who sometimes would swallow a hot dog WHOLE just prior to a game. On his deathbed, on August 16, 1948, “The Babe”, as he was known, said:  “I die a fool”.   So very, very sad.  My dear mother was a tremendous fan of major league baseball. She wanted me to meet “The Babe”, but it was too late, as he died “before his time”.  “The Babe” was only 53.

Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili { Josef Stalin } told of her father’s death: “My father died a difficult and terrible death. God grants an easy death only to the just. At what seemed the very last moment he suddenly opened his eyes and cast a glance over everyone in the room. It was a terrible glance, insane or perhaps angry. His left hand was raised, as though he were pointing to something above and bringing down a curse on us all. The gesture was full of menace.  The next moment he was dead.”

*Thomas Hobbes, the political philosopher and sceptic who corrupted some of England’s great men:  “If I had the whole world, I would give anything to live one day.  I shall be glad to find a hole to creep out of the world at.  I am about to take a fearful leap in the dark!” *Caesar Borgia: “I have provided, in the course of my life, for everything except death; and now, alas!  I am to die, although entirely unprepared!”

M.F. Rich: “Terrible horrors hang over my soul!  I have given my immortality for gold; and its weight sinks me into a hopeless, helpless Hell!”

*David Strauss, leading representative of German rationalism, after spending a lifetime erasing belief in God from the minds of others:  “My philosophy leaves me utterly forlorn!  I feel like one caught in the merciless jaws of an automatic machine, not knowing at what time one of its great hammers may crush me!”

Tallyrand was one of the most cunning French political leaders of the Napoleonic era.  On a paper found at his death were these words: “Behold eighty-three passed away! What cares! What agitation! What anxieties! What ill-will!What sad complications! And all without other results except great fatigue of mind and body, a profound sentiment of discouragement with regard to the future, and disgust with regard to the past!”

William E. Henley, an atheist, wrote a famous poem “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Men who have been bold in their defiance of God have lauded Henley’s poem, but most of them were not aware that William Henley later committed suicide.

*Sir Francis Newport, the head of an English Atheist club to those gathered around his deathbed:  “You need not tell me there is no God for I know there is one, and that I am in His presence!  You need not tell me there is no hell.  I feel myself already slipping.  Wretches, cease your idle talk about there being hope for me!  I know I am lost forever!  Oh, that fire!  Oh, the insufferable pangs of hell! .… Oh, that I could lie for a thousand years upon the fire that is never quenched, to purchase the favor of God and be united to Him again.  But it is a fruitless wish. Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer the end of my torments than one poor hour.  Oh, eternity, eternity forever and forever!  Oh, the insufferable pangs of Hell!

Anton LeVey, author of the Satanic Bible and high priest of the religion dedicated to the worship of Satan. Some of his famous quotes are “There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised”.   His dying words were “Oh my, oh my, what have I done, there is something very wrong…there is something very wrong….”

* A fashionable lady attended revival meetings at the Morgan Street church, Chicago. Deep conviction settled on her soul. She wept and said she would like to find peace, but was not ready to give up the pleasures of the world.  To drown her convictions, she absented herself from the house of God.  Time hurried on and soon she was on her death bed. Realizing her condition, she sent for a friend who had attended the meetings with her and who had listened to the spiritual pleadings and found the joy of pardoning love.  This friend hurried to the bedside of the dying one. As she entered the room{,} the dying woman looked at her with eyes of terror, and grasping her hand she exclaimed, “Oh, stay with me till I am gone! I am dying and going to hell! Tell Bro. C____ (the minister) to preach hell as he has never preached it before, for I am going to hell!”.   Then, pointing to the wardrobe, she said,  “Go there and you will see what has ruined my soul.”. She opened the door and saw the rich, fashionable clothing and turned again to the side of the dying woman, who raised herself up and sang the hymn she had so often heard at the meeting:
“Parting to meet again at the Judgment, Parting to meet no more here below;
Oh, how sad the thought to thee, Traveler to eternity,
Parting to meet again at the Judgment.
As the last word fell from her lips she fell back on the pillow and her soul passed into eternity to meet the God whose mercy she had trifled with and turned away for the gaudy toys of this earth. Dear reader, take warning from this sad death. Turn away from the vanities of earth and give God your heart and life’s service, and eternal happiness shall be yours.Maybe it was this one { the website that owned the copyright on the book —}: to come:   – Nextaxpro</>

MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro For the many who prefer to study in their own language { some dialects available }: Have aversion to recommending google. Doing so because this, believe it or not, thus far, is the most accurate translation. You are correct: I cannot believe it either. This one may be better; may be not. Depending upon which webpage you are on in: You may translate in to approximately 113 languages. Have not been able to ascertain if better than google translate.... MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! My blog will soon be a website, LORD Willing. RSS feeds are woefully far behind by WP. Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. Noticed that more are visiting this Category. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro

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