Ghost writing, tattoos, united nations, marijuana, genocide!! Public schools, and a few others coming …. AND THE ABOMINABLE SHALL HAVE THEIR PART IN THE LAKE WHICH BURNETH WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, WHICH IS THE SECOND DEATH: REVELATION 21:8 WHAT COMMUNISM MEANS.




GOVERNMENTS ADVOCATE – AND SOMETIMES COMMIT!!!  –   GENOCIDE.   ABORTION IS MASS MURDER!!   EUTHANASIA IS GENOCIDE!   Such as hitler’s Germany, stalin’s ussr, pol pot’s Cambodia, kim jong un, kim jong il’s north Korea, castro’s Cuba!!! ADVOCATES+GENOCIDE


If YOU are an abominable animal rights EVIL-utionist, you are a DIRTY, LOW DOWN MASS MURDERER.

Planned { MURDER}hood was the source of aborted baby remains that two Isaias family businesses sold all over the world.   Read the full report with documentation.

GENOCIDE FANATIC AND A HYPOCRITE.   YOU wish to MURDER all those who believe the Bible.   In  Genesis Two, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Created the animals – Colossians 1:15-18, et cetera^  – to feed and to clothe humankind.   YOU believe that we came from animals, hymfff!!   Ark ark ark, he he he!   Therefore, YOU BELIEVE it was all right to MASS MURDER the animals since you BELIEVE it is OK to MASS MURDER humans.  adolf hitler was a catholic eugenics environmen=talist animal rights queer!   Until he MURDERED his dog.   YOU are furthermore a hypocrite because you MURDER HUMANS { mass murder abortion }.   Hence, you MURDER animals, as you believe THE BEHEMOTH LIE of EVIL-lution!!!    YOU are so hypocritically EVIL because you probably THINK AND SAY that we DEVOLVED from animals!!    YOU believe that animals are sacred.   YOU believe that humans should be EXTERMINATED because we kill animals to supply our need for food.   THE LORD furnishes our needs, including the need for food.    Therefore, you are INCORRECT AND VERY ABOMINABLY EVIL because you don’t believe the LORD!   It goes on and on and on and on.    Example:   you don’t believe that we should have our needs supplied.    Therefore, YOU are against Ferdinand Magellan and his crew { humans } surviving!!!   That crew had to KILL and drink the rats blood in order to have something to quench their thirst.    All the animals had died and the humans had no food nor water.

ISAIAH 11:6-9:  One day, The LORD JESUS CHRIST will bring peace to this earth and calm down the animals, just as when HE Created Adam and Eve.  Until then, animals MUST BE CAGED!   Animals are dangerous!

Before the LORD JESUS CHRIST came and died for our sins that we may be saved if we repent and believe on HIM   – Luke 13:3, John 6:33, et cetera^,  ANIMALS had to be sacrificed as a temporary covering for our sins until GOD IN THE FLESH, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, came to be the Propitiation for our sins:   Romans 5:8-9, 2John 2:1, 1Timothy 2:5,  et cetera^.   Do you believe that GOD ALMIGHTY was in the wrong??     GET SAVED TODAY SO THAT THOSE WHO WITNESSED TO YOU AND ATTEMPTED TO KEEP YOU FROM THE LAKE WHIVH BURNETH WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE WILL NOT HAVE TO TESTIFY TO THE LORD AGAINST YOU!!!    Does not matter what you were taught “in school”.   You were LIED TO by fanatic EVIL-lutionists!!!!   Many so-called “Christians” believe in the ABOMINATION of animal “rights”, and, the ABOMINATION of diversity as well.   An airhead dolt named tony campolo, I believe, REBUKED a child for stomping on ants!!!   I do not care for ants;  they are aggravating;  and, if you do not kill them, they will get in to your clothes and your food!!   I do not wish to risk diarrhea.  You have AN EVIL, VILE, DEPRAVED, ROTTEN, SINSICK, CEMENTHEAD, DUNCE, SCUM SLIME, MARIJUANA HEAD, ABOMINABLE mind IF YOU ARE IN FAVOR OF EVIL WRONGS, such as ANIMAL “rights” !!!!!

united { useless } nations, obola, slick willie clinton ABOMINATIONS.  Useless nations WAS CONCEIVED AND BROUGHT TO A HORRIFYING REALITY BY JUNE 26, 1945.   The JESUIT founded council for “foreign relations”{cfr}, the Jesuits, the Illuminati, the club of rome, the skull and bones society and numerous communist and left wing groups conceived this useless nations.  Many of these nations make sodomy legal!  Some haven’t abolished slavery, cannibalism, child napping, cutting a girl’s private part, kidnapping and certainly not terror.  Many are police states!   Many, many have such lack of elementary sanitation that it is UNSAFE TO DRINK THE WATER!!!There are many muslim kingdoms and nations in the useless nations!   liberals HATE America and what America used to stand for.  Textbooks have been BRAINWASHING public school and some private school students that a world government would have solved dolph hitler!!!!   The “progressive education” of john dewey, communist, was conceived and outlined to make our children DUMBBELLS AND NOT QUESTION A WORLD GOVERNMENT.   That is why our children CANNOT read, write nor do simple arithmetic without a calculator.   You have seen this:  cashiers who cannot make correct change!  Liberal HATE choice.   You see this in the LYING, LIBERAL, SODOMITE, COMMIE, INTERNATIONAL-IST PRESS DAILY.

LYING LIBERALS tell us whom to VOTE for.   LYING LIBERALS EVEN TELL US what we should eat!   LYING LIBERALS TELL US what we should believe!   LYING LEFT WINGERS EVEN TELL US that alcohol has benefits!!!!   LYING LEFTISTS demand that we do this and that;  live like this and that, think like them and THEIR DEPRAVED, EVIL  THOUGHT BELIEFS;  respect serial murdering, child MOLESTING, DISEASE CARRYING, DISEASE SPREADING, THREATENING US WITH DEATH IF WE SPEAK OUT VS. THIS MONSTROUS CRIMINAL ABOMINATION!!!!   This USELESS NATIONS ADVOCACY  has been occurring for upwards of 75 years!   Prior to that, the lying liberal, sodomite, globalist press was brainwashing the public with totally idiotic phrases such as “world peace through world law”.   Few bothered to ask:  what kind of law?   Would “world law” favor The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave, The United States of America??



READ LEVITICUS 18!!  THE LORD Demanded the Israelites to annihilate the sodomites!   The land would spue them out if it could.  Notice that Egypt in The Word of GOD is a type of the world.     The sodomites were so BAD that the LORD demanded that they be wiped out.    With APPROVAL AND MANDATING from obola, the extreme court, the aclu, numerous evil sodomite organizations, associations, secret societies and groups, that MEANS that the LORD IS going to exterminate the United States!                   

21    And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

22    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

23   Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

24    Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

25   And the land is defiled:  therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants

Read.   How sodomites get seduced in to this evil, vile, criminal, VERY abominable – Revelation 21:8 –  satanic cult.     Many, if not most, are seduced by age three!

espn owned by SODOMITE, WICKED disney:  SHUT UP with your sodomite, abominable, evil, political correctness.  Excrement Sodomite Puke Nauseating tells you how YOU are to THINK as much as any evil liberal communist.   There is nothing wrong with Kurt Schilling.   REPENT of your EVIL, SODOMITE, SODOMITE, COMMIE LOVING WICKED policies, then reinstate him.  REPUDIATE PUBLICLY your sodomy and political correctness!!!   And QUIT showing soccer and women’s sports!   Americans are interested in pro football, basketball, baseball and hockey, and, to a limited extent, golf and tennis.    espn { evil sodomite putrefaction nauceous }.   To show little league girl’s sports when the Yankees were playing the Red Sox and the Giants were playing the Dodgers, for example,is ludicrous!!!   espn is to sell their station to a decent corporation, partnership or some group.   You’re supposed to know a tiny bit about marketing and be interested in grown-up sports if you advertise as a sports network!

ALL sodomite abominable publications, are the greatest threat to public safety.    We are in fear of sodomite serial murderers and child molesters.   We are afraid to go to the rest stops as sodomites are accosting.   No woman or child is safe walking to the ATM, the park, the car, the store or home, thanks to the sodomites and the sodomite press who DO NOT REPORT that child molesters are sodomites and pretend that they are moral and that normal people are immoral!

LIES that the evil sodomite lobby tell you:

The sodomites LIE, LAUGH at you!!   ALL of their propaganda, statistics are LIES!!    Furthermore, I charge that sodomites are antiSemitic.    ALL QUEERS are sex perverts.  Nearly ALL QUEERS are anti-Semitic.  ALL SODOMITE warrior perverts are anti-Semitic!   LOOK AT hitler:  at least 40% of his nazi party were sodomites.  The GUARDS at the concentration camps were sodomite!   The QUEERS in the nazi party blamed the Jews for what was done to them by the sodomites and the jesuit sodomite Illuminati and jesuit international bankers!!!

The dim-ocratic mayor of San Jose, California, United States blamed President Donald Trump for the thugs that ATTACKED innocent souls!!!!   And the abominable SODOMITE mass murderer blamed Operation Rescue for his immorality, illegality, and his murder mill that MURDERED babies who had been alive for 6 months!!!!!  The faggots blame YOU when they seduce or FORCE you to commit unspeakable acts with them!!!   They operate using THE SAME METHOD as the charismatics, lottery promoters, liquor lobby, dishonest mechanics, dishonest attorneys, cps gestapo, sorcerer shrinks, socialist wreckers do.  CRIMINALS blame YOU if you do not get healed, win or conform to their evil ways!    Proverbs 14:4, 9;   16:6, 19:9, 19;  Isaiah 5:20, Jeremiah 17:9, Ezekiel 14:6, 18:31.  

QUEERS  are RESPONSIBLE for parks, rest stops, motels, municipal parks unsafe for you and especially for women and children -YOUR children;  YOUR wife – to enter:    Genesis 19:1-29, et cetera^    Abrams, Lively,   The pink swastika:  homosexuality in the nazi party    VERY IMPORTANT!   READ THIS GREAT BOOK.   YOU CAN READ ONLINE:    http://WWW.WND.COM     http://WWW.DRJUDITHREISMAN.ORG   http://WWW.OFFICIALSTREETPREACHERS.COM

Luke 16 in The King James 1611 Bible is about the rich man who descended in to Hell.   The Bible says he fared sumptuously in purple.    The queers use a purple handkerchief or rag sometimes to signal for the same ilk as they:   queers!  faggots!   effeminate or abusers of themselves with mankind:   1Corinthians 6:9-11.  Read Psalm 1, 2, 5, 7, 37, 62, 92, 10, 18, 36:1-4, 94, 109, 119, 120, 121;7;  Leviticus, Deuteronomy,  Proverbs, Revelation, Romans and so on.


Genesis 6:2-5:    Lot of food for thought.   CF John 6:70-71.

Deuteronomy 27:10-26

Deuteronomy 28:15-68

Numbers 25:1-8

Psalm 1:   CONTRAST the results of living for The LORD and living for the devil.

Psalm 2:   There will be NO SODOMITES getting away with their abomination.   There will be NO rock noise, no alcohol, no marijuana, no tattoos, no bullying and all the rest of the evils plaguing this present world.   THE LORD JESUS CHRIST will be in charge, thank the LORD JESUS!

Psalm 4:2-4:   O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame?  how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing?  Selah.     

3   But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.    

4   Stand in awe, and sin not:  commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.



Psalm 7:6:  Arise, O Lord, in Thine Anger, lift up Thyself because of the rage of mine enemies:  and awake for me to the Judgment that Thou hast commanded.

PSALM 7:11:  GOD Judgeth the righteous, and GOD is Angry with the wicked every day.     GOD is Angry with you EVERY DAY if you are a serial murdering, child molesting, disease carrying, disease spreading LORD JESUS hating sodomite!!

PSALM 10:9:   SOMETIMES REFERRED AS THE SALOON KEEPERS PSALM.  There are many sodomite abominable BARS!!   A BAR TO HEAVEN, HOPE AND GOOD.   A DOOR TO HELL, HOPELESSNESS AND EVIL!  This VERSE is an advanced Revelation in The King James Bible.  Notice that the Word poor is in The VERSE twice.  The DIM-O-CRATS DO NOT and NEVER WILL “be concerned for the poor”.  This is the merchants of menace who want you to be DESTROYED by being made a DRUNKARD FOR THE LOVE OF FILTHY ONE, TWO, FIVE, TEN, TWENTY, FIFTY DOLLAR BILLS!!! THIS VERSE applies to all who want to sell harmful substances, do ILLEGAL ACTS and other EVILS in order to LEECH, PERSUADE, STEAL from their victims for the love of filthy lucre:  whether it be beer, wine, marijuana, lottery tickets, counterfeit SS numbers, fake green cards, crack, cocaine, heroin, mescaline, pcp-25 THIS VERSE applied and applies to the sodomites, some of whom look for souls TO MURDER, and ALL of them LOOK FOR CHILDREN TO MOLEST!!!


Psalm 7:15-16:   your future is announced in the WORD of GOD if you do evil.

Psalm 7:9:   all of PSALM SEVEN, for that matter.

Psalm 39:11:

PSALM 50:16-23:    This applies to many, especially the sodomites and the jesuit manuscripulators, revisors and ALL who pretend that the KING JAMES 1611 BIBLE is not entirely TRUE, meaning, unapologetically, every WORD of the KING JAMES 1611 BIBLE.

PSALM 52:  

PSALM 58:10-11

PSALM 62:3:


PSALM 81:11-16

PSALM 89:32


PSALM 90:8PSALM 90:12   PSALM 94:9-13   PSALM 94:16:   Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?    WHO will stand up against the sodomite abominable evil?    sodomite bars and all gathering places for queers are illegal, total evil, illegitimate and immoral!!!   Speak up and speak out!   We are not afraid of the sodomites!   The roman catholic church burned 68 MILLION born again Christians at the stake.  They were unafraid, suffered no pain and went straight to be with The LORD JESUS.  WHY should we be afraid of those who spew out sewage and want us to put up with anything???   PSALM 101:3, 8:    PSALM 112  AND NOTE ESPECIALLY VERSE TEN.      PSALM 126:6:   WIN THE SODOMITES TO THE LORD JESUS.  VERY FEW GET SAVED – MOST ARE REPROBATEBUT A FEW DO REPENT AND BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.


DIVERSITY ABOMINATION:  IT IS NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON!!!  CAUTION!  Do NOT read unless you can handle truth. Do NOT read if you are as many ~ explode when confronted with truth.  Most people HATE the truth:  Proverbs 9:7-10.
   The thoroughly devilish, evil jesuits control immigration!!  The filthy, CRIMINAL, WICKED, ABOMINABLE JESUITS OWE many Americans an apology AND a lot of money!! Prior to 1965, there were no immigrants allowed in.  That is, from 1924- 1965.  Prior to 1924, NO immigrant obtained free health care, food stamps, SSI, social insecurity, disability, education, translation classes, “counseling” for this or that, this and that. When you emigrated to America, you brought enough money with you to tide you over until you built a business, received financial support from at least two verifiable relatives, acquaintances who could PROVE that they could support the immigrant or went to work for some one else. You had to say “Aaah” to prove that you were not bringing in smallpox, tuberculosis, venereal disease or ANY contagious disease.
Ever since robert edward “teddy” kennedy did his EVIL deeds, influence peddling, getting EVIL laws passed, NONE of the past things are honored. These protective features, STILL REQUIRED IN THE CONSTITUTION, FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LAWS to protect American citizenry, are scoffed at by filthy “people that matter”. That is, prior to 1965, there was VERY LITTLE of this nonsense going on that is rampant now. These EVIL ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS who cross our Sovereign border like it is to be laughed and sneered at want something for nothing!! They don’t want to work. They want to STEAL EVERYTHING, EVEN MATERIAL THAT IS NAILED DOWN! They think that they are better than Americans, even though they are thieves, rapists, murderers, druggies; smuggle in drugs, molest children, even gangsters. Some are even terrorists! An ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL REPROBATE WILL ALWAYS LIE! We do not know the actual ages of these CREEPS; where they were truly born; their verifiable background and the like. They think that they own us!! This is all because most of them are catholic, thereby under the influence of the militaristic jesuit institution. Their loyalty is to the pope, NOT to The Constitution of the United States of America. Most of them are determined to go to Hell, meaning that they will NEVER give up their catholicism, or whatever baby of the roman church that they are:  Revelation 17:5.

What I mean by the evil jesuits owing many Americans a good deal of money is this:
   One, the jesuits control the Immigration and Naturalization “service”.
   Two, in hard times, an American will always work hard. An American can and will always work a demanding job; work in restaurants, do farm labor; work in a poultry factory; clean, take out the trash; do housekeeping, et cetera^.  A TRUE American will always work. Bush and obola Ebola LIED when they said that {illegal – NOT “undocumented!!!} immigrants do work that Americans won’t do. THAT IS A CRUEL, VICIOUS, CONDESCENDING, SPITEFUL, SMEAR AND A LIE!! TRUE Americans will always work, and work a lower paying job to help their families and do their best to support or help their families. Americans will always take a half a loaf of bread if it is not possible to earn an entire loaf of bread.
  A TRUE American has ancestors who cut the trees, built the houses { THEY DID, and WE DID BUILD THAT, OBOLA, POCAHONTAS!!! }, built the roads, built the office buildings, created many things, invented thousands of things — examples being the refrigerator, all kinds of radios, telephone, iron, laundromat, generators, all manner of vehicles, submarine, artillery, washing machine, dryer, all manner of batteries, surveying equipment; many types of clothing, air conditioners, solid state televisions, stoves, wood stoves, freezers, telegraph, teletype, fax machines, many, many surgical devices, many improvements of surgical devices, health care so great that people with the means came to America for surgery, hospital care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, et cetera^. Phone faxes, electric eyes, elevators, escalators, comfortable clothing, clothes lines, sensors, hula hoops, irons, dryers, ironing boards, plaid shirts, permanent press pants, shirts and blouses; warm winter caps; dry cleaning, one hour martinizing, power lines, underground power lines, antennae, cell fones, wireless fones, tanks, jet planes, wireless internet, vehicles that did not need to be wound in order to start, apple pie, canning, freezing. Americans built the greatest rail network in the world, invented many types of boats, recreation, farms, chemicals, irrigation, rockets, running water, showerheads, guns, rifles, weapons to destroy Soviet nuclear rockets, ships, aircraft, spacecraft, improvements in cell fones, computers, laptops, e-mail delivery, central processing units, vacuum cleaners, cowcatchers, turntables, locomotives, many types of facilities, radio, television, telephone, printers, teletape, the internet, stoves, kitchen drawers, log cabins, magnetic tape, roach motels that effectively killed roaches. Split level houses, air conditioning, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Lion’s club, Women’s club Senior women’s club, Men’s club, hospitals, orphanages, the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, ammonia, dressings, chloroform, hotels, motels, the TransAtlantic cable, tens of thousands of uplifting songs, the piano; built many churches, restaurants that delivered fast service, health inspectors that could not be bribed; policemen who could not be bribed; the best eye surgeons, the best brain surgeons, tens of thousands of medicines that worked; amplifiers, parachutes, gliders, apothecaries, antidotes, nursing homes, halfway houses, lattices, trellises, tressles, bridges that stood, Gospel missions to minister to the needy, the stock market, better and less expensive ways to build, improve, remodel tens of thousands of things, innovations in ways of doing business, the smartest businessmen and businesswomen in the world, and hundreds of thousands of other things, hearing aids, inventions, innovations, buildings, patented and unpatented, seen and unseen, plans, designs, dreams that are better than any other country or group of people has done with the possible exception of ancient Israel.  AND, Americans IMPROVE all of the things we build, innovate and create.  And nearly all of these wonderful things were done by true Americans – those of British descent of those that had married Americans of British descent.
   Now, contrast this with the catholics, muslims, sikhs, hindus, buddhists, shintoists, taoists, satanists, anarchists, antifa, black panthers, confucianists, agnostics, animists that have come from, or, trace their ancestry to foreign countries, NOT from America or England.  WHAT have THEY contributed? Look what happened to the Fiji Islands when the catholics, muslims, hindus and buddhists were allowed in. When born again Christian missionaries came to the Fiji Islands, souls were saved, revival came and the natives ceased their cannabalism and their other savageries. The jesuits — please see my Categories that expose the jesuits — are responsible for the blocking of missionary work, and for persecution, torture, evil laws and murder of born again Christian missionaries.

The mafia originated in catholic Sicily and catholic Italy. catholics: “we kill only our own”. That’s a mafioso who was saying that catholics only kill catholics who opened their mouths. The mob is adamantly opposed to free speech and the rule of law. The jesuits do nothing to stop the mob, hence, do nothing to stop mob MURDERS! { the jesuits MURDERED Abraham Lincoln and MURDER apostates. jesuit definition of apostates: those born into catholic families, foster homes, orphanages who got saved, hence, left the catholic church }.

DRUGS:  our country has been more affected by drugs from Latin America than from Turkey or Myanmar!

BULLYING:   catholic kids BULLYING; going to the low priest, “confessing”, then, going back to their bullying. Some seldom take baths, cook stinky foods, eat strange foods, dress strangely, put strange headgear on top of their heads and other places; put rings through their noses; get tattooed, et cetera^. They bring with them THREATS, BLACKMAIL, INTIMIDATION, thuggery, adultery, FORNICATION, MURDER, WITCHCRAFT, VISIONS OF “mary”, visions of “fatima”, BLACK MAGIC, SORCERY, PAGAN DOGMA, ADULTERY, HOAXES, SPELLS, DIVINATION, NECROMANCY, SORCERY, PORNOGRAPHY, STRIP TEASE, DEEP CORRUPTION, PROSTITUTION, RACKETEERING, EXTORTION, PAYOLA, FIGHTING, INFLUENCE PEDDLING, RAPE, TAX EVASION, GAMBLING, SLEAZY LAWYER MOVES, BRIBERY, CHEATING, BULLYING, SATANIC CLUBS, SATANIC SOCIETIES, SATANIC ASSOCIATIONS, BALLOT BOX STUFFING, VAST, VAST DISHONESTY; THREATS AT VOTING BOOTHS; SCHEMES, PONZI SCHEMES, PYRAMID SCHEMES, ROBBERY, LARCENY, FELONS, FELONIES, MULTIPLE FELONIES, MURDER of street preachers; not paying their honest debts: not paying their debts while DEMANDING PAYMENT WHEN THEY WIN A BET ILLEGITIMATELY, or DEMANDING PAYMENT for a loan THAT WAS NOT EVEN MADE; OR MADE UNDER DECEIT!!! SHADY DEALS, DOUBLE DEALING, THREATS, OCCULT { ALL OCCULT IS due TO THE JESUITS. Jesuits HATE America and want to DESTROY The United States of America. Booze { please see my Categories }, gambling jai lai, gambling dog track, gambling card playing { begun by the catholic church in the dark ages. Please see my expose` under CULTS }, gambling horse races; FIXING sporting events; importation of drugs by catholic Caribbean Sea and Latin American nations, mary { queen of heaven: Jeremiah, Chapters 7, 44 } worship, our tax money going to the unholy nations {u.n., that is} abortion { sacrifice of babies to satan }, euthanasia { catch word for MURDER }, sodomite causes, tax free catholic church land, the “wisdom” of egypt, movies { Numbers 33:52 }, jesuit schools, jesuit causing vast, vast inouring of illegal immigrants; gambling lottery { jesuit deception: pretending that impoverishment of those foolish enough to gamble, IMPOVERISHMENT of those foolish enough to spend God’s money on liquor; spewing that a lottery can be “beneficial to the economy”!!!!.
  Please see my expose`:  DO NOT PLAY THE LOTTERY!

    What this all means is that the dim-o-crats OWE a lot of Americans a great deal of moola { for the uninitiated, THAT means money }. An American looks for a job in a restaurant or a motel and he is denied a job because AN ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN is working there ALREADY!! The ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN has NO WORK PAPERS, NOR A WORK PERMIT.  How McDonald’s and other corporations get away with paying these ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS BELOW MINIMUM wage is still beyond me.  It may be that they are not on the payroll.  That is what “paying under the table” means ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS, students on a “Federal lottery”, other foreign students, “dreamers”, “work visa” foreigners and other foreigners send their money back to China, Latin America, Philippines, Somalia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Kuwait, Japan, Cuba, Pakistan, Haiti, India, Spain, Bengladesh, Germany, Turkey, Greece, northern Ireland, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Syria, Grenada, Sicily, Yemen, Italy, Iran, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Iraq, Laos, Romania, Indonesia, Ukraine, Eygpt, Thailand, Libya, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Bulgaria, India, Austria, Zambia, Norway, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Kampuchea, France, Kenya, Nepal, Sweden, Afghanistan, Russia, Cote d` Ivore, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Guinea, Myanmar, Jordan, Malaysia without ANY of that money being taxed, NOR, any fee that goes to The Treasury of The United States!! They are here ILLEGALLY, work without a work permit and send the money to their own country!! And the dim-o-carts PRETEND to love more and more laws, yet DEFEND illegal criminal aliens being here; not earning their pay; taking jobs away from Americans and NOT EVEN PAYING TAXES ON THE MONEY THAT THEY SEND TO THEIR CO-CONSPIRATORS IN CRIME!!! They have NO LOYALTY WHATSOEVER to America and never intend to give, honor or patronize loyalty!!! They are INGRATES! THAT means NO gratitute.
   There are WEBSITES up today, and, many have been up for 25 years and even longer in some instances that say that “Mexico moved south”!!!! WHAT!! THAT’S THEIR VILE, EVIL ATTITUDE!! Hopefully, you can see just how slimy these trashy people are. They are devils. You see that every single day if you live or visit the border. They climb the wall, try to sneak over, under or through PRETENDING that they have a RIGHT to LEECH off of America! That money would have been HONESTLY worked for had an American been hired. The money THAT illegal ALIEN CRIMINALS GET is seldom earned — they work 10% or less of the time — thus, the money that they take is STOLEN, and, sent back to foreign nations!! I have documented previously THAT ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS keep their pagan abominations and DO NOT SEEK to learn the laws, order, customs, tradition of America. Wish I could NOT prove that. But PROOF is that the ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS “do their business”, then place the soiled toilet paper in to the trash cans!! Why? Because they are too arrogant, lazy, unambitious, irreponsible to learn that, in America, the toilets will flush the toilet paper and the waste! And, if the globalists do not succeed in murdering President Trump and Vice-President Pence, we will BE RID of these enviro commie toilets that have been installed in half of public places, new homes, et cetera^, in the past 25 years, unfortunately.
   These EVIL, totally depraved lawyers who are worthy of death – Romans 1:32 – statesmen, politicians, catholic bishops, priests who shelter CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS, advocate groups, dim-o-crats who are willing to COMMIT TREASON for votes, are to be indicted, tried, and, if convicted – put to death.

But FIRST, they are to make restitution to Americans who could not find a job during the obola years BECAUSE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS were occupying jobs that Americans could do honestly, WITHOUT STEALING TIME AND POSSESSIONS FROM OTHERS, and, would do better, more thoroughly, conscientiously, caring for the customers and without STEALING from the boss and their fellow American employees. Mexico is to be BILLED for ALLOWING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIMINALS TO WALK THROUGH THEIR COUNTRY AND TRAMPLE THEIR SOIL.  Globalist, DIM-O-CRAT GLOBALISTS, Mexico, central American, south American, Caribbean governments who ALLOW these CRIMINAL ALIEN ILLEGALS to leave their respective countries. These filthy, stinking, slimy, pond scum critters OWE true Americans for 8 years of lost wages, social security build up, insurance coverage, retirement, well being, security, peace of mind and the mental stress of not being able to find a job IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.  I am talking about true native Americans.  Indians are NOT NOT NOT “native Americans”.  They are native Asians.  NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON!

And, it gets worse. I will never forget one of the bosses telling his crew about the “medical care” that they get on the job.  Nearly all of the “doctors” were from countries that they had hardly ever heard of, or never heard of. The men were TREMBLING.  Why?  Because those that came out of the suite where the “care” was administered were in A LOT WORSE SHAPE WHEN THEY EMERGED THAN WHEN THEY WENT IN!!!
    Personally, I am tired of foreigners being given the answers on the candidate postal service tests.  They get non-career stints, even get hired even though the postal “service” officially has NOT been hiring since the mid 1980s!!!  Then these foreigners CAN’T FIND the apartments, condominiums, townhouses, et cetera^, because they do NOT KNOW THE NUMBERING IN THE LANES WITHIN THE STREETS, THE NUMBERING OF THE APARTMENTS, et cetera^, within apartments, and so on.  Any American veteran postal route worker will “play detective” and find addressees who have moved; the address on “the old road”, the forwarding address of a known addressee and forward her/his mail even if the forwarding time has expired.  With foreigners, one doesn’t get his/her mail any longer because foreigners don’t work as hard as Americans, can’t work as hard as Americans, REFUSE to work hard as Americans do, aren’t as INTELLIGENT as Americans are, or, their upbringing makes them so rigid that they can’t think.  To make this plain: the German, Italian and Russian soldiers were LOST if their leader was dead, crippled or missing. The rigidity in COMMUNIST, TOTALITARIAN countries is so profound that we Americans can’t comprehend how a mind can be so ossified.
   Know that I will never forget how, in public school, we were brainwashed that we Americans are so SOFT and that people from foreign lands were tough and BETTER than us.  They just happened to live in countries, kingdoms, monarchies that “were not so lucky as we” {!!!!}, which, of course, doesn’t explain what is real.

Worked on construction quite a bit and was AMAZED by the fact that many foreign men COULD NOT carry wide bags nor heavy bags of cement on their shoulders.  I was amazed to observe AND CONCLUDE that foreigners could not perform 2/3 of the output that I could do, EVEN WHEN I WAS ON “cruise control”, and not “blitzing it”. The jesuits control the public school systems in every country that they are allowed to come and stay. THAT explains why the Bible has been kicked out. THAT explains the useless nations propaganda that has been FORCED UPON the youth of America since the late 1950s; with some brainwashing in some of the public schools as early as 1952.  That’s EVIL!!






Last Words Of Saints And Sinners.     From Revival Fires. Box 940 Claysburg, PA 16625 – Dennis Corle    “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end by like his.”     Numbers 23:10

I have always believed the Bible by faith, regardless of whether any other information supported it or denied its validity.   However, one of the most moving and convincing arguments that wholly reinforces the truth of The Scripture and brings it to real-life drama is the recorded last words of dying men and women, saved and unsaved.    As they passed through the vale of death and approached eternity, they have left us with many wonderfully breath-taking descriptions of the beauties of Heaven, as well as some startling accounts of the horror of a Christ-less eternity.   Let us travel, if only momentarily, to the edge of eternity, and view through the eyes of these dying mortals what lies beyond this life for those who have placed their trust in Christ, and for those who have rejected His blood-bought redemption.   These are the LAST WORDS OF SAINTS AND SINNERS.

“And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,  Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth:   Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” –  Revelation 14:13   The Bible records the moving account of the last words of Stephen as he was martyred for his faith in       “But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw The Glory of God, and Jesus standing on The Right Hand of God, And said, behold, I see the heavens opened, and The Son of man standing on The Right Hand of God …. And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.   And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge.   And when he had said this, he fell asleep.    As Stephen neared death, the Lord allowed him to see through the vale of darkness into the very portals of glory to see The LORD HIMSELF standing to welcome home His servant who had been ‘faithful unto death’:   ACTS 7:51-60

As the Apostle Paul neared the time of his death, he wrote these words to Timothy, his son in the faith.  “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.  I have fought a good fight;  I have finished my course;  I have kept the faith;  henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”  { 1Timothy 4:7-8:  Nextaxpro }   Tradition teaches that as Paul was led to the guillotine to be beheaded by Nero, he took his last moments as an opportunity to share the message of the Gospel with the soldiers who led him to his death and they were saved.

Phillip Otterbein was a German evangelist whose dying words were: “The conflict is over and past.  I begin to feel an unspeakable fullness of love and peace divine.  Lay my head upon my pillow and be still.”

As he lay dying, John Owen said, “I am going to Him whom my soul loveth, or rather Who has loved me with an everlasting Love, which is the sole ground of all my consolation.”

In his final words, George Fox said:  “All is well, and The seed of God reigns over all, and over death itself.”

Christmas Evans passed on with these words. “I am about to leave you.  I have labored in the sanctuary fifty-three years, and this is my comfort and confidence;  that I have never labored without blood in the vessel.  Good-bye! Drive on!”

George Whitefield prayed, “Lord Jesus, I am weary in Thy work, but not of Thy Work.   If I have not yet finished my course, let me go and speak for thee once more in the fields, seal the truth, and come home to die.”

The beloved missionary, Dr. William Carey, said, “When I am gone, speak less of Dr. Carey, and more of Dr. Carey’s Savior.”

“If this is dying, it is the pleasantest thing imaginable,” said Lady Glenorchy.

Susanah Wesley was the heralded mother of John and Charles Wesley as well as 17 other children.   She said, “Children, when I am gone, sing a song of praise to God.”

Pastor Edward Perronet exclaimed:  “Glory to God in the height of His divinity { Deity – Nextaxpro.   We don’t want to give the pagans pause!   They love to differentiate.   The niv editors did this trash. }!  Glory to God in the depths of His humanity!   Glory to God in His all-sufficiency!   Into His hands I commend my spirit.”

A minister by the name of John Pawson told onlookers, “I know I am dying, but my death-bed is a bed of roses.  I have no thorns planted upon my dying pillow.  Heaven is already begun!”

Missionary Adoniram Judson said, “I am not tired of my work, neither am I tired of the world;  yet when Christ calls me home, I shall go with the gladness of a boy bounding away from school.”

When the great Christian and scientist, Michael Faraday was dying, he was questioned by some journalists as to his speculations for a life after death.  “Speculations!” said he. “I know nothing about speculations.  I am resting on certainties.  ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth,’ and because {H}he lives, I shall live also.”

Others who faced death did so with the same peaceful assurance.   Martin Luther uttered these words.  “Our God is the God form { sic:  from – Nextaxpro } {W}whom cometh salvation.   God is the Lord by whom we escape death.”

John Knox assured others, “Live in Christ and the flesh need not fear death.” { sic:  period goes at the end of that particular sentence. – Nextaxpro }    

John Wesley bade his loved ones, “The best of all is God is with us.  Farewell! Farewell!”

His brother Charles Wesley expressed his peace in saying, “I shall be satisfied with {T}thy likeness – – satisfied, satisfied!”

“I have pain, but I have peace,” said Baxater.   “Ah! Is this dying?    How have I dreaded as an enemy this smiling friend?” said the departing Goodwin.

The songwriter, Frances Havergal, on the final day of her life asked a friend to read to her from the 42nd chapter of Isaiah.    When she had read The 6th verse, “I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee.”  Miss Havergal stopped her. “Called – held – kept,” she whispered.  “I can go home on that!”   And she did.

Dr. R.G. Lee may have been the greatest oratorical preacher of the 20th century.  He was known for his ability to paint vivid pictures with his powerful preaching and make the invisible seem to be just in sight, he so dramatically portrayed the Lord and the heavenly home.  Yet when he was dying, he suddenly opened his eyes and said to his wife, “I see {H}eaven!   Oh… I didn’t do it justice!  I see Jesus!  I didn’t do Him justice!”

A few hours before entering the ‘homeland’,  Dwight L. Moody caught a glimpse of the glory awaiting him.  Awakening from sleep, he said, “Earth recedes, Heaven opens before me.   If this is death, it is sweet!  There is no valley here.   God is calling me, and I must go!”   His son was standing by his bedside, and said, “No, no father.  You are dreaming.”  “No,” said Mr. Moody.  “I am not dreaming.  I have been within the gates;  I have seen the children’s faces.”  A short time elapsed and then, following what seemed to be the death struggle, he spoke again.  “This is my triumph; this is my coronation day!  It is glorious!”

What a treasured inheritance these dying saints have left in our behalf – the assurance that death is but a crossing over to Glory, not to a grave but to a graduation!  Their last words are an exciting reassurance that Christ has indeed removed the sting of death for those who are found in Him.  In their triumph we can find the peace of knowing death is merely the bridge between this life and eternal {L}life with Christ for those who have been redeemed.


Have they left any descriptions of their destination for us to examine?  Just as the accounts of dying saints are so thrilling, so are the last words of those dying in their sin so horrifying.   These are some of the final words of those words recorded at the end of a godless life and were beginning a Christ-less eternity.

LUKE 16 gives us the literal account of the words of a man already in hell. “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame…. Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house;  for I have five brethren;  that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment.

This man’s first cry was for himself, that he might find relief from the torment and agony he knew in {H}hell.    When he found this impossible, he immediately begged that a soul-winner would present the Gospel to his family so that they might be saved from the anguish that was his.   How many others in Hell might be pleading the self same request, if only we might hear them?

The last words we hear of Cain, the world’s first murderer are:  “My punishment is greater than I can bear.”   I am sure that is the cry of many in Hell today.

Lord Byron, at 36 years of age, was facing death after a life without God.  He said, “My days are in the yellow leaf, the flower and fruit of life are gone; the worm, the canker, and the grief are mine alone.”

Saladin was the muslim general who inflicted the worst defeat that the catholic crusaders ever suffered.   It was at the battle of Hattim, near Tiberias,  in present day Israel, on July 4, 1187.   Less than 6 years later, on February 19, 1193, Saladin’s dying words, as a muslim were:   “my life is only the tattered coat that I wear!”   To ALL ALL ALL muslims.   You are lost!   You do not have THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!    ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO HELL IF YOU DO NOT REPENT AND RECEIVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR.  Saladin was a fanatic, throughly devoted follower of allah, the CHIEF DEVIL of the kabba!!!!!

* Said Sir Thomas Scott:   “Until this moment I thought there was neither a God nor a hell.  Now I know and feel that there are both, and I am doomed to perdition by the just judgment of the Almighty.”

* infidel Charteres:   I found this dying agonizing phrase in a book while in school.  Wish I had a copy.  Do not know if that is possible now.   Charteres cried, “I would gladly give one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to have it proved there is no hell!”  { The book that I read said “2000 pounds” }.

* A fashionable lady attended revival meetings at the Morgan Street church, Chicago. Deep conviction settled on her soul. She wept and said she would like to find peace, but was not ready to give up the pleasures of the world. To drown her convictions, she absented herself from the house of God. Time hurried on and soon she was on her death bed. Realizing her condition, she sent for a friend who had attended the meetings with her and who had listened to the spiritual pleadings and found the joy of pardoning love. This friend hurried to the bedside of the dying one. As she entered the room{,} the dying woman looked at her with eyes of terror, and grasping her hand she exclaimed, “Oh, stay with me till I am gone! I am dying and going to hell! Tell Bro. C — (the minister) to preach hell as he has never preached it before, for I am going to hell!”.   Then, pointing to the wardrobe, she said, “Go there and you will see what has ruined my soul.”.   She opened the door and saw the rich, fashionable clothing and turned again to the side of the dying woman, who raised herself up and sang the hymn she had so often heard at the meeting:  “Parting to meet again at the Judgment, Parting to meet no more here below;  Oh, how sad the thought to thee, Traveler to eternity, Parting to meet again at the Judgment.
As the last word fell from her lips she fell back on the pillow and her soul passed into eternity to meet the God whose mercy she had trifled with and turned away for the gaudy toys of this earth. Dear reader, take warning from this sad death. Turn away from the vanities of earth and give God your heart and life’s service, and eternal happiness shall be yours

* In great terror, Hobbs, the infidel philosopher said, “I am taking a fearful leap into the dark.   If I had the whole world to dispose of, I would give it to live one day”.

Altamont, the infidel, cried out his last words:  “My principles have poisoned my friend;   my extravagance has beggared my boy;  my unkindness has murdered my wife.  And is there another hell?  Oh, thou blasphemed, yet most indulgent Lord God!   Hell is a refuge if it hides me from thy frown.”

* A{n} – Nextaxpro } {in}famous { – Nextaxpro }  infidel by the name of Adams cried out these final words,  “I’m lost!  Lost!  Lost!  I’m damned! Damned! Damned forever!”  His agony was so great that he tore his hair from his head as he passed away.

* It was Charles IX – JESUIT MURDERING papist – who ordered the great massacre that took place on “St.” Bartholomew’s Day.  On his own dying day, he said,  “What blood!   What murders!   I know not where I am.   How will all this end?   What shall I do?   I am lost forever….I know it!”

A newspaper article related that the author had met the woman who nursed the great{?} agnostic { infidel – Nextaxpro },  “professor”  J. H. Huxley, through his last illness.    She said that as he lay dying, the great { hopeless – Nextaxpro }  skeptic suddenly looked up at some sight invisible to mortal eyes, and, staring a while, whispered at last,  “So it is true.”   { We have no recording { yet } of the last words of one of the worst infidels in human history – charles darwin, the ape evilutionist.   But he must have uttered words of awful torture and torment as he was dying, just as all infidels.   We do now know that darwin DID NOT REPENT of his lies and abominable pronouncements.  He never did repent and believe on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as Gospel tracts { printed by the 100s of 1000s } insisted.   Unless darwin made a last minute profession, he died without Christ and has been screaming his head off for 135 years.

* volatire  { sic, – Nextaxpro }, the noted French [infidel] and one of the most fertile and talented writers of his time, used his pen to retard and demolish Christianity.  Of Christ, voltaire said: “Curse the wretch!”    He once boasted, “In twenty years Christianity will be no more.  My single hand shall destroy the edifice it took twelve apostles to rear.”   Shortly after his death the very house in which he printed his foul literature became the depot of the Geneva Bible Society.  The nurse who attended voltaire said:   “For all the wealth in Europe I would not see another infidel die.”  The physician, Trochim, waiting up with voltaire at his death said that he cried out most desparately { sic }:  “I am abandoned by God and man!  I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months’ { sic:  Nextaxpro }  life.  Then I shall go to hell, and you will go with me.   O Christ!  O Jesus Christ!”

* “Devils are in the room ready to drag my soul down to hell!   It’s no use looking to Jesus now;  it’s too late!”   Cried Brown.

* The anguish of Volney, the atheist { infidel – Nextaxpro }, was reported to be something awful to behold.   Nothing could calm him, but he repeatedly screamed out, “My God! My God!”  until he finally fell back dead.

When Kay was dying, he cried  “Hell! Hell!” with a soul-rending aal have I been of the most valuable of all possessions — time!   I have squandered it away with the persuasion that it was lasting;  and now, when a few days would be worth a hecatomb of worlds, I cannot flatter myself with the prospect of a half dozen hours.”

* Begged infidel Honore`Mirabeau:  “Give me more opium that I may not think of eternity!”  Mirabeau, another version very slightly different:   The last words of the infidel Mirabeau:   “My sufferings are intolerable;   I have within me a hundred years of life{,} but not a moment’s courage.  Give me more laudanum that I may not think of eternity.”

Oliver Greene once told of a man on his deathbed who suddenly began to scream in terror:  “Pull me up in the bed!   My feet are burning!  I am sliding into Hell!”  { It’s a fact.   I read it in one of his booklets.   Oliver Greene was a tremendous Hellfire preacher.   He suffered a stroke, then preached on the radio.    He went to be with THE LORD in 1973, I believe.  Yours truly HATES the devil’s noise, that is, rock noise, especially the noise since 1959.   But I NEVER destroy any thing.   Some pagans were so CONVICTED – HEBREWS 4:12, JEREMIAH 23:29, et cetera^, that they would smash their radios  { or whatever radio was on! } or YANK the wires of the automobile radio out!!  – Nextaxpro }

* Francis Newport, despairing upon his deathbed, asked, “What argument is there now to assist me against matter of fact?   Do I assert there is no hell while I feel one in my own bosom?   That there is a God I know, because I continually feel the effect of His wrath.  That there is a hell, I am equally certain, having received an earnest of my inheritance already in my own breast.   Oh!   That I was to lie a thousand years upon the fire that never is quenched to purchase the favor of God, and be reunited to Him again!   But it is a fruitless wish.   Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer to the end of my torments than one poor hour!    O Eternity!  Eternity!”   Then as death seized him, he uttered a groan of inexpressible horror and cried out, “Oh!  The insufferable pangs of hell!  Oh Eternity!   Forever and forever!”

Worse than any nightmare that we can envision is the reality of death when it is not a crossing over into the celestial glories of Heaven, but the final struggle of a perishing soul as it slips hopelessly into the torment of Hell.   No wonder the compassionate told us, “….It is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:   Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”   (Mark 9:43, 44)

The ultimate of statistics is this – that one out of every one; dies.  “And it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment.”  (Hebrews 9:27)  Death is a certainty for which we must make preparation, or else suffer the consequence.  { Romans 5:12, Mark 9:42-48, Revelation 20:11-15, et cetera^ – Nextaxpro }  Reviewing these final words of those in Christ, as well as those who rejected Him, causes me to say with The Scripture, “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his. (Numbers 23:10) I found no Christians recanting in torment in their dying hours, but most every infidel whose last words can be found recorded expressed unutterable grief and fear at his death.  As we think upon these LAST WORDS OF SAINTS AND SINNERS, it naturally brings us all to an important question. It is a sobering and for some even a frightening thought, but one which ought to be considered thoughtfully and at length by each of us.

WHAT WILL YOUR LAST WORDS BE?                    


  “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so DEATH PASSED UPON ALL MEN, FOR THAT ALL HAVE SINNED:”    (Romans 5:12)


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”   (John 3:16)   Jesus Christ died on the cross in our place, making the required payment for our sins – physical and spiritual death.   He offers salvation free to all – the price has been paid in full.   In order to have Christ’s payment applied to our account, we must ‘receive Him’ by inviting Him into our heart and life as Lord and Savior.   If we sincerely do so, we have His promise;   “I will come in.”   –  John 1:12, 3:3, 16, 18, 36, 5:24;  Acts 3:19, 17:30, 10:43, Romans 3:24, 6:23, 10:9-13;   1John 2:25;  Revelation 3:20, et cetera^   – Nextaxpro 

But HE  { GOD Almighty, the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF } was wounded for our transgressions;  HE was brusied for our iniquities.   The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed.    – Isaiah 53:5

But GOD Commendeth HIS Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us.  Much more then, being now justified by HIS Blood, we shall be saved from Wrath through HIM.   – Romans 5:8-9.

Repentance toward GOD, and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST.      – Acts 20:21

Please study The Gospel of John, Romans, 1John and Isaiah 53.   That will help infinitely for starters.

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of, but the sorrow of the world worketh death.   – 2Corinthians 7:10.

I tell you Nay, but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.    – Luke 13:3, 5.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee:  he that heareth MY Word, and believeth on HIM that sent ME, hath everlasting life:  and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.    – John 5:24.

For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of GOD is eternal Life through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.    – ROMANS 6:23

THE GOSPEL:    ISAIAH 53, LUKE 13:3,5;   2Corinthians 7:10, Acts 20:21, John 5:24, Romans 10:9-10, John 20:31, Romans 6:23, John 1:12.

^ ^ et cetera:  I am attempting to clarify. Rather than using “etc.”, I am spelling out the Latin. In the Latin, et cetera means all the others or and the rest. Therefore, in the English language, when “etc, etc” is used, it is incorrect English. One et cetera, or “etc”, is sufficient. As I correct my typographical errors and phrases, explanations that I do not like, et cetera, I will be correcting “i.e.” with “that is”.  – Nextaxpro 

## taken from: I salute the authors of this website.

volatire { SIC – Nextaxpro }, the noted French [atheist] and one of the most fertile and talented writers of his time, used his pen to retard and demolish Christianity.  Of Christ, voltaire said:  “Curse the wretch!”    He once boasted, “In twenty years Christianity will be no more.   My single hand shall destroy the edifice it took twelve apostles to rear.”      Shortly after his death the very house in which he printed his foul literature became the depot of the Geneva Bible Society.     The nurse who attended voltaire said:   “For all the wealth in Europe I would not see another infidel die.”    The physician, Trochim, waiting up with voltaire at his death said that he cried out most desparately { sic }:


“I am abandoned by God and man!   I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months’ { sic:  Nextaxpro  }  life.      Then I shall go to hell, and you will go with me.    O Christ! O Jesus Christ!”

THE GOSPEL ~  1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4:   VERSE ONE:   Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

2    By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

3   For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

4     And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:     1CORINTHIANS 15:1-4

But HE  {GOD Almighty, the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF} was wounded for our transgressions;  HE was brusied for our iniquities.  The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed.  – Isaiah 53:5

But GOD Commendeth HIS Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us.  Much more then, being now justified by HIS Blood, we shall be saved from Wrath through HIM.  – Romans 5:8-9.

Repentance toward GOD, and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  – Acts 20:21

Please study Isaiah 53, The Gospel of John, the Book of Romans, the Book of 1John.  These Books are great starting points.
For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of, but the sorrow of the world worketh death.    – 2Corinthians 7:10.

I tell you Nay, but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish    – – Luke 13:3.
Verily, verily, I say unto thee:  he that heareth MY Word, and believeth on HIM that sent ME, hath everlasting life:  and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life. – John 5:24.

For the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of GOD is eternal Life through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. – ROMANS 6:23

^et cetera     I am changing “etc.”  to et cetera for clarity.    Et cetera is Old Latin for “and all of the rest”, or “and all of the others”.


MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro For the many who prefer to study in their own language { some dialects available }: Have aversion to recommending google. Doing so because this, believe it or not, thus far, is the most accurate translation. You are correct: I cannot believe it either. This one may be better; may be not. Depending upon which webpage you are on in: You may translate in to approximately 113 languages. Have not been able to ascertain if better than google translate.... MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! My blog will soon be a website, LORD Willing. RSS feeds are woefully far behind by WP. Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. Noticed that more are visiting this Category. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro

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