The mafia lying liberal sodomite globalist press did:   Told our people the Bible couldn’t be trusted.   { I will add a few.   Who told us that worthless swampland ishabitat”  wetlands and, by this sickening, perverted as the devil illogic, MURDERED four firemen fighting a forest fire?   The firemen because they were not allowed to use a river to fight the fire.   Why?!!!    “Because the river belongs to the fish”.    Lying”animal rights”  rioting, disrupting, reprobate, CRIMINAL, ABOMINABLE libers are RESPONSIBLE for MURDERS.   That’s my input for the few who don’t already know.          Animals have “rights”;   decent people do not.     Get a real job and repudiate all the lying filth that you learned  ( 2Timothy 1:7 ).   They are staying for the love of money and foolish pride  { Proverbs 16:18, 1Timothy 6:9-11 !!! }.   And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.   – Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2      I will take the liberty to add:  Whom is not demanding the disbarment of all lawyers in the American Bar and the criminalization of the American Bar Association ( aba ) and the aclu {  anti-Christian Liberty union of abomination and crime }   Bar is correct!!    A bar to freedom;   a bar to getting rid of liquor, mairjuana, rock noise;  a bar of being rid of affirmative action which is nothing but elevating sodomites and getting rid of Christians.    A bar to  having a family, making marriage a permanent institution;     a BAR to being allowed to carry a Bible to public school and work, a BAR to witness to go to a pastor for help instead of a sorcerer shrink, a bar to the Constitution, a bar to decent, red-blooded, anti-sodomite judges, patriotism, saluting the Flag, reading the Bible in the public school, breaking up of religious cults;  a bar to keeping the Ten Commandments posted;  a bar to forbidding islamic mosques, centers of terror and illegal immigration within our border, ad nauseum.     The ABA instituted no-fault divorce;  aided and abetted the runaway gestapo CPS, DCSE, IRS, DEA, FBI, BATF, et cetera^;   states that we must allow all beliefs including beliefs in the destruction of our Constitution!!    My idiot senior high school teacher said that!!   Yeah, that’s really Constitutional !!   Liberals call good evil;  evil good;  pervert everything.  Woe unto them that call good and evil good.  – Isaiah5:20.   Liberals ARE perverts!!   -consult the Rock}.     I keep running into the News Industry, Hollywood and public education.   When “Stupidity” Meets “Common Sense”:    Sometimes it’s amazing how a little common sense exposes the stupidity of some folk’s thought processes.  Two Christian women were talking and here’s how the conversation went:     Stupidity – “In the Garden of Eden they didn’t eat meat. Therefore we shouldn’t be eating meat.”     Common Sense – “In the Garden of Eden they all ran around naked.   I guess God wants us to do that to!”        A news media Secret:  The news media hates the independence that a privately owned car provides.  (They want you on buses. Then they’ll be free to drive their cars!!)    When the nazis in Congress were overpowered and the states were freed to raise their speed limits,  the News Mafia screamed warnings that “carnage” was headed for our nations highways.  Guess what?   In 1997 the highway death rate was 1.6 per every 100,000 miles driven.   The lowest rate ever!  The News Mafia knows this.    They’re simply not going to report anything that doesn’t further their agenda.

Recently two boys murdered their mother and cut off her head and hands to prevent police from identifying her body.   They learned this from the HBO show The Sopranos.   If gun companies can be sued for making a gun used by a criminal, WHY CAN’T HBO BE SUED FOR INSPIRING AND DEMANDING THAT SUCH CRIMES BE COMMITTED?!!   { LAST 7 WORDS ARE MINE }    By the way, WHY DOES HBO HAVE SUCH A FIXATION WITH DEATH,CRIME, SEX AND PERVERSION???     They market shows like;  The Sopranos, Oz, and sex  { i.e, committing evil fornication & adultery -Nextaxpro } in the City. This is who you want educating and entertaining your family?  What’s wrong with you?

Fight On!    In 1835 Richard Lawrence tried to assassinate President Andrew Jackson. As President Jackson walked by he raised a single shot shotgun and pulled the trigger.   The gun misfired.   He dropped it and raised his other shotgun and fired that one. I t too mis-fired{sic}.   Rather than run or recoil in fright, the enraged President Jackson attacked Lawrence with his cane and beat him until he (Lawrence) was rescued and arrested.  Fight on!     { The LORD kept him alive.   Andrew Jackson wouldn’t allow the greedy bankers to issue the currency.   No doubt, this murder attempt was an effort to be rid of former president Andrew Jackson.   DUE TO PRESIDENT JACKSON’S GOOD JUDGMENTS AND DEEDS, WE WERE LARGELY FREE OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS FOR 77 YEARS. -consult the Nextaxpro }.   THE CREATURE AT JEKYLL ISLAND     Every enemy we’ve fought since 1950 has had the same ally, the News Media.   ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS????

  A Good Neighbor?  I’ve been told that when News Industry billionaire Ted Turner began buying up huge tracts of land in Montana, those living nearby soon found he was less than a good neighbor. Turner put guards up and closed a public road that crossed his property (later reopened by court order), he also strung a cable across a river to stop fisherman (that was also reopened) and had gun totting guards remove anyone who strayed onto his land, telling them to leave or they’d have to be “packed” off.   Liberals are such loving people.  ( Yeah, never hateful, sour, surly, sarcastic or perverted!!  Ha ha!  – Nextaxpro 

Girls, Are Your {sic –  } Stupid? 

Stupid girls have to get in bed with every guy they go out with because they have nothing else to offer to the relationship. No brain, only a body.   The TV show “Bachelorette” is a good example.  A moral woman would never have been chosen.  Some opportunities are only open to brainless, immoral women.   Just ask Monica {OR ELLEN DEGENERATE THE EVIL,VILE, UNSPEAKABLE ACT SODOMITE.   Ha!  Sure applies to ANTI-CHRISTIAN liberty union depraved.  Woe unto you lawyers!  Matthew23,Luke 11.   Your quarrel isn’t with me.  Your quarrel is with THE LORD – Nextaxpro.    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM}

We have heard about the vacation wonderland that exists on the South Pacific island of Fiji.  Blue skies, bluer waters, sun, sand, surf – a dream for all. Have you ever wondered why such islands as Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji are pictured as desirable vacation spots and other islands are not? It certainly isn’t because “other” islands lack “blue skies, bluer waters, sun, sand, surf.” There is one thing that these places have that makes them desirable which others do not have. They are safe! That’s right. You can go there and not have to worry about being killed and eaten. How did these islands become “safe?”   It started with Hawaii. In the 18th century missionaries went there from the United States and began to evangelize the island chain. Once Christianity took root, the natives became friendly and Hawaii became a vacation paradise. But something else happened.   These noble Hawaiian Christians understood their duty to carry the Gospel to others. So,  Hawaiian missionaries ventured to the island of Tahiti and won those natives to the Lord and Tahiti was also transformed. The Tahitians were no less virtuous than their Hawaiian brethren and they also saw the need to spread the Gospel throughout the Pacific islands. But they pick the toughest nut of all to crack – Fiji.   The Fijians had the reputation of being the fiercest of all the island peoples. They, like many other islanders, were also cannibals. But their practice was horrid for they didn’t kill their victims before they ate them. They would cut off the arms of a captive and cook and eat them in front of them, often offering some to their victim. Next they did the same with their legs. Then they inserted a fishing hook into their mouth and pulled out the tongue, cut it off and cooked it. They would frolic as they goaded their victim, “We’re eating your tongue. Want some?” Finally they would grow bored with the process and slowly disembowel their victim, enjoying his every displeasure. This was the fate of many of the Tahitian missionaries who bravely took the Gospel to this people.    Eventually the Gospel overpowered evil.  Within a century 90% of the Fijian population of 90,000 people had been converted to Christianity. Where have you ever heard of such a phenomenal success rate? Peace came to Fiji…and so did tourism!  Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji became the stuff dreams were made of.    But wait, you say you know of missionaries working today in these fields. Why? Are they just on some glorified vacation trying to reach the 10% of hardliners? Absolutely not. They are working in one of the most dangerous mission fields in the world.  Today ( six: comma )Fiji is in the throngs of military coups and mob violence. Although there are still safe beaches here and there the island government is unstable and the situation dangerous.   What happened to Fiji? The answer is as simple as it is diabolical.  When Fiji came under the control of the British they imported 85,000 Indians as servants.   Almost overnight the island population doubled.  This was a “Counter-Christian” program carried on by a handful of Bible-hating British immigration officials who wanted to rid Fiji of its Christian culture.   The Indians they imported were hindus, buddhists and moslems.  Soon Fiji was awash in pagans!  The “Pagan Imports” began to demand equal rights and were soon making laws and influencing society with their heathen ways. Liberal social engineers arrived and told the Fijians that they had a “Proud Heritage” which had been destroyed by a bunch of religious fanatics. Schools began to re-teach Fijian culture and paganism.   It took generations but eventually Fiji returned to the slavery of heathenism…the “Proud Heritage.”  Today, due to the success of this counter-Christian agenda, Fiji is only beautiful on post cards. God is gone. Peace is gone. The Liberals are ecstatic!    All men of all races come from a background of paganism.   Ancient white Europeans were just as tribal and primitive as any black tribe of Africa.   But when the Gospel swept through Europe{,}  Europeans wisely recognized its superiority over heathenism and embraced Christianity.  Tribalism died and nations sprang up.   Serfs became “the middle class” and everyone prospered.  Leaders were elected instead of ruling by linage{sic}.  And the devil never forgave the Christians who introduced the Truth!

When the United States was founded it wasn’t founded on “Free Enterprise.”    It was founded on {B}biblical principles which gave birth to Free Enterprise.  Patrick Henry, Patriot and American Statesman, made this clear when he said “it cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the {G}gospel of Jesus Christ.”    Since “Day One” the devil has wanted to overthrow the influence the Bible has had on the United States of America.   He took over the educational system and changed teaching from {B}biblical to secular resulting in graduates who are immoral and irreligious.    He took over Hollywood and began producing pictures that taught Americans that the only pleasure worth pursuing was sexual pleasure. He took over the News Media and replaced preachers with reporters and the Gospel of God with the “Gospel of Liberalism.”  Today Americans trust newsmen more than preachers.  Why?  Because preachers are all “money-grubbing womanizers!”   Who told them that?   Newsmen!  Hmmm.

But one of the devil’s most successful (and invisible) takeovers was the takeover of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. { BY THE JESUITS:  -Nextaxpro)  Once he had the INS he began to execute the same program that had been so successful in Fiji.   First, the INS virtually closed the doors to white, Christian immigrants from Europe { except papists – Nextaxpro }.   Then they opened the floodgates to import pagan hindus, buddhists and muslems.   They turned a blind eye to the massive breach of our border with Mexico. Their goal was to dilute the Christian influence in America.  If anyone noticed they were scolded with a new Liberal lie. They were told “America has always been multi-cultural.” No, you dirty, filthy lying devil, America has always been a “melting-pot” where immigrants left their old ways (and gods) behind and embraced the Bible and its teachings!    Why didn’t we notice this taking place until it was too late? We were all preoccupied with a manmade diversion.  The News Media (run by who?) kept our attention with the “threat” of Communism.   We were watching missiles in Cuba and rebellion in Vietnam all the while a true invasion was taking place in our own backyard.    We didn’t wake up until we noticed all the motels and gas stations were being run by hindus, “peace-loving”  buddhists was being installed into the heads of our college students and pagan mosques appeared beside our freeways.  If we said anything we were viciously assaulted by Liberal foot soldiers who trumpeted the “multi-cultural” lie.  If that didn’t work they brought out the line that always shames white Americans into silence. “You’re just a racist!”     No! Anything but that!  I’m not a racist!   I’ll prove it.   I’ll say ‘multi-cultural’ as many times as I can.   I will say muslims helped found the United States.  Go ahead, turn my country into Iran.   Just don’t accuse me of “racism”!    So, intimidated, suppressed Americans slunk off to the football game.  They overindulged in alcohol so they were too drunk to feel the pain of the death of their country.  They lost themselves in loveless, unsatisfying sex just so they could enjoy something!  Meanwhile the heartless, cruel, intolerant steamroller of Liberalism destroyed their pride in all things American. Is there hope for America?  It’s going to take more than “1-2-3-repeat-after-me” soul winning.  Someone is going to have to do battle with the forces of evil.   Someone is going to have to…oh excuse me… I have to go now.  The game is on.     See a Trend!  Sexually perverted TV star Ellen Degenerate “came out” as a lesbian and she was soon off television.  Rosie “The Hog”  O’Donnell did the same and she’s gone too.    Maybe there’s something to this.   Maybe Americans aren’t as accepting of perverts as Hellywood would have us think.   Refreshing!  Isn’t it?   EnvironmentalCOMMUNISTS 

Environmentalist  {communists  -Nextaxpro    HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM   have brought Death & Corruption.  Fanatical religious environmentalists have passed laws that are driving ranchers, loggers, and recreationalists off huge portions of our national forests.  The vacuum has been filled by Mexican drug cartels growing marijuana.  In California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arkansas armed guards and booby traps are threatening to kill anyone who stumbles onto one of their fields. It only seems right that environmentalists would be partners in crime with a bunch of drug dealers.      If There Is No “God” there Is No “Good” “God” as defined by the Bible.   Eliminate the authority of the Bible  (A common goal of Hollywood, public schools and the New Mafia) and “Good” will be defined by whoever has the biggest gun.  Thus, as power is transferred from the Bible to the News Industry, we see that “Good” is:   recycling, accepting homosexuals, free sex, gun control etc. while “Bad” is being anti-abortion, being pro-American, being a Christian, etc.


True talk enrages Homosexual Activists,” SPHA, May/June 1996 p.5]   THE SODOMITES WILL NOT SUPPRESS ME !!!

“Jihad” is a “Jihoke”   The___{full of hot air}  muslims are forever declaring “Jihad” on everybody. (Gen. 16:11, 12)  They talk like “Jihad” means this bunch of fearless warriors is going to wage a relentless war for righteousness. What they really mean is that these “fearless warriors” are going to hide behind women’s skirts, blow up innocent children, hide in the so-called “holy” places and shoot people and slink around in the dark seeking ways to do nothing but cause pain and suffering. This is enough of an example of the “grace” of “Allah” to make me thank God I have the right God!   Jesus Christ is Lord!                             

Doctors Against Guns?    There are about 1,500 deaths per year due to gun accidents.   There are about 60,000 deaths per year due to medical malpractice.    And a lot more deaths due to srid {sodomite related immunity deficiency}.  And the so-called “health departments”,   Center for disease control, doctors, hospitals, surgeons don’t have the guts to demand they not be given treatment.  Nurses and medical workers have died as a result of contact with sodomites EVEN WHEN THEY HAD GLOVES AND MASKS ON !   { WOW!!!!!!!!!!   – Nextaxpro }

Rev. David Frederick      Bro. Frederick is the Associate Pastor of Galilean Baptist Church in Livonia, Michigan.  For years Bro. {?? – Nextaxpro  }  frederick’s Jehovah {false -Rocky } witness mother would have nothing to do with the Bible.   As her health began to fail, he asked her if he could just read one chapter of the Bible each time he visited.  She consented.  After 400 chapters the jehovah { false – Nextaxpro } witness of 50 years trusted Christ as her Saviour.  She threw out her JW junk and then threw out the JW’s when they came to see her.  What does it take to stop you?    Identifying Our Nation’s Enemies To find who it is that wants America destroyed, all we need to do is locate who:

Told our women that tattoos were feminine.   {The lying, liberal, sodomite, abominable, globalist news mafiosos }.   Told our men that earrings were masculine. 

Told our high school girls they owed a boy their body,   Learn or burn;  turn or burn:

One Brave Lady
I was in a meeting recently and a woman approached and thanked me for my “Declaration of Jihad” on godless muslims.   She goes to a state college that is loaded with them.   She sent away for Chick tracts on the errors of  islam and told me,  “When I see one in the halls, I head straight for them and hand them a Chick tract.”   Meanwhile, I imagine the “big, brave” men are busy writing another eulogy for the United States!

Are There No Arab Men?
There are no men in Muslim societies. When our country fought wars in the past at least they fought against men.  The Germans, Japanese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese and Cubans (Grenada) would at least meet our soldiers in face-to-face combat. They were wrong but at least they were men.   Apparently there are no men in Arab societies. All they can do is set off bombs, blowup school kids, slink around and kidnap helpless civilians, slit the throat of bound up prisoners and so on.    What a tremendous illustration of the inferiority of Allah and muslim society.



MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro For the many who prefer to study in their own language { some dialects available }: Have aversion to recommending google. Doing so because this, believe it or not, thus far, is the most accurate translation. You are correct: I cannot believe it either. This one may be better; may be not. Depending upon which webpage you are on in: You may translate in to approximately 113 languages. Have not been able to ascertain if better than google translate.... MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! My blog will soon be a website, LORD Willing. RSS feeds are woefully far behind by WP. Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. Noticed that more are visiting this Category. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro

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