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Relative:   Gil J. Rochon

Web:       http://WWW.MERCYCARES.ORG       413-536-0503   413-788-7366
  Category:    Adoption Agency



Brightsides for Children, Inc.  (Adoption Resource Center at Brightside)
2112 RIVERDALE ST,  West Springfield MA 01089-1099

Contact connie { constance} kellogg or Nuella Sullivan  800-660-4673   OR    413-788-7366

MURDERERS OF THE MIND:   PSYCHIATRIC CENTERS, CPS, INCLUDING SOME UNDESERVING ADOPTIVE PARENTS.    I write this because you need to know.  You need to contain so that there is no chance that this will happen to you.    We’ve all done wrong; things we regret for all of our lives. People think my reputation is impeccable, but we’ve all done things in our past that we regret. I will lose the admiration and respect of some people.   Therefore, I am not addressing those types of people.   They will get their due:   Mark 9:42-48, Numbers 32:23, Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 20:11-15,   ET CETERA^.

You and I know that friends like that are not our friends.  But it is far better and always necessary to tell the truth.   Some of us have children.   They are ours.  They are loaned to us by GOD.   This is never supported by the press.    The sorcerer psychologist shrinks, cps, dcfs, hhs, Massachusetts department of “social services”, socialist wreckers – “the people that matter”,  sodomite, liberal press think your child belongs to the state.    This, of course, is the same devilish, Dark age thinking of the communists and the nazis.    Nearly all of you are victims of Alfred kinsey and the “sexual revolution”.   For example, there is no such thing as “safe sex” outside of the Marriage Institution created by GOD:    1Corinthians 6:18.  That’s why sodomites cannot get married.  It is without natural affection and they are racked by WOGS – Wrath of GOD syndrome.  That’s what it was called before the perverted sodomite press changed the name to aids and hiv, innocent sounding abbreviations that cover up the true cause of the deadly disease:   Romans 1:26-27.   Furthermore, you will never see a happy fornicator nor any one joyful who lives in any sin, regardless of the sin. It is ambient; you cannot get away from what the press, the rock noise singers, the united nations, hollyfilth, playboy, the advertisers, the television, the internet chat rooms, the internet pornography, the large internet advertisers, the cell phone, the university professor, the public school, the sorcerer cultic shrink, the therapist, the liberal so-called “minister”  spews out.    All you can do is ask God to give you victory over the abominations.  Ask God to put clean, holy thoughts in to your mind:    1Peter 2:11, Psalm 119, Philippians 3:7-21, et cetera^.

I wish I did not know what I know about adoption agencies. My ex-girlfriend put up our baby for adoption. The adoptor, a trudy s. anti-saint pierre has attempted to smear me and has told numerous lies about me to my son.    My job is to attempt to prevent what was done to me from being done to others.   We all know that many people are unforgiving.   I am out to make sure that what was done to me will not be done to others.   We are always to sacrifice for the good of society and for other human beings.   This is my goal.   I cannot keep silent.   We do not want anyone else to be victimized by vile, surreptitious, callous unscrupulous, ruthless trashy adoption agencies and evil surrogate parents that cheat and exploit.    Frankly, many adoptive parents only want the tax break.    We don’t think that is morally upright.    Your senators, representatives and delegates will either give you no answer or answer that indicates they do not know what the issue is.  The biological parents ARE the parents of the child, always and for ever.

constance kellogg and trudy s. anti-st. pierre are evil for pretending that any other parent is the parent.   We know about unfortunate situations.   But the paramount thing is that society has been so perverted by the sorcerer psychologists  {Luke 16:15, Acts 2:23}, “it takes a village” God haters, animal rights, environmental human haters, modern day theologians, movie stars, judges, lawyers {Matthew 23, 24!}, public school superintend-dents, college professors {Romans 1:22!!!}, the alf kinsey supporters, the abominable liberal press and others that society has been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that the child doesn’t belong to the parents or doesn’t belong to the parents in certain circumstances.    devil possessed and devil oppressed sinners that think in this manner are vile and have given their soul and energy to satan.

Many single parents and couples who adopt do not have a conscience.  They are checked out by adoption homes NOT to check out their morals. They are checked out to make sure the children will be brought up in a godless home, where God, country, high moral values and honesty will NOT be taught, indeed, not even tolerated.   My former girlfriend had a baby and, in those days, when the baby was placed for adoption, no records were kept.  I met my former girlfriend years later.   I asked her where our baby was.  She could not tell me.  She had been to Brightside and Brightside would not tell her based on “privacy matters”, which of course, is ridiculous.   The biological parents are the parents and don’t ever forget that.  Any others, no matter how much care they give, are mere surrogates and are never to be pretended to be the real parents.  This has caused a great deal of trouble, trial and grief because “the people that matter” have been so successful in brainwashing us in to believing that the real parents are not the real parents.   Sorcerer shrinks, social wreckers, so-called counselors really believe that Adolf Hitler- Joe Stalin devilish garbage.   Some of you have found that out firsthand via the excesses of the very abominable HHS, DSS, dcfs, gestapo,  dcse,  CPS gestapo ( dss ) Massachusetts department of “social and family services” and whatever the gestapo names are.   They vary in some states.

The rights of biological parents is an issue that is totally ignored, even smeared by the aforementioned “people that matter”.    The motivation by Brightside and trudy anti-saint s.  pierre has been to abolish heredity biological parent rights.   That’s their motivation.   It is evil.   By their fruits, ye shall know them.   Brightside for families and children lie in their advertising!    It is not pro-family and they, like the cps, do not inform you of the rights of the child.    Imagine a psychiatric care center cutting off contact!!!   Yeah, they really offer help!!   Imagine not putting pressure on trudy s. anti-st. pierre to allow us to see our own baby!   Beware of any promotion or any agency for profit or not stating that they are “a mental health and support center”. “Mental health” does not mean what you think it is.   See my section:   sorcery psychology:   the world’s most dangerous and most evil, satanic cult.

The promoters of “mental health” are a satanic cult.    Many, many books, tapes, treatises, exposes and websites expose sorcery shrink psychology “mental health” for what it really, verily is.    Ye shall know them by their fruits.    Their goal is to destroy you, your family and the great Christian heritage of the United States of America.    Get in their way and you will find out what a vicious, satanic cult it is!    When the “people that matter” say “psychiatric treatment”,  their definition, just as with any cult, is the opposite of what they put in to your mind and want you to think.   Imagine not even attempting to give pictures of my son by trudy  picard st.abominable!!   Yeah, that’s real sorcery  psychology in action:    Matthew 7:16-20, Revelation 21:8.    This is not the psychiatry that you hear.   This is not the psychiatry that you are taught in school.   This is psychiatry for real.  This is psychiatry, like nazism, in action .    Do you think that evil psychology and psychiatry will be outlawed?   After looking at the Brightside website, it is obvious to me why trudy s. anti- saint pierre said the lies, asked the nosy questions, never answered the phone, NEVER allowed my son to e-mail me and wrote a short, hateful letter to me.

constance kellogg and trudy s. anti-saint pierre connived to deceive, steal information and I have since found out they violated my rights as a biological parent.   In 2001, I received a letter from Brightsides for Children, Inc.    constance kellogg, a co-administrator for Brightside Adoption Resource Center, was seeking to contact me regarding my son.    She stated that my son and his adoptive mother were looking for me and wanted to meet me.   This constance kellogg began sending me forms to fill out regarding the medical history of my ancestors.    Turns out, she had no interest in the well-being and physical, emotional and spiritual health of my child.   For some reason, they have covered up the birth date of my son and insisted they were right.   My son was born April 16, 1970,   NOT NOT April 5, 1970.     The paternity suit papers stated that and stated that the baby was not premature and the hospi.

Further, when I saw my ex-girlfriend in 1988, she stated that Kevin Steven [the name my former girlfriend labeled him]  was NOT premature.    I still don’t know why trudy picard “saint” Pierre and Constance Kellogg with Brightside are working so hard to cover that up.   The hospital records and the commonwealth of Massachusetts record of the paternity suit showed my sonborn April 16, 1970.   As I previously pointed out, my son wasn’t boy prematurely.  

 I know I’m correct about the birth date because of the legal papers that were served and Providence hospital, is  like all hospitals have to type up a Certificate of Live Birth.    trudy s. picard hatred of saint pierre later said he was born slightly retarded without sending me his picture, grades in school, where he went to school, medical records, evaluations by physical and occupational therapists and so on.   My son began to e-mail me saying how overjoyed he was that he was going to meet me and that he loved me.   I had high hopes that I would finally be able to see my son.

My son and I agreed to a date and time when I would call.   When I did, Trudy picard anti-saint Pierre answered the telephone and said that he was out.    Although she said something totally unnecessary like  “this may offend but you have to be careful”  – Ahem!   WHAT A DEVOUT DOPE POPE PAPIST!!!!!   I had told her that I was glad that my son had repented and believed on THE LORD JESUS for his personal Saviour.    … for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speakerh. –   made statements that were not true, and lied about me being in a homeless shelter, the conversation was amicable.   Whether I was in, or ever in a homeless shelter was none of her business, nor for that matter, would there even a stigma to being in a homeless shelter.  If you have something against that, you better examine yourself.  There are lots of reasons for being in a homeless shelter, and many are not the victim’s sin, which, of course is the homeless person.   THE LORD had no place to lay HIS Head.

It really reflects very badly on a person’s character if she has something against a person whom is the victim of a natural disaster, robbery, mugging,  illness, injury, disability, stealing by a former spouse supported by a corrupt judge, et cetera^.   If she has so much against being in a homeless shelter, then she can restore the car, encyclopediae, many books, Gospel tracts, sentimental pictures of my grandparents,  sentimental photographs of me when I was little, golf clubs, suitcase, copper, et cetera^, to me that were stolen by my ex-wife, linda jean salyers,  my lawyer J.R. bushey and “judge”  j.j. robinson.    In the meantime, Trudy anti-saint Pierre, you are to  apologize to me and keep your feces filled mouth shut forthwith!!!     Further, J.C. Penney was penniless at age 56.    You don’t know that, did you?   trudy s. no saint pierre  hater of saints will go to the ultimate homeless shelter if she does not repent, but that’s another matter.    That horrible, real place will not be a shelter.   She has money;   none of which she earned, but that’s another story.   The LORD can take away her money at any time and she will be in a homeless shelter, and she will be the bitterest of all when society criticizes her.   Funny how liars and frauds are so hypocritical, isn’t it?    Don’t you EVER She asked several nosey questions, but never told anything about herself even though I am the parent of my child.   In addition, she slandered THE REAL MOTHER of my son by saying she was in a mental institution, trudy s. anti-saint pierre talked about bringing my son to visit and also to visit the parents of the mother of our child.

After an hour, I told her I had to excuse myself for one moment and I would call back.  She said that was “fine”.  When I did, she did not answer the phone.  Repeated calls were never answered then nor in subsequent days.   In other words, she would not answer the phone nor allow my son to answer the phone.   A few months later, I received a short note from trudy s. anti-saint pierre stating that she “was concerned for the safety of her son“!!!    Kevin Steven is not her son!!   She said “your refusal to answer my question regarding your status causes me to think it is not safe for my son to be around you”.    That was all filthy lies, libel, slander and blasphemous lies!    I answered all of her questions.   The questions I asked her, she refused to answer or she told ONLY LIES.    My son is my son.   Kevin Steven is NOT NOT NOT her son!!

That pharisee has not been brought to justice yet.   Every liar knows when she is lying.  trudy picard anti-saint is a LIAR.   It was all a set-up to nefariously steal information about my ancestors and she never intended to grant visitation to my son.   This is murder of the mind.   We’re talking about my son here.    This trudy picard saint(?) pierre is a murderer.   I didn’t refuse to answer anything.   trudy  picard anti-saint pierre is a liar!!  In her evil, totally depraved heart she committed MURDER.    If I had, and if she were sincere, she would merely repeat the question until clarified and answered.   Her own actions proves her to be a blasphemous liar.    She cut off contact!    She didn’t ask any further questions.    She didn’t even answer the phone!    By their fruits ye shall know them.   She has attempted to cut off communication, not enhance communication.  Suddenly, her address and telephone numbers disappeared.    She never answered e-mails nor allowed my son to answer my e-mails!!     This devil deleted her telephone number.   She deleted my son’s facebook page.    She is doing great harm to my son and committing slander and libel. Custody should be stripped from her.   The adoption should be annulled and the public warned that nefarious activity will not be tolerated by adopting so-called parents.

All psychological counseling is to be banned and the sorcerer shrinks are to be indicted, tried, convicted, hanged.     The parents are the parents, not a stranger nor a sorcerer shrink nor the State.    She never even emailed nor sent pictures of my son. That speaks volumes right there.   I emailed and mailed the return address to trudy picard anti-saint pierre saying:  “excuse me, did I say something to offend you?”    She never emailed nor wrote back.    She is a LIAR and a PIRATE AND A FRAUD from the outset.     Her own actions and her own mouth testifies against her.   She never had any intention of bringing my son to visit me.    I didn’t refuse anything and trudy picard anti st. pierre knows it.    Even had I refused, she could have asked why I was refusing and asked again.  The entire fiasco was a blasphemous lie by trudy s. anti- ain’t pierre.   She has not communicated since;  there have no e-mails nor replies to my e-mails.

No thanks was ever proffered for giving her information regarding my relatives!!!    Ye shall know them by their fruits.    She is a vile, evil devil.    Still no weeping, no remorse, no communication and no apologies, after 14.5 years!!!!    You figure it out.   When I called constance kellogg long distance out of my own pocket relating the incident, her first reaction was not of sympathy nor to tell the truth nor to do something about abominable trudy s. anti – saint. pierre. She stated “she has full and sole legal rights to the child”. Why would THAT be the first thing that she would say?    For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.   – Matthew 12:34.

If the heart is conceiving evil things, evil words and deceitful words will come out of your mouth.    That wasn’t the subject at hand!    Hence, Kellogg and the entire staff of Brightside adoption home is every bit as evil as trudy picard anti-st. Pierre.  Kellogg mailed the forms with no intention of legally securing visitation first, nor of advising trudy s. anti-st. pierre to act with reason, discretion, compassion, mercy and niceties. She never asked if I approved of trudy picard anti-st. pierre being the fake mother of my son.    It says “Focus on Families” on the Brightside  “” website!!!    Ha ha ha ha ha!  That would be funnysick were it not so deceptive and secretly serving the devil:   Ephesians 5:11, Romans One, et cetera^.  They claim to be non-profit and it is “dot com”.    Internal Revenue Service, take notice.   Constance Kellogg never advised me of my rights when she mailed the medical forms for me to fill out.   I am every bit as worse off for filling out the forms.    Constance Kellogg even got rid of her then e-mail address.

I’m holding the mailer daemons:   skhawk@attbi .com    REMEMBER:   FOR THE BENEFIT OF SOCIETY, AND, TO PREVENT OTHER MEN FROM BEING HURT BEYOND COMPREHENSION:   NO ADOPTIVE PARENT IS THE PARENT!    THEY CAN BE THE PARENT TEMPORARILY IN SOME EXTRAORDINARY AND PARALYZING SITUATIONS, BUT CAN NEVER BE THE PERMANENT PARENT.  REMEMBER THAT!! IN CONCLUSION, WHAT TO DO SO THAT YOU DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM!!!    Get their communist insecurity number first {SS number}.    Find out where they work, where they live, their full name, a copy of their passport, maiden names, prior convictions, husband’s full name, ex-husband’s full name, military service if any, previous addresses, prior employment, past 3 years income tax returns, and any thing else your lawyer tells you to attempt to get.   You must get as much information as you are able.   Very few people know to get this information at the time the child is put up for adoption.   You have to demand this information when the adoption home or foster home asks for information about you and your ancestors.   cps, dcfs, hhs, dss, adoption homes, group homes, foster homes, sorcerer shinks, evil judges, corrupt police departments, psychiatric homes, mental health centers, counselors, socialist wreckers will NOT NOT NOT tell you that you have rights clearly and concisely explained in the Constitution of the United States, and rights that the state you live in give to you.  The reason adoption homes are beginning to do this now is if the adopted child gets an allergy, disease or something, the doctors need to have the medical history of the child and the medical history of the ancestors as much as possible.   You also should demand a copy of the sheet wherewith they are soliciting this information.   I say that because I did not make a copy of the questionnaire sheet Brightside sent to me.   All that I remember is that they asked if I knew anything about diseases that my ancestors had and the cause of death for the individuals asked about.  I do not remember the other information Brightside asked for.   It is only natural to cooperate.  You always want to do all and any to help any child.  But you must remember to protect yourself.   My rights and peace of mind were and still are impugned by trudy picard anti-saint pierre and Brightsides for children(?),  and daily the rights of the real, God recognized parents are being trampled upon from many directions.  You have to get guaranteed visitation rights, otherwise the atrocity that was committed against me will be committed against you.  Some people in this world are so self-seeking, you have to make them sign a legally binding agreement or make them do right via force.   I was cheerful, great mannered and friendly to Constance Kellogg and trudy picard anti saint Pierre.    I was kicked in the face for my love, loyalty and honesty.    I love my son.

Obviously, I have to speak out because this is accentuated by the fact that most whom have to put a child up for adoption cannot afford a lawyer, hence cannot afford to get legal advice from a Constitutional attorney, et cetera^.   If you have an attorney, he/she will know the lawyer representing the foster or potential adoptive parents.  That other lawyer can give the SS# to your lawyer.   Don’t let any one lie to you by stating otherwise.  I know how the system works.  I did not then.   This is vital in the event you have to hire a private eye to find your child some day.  None of us want to demand that our Constitutional rights be revered.   But trudy picard anti-st. pierre isn’t the only evil adoptive parent in the world.   There are many.   I write this because many are in the same situation as I.    We did wrong when we were young.   The child was put up for adoption.  We long to see our children; we pray for our children, want the best for our children.  Therefore, you have to secure a good faith promise from the adoptive parent.   I don’t want the atrocity committed against me to be committed vs. you.    There are very abominable witches walking this earth who do not care about the feelings of other people.    I have no criminal record and have not been in jail.    trudy picard not a st. pierre cannot think of ANY reason to keep my son from seeing me.     She is so unscrupulous, voluptuous, seared conscience papist,  she even forbade my son from e-mailing me or calling me any more!!    That’s right:    incredibly, the e-mails from my son ceased after that telephone conversation with trudy picard anti -saint pierre.     It’s not only the cps GESTAPO devils that are against your parental rights.   There are plenty of devils like trudy picard anti-st. pierre walking this earth.   She will get her due.    And I will rejoice with Kevin Steven, my son, in Heaven forever.    She will fry, scream, ROAST, SIZZLE, BEG, curse God and spend all eternity in the Lake of Fire paying for all the abominations that she so abominably committed.  When you sin, souls get hurt.   She has hurt my son, I, the mother of our child, their family, my family, my son’s half brothers and half-sisters, their children, our friends, their children, spouses, grandchildren and she does not even care!

In the meantime, I call out to the Lord for Justice to be done to her now.  I’ve found where my son and her kidnapping mother live and will consult a lawyer as to whether to take trudy picard anti-st. abominable to court or just drive up and visit him.  She certainly has amply proved that she has ALWAYS BEEN AN UNFIT MOTHER AND A VERY UNHEALTHFUL INFLUENCE ON MY SON.  To not allow him to e-mail, nor call when he’s an adult is obviously preposterous, childish, constraining, unreasonable, ludicrous,  abusive, unfit mother, funnysick and abominable.   THE LORD’S JUSTICE DOES NOT SLEEP.    THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK EVIL LIKE CONSTANCE KELLOGG AND TRUDY picard anti-sT. pIERRE DO WILL GET YOUR JUST RECOMPENSE IN THE LAKE WHICH BURNETH WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, WHICH IS THE SECOND DEATH.

THE WICKED ARE GETTING OLDER.    EVERY DAY BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO THE TERRIFYING GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT IN SPACE.    You will have no leg to stand upon!!     For further details, read Mark 9:41-48, Revelation, Chapters 11, 13, 14, 17, 18,  20-22, 19:3.
Phone numbers of that wicked place  Brightsides for children.   Oh, really?!?!   For children?   NOT A GHOST OF A CHANCE!!   Phone #:(413) 788-7366 Main Phone
Phone #:(413) 539-2973    Clinical Assessment Center
Phone #:(800) 274-7724   Clinical Assessment Center
Phone #:(877) 777-7774    Adoption Resource Center at Brightside-   Constance Kellogg took down her e-mail address!   THAT is an admission of guilt!

 “I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names.”   -Billy Sunday
MURDERERS OF THE MIND:    SORCERER SHRINK VOODOO PSYCHOLOGISTS:   REVELATION 21:8    There has to be a law passed that imprisons those who obtain information about the biological parents and their families medical history under dishonest pretenses.    trudy picard anti-st. pierre, through Brightside Adoption Home, demanded medical history of me and my ancestors.    She promised to bring my son to see me.    She never intended to keep this promise.   She did not pick up the phone when I called back and a month or so wrote a letter stating “your refusal to answer my question leads me to believe that my son is not safe around you”.    THAT IS A LIE!!!    trudy picard anti-saint DOPE POPE pierre never asked any question that I refused to answer.   WHAT QUESTION?!!   WHAT REFUSAL?!!  sHE DIDN’T ASK ANY QUESTION?!!    I DIDN’T REFUSE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTION!!   sHE KNOWS THAT!   She lied and still has not been brought to justice.

Also, she alleged that I was homeless, which was a LIE and none of her business in any event.     What an abominable, callous, evil, catholic abuser!!     Unbelievable!!    Still no apology nor restitution from trudy picard naughty HATER of saints, abominable criminal  st. pierre -March 7, 2016.  April 14, 2016, 7-5-16, 9-28-16.    She pretends that there is something wrong with homeless souls.    No sympathy; no honest questions as to how a person got in to a homeless situation.   What if the Salvation Army had her attitude?!!!   For the SON of man hath no place to lay HIS Head – Luke 9:62.   What if the LORD JESUS CHRIST had her attitude?!!!    We could never be saved.   trudy picard anti-saint pierre does not deserve to have a home to lay her cockatrice murdering head.     

FLEE FORNICATION!!!  -1CORINTHIANS 6:20.   SOME FREE LEGAL ADVICE.   I’M GOING TO TRY TO GIVE YOU MORE AT MY SEMINARS.  COME ONE, COME ALL.  I WANT TO SEE HOW MANY WILL PROMISE TO COME.    This one concerns adoptions.  If you write your representative or senator, you will either receive no response or, if she/he has the decency to respond will ask for clarification.   When I was young, I got into trouble.   I have a son and I want to see him and he wants to see me.   The socialist wrecker agency that contacted me made up lies and braindead statements such as “you don’t know him and he doesn’t know you”.    Sooo?   You don’t know him!   You are callous!!   You are commies!!   You are callous to human needs and what the LORD JESUS Wants!    He’s my son.    Eventually I gave my known ancestral information, trusting that I would get visitation.   The adopting mother never intended for me to visit.    She is a LIAR, PIRATE AND A FRAUD.   She made up lies and made up lies about me.   trudy picard anti-saint pierre IS A CHILDNAPPER!!  THAT IS WHAT IT TRULY IS.  Now I’m going to share the entire story and it will take a while to share everything.   But I’m going to do it and you will be more than willing to pay to have this valuable information.  This  information needs to be passed on to your friends and you need to teach this to your children as it is a Jeremiah 2:19.   And it is one more heartbreak that will come upon you if you get into trouble.     Sorcerers, socialist wreckers, cps, hss, Massachusetts  dss, evil judges, public school superintendents  are sodomite murderers, liars, family wreckers, child-nappers and are typical of all the evil that is in the world.


THE PINK SWASTIKA:      VERY soon Hellfire is her home forever if she does not repent of her jesuit catholicism!!!

But HE  {GOD Almighty, the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF} was wounded for our transgressions;  HE was brusied for our iniquities.  The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed.    – Isaiah 53:5

But GOD Commendeth HIS Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us.  Much more then, being now justified by HIS Blood, we shall be saved from Wrath through HIM.    Romans 5:8-9.

Repentance toward GOD, and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST.   – Acts 20:21

Please study Isaiah 53.

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of, but the sorrow of the world worketh death.   –2Corinthians 7:10.

I tell you Nay, but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish   Luke 13:3, 5.
Verily, verily, I say unto thee:  he that heareth MY Word, and believeth on HIM that sent ME, hath everlasting life:  and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.   –John 5:24.
– Nextaxpro 118

^ I am replacing “etc.”  with et cetera.    Clearer.


MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro For the many who prefer to study in their own language { some dialects available }: Have aversion to recommending google. Doing so because this, believe it or not, thus far, is the most accurate translation. You are correct: I cannot believe it either. This one may be better; may be not. Depending upon which webpage you are on in: You may translate in to approximately 113 languages. Have not been able to ascertain if better than google translate.... MANY THANKS to you for taking the time to correspond! My blog will soon be a website, LORD Willing. RSS feeds are woefully far behind by WP. Please support this great endeavor to help and educate many people; help many people to help others. Please encourage your loved ones and trusted friends to visit, study my blog thoroughly and frequently. Noticed that more are visiting this Category. I am expanding and have several more Categories that will be coming! LORD Bless: Nextaxpro

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