Welcome.    Some of you are planning to emigrate to the Land of the free and the home of the brave.   With the election of President Donald J. Trump, the tax laws may turn out to be simpler.   This means fewer deductions for some of you.   For the majority of you, it will mean an easier, simpler way to prepare your Federal income taxes.    For those of you coming to America, I keep up with the income tax laws and will be able to do your taxes for you if you cannot do them yourselves.    Provided congress passes the simpler income tax code,  the only ones who will need my help are those of you whom are going to start new businesses when you come to the United States { and, of course, those of you who are already here and those of you who were born here.    LORD Bless:   Nextaxpro }
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Wonder if this “new, improved, what the public wanted” will hold these few extra words!  Got to get going.   LORD Bless all of you:   Romans 10:9,10.

The “history” channel is a fraud!!  The “history” channel has not had 70 hours of history in 17 years!!!   The “history” channel LIED in denying that Genesis 19 was about the sodomite queers!!   The “history” channel attempted to state the evil, braindead LIE that Genesis 19 was Ezekiel 49 ~ about those who ignored the poor!   Now how imbecilic cranial vacuity is THAT?!!!!!

You cannot contact those who have gone on and those who have gone out in to eternity are not coming back.    Read, study, pray, obey the King James 1611 Bible!       … and beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed:   so that they which would pass from hence to you CANNOT;   neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.  – Luke 16:26.     Once you’ve died, your soul goes to one of two places.    There are no exceptions today!!   BLOOD is required!!!  When I see THE BLOOD, I will pass over you:   Exodus 12:13.    The LORD JESUS CHRIST Clarifies a tremendous number of topics and answers a vast array of questions.    Disney  corporation owns espn faggot and the “history” channel sodomites, which explains why the “history” channel tells so many lies.   “history” channel is also deceitful.    A good example is the “history”  channel NEVER admits that the mass murderer and hater of Semites adolf hitler is a sodomite!!     hitler being a sodomite mass murderer is totally known to and by all perverts, who are queers.   This was well explained by Shirer and all the authors of hitler’s biography and the history of the nazi thug communist totalitarian dictatorship.     Also study The Pink Swastika:  homosexuality in the nazi party.     espn, abc, abc “news” are owned by evil Disney.    espn does not entertain via sports.    espn pushed the vile, evil, criminal, abominable, gutter rat sodomite agenda!!    And the espn abomination still does!!!
    And FAGbook { facebook } is an abomination.   FAGbook took my exposes of sodomites down and won’t let me in to my account!!!!



Do your taxes online if you are in a relatively simple situation.   If not, come to me.  I STRONGLY DESIRE to do public speaking now and am currently an inactive enrolled agent that has come out of retirement { grew tired of all the fees and the IRS fees}.
     H&R Block has to fold up their operation.  Firstly, the firm is not to print the SS# of the client on any of the Tax  software they send out.
     Secondly, they are not to advertise “refund anticipation loans”. Not only were they never necessary, they are not ethical, the interest rate annualized – especially when you add the fees and figure them in – is outrageous.    Senator Schumer testified that it is as high as 1700% Annual Percentage Rate.    In addition, it is unwise to do what boiler room unscrupulous preparers do.  Their motivation violates IRS ethics as detailed in Circular 230.    h&r ripoff should not want to be associated with such unconscionable shananagans.   In the case of refund anticipation loans, the motivation is NOT to help the client. The client is seldom informed that he/she may be turned down for the loan due to a government agency seizure or the IRS wanting to examine the return.   That means you pay the Electronic Return Originator and bank fees in vain.   Here’s a couple that may be decent:   Free1040now and may be FreeTaxUSA, although  freetaxusa is very slow to give your password if you lost it.   I used Tax-act for the first time.   It is slow;  you have to start all over again if you want to change a business or capital gain/loss entry, for example.  But it is free so long as you only do the Federal and ignore all the advertisements to spend money.   Unless you are in a complicated tax situation, you do not need expensive software.   I found this out the hard way.
   Boy!  One thing to watch out for:  refund anticipation loans {RALs}:   Don’t do it.  What h & r ripoff and some others do is USURY and should be illegal.   These “emerald” loans are just as unscrupulous as the whole life insurance companies.  Instead of being remorseful and ceasing to attempt to bleed the public, they came out with universal life.  An out and out “stick ’em up!   Now, Block with their refund anticipation loans, instead of ceasing such things, have come out with the “emerald loans”, or “green emerald loans”.   They want to trap you in to having no choice but to return to them.  That’s the same as whole life insurance.   I heard more prospective clients tell me “I’ve put too much in to it.  I can’t get out”.   Same scenario.   So don’t go to Block. Here is a testimonial:  “If you got an emerald advance line done from them in December probably yes {you’re trapped in to returning to that outfit}. If you can, do not go to H&R Block this year. My sister got an advance done in December and she paid through the teeth this tax season. She paid almost double what she did in 2006. Also, they are not issuing checks anymore, either. They are giving the early anticipation loans now on a debit card.   My advice for you is to go to a local private tax preparer who will probably do the return for under $100. They can e-file the tax return and you won’t have to pay the outrageous fees. So if you did have H&R Block do an advance in December you’ll have to have them finish the other part of the return for 2007. If you didn’t then you won’t have to return there.”    Senator Schumer testified that a RAL is as high as 1700% APR {my calcs indicate it could be infinity in economic theory -Rocky}.
      Another testimonial:      But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse. deceiving and being deceived   -2Timothy 3:13.   Certainly applies to H&ripoff:     ” Beware of the H&R Block Emerald card…  Tell your friends!? {sic.  Means ! or !!} I got my 2007 taxes on the H&R Block pre paid {sic} emerald card. I was buying my wife a car and had the guy run the card.  The card machine didn’t say or print anything. We didn’t know what to do, the guy said “for some reason this card isn’t working.” We paid with a different card. When I got home and checked my account, the money had been deducted from the card and put on hold for an 8 week length to be paid to the dealership. We essentially have paid for the car twice!     The dealership has done everything they can to get the money released.   My wife has went into the h&r block office and made dozens of calls to the 1 800 number.  Most calls you get hung up on. All I want is for them to release my money back to me so that I can pay off the other card. I am being charged interest on the amount. I am thinking about taking them to small claims court and exposing them to the media! Warn everyone you know….this card is a hoax! “
       When my ex-wife and I went to H&R dilldocks, we found we “owed” a large tax bill when we did not.   They calculated penalty and interest for us!    That’s up to the taxpayer and the IRS if interest is owed!!    We had claimed a few exemptions.   Then the H& dumbbell rep said “drop ’em”.    That’s what she said.     All the things you can legally do to save on your taxes;  all the deductions and credits;  all the ways you can save on your income taxes and you can find more ways every year.    That’s what she said:  “drop ’em”  {!!!!}.     No questions; no time consuming, exhaustive, digging earnestly and more and more diligently for deductions; no asking about receipts and diaries of expenses; no list to prepare to save on taxes in future years – worse than worthless!  In a subsequent year, the moron told us that we were employers and had to withhold social security from our babysitter.  The limit for reporting income then was $125 or $150 per quarter.   We didn’t have to file Schedule H!!    So we didn’t have to withhold Federal taxes!!  I want H&R lying thieves to pay me back for the double charges plus interest and penalty!   We only paid around $50 to the babysitter for the entire year, if that much.  Yet H&R dumb dumb told us that we were employers and had to withhold tax from this poor lady!!  We were NOT employers!!!    We did not have to fill out a W-2 nor did we have to fill out a 1099, for that matter.  They did not tell us to get a second opinion!!!   Those idiots did not know the tax law that they professes to know!!    Further, the brain dead and thief told us that their company {H&R ripoff} would graciously amend our income tax return.   We didn’t need the return amended!!  They didn’t even know the tax law for child care providers!!  Then they charged us the equivalent fee without any advance warning!!  They said they would do it.  They did not have to;  they lied.  then they made it appear as if they would do it without a fee, since there was only one entry to change{they lied:  there was not}.   They lied to us!!  We did not need tofile a Schedule H!!!!    Whether we babysat or not was none of their business!!!   They had no business even asking that question !!!  They are agents for the Feds.     They added interest and penalty on that we were not liable for!!!!!!!!  They certainly are not interested in you the client paying the least possible legal tax!  The fact that they are still in business show how illiterate taxpayers are about their taxes.  That’s what started my business.    I got tired of overpaying frightfully on my taxes.   I went into competition with H&ripoff dishonest and exposed them.   If they had been right, they would have mentioned the state unemployment tax administration that employers are required to pay in to !!!!    They did not mention the state nor FUTA!!!!  H&R lying, abominable criminal thieves are the most lying, conniving, double crossing lowlife on earth!!   They have no business calling themselves “income tax preparers”!!
     Another testimonial:    You see how this all ties together.  H&R ripoff is not looking out for you, the taxpayer:  “Dont!  They work with the government to screw you! Yes I’ve had them done there.  I also have a {sic} accountant friend who worked there one day and quit when she saw how they were doing people.  She was trying to help save people money and her boss pulled her aside and said “we don’t do that here!”        Latest Better Business Bureau report regarding H&ripoff.   “better business” bureau took it down.   They are liars and protect their clients.   An expose on them is in:   AT&T has become very, very corrupt.     better business bureau is bought.   They serve the ones who pay them.     This h& ripoff SCANDAL has been deleted!!!! { TAken down by the better {?} business {?} bureau:      http://kansascity.bbb.org/commonreport.html?bid=46030004&language=1&bureau=&bbbid=
     Another testimonial:    “What can I {sic} do about H&R Block local office [in 29 palms]?   i {sic} went in the middle of {sic} January{sic} to get my taxes done{.} i{sic} had everything except a peice {sic} of paper from Fedelity {sic}. {W}we called fedlity{ sic} and got all the numbers that we needed for the tax stuff.  {T}the lady said that there was no reason for me to sit there that she would prepare my state and federal tax and when i{sic} got the paper{,} just come in and we could sign and send.  January 29th i{sic} came in and dropped off the paper {sic: but} the taxes were not done. i {sic} called and kept getting the run around. Feb{.} 12th i{sic} went into the office and she had only the federal done. so i{sic} signed a paper for her so that she could file my state since i was leaving back for iraq{sic}. i{sic} have tried calling and emailing and keep getting the run around.  {S}she still has not filed my state taxes and its 3 {M}march. i{sic} cant even find out what i{sic} am getting back.   {S}she charged me 500 dollars for something she still has not done.  What can i do about this.{sic:?}   i {sic} have tried to contact the main office and they are not doing anything about it either.”
      More on H&ripoff:   it is not only “country hicks”.    Block is rotten to the core knowledgewise.  An example from a former customer of theirs follows:  “Hr block bad experience. can i go to another branch?   {editor:  block did not even give their office number to this lady!  Some of the offices are so rindy dink, they do not even give you a card}. {C}can i go to another branch? the branches seem independent of each other, like mompop {sic} shops with the hr logo pasted on front. i get this impression {,} because no matter what extension or number i{I} try to call, i{I} get an operator ready {who attempts to } to connect me to a branch.  it took 3.5 hrs to do a joint return, $417. {,} with 2 schedule c’s, {;}    i{I} waited 1 hour for another hr block associate to explain to my acct that a depreciation (on schedule c) goes only in the depreciation column and the FULL AMOUNT does not go into a category also. (eg. {sic} suppplies{sic}).  i{I} am now on my 3rd trip {sic} to revising a 1040x, the numbers are only off a dollar, BUT the part 2 explanation seems poor which reads ” CLIENT REQUEST THE ROYALTIES BE REMOVED FROM THE SCHEDUEL {sic} E AND PUT ON SCHEDUEL {sic} C” yes schedule is spelled wrong twice.   it was the mgr {manager} that gave the wrong answer about the schedule E.     she {sic } has been nasty, probably wont give me another professional, IS aware of her acct s lack of knowledge, and clearly doesn{‘}t know how to fill out a 1040x as my first appt with her to correct the 1040x was 45 minutes long and she could figure out what was wrong with it, {.}      i{I} explained to here{sic} that my original refund was in the wrong column (#17) and was making my new total taxes owed less instead of more, she said she was tired and i needed to come back. i{sic} DONT think she will be filling out part 2 properly…”    More on the sick joke of going to H& ripoff:  “In addition, I’d try to use something like Turbo Tax. All HR Block are doing is running software and asking you the questions. When my wife and I first bought our house we were a little apprehensive about doing the taxes, so we went to HR Block. What a mistake.  The guy at HR Block was asking us the questions that popped up on his computer. During this process we had a question about an item. The guy at HR Block said he didn’t know and he was only putting in what we told him to put in. This cost us $150! I ended up not letting them submit the taxes electronically because I had to look up my question.  What a rip off!  Turbo Tax costs about $50 and does the same thing”.         
    Another testimonial:     Don’t use TaxCut and don’t use anything having to do with H& ripoff:   I was thought I was going to get my refund from them on Friday the 25th of January. I filed my taxes on Jan 8 using taxcut and simplepay. I am using my emerald card from last year for the direct deposit. IRS accepted my refund on Jan 13 and direct deposited my refund according to the IRS website. I called blockheads on Friday and they told me “funding problems, wait 2 to 4 hours, you will have your money.” Saturday I called, and was told Monday morning at the lateste. Monday night I called and after being on hold for 45 minutes I was told Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday night I called and was put on hold for SEVENTY EIGHT MINUTES!!! At which time I was told Wed morning. The guy I talked to last night called me a liar when I told him that his people (which are supposed to be my people) told me I was to have my money on friday night, then monday, then tuesday. Anyone else getting screwed by H&R Blockheads?     
     Yep.  Here’s one whom is having problems, also.  H&ripoff is abominable.  It’s bad enough to pay too much tax and pay for it!  It worse to get a RAL!  But look at this!!
     another:    Problems is a light word.    I installed their software and it rewrote all the file permissions on my program files directory, giving a user level account admin rights on the PC and making that account the only one that could even see program files.   Ive been on hold for 40 minutes now with their compliant department. Not like their software saved the previous permissions, to restore my system to a secure state Ill have to rebuild it.   This is also a known issue their article number 42998. The article also says its fixed in an update…. but you don’t get the update till after the software is installed…. which is when the problem occurs …….. DONT INSTALL THEIR SOFTWARE!!!!!!!     I’m blogging.     Now you get busy.     All of you whom have been ripped, call your Congressman, the Federal Trade Commission and report them to your local Better Business Bureau now!    – Nextaxpro


Is Jackson-Hewiit any good?    Jackson-nitwit certainly is NOT a good place to get your taxes done.  I spied on them in 2002.   They are bad!!    If your situation is complex, they can’t do it.   I saw a girl in there who was still in school. She was doing 1040EZ’s. Any teenager can do a 1040EZ.    Saw some pretty sleazy things going there, also. In 2002, the IRS system went down for a few days, so no one whom had eFiled could get their taxes processed, hence could not get their refund authorized for eFile.  When the customers complained, one of the “managers” said “why are they griping?  We don’t get our money, either”.     Jackson-Hewitt certainly don’t care about their customers. They even laugh at them! A young couple came in.  They had a refund coming.  They signed up for the enormous ripoff of eFile.  As they were leaving, the husband said “it’s great that we are getting a refund”.  The wife said:  “it’s not our money.  It’s a loan”.  The couple was out of earshot and the employees laughed!!!   None  of the employees ran after them to explain that it is THEIR refund.  The so-called “manager” who was there was laughing also!!  My blood was boiling, and, after six years, it still is boiling.  I put up on my website what I observed. I’ve never met nor heard of any of the Jackson-dimwit preparers being enrolled agents.
          I had one lady come to me whom had had Jackson-dimwit do her taxes.  They said she owed 600 plus interest and they put penalty on her taxes.    I did them and she had a refund of $900!!!  
          And the scandals of the highway robbery refund anticipation loans have come out.    Senator Schumer testified that the RALS are as high as 1700% APR.   Also, the Wall Street Journal had an article 10 months or so ago about dimwit’s fraudulent practices and the stock went way south.    Those poor taxpayers have to pay extra tax and THE INTEREST AND PENALTY.     jackson dingbat was turning the taxpayers owing the IRS into refunds for the taxpayer.    
         Furthermore, jackson fraud turned the income tax refunds in to larger refunds in order to bleed their clients for more cash to work with for the refund anticipation loans {RAL}.     Some who were doing this got caught too.
       One Jackson-dilldock franchise stated on whether your baby qualifies for the Child Tax Credit if born by December 31:    “A minor child has to be born six months before Tax Filing for that year”  {!!!}.     Every enrolled agent knows that if your baby was born by 11:59PM, December 31, the parents could qualify for up to a $1000 Child Tax Credit dollar-for-dollar reducing your Federal income tax. { that was then – consult the Rock }   Even cpa’s know that one.
     jackson dingbat and h + r blockhead are the fast food operations of the income tax preparation business:   What does an “office manager”  have to do with being an expertise in Federal and State income taxes?   They call themselves “office managers”.  Not an enrolled agent;  you can bet your last dollar on that.    Here’s the taxpayer’s question:   ” Question about filing Jointly vs. Single, and about “additional witholdings”.?  What’s wrong with her answer?  ” {sic:  capital I} if you got married on dec {sic: Dec.} 31, at 11:30 at night your {sic:  you are} considered married for the entire year. {sic:  capitalize} you CANNOT file single.  There are a lot of credits you dont {sic: don’t} qualify for if you do MFS.Since you dont {sic: don’t} have childern {sic: spelling AND sic: no comma} you are going to be paying more tax.  Married at the single rate looks like it would hold more out and thats what you need.   {What?!!  You know nothing about saving and investing.  – Nextaxpro


Is this really a “tax professional”??   This was put up by a Jackson nitwit braindead:    Looks like you will be paying less tax as a whole if you file MFS, you will have around 3200 ish in taxes and she will be paying 5700.  “3200 ish”!!!!!    What!!    I mean, is that professionalism?  3200 ish??!?    Pardon, your heart is showing.     {sic:  capitalize} make sure your employers are taking out at least a few hundred more then {sic:  spelling} that to be on the safe side.   You can always figure up your taxes both ways and see what you come up with. {sic: capitalize} without having all the information i cant be 100% sure.    Hope that helps    { sic: Type a period at the end of a sentence.  }
“office manager” at jackson nitwitt   OK.   What’s wrong with the “office manager’s”  answer?

OK.  Firstly, she should have said that a marriage is only a marriage IF it is a union between a man and a woman.  You cannot call yourselves married if you are sodomites.  It is in violation of local law.  { should be.  Used to be. }

Secondly, “a lot of credits you dont {sic: don’t} qualify for if you do MFS”  such as??    Further, are there any you MAY qualify for in whole or in part, depending upon your AGI.  E.g:  the Child tax credit.  “Since you don’t have children, you will pay more tax?  What kind of an answer is THAT??!  You will pay more tax if you have more taxable income!  You won’t pay more income tax just because you do not have children!!    You may pay more, depending.  Then, she never thought of state income tax laws, either.
If you have children, you MIGHT be eligible for one or more of 3 possible credits, and you MIGHT have a lower income tax liability.  But you might not. You cannot make a blanket tax analysis and say that your income taxes will automatically be lowered if you have children!
     Taxpayers frequently state that they owe taxes after they get married and both are working and making a pretty good income.  Therefore, this “office mgr” doesn’t even know what is happening out there!
   In this situation, she is saying  “Looks like you will be paying less tax as a whole if you file married filing separately, you will have around 3200 ish {dumb:  -Rocky}  in taxes and she will be paying 5700.    This “office manager”  doesn’t even know that there is little chance they will pay less tax if they file Married Filing Separately.    She didn’t even mention anything like:  can you itemize?    If so, do both spouses have itemized deductions?  How do you split the itemized deductions, if you can itemize?  You have to split legally, i.d {sic:   id est = that is },what each spouse actually paid.    Less tax filing married filing separately!  Not in this situation!    Not an enrolled agent at all.    May be not even a cpa.   Absolutely no knowledge of taxes.     The majority of taxpayers know that you save when you file married filing jointly. “make sure your employers are taking out at least a few hundred more then {sp} that to be on the safe side”   What doesn’t she know?  First, you do not want to give the govt an interest free loan.    She didn’t mention that.  Second, she didn’t try to tell them the percentage their 90,000 gross income would represent in Federal income tax liability.    She didn’t attempt to do any math, hence, no explanation of why the employers should take out “at least a few hundred more than that”.    More than what??  $5700 ?!!!?! 

     Thirdly, if you need to pay more Federal income tax, have less taken out for the first 5-6 months of the year.  Then have more taken out later.  That way, the couple will have more to pay the bills.  You should also make them aware that they can pay estimated tax.  That way, the responsibility stays in their head.  This Jackson-hackwitt “office manager”  does not know any sound accounting or anything else to help the taxpayer!  This “answer” by a Jackson-hewitt reveals a storefront mentality.  There is no tax talk in her answers.  She has only a rudimentary of the subject and, in some parts of this simple topic, showed zero knowledge, even negative knowledge, as MFS would cost the taxpaying couple money.  She didn’t even ask about tuition credits, education credits, will they begin a business, do they own real estate, other investments, nor ask about itemized deductions.  “Looks like you will be paying less tax as a whole if you file MFS”
      Simply stated,  you, office manager, are not an enrolled agent or even a CPA.  Get another job.  You haven’t been fired.  THAT reveals the state of Jackson-hewitt!!  And nobody can contradict what I say.You can do your taxes yourself unless you are in a complicated situation – a proprietorship, partnership, lot of real estate deals with depreciation, hunted for buried treasure –  along that line.   If you are not comfortable, get on the National Association of Enrolled Agents  – naea.org – website. Click on “Find an enrolled agent”.   Type in your town, State or zip code. Enrolled agents do not work cheap, but your taxes will be done right and they will go with you if you are audited by the IRS. They are usually not attorneys but have the power of attorney with the IRS.  I’m getting good reports on turbotax and Taxact.  Although, with tax act, their bank is slow if you are due a refund and want it wired in to your bank account.   Update:   I found a grave error in the software of taxact in 2009.
       Enrolled agents are professional tax practitioners who have technical expertise in the field of taxation, and are licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service at all administrative levels.   Moreover, enrolled agents are the only tax practitioners required by Federal law to maintain their expertise through continuing professional education.    Tax attorneys and CPA’s used to, but lobbied and no longer are required.   It was too hard for them to pass the EA examination and to maintain their certification through continuing professional education.  A CPA is worthless to the taxpayer unless that taxpayer is an Enrolled Agent.  Note all the scandals.  Accountants can’t account.   Lawyers lose on your behalf and lose radically.  Bankers are insolvent. Journalists can’t report: they never tell the truth.  Economists can’t predict recessions and depressions.  There have been ZERO scandals in the vast majority of enrolled agent chapters since the founding of the NAEA in 1982.
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What you need for taxes if you do not wish to come to me:      http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Taxes/taxchecklist.aspx


IRS Warns of Back-to-School Scams; Encourages Students, Parents, Schools to Stay Alert

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers against telephone scammers targeting students and parents during the back-to-school season and demanding payments for non-existent taxes, such as the “Federal Student Tax.”

People should be on the lookout for IRS impersonators calling students and demanding that they wire money immediately to pay a fake “federal student tax.” If the person does not comply, the scammer becomes aggressive and threatens to report the student to the police to be arrested. As schools around the nation prepare to re-open, it is important for taxpayers to be particularly aware of this scheme going after students and parents.    

“Although variations of the IRS impersonation scam continue year-round, they tend to peak when scammers find prime opportunities to strike”, said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “As students and parents enter the new school year, they should remain alert to bogus calls, including those demanding fake tax payments from students.”

The IRS encourages college and school communities to share this information so that students, parents and their families are aware of these scams.

Scammers are constantly identifying new tactics to carry out their crimes in new and unsuspecting ways. This year, the IRS has seen scammers use a variety of schemes to fool taxpayers into paying money or giving up personal information. Some of these include:Altering the caller ID on incoming phone calls in a “spoofing” attempt to make it seem like the IRS, the local police or another agency is calling   Imitating software providers to trick tax professionals– IR-2016-103

Demanding fake tax payments using iTunes gift cards– IR-2016-99

Soliciting W-2 information from payroll and human resources professionals– IR-2016-34

“Verifying” tax return information over the phone–  IR-2016-40  

Pretending to be from the tax preparation industry–IR-2016-28

If you receive an unexpected call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, here are some of the telltale signs to help protect yourself.

The IRS Will Never:    Call to demand immediate payment using a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer.  Generally, the IRS will first mail you a bill if you owe any taxes.  

Threaten to immediately bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.

Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe.

Ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.

If you get a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and asking for money, here’s what you should do:   Do not give out any information. Hang up immediately.   Search the web for telephone numbers scammers leave in your voicemail asking you to call back. Some of the phone numbers may be published online and linked to criminal activity.  Contact TIGTA to report the call. Use their“IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting”  web page or call 800-366-4484.   Report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Use the “FTC Complaint Assistant”on FTC.gov.   Please add “IRS Telephone Scam” in the notes.   If you think you might owe taxes, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

Dangerous W-2 Phishing Scam Evolving { sic:  Nextaxpro };  Targeting Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Tribal Groups and Others

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry issued an urgent alert today to all employers that the Form W-2 email phishing scam has evolved beyond the corporate world and is spreading to other sectors, including school districts, tribal organizations and nonprofits.

In a related development, the W-2 scammers are coupling their efforts to steal employee W-2 information with an older scheme on wire transfers that is victimizing some organizations twice.

“This is one of the most dangerous email phishing scams we’ve seen in a long time. It can result in the large-scale theft of sensitive data that criminals can use to commit various crimes, including filing fraudulent tax returns. We need everyone’s help to turn the tide against this scheme,’’ said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

When employers report W-2 thefts immediately to the IRS, the agency can take steps to help protect employees from tax-related identity theft. The IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry, working together as the Security Summit, have enacted numerous safeguards in 2016 and 2017 to identify fraudulent returns filed through scams like this. As the Summit partners make progress, cybercriminals need more data to mimic real tax returns.

Here’s how the scam works: Cybercriminals use various spoofing techniques to disguise an email to make it appear as if it is from an organization executive. The email is sent to an employee in the payroll or human resources departments, requesting a list of all employees and their Forms W-2.  This scam is sometimes referred to as business email compromise (BEC) or business email spoofing (BES).

The Security Summit partners urge all employers to be vigilant. The W-2 scam, which first appeared last year, is circulating earlier in the tax season and to a broader cross-section of organizations, including school districts, tribal casinos, chain restaurants, temporary staffing agencies, healthcare and shipping and freight. Those businesses that received the scam email last year also are reportedly receiving it again this year.

Security Summit partners warned of this scam’s reappearance last week but have seen an upswing in reports in recent days.

New Twist to W-2 Scam: Companies Also Being Asked to Wire Money    In the latest twist, the cybercriminal follows up with an “executive” email to the payroll or comptroller and asks that a wire transfer also be made to a certain account. Although not tax related, the wire transfer scam is being coupled with the W-2 scam email, and some companies have lost both employees’ W-2s and thousands of dollars due to wire transfers.

The IRS, states and tax industry urge all employers to share information with their payroll, finance and human resources employees about this W-2 and wire transfer scam. Employers should consider creating an internal policy, if one is lacking, on the distribution of employee W-2 information and conducting wire transfers.

Steps Employers Can Take If They See the W-2 Scam

Organizations receiving a W-2 scam email should forward it to phishing@irs.gov and place “W2 Scam” in the subject line. Organizations that receive the scams or fall victim to them should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3,) operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Employees whose Forms W-2 have been stolen should review the recommended actions by the Federal Trade Commission at www.identitytheft.gov or the IRS at www.irs.gov/identitytheft.   Employees should file a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, if the employee’s own tax return gets rejected because of a duplicate Social Security number or if instructed to do so by the IRS.

The W-2 scam is just one of several new variations that have appeared in the past year that focus on the large-scale thefts of sensitive tax information from tax preparers, businesses and payroll companies. Individual taxpayers also can be targets of phishing scams, but cybercriminals seem to have evolved their tactics to focus on mass data thefts.

Be Safe Online   In addition to avoiding email scams during the tax season, taxpayers and tax preparers should be leery of using search engines to find technical help with taxes or tax software. Selecting the wrong “tech support” link could lead to a loss of data or an infected computer. Also, software “tech support” will not call users randomly.  This is a scam.

Taxpayers searching for a paid tax professional for tax help can use the IRS Choosing a Tax Professional lookup tool or if taxpayers need free help they can review the Free Tax Return Preparation Programs. Taxpayers searching for tax software can use Free File, which offers 12 brand-name products for free, at www.irs.gov/freefile. Taxpayer or tax preparers looking for tech support for their software products should go directly to the provider’s web page.

Tax professionals also should beware of ongoing scams related to IRS e-Services. Thieves are trying to use IRS efforts to make e-Services more secure to send emails asking e-Services users to update their accounts. Their objective is to steal e-Services users’ credentials to access these important services.

Many, many thanks to all whom posted  “Likes” to my blog.  You are courageous.   I admire all of you who are sincere.   I am receiving hits, albeit few to date, from nearly all corners of the world now.   Patience has paid off.   We hope to make sodomy illegal AND ENFORCED WITH EXTREMELY SEVERE PENALTIES on these child destroyers, soul destroyers and mass murderers.    The kind comments keep coming.  

As for spam, I have not had much.  And I have noticed that e-mails that were NOT spam were placed in spam.   So I have more e-mails to answer.  Please be patient. 

And, needless to say, I know opposition from the morally depraved world will be forthcoming.   Meantime,  those of you whom are having spam problems –  I know next to nothing.    The companies that advertise  “can prevent future spam”  are lying.   You have to use some sort of “filter” that prevents malware.    I bought one at Radio Shack.  It promptly broke and radio shack REFUSED to refund my money because the manufacturer of the “malware preventer”  went bankrupt.    SUPPORT THIS GREAT ENDEAVOR.   THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULACE SHOULD KNOW OF THIS:   Routing number:   061 000 104   Account number:  1000 164 73826

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TRANSLATE IN TO MANY LANGUAGES:     https://www.babelfish.yahoo.com

None Dare Call it Treason:     http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=981

Sodomites preying on children, cross dressing;  men wanting to look like women;  women wanting to be bullies.   Unspeakable acts!   Vile affections!   Against nature:

  Romans 1:26.    Study Judges 19:22, Genesis 19, Ephesians 5:11-13.   Notice that IMMEDIATELY the men wanted to molest the angels that they perceived to be men of weaker strength than they were.   There are fairy tiny tim queers and there are “mean queers” – the nazi jack booted queers;  the queers at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.A, nascar, and a lot of other neighborhoods of iniquity.     These two types of faggots hate each other.   Sodomites completely reject the LORD JESUS CHRIST and are filled with hate and violence.   They want to threaten you, strike you, hurt you if you witness to them and rebuke them for their mass murdering, serial murdering, molesting, child molesting, unspeakable acts.  They are totally given over to satan;  filled with lust hence evil thoughts all the day:   Genesis 6:5, 13:13,  Genesis, Chapter 19,   Leviticus 20:13, 22:21-28;   1Kings 15:11-12, Isaiah 3:9!!!   They want to impugn on us, seduce us, proselytize us;  intimidate us.   They hate the LORD, HIS people and HIS WORD.    Romans 1:25-2:6, 1Corinthians 6:9, 1Timothy 1:9, Ephesians 5:11-12, John 16:2-3!!   3:18-20;  Revelation 21:8, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 – THAT tells you a lot.  GOD says they are filthy, vile affectioned people who want to make others reprobate so they will not accept the LORD JESUS CHRIST as their personal Savior – Romans 6:23, Acts 10:43, 20:21, et cetera^.     They are to be tried, and if convicted, handed out the death penalty.    homo perverts are sodomites.   They are not “gay”!!    Gay in the dictionary means merry, lighthearted.    sodomites are VERY evil!    Sodomites are  attempting to make sodomy OK and make people reprobate.   Sodomy is not “gay”.   Fecal eating, urine drinking, vile affectioned sodomites commit unspeakable acts.  Read the dictionary.  Serial murdering, child molesting sodomites are miserable and commit unspeakable acts, without natural affection:     Genesis 6:5, 13:13, 19;   Exodus 20, Leviticus 20:9, 13, 15;   Deuteronomy 5, 23:17, 27:21;  Romans 1, 2;  1Timothy 1:9-10, 1Corinthians 6:9-11, Isaiah 3:9, 5:20, 59:1;   1Kings 15:11-12, 14:24;  2Kings 23:7,  Psalm 1, 7:11, 58:10, 62:3, 37 – all of Psalms;   Proverbs 10:27, 13:13, 24:24-25, 28:4-5 – all of Proverbs, Jude 7 – all of Jude;  Daniel 11:37, Judges 19, Revelation 2:13, 14:9-11, 20:10-15,  21:8, 22:15;  Hebrews 13:4,  et cetera^.

The so-called mayor of Houston, Texas, U.S.A. is a sodomite criminal abominable skunk feces sex pervert!!   That is, loves to wallow in feces and accumulate as much filth as it can.   This VERY ABOMINABLE, VERY FOUL, VERY CRIMINAL SODOMITE is REQUIRING pastors to e-mail what they preached on the previous Sunday!!!   Ahem!!   A very brazen, evil, criminal violation of Article I on the U.S. Constitution. Free speech and equal protection under the law is criminal  { Ahem!    Isaiah 5:20-23 } to this sodomite. This is what sodomites do:   Genesis 19, Leviticus 20, 22, Romans 1, 2, Ephesians 5:11-12, et cetera^.    That’s why the LORD said you must EXTINGUISH these filthy gutter rat devil reprobates.  This CRIMINAL VERY EVIL mayor of Houston, Texas is going to PROSECUTE pastors, preachers and ministers who tell the Truth about what sodomites ARE and what sodomite serial murdering, child molesting, fecal eating, urine drinking proselytizers do!  What the King James Bible says is True.   You must PROSECUTE and PUT TO DEATH sodomites because they are miserable;   are reprobate;  will never be satisfied and will only demand more and more to the point where they MURDER all anti-sodomites and FORCE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN to be sodomites or else put to death!!  That’s why the LORD said you must exterminate them.    The U.S. Constitution guarantees free speech.  YOU WILL NOT PREVENT ME from preaching on the streets of Houston and exposing what queers are and what faggot, sodomite, hypocrite skaggs, abominable “lbgt QUEER” criminal sodomites do!!  This is the United States of America!  Ever hear about all the revivals, Bible reading and preaching in public?  This is the history of the United States, what used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave!    You won’t stop me and you won’t stop any decent brave born again pastor!    Want to know your future, abominable, heinous, criminal dyke mayor if you do not repent of your abominations?    Leviticus 20:9, 13, 15;  Deuteronomy 23:17, 2Timothy 3:12-13, Revelation 14:9-11, 20:10-15 !               

REVELATION 20:   VERSE 10:    And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.  
VERSE 11:     And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.
VERSE 12:   And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is [the book] of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.
13:    And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.
14:    And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
15:    And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.                              

Repent now, evil mayor, or be indicted, tried, found guilty, hanged and you will burn and scream in Hell!!

smithsonian channel is an abomination!!!   In their series “an aerial view of the states, they are LYING, propagandizing nonexistent “global warming” and that Vermont is so progressive because it was the first state to pass sodomite rights!!   What criminals!!  Wonder if they’re the same outfit that LIE LIE LIE in stating that there was a “HOLOCAUST”  of sodomites!!!  

READ LEVITICUS 18!!    THE LORD Demanded the Israelites to annihilate the sodomites!   The land would spue them out if it could.  Notice that Egypt in the Word of GOD is a type of the world.   The sodomites were so BAD that the LORD demanded that they be wiped out.  With APPROVAL AND MANDATING from obola, the extreme court, the aclu, numerous evil sodomite organizations, associations, secret societies and groups, that MEANS that the LORD IS going to exterminate the United States!                    

LEVITICUS 18:  VERSE 21:       And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

LEVITICUS 18: 22:       Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

VERSE 23:       Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

VERSE 24:     Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

VERSE 25:    And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants

Read.    How sodomites get seduced in to this evil, vile, criminal, abominable – Revelation 21:8 – satanic cult.  Many, if not most, are seduced by age three!     http://www.whale.to/b/knox1.html

Many, if not most, are seduced in to sodomy by age three:    http://www.whale.to/b/knox1.html

Many, many thanks to all whom posted  “Likes” to my blog.  You are courageous.   I admire all of you who are sincere.   I am receiving hits, albeit few,  from nearly all corners of the world now.   Patience has paid off.   We hope to make sodomy illegal AND ENFORCED WITH EXTREMELY SEVERE PENALTIES on these child destroyers, soul destroyers and mass murderers.    The kind comments keep coming.   As for spam, I have not had much.   I know opposition from the morally depraved world will be forthcoming.   Meantime,  those of you whom are having spam problems –  I know next to nothing.    The companies that advertise  “can prevent future spam”  are lying.   You have to use some sort of “filter” that prevents malware.    I bought one at Radio Shack.  It promptly broke and radio shack REFUSED to refund my money because the manufacturer of the “malware preventer”  went bankrupt.    SUPPORT THIS GREAT ENDEAVOR.    THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULACE SHOULD KNOW OF THIS:   Nextaxpro     nextaxpro@yahoo.com       mgtenter95@lycos.com



The noted French atheist, voltaire, died a frightening death.   Let me quote for you the exact record as published , “When Voltaire felt the stroke that he realized must terminate in death, he was overpowered with remorse.     He at once sent for the priest, and wanted to be ‘reconciled with the church.’   His infidel flatterers hastened to his chamber to prevent his recantation;   but it was only to witness his ignominy and their own.   He cursed them to their faces;   and, as his distress was increased by their presence, he repeatedly and loudly exclaimed,  ‘Begone!   It is you that have brought me to my present condition.   Leave me, I say; begone!    What a wretched glory is this which you have produced to me!’

“Hoping to allay his anguish by a written recantation, he had it prepared, signed it, and saw it witnessed.  But it was all unavailing. For two months he was tortured with such an agony as led him at times to gnash his teeth in impotent rage against God and man. At other times in plaintive accents, he would plead, ‘O, Christ! O, Lord Jesus!’ Then, turning his face, he would cry out, ‘I must die-abandoned of God and of men!’

“As his end drew near, his condition became so frightful that his infidel associates were afraid to approach his beside.  Still they guarded the door, that others might not know how awfully an infidel was compelled to die.  Even his nurse repeatedly said, ‘For all the wealth of Europe I would never see another infidel die.’   It was a scene of horror that lies beyond all exaggeration.   Such is the well-attested end of the one who had a natural sovereignty of intellect, excellent education, great wealth, and much earthly honor.” (Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved by Rev. S B Shaw, pp. 49-50.)

Reading of such a dying experience is overwhelming, even to us who are secure in salvation.      Human emotions are a powerful source and no one can live and die without them.     Our present generation has mainly escaped the horror of unpreparing for death by the use of drugs to kill all pain.     Sadly, the beauty of a Godly death is also lost in our drug culture.    The new “right” of the health world is the right to be free of pain.  In most cases, the pain or joy is simply transferred to the immediate moments after death.  We are spared both the joy and the screams.




But HE  { GOD Almighty, the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF } was wounded for our transgressions;  HE was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed.     – Isaiah 53:5

But GOD Commendeth HIS Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us.  Much more then, being now justified by HIS Blood, we shall be saved from Wrath through HIM.     Romans 5:8-9.

Repentance toward GOD, and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST.    Acts 20:21

Please study Isaiah 53.

For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of, but the sorrow of the world worketh death.    -2Corinthians 7:10.        I tell you Nay, but except ye repent, ye shal all likewise perish     -Luke 13:5, 3.
Verily, verily, I say unto thee:  he that heareth MY WORD, and believeth on HIM that sent ME, hath everlasting Life:  and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.    -John 5:24.                

For the wages of sin is death:   but the Gift of GOD is eternal Life through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.   –ROMANS 6:23






    Media ignoring brutal murders by sodomties.    See www.jesus-is-savior.com      www.chick.com      http://www.jesus-is-lord.com       Bible Believers Bulletin  – http://www.kjv1611.org –  are  among many others that tell the truth.  Sodomy and child molestation are one and the same!  Now ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST to give you courage to recommend passing laws to try and find guilty and put such people to death as they did fifty years ago.
        Sodomite supreme court has no business pretending they know moral law!!     NO “judge” knows any thing if he is a sodomite or scared to offend vile, abominable, criminal sodomites:    http://www.chick.com/bc/2003/sodomy.asp
Abominable sodomite states of Taxachusetts, Florida, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, Maryland.    Tomorrow, your state:  { Wish had been wrong:  composed in ’08.}    http://www.chick.com/bc/2002/sodomy.asp
Don’t lie about the evil, wicked, hate driven, vile, devil possessed, abominable, satan worshipping sodomites.  The King James Bible tells what they are!  We know what they are!!     http://www.chick.com/search/SearchResults.asp
     Blasphemous, Christ rejecting, devil worshipping rock noise!          http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/devils_music.htm
      TAR AND FEATHER THE ACLU PINKOS!    WOE UNTO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD AND GOOD EVIL!!  ISAIAH 5:20.      ACLU IS TO BE TRIED AND HANGED.  No right to make the public library a haven for sodomite books and sodomite child pornography.   A national disgrace!  It is exploitation of the children.   Think the bureaurats care about the children?  How many are working to rid the public libraries of sodomite literature which is all lies, child porn, sorcery witchcraft books, sorcery harry potter, infidelity, spirit world trash and profanity?!  The public library is raw sewage.  http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=60641


Filthy, indecent, fecal eating, urine drinking, disease spreading, lewd sodomite perverts in Montgomery county, Maryland, USA:    http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=60721
       Average age at death same as sodomites!    The fear of the LORD prolongeth days, but the years of the wicked shall be shortened    -Proverbs 10:27
         Supposed to read but evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived:   -2 Timothy 3:13.  They’re not reading their Bibles, but at least they are becoming aware of the evil press and satan inspired “professors”   -Romans 1:22
What globalism really is.   UN supporters are liberals who want the lifeblood of America to be sucked out by illegal aliens.  The press ignores the sodomy, rape,  gangs, thugs, murderers of police officers;  murderers of innocents,  drugs, responsibility haters, trespassers, thieves, white slavery and murderers that many illegal immigrants are.  Americans are not told that illegal immigrants camp on ranchers property, litter, “do their business” on the property and shoot at the owners when the owners attempt to run them off.    Most drink;  many are drunkards;  obtain driver’s licenses and ruin lives by driving drunk.  Some rape women and even little girls.  Some sodomize little boys and little girls:       http://www.newswithviews.com/Stoddard/david14.htm
Humanistic, sorcery, coprophagous, devil founded psychology has no chance of merit.  nutty idiots version removes the Deity of the LORD in 160 places.  Many times more if you count the Trinity removed, questioning the OT, Which the LORD JESUS Quoted and told was True, etc.   Read your King James Bible, not the “prosperity bible” that is the niv:     http://www.chick.com/search/SearchResults.asp
Get your children out of the public schools now!!!     http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=60734
   Pathetic, sickening, raunchy, prosperity gospel, false gospels, falsehood, lies, evil.    Very nearly all televangelists are like this.  That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the Sight of GOD.   -Luke 16:15   http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59110
Capitalism, NOT brain dead bureaucrats planning transportation, will solve the traffic crisis that crunches every city:  
Want your child to be taught by a sodomite child molesting, lying, but wicked men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived perverts?    http://www.chick.com/bc/2000/teachers.asp
    Sodomites will never cease their lies, aggressiveness and abominations:       http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59158
Male and female created HE them.  Sodomites are a horrible stench in the nostrils of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!  Hermaphrodism is a lie:   http://www.profam.org/pub/fia/fia.2005.6.htm
Get your children out of public school before this happens to you.  Home teach?  You will be intimidated by evil public school superintendents.  Now, get fined, threatened and jailed:  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59229
Arrested and jailed for opposing evil, sodomite public school agenda.  Evil, sodomite judges.  And they lie viciously!!  The public school are an enemy of democracy!!  They impose slavery!!  They want no one to get an education, but to be brainwashed in sodomy and they think you, the parent have no rights:    ht http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59248
Also, the brainwashing of sorcery psychology:    http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis122.htm  
islamibite muslim infiltration:        http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43130
Don’t fly them to Saudi Arabia unless Saudi Arabia allows King James Bibles in to their country:      http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53543
moslems determined to impose sharia {abominable mohammedism} law in the United States confirmed:      http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53303



Swear on the King James 1611 Bible, muslim Ellison.     Step down or be impeached.  You are a traitor.  Give up your unearned office!  Sir, you’re going to go to Hell if you do not get saved:   In John 14:6, the LORD JESUS said:   I am the Way, the Truth and the Life:  no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.   In the article, a spokesman for mohammedism asserts that the muslim cult is against sodomy.   This is only in name.   It is not even true.   Any time you have a satanic cult, you are going to have sodomites.  And that’s the way it is in muslim majority countries.   This is accentuated in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and other muslim majority populations.   The devil inspired abomination of men looking to prey on boys is universal.   The abomination is well known to those whom have studied mohammedism for an extended period of time.  There is “chicken hawking” going on in all moslem countries, and is know to be quite prevalent in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and in other muslim majority countries.    Michael Savage has it right when he is against islam taking over.    But he is unaware that the hanging of sodomites is only for show.   See that?   How many non-muslims are named “Ali”?    And Ali Bay, of Equality California, told WND the new law “doesn’t require that any specific curriculum be included in California’s classrooms”.   WHAT AN OBVIOUS LIAR!!!   YOU’LL BE STONED TO DEATH IN THE MILLENNIUM IF YOU LIE.  COMPRENDE?
     Religion is of the devil:  Isaiah 8:20, John 8:39-47, 14:6, Acts 4:12, 1John, et cetera^.   The only way you are going to be free forever from the possibility of sodomite evil thoughts is repentance toward GOD and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST:   Luke 13:3,5; Romans 6:23, John 5:24, Acts 20:21:  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp? ARTICLE_ID=53241
That man’s religion is vain:   James 1:27.   Ishmael in action and the lying, liberal, sodomite press doesn’t report it.  Instead, the devils make up lies:          http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59352                                                                                                         Real muslim:    http://www.chick.com/catalog/books/1262.asp?wpc=1262.asp&wpp=a  


Reminder of the lies, threats and fraud of global warming:  At an earlier hearing, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, confronted Stephen Johnson, administrator of the EPA, about a threatening e-mail from a group that includes the EPA.  The e-mail from the American Council on Renewable Energy was addressed to Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and said, “It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar.   If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity.  I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members.  I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America.  Go ahead, guy.  Take me on.”   This shows how sick the globalists are regarding everything.  You can’t fight a forest fire any more, because “the river belongs to the fish” {!!}

 Funnysick global warmingists! :  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59365

It is so cold in the Arctic that scientists had to give up a “global warming” inspection.   The satellite photographs only showed thickening ice:  more in December than what you usually see in February.     That nut at the “global warming summit to save mother earth { ha!! mother earth???  mother??  ahem!! }    Galatians 3:26!      broke down and cried because he is a baby.   That’s why he cried.   He is a baby and babies cry when they do not get their way.    He wanted to be a thief:  rob the “rich” nations to give to poor nations.    A sampling of United Nations injustice.   It’s going to get worse, folks.  If you’re not saved, get saved today!    http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_121707/content/01125107.guest.html

More global warming fraud to steal your assets:   http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_121907/content/01125116.guest.html

Global cooling.  Don’t lose this:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq_Bj-av3g0&search=Competitive+Enterprise+Institute

Turn in those whom are hiring immigrante illegales:        http://www.wehirealiens.com/
     Good articles on immigrante illegales.  Cuts through the propaganda of Kennedy, the press and liberal “do gooders”:    http://www.newswithviews.com/Cutler/michael24.htm

pbs global warming deceivers:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=500424&in_page_id=1811
    Hundreds of scientists reject global warming lie.   Now they and free enterprise people and organizations are getting threatened by the EPA, for one:    http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59319
   There’s no credibility in algore.  You can tell he is desperate to keep the wool over your eyes:  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59329

Ted Turner is a liar, says there’s global warming and too many people.  Wonder how his five children feel about his mass murdering attitude.  Ted Turner is a bitter man.  His wife, a former long-time radical left-winger, got saved.  He continues resisting the Lord:


Sorcery psychology.   The most dangerous and the most EVIL of all of the religious cults.  The religion of the devil:  http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis122.htm

Sociology is every bit as evil as sorcery psychology.  Knowledge of the brain and how it functions has been one of the best kept secrets of the past 150 years.  This was no happenstance. If intelligent people had realized how easily clever manipulators can influence thinking through the use of suggestion, and by focusing the attention on a DOMINANT IDEA, populations with the mentality of slaves would not have been so easy to develop.   Generations of human automata have been the desired result of much Twentieth Century psychological teaching.     http://www.newswithviews.com/Erica/Carle38.htm



    PSYCHOLOGY – SORCERY – is evil!!!!!!!!    It IS IS IS sorcery.  For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness as iniquity and idolatry. – 1Samuel 15:22  http://www.Jesus-is-Savior.com/False%20Religions/New%20Age/psychic_explosion.htm 
Sodomites are extremely dangerous, perverted, unfair, hateful, demand free speech be banned except for their warped agenda and hate our Christian heritage www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59338
Sodomy and child molestation are one and the same:    http://celebrate10.wnd.com/?q=node/32  
And the sorcerer shrinks call these wretches “normal” !!!!!     All APA  { unAmerican perverts association for evil } members and all whom do not oppose the APA are in part responsible for many murders.    That is, the murder of a former prime minister of Pakistan.  She believed that she wouldn’t be murdered because she is a woman, and islamic sharia forbids the killing of a woman, supposedly.  But the sodomite transsexuals [obviously impossible to do} or the Massachusetts public school institution, GLA, GLSEN,GLAAD say “you must discover your sexuality”!!  They are murderers!!!   Did YOU ever wonder if YOU were a girl or a boy, even at age two???    sodomy:    very few leaders –  Federal, state or local – have any decency or morality now.    Sin, when not confronted, becomes bolder, more brazen and more vile:    Genesis 6:5,  13:13;   Ecclesiastes 8:11, et cetera^
Sodomy:    Words mean something.   Noah Webster knew that well.   Just hearing the word sodomy sounds harsh.   This is evidence of how far we have slidden.   “Whoever, therefore wishes to ruin a nation, has only to get this vice introduced;  for it is extremely difficult to extirpate it where it has once taken root because it can be propagated with much secrecy .… and when we perceive that it has once got a footing in any country, however, powerful and flourishing, we may venture as politicians to predict that the foundation of its future decline is laid and that after some hundred years it will no longer be the same…powerful country it is at the present.” (Sir John David Michaelis, Commentaries on the Laws of Moses, 1814. )SIC
More:      http://www.reformamerica.com
THE LORD could not not have made it clearer:  from Genesis to Revelation the abomination of sodomy is condemned and sodomites are the abominable:   Genesis 13:13, 19;  Exodus 20, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Deuteronomy 5, 23:17, 27:21, Judges 21, 1Kings 14:24, 15:11-12, Proverbs 10:27, 28:26, 14:12;  the LORD JESUS QUOTED THE OLD TESTAMENT, Malachi 3:6, Romans 1:18 – 2:6, esp 1:26,27; 1Corinthians 6:9-11, Ephesians 5:11-12, Galatians 5:19-21, 1Timothy 1:10, Mark 7:21-23, Jude 7, 2Peter 2:6, Revelation 14:9-11, 21:8, 22:5, and EVERY VERSE in the GOD Breathed King James Bible That is true because obviously sodomites hate Holiness, the Word of God, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, born again believers, laws, law and order, sodomy statutes and want to take away free speech and force the police to accept sodomites so that you have to watch helplessly while sodomites destroy your children and grandchildren via their unspeakable, sickening, horrifying, endlessly shameful acts.  Furthermore, you and I know what our third President, Thomas Jefferson said about sodomites and their crimes.  Sodomite men are to be castrated!   Sodomite women are to half a one-half inch thick ring rammed through their nostrils!
What causes sodomite child molestation, soul destroying evil concupsicence?     http://www.biblebelievers.com/Cameron3.html
MEDICAL CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT SODOMITES DO:    http://www.biblebelievers.com/Cameron2.html
Look at 1Corinthians 6:9-11 again.  The LORD JESUS CHRIST would not have created anyone to be foredoomed to beg, roast and scream in the Lake of Fire!!!   Sodomites are not born that way!!    Queer sodomites are seduced in to that awful death-style or willfully choose to be abominable.  And so called “gay xian clubs”, articles, websites are neither!!!   They have no shame.   GOD says sinful,f leshly lusts are – 1Peter 2:11, 4:3-4, 1John 3:8-121, et cetera^ –  past if you are born again.   You cannot have a devil god.   You cannot have mary as THE LORD, clean drunkards, clean lottery, clean murder, clean drug taking, godly devilish rock noise, NOR CAN YOU HAVE A SODOMITE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN.   Therefore, the following are liars: 
– pbs    – disney   – history channel [owned by disney]:  see expose on   http://www.Jesus-is-Savior.com          http://www.counterbiasof what!.comwedontthinkso/618.html
http://www.unopennews.com/articles/opedne_richard__060406_gays_are_not_the_rea Sodomite criminal abominables are NOT???!!   READ YOUR KING JAMES 1611  BIBLE:  LEVITICUS 20:13, ROMANS 1:32, REVELATION 21:8, et cetera^.
http://www.emerging worst liars than ever.com                  
Sodomites are filled with pride, which God hates:   Psalm 10, 18; 37, 34:16;  Proverbs 6:17-19, 13:10, 16:18, 18:12, 29:23;  Jeremiah 49:16, James 4:4, Revelation 20:8-9, et cetera^.    Sodomites are pleasure mad and lazy.     In no way can Ezekiel 16:49 nor any Verse in the Word of GOD be used to point blame away from the abominable.    Whom else would the abominable serial murdering, chicken hawking, devil possessed, lust crazed, disease causing, disease carrying, disease spreading, threatening to contaminate the blood supply through donations if we do not find a cure for hiv, seducing, proselytizing be??!      Truth cannot contradict itself.    Sodomites and their sympathizers concoct a LIE, then search for a Passage in the Word of GOD to contradict all the other Passages.    The A.V. 1611 needs no defense.    The jesuit versions, especially the niv, remove all References to sodomites as well as removed the Deity of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in 159 instances as well as all the other abominations the niv commits.   See Doctor. Gail Riplinger’s,   New Age Bible Versions  for one of the best exposes regarding this important topic.
      Infidels!   Read.  This is really enlightening.  You don’t want to be enlightened.   And this is the condemnation,  that Light is come in to the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light because their deeds were evil.  For every one that doeth evil hateth the Light, neither cometh to the Light, lest his deeds should be reproved.  But he that doeth truth cometh to the Light, that his deeds may be manifest, that they are wrought in God.   – John 3:19-20.     http://www.biblebelievers.com/dying_testimonies/index.html


The Disney “history” channel ~ which hasn’t shown 60 hours of history for at least 17 years ~ are liars and frauds!!!



None Dare Call it Treason:     http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=981

yahoo, multiply, Microsoft, wordpress, perfspot STOLE my blogs and my pictures!!!



microsoft denied stealing my posted photographs;    then wordpress said to ask microsoft!!   


 Because there are so many crooks who start and who pirate websites, search engines, et cetera^,  you have to hire an attorney before putting up blogs, websites, pictures, et cetera^ !!!

DO NOT GET VACCINATED!!!    https://Nextaxpro.wordpress.com/category/dont-get-vaccinated

I am replacing etc. with et cetera.   Et cetera is Latin for “and all of the others”, or, “and all of the rest”.   Et cetera is to be used only once.



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