UPDATED      Before we expose pyramiding, I will show you sodomy in action;  what sodomites really think about and what they do.   This is NOT what the press, pbs and the hrc wants you to see.   This was after California Proposition 13 passed on November 5, 2008                    OK.  NOW WE WILL MOVE TO FRAUDS:   LET’S MAKE IT SIMPLE  for those who do not read have time to read all of this expose for the present.  Would you work in the following scenario?   You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position.  And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money".    

Firstly, you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license.  You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here.  And, you already have my SS number".  Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even more{less than .005 do}.  

Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid.  "What?  What if I get five;  they all get five;  they get five?  Where will all these workers fit?  There’s very limited space."   You only hear:  you must recruit, recruit, recruit. 
Thirdly, AFTER you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet.  "Why am I not allowed?!  That’s not fair.  You said I can collect commissions and recruit after I pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it.  I’m having to go to the homeless shelter because I cannot meet my house payments" or "I cannot pay my rent".   You hear a bunch of lies.  This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while.   You see, your superiors {superiors?  NO ONE whom is dishonest is superior to I.  NO ONE.} – this upline – knows that you are going to hear the truth about Primerica.  You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly.  So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.
Fourthly, you are told {or may be NOT told and all the implications of that!} that YOU MUST HAVE $25 STOLEN FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WHY??!   This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company, depending upon how large of a lie your so-called superior told to you.   You haven’t seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow Primerica to STEAL – that’s precisely what it is – from you.   And they do not tell you up front.  This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to Lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.
Fifthly, you are NOT vested in any profit sharing plan after one year of employment in this supposed 500 billion dollar corporation.  
Sixth, you are provided with NO life and health insurance after two or three months of employ, not even one with a large deductible.  you are told that you MUST buy an insurance policy with this 500 billion dollar company!!!  You must buy this policy as an EXAMPLE to all of your prospects, even though you supposedly have this secure job in an office where you are supposed to be making this huge salary and not have to waste $80 in gasoline per day trying to sway prospects and lying to potential recruits to get this downline!!  You do the "hiring" for your superiors and they don’t have to go to the expense of finding good help.  But even though it’s their fault, YOU still get the blame if your downline doesn’t sell.  And, in addition to that, it’s not even the cheapest of policies!!  Matter of fact, when you compare to other companies, you find that you are paying one of the highest rates!!  And you are forbidden from doing business with any other company!  Further, you receive no discounts!!!  You pay retail in this $500 billion company that should be insuring you and your family in gratitude for your putting in 80, 90, 100 hours/week worth of work attempting to get more "recruits" for the company!!  Worse, you may already have a whole life policy that you are trapped in.  It does not matter.  You are told you MUST buy a policy with Primerica to make a good impression on all those customers you are supposedly going to convince to come on the Primerica merry-go-round.  No lead sheets from a professional marketing firm nor anything a quarter of the way convincing is presented proving that you will have good possibility leads. 

Seventh, you can be demoted by your superior for any reason, including no reason.   Your commission levels would be reduced, also.     Eighth, when you become sick and tired of being treated unfairly, you have NO RECOURSE.  You cannot go to the Department of Labor for redress! 

Ninth, the commissions you make in this "office" can be taken away from you.  If your purchasers find that your prices are too high, they change their mind, your company decides not to sell to a "sold" customer, a death in the family and a different CEO takes over – any of these things can cause you to have to take a "chargeback" – which means you have to give your commission and overrides back!!  You are walking, then gaiting, then RUNNING, faster and faster just to fall farther and farther behind.  You are TRIPLY whammed!  In a real company, you get paid and your company refunds the money to unhappy customers.  At this company, you not only do not get paid, and, when you make a commission, YOU and NOT your company, have to refund to a customer when the customer does not pay, etc.  YOU did not receive your entitled commission when you were paid because you were skimmed to pay an upline.  But when you have to take a chargeback, YOU pay the entire chargeback!!  A triple blow!!
Tenth, you begin hearing that the prices of your companies product lines are too high.  You do not believe it because you were told that we were the lowest.  That’s why you came to work for this glorious company.  You begin doing your research in independent journals, trade journals, online, and so on and you find that ALL of your products are over-priced.  Your company cannot compete.  Not only that, you discover that your product line does not have the variety that your competitors have.  Further, your line has some terrible products.  WOULD YOU GO TO WORK FOR A COMPANY LIKE THIS?  READ ON.  THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS AT A.L. WILLIAMS, INC AND STILL IS AT PRIMERICA!

“This is a deadly business model in which you are doomed to fail,” says Robert Fitzpatrick, president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, an Internet-based watchdog group located in Charlotte, North Carolina. “There’s a ninety-nine percent loss rate”—meaning the vast majority of people who start MLM businesses end up losing money.  You’d have a better chance betting your life savings on a game of blackjack in Vegas than you would putting it all into a multi-level marketing home business." {Oooch!!!!  That hurts!!!!!}
PRIMERICA MILICO CITIGROUP A.L. WILLIAMS MAKE RESTITUTION  PRIMERICA PYRAMID BOILER ROOM SOON TO BE DUMPED BY CITIGROUP.   A.L. Williams RVPs wanted me to buy a policy!  WHAT!!  CUCKOO! CUCKOO!  When I go to work for a company, I get their product for free or at employee discount rates, especially when I become a seniro vice president!!!   You dig???   You say Primerica is the same as any other company.  Then why am I a customer?!  If I’m an independent contractor;  if you want loyalty;  you are going to give me something.  And that’s not all.  Your company said I couldn’t sell on the first visit.  A.L. Williams gave orders and had control as to how the work was to be carried out.  Hence, I was an employee.  Where’s my workers comp coverage, health insurance, extra social security in my account, vacation pay, sick leave pay, severance pay, ESOP, etc?   How much was the stock bought for/share when the two corporations that merged to be called Primerica bought A L Williams?  What’s the big deal if a potential customer asks if I have a policy myself?  You are going to give me a policy.  I’m an employee.  Of course I have  a policy.  You gave it to me.  If you don’t, you are trying to make me BUY a policy.  You know you are nothing by a lying con man, lowdown, double crossing, slick tongued unscrupulous huckster.  When I go to work for an insurance company, I get the policy for  free.  Buy an overpriced policy to help National Sales Directors and Senior National Sales Directors?  What deception! What dishonesty!§ion=Litigation&sort=rank
If you just do a goggle or Yahoo search on ‘Primerica fraud’ you will get hundreds of hits explaining lawsuits, Primerica’s deceptive tactics and testimonials of people defrauded. Most concerning of all though is that members of Primerica during company’s presentations and speeches yell out ‘Amen’ and ‘Hallelujah’ (my husband admitted hearing this too) and insist upon Primerica being a ‘Christian’ organization."  {an agent with AL Williams told me that many reps are pastors.  It’s easy to believe you need "supplemental income" when you are not trusting the LORD for your support – consult the Rock}.   The average commissions for a Primerica agent is 2000 and the average commission  BECOMES A NEGATIVE as only 1.5% of the RVPs, RVPs and SRVPs make 7 figure commissions and overrides { and possible kickbacks from chargebacks on their reps!!}.  If it’s not multi-level marketing, why do 98.5% {1500% more realistically;  see above} or more of the reps who try multi-level marketing wind up with a DEFICIT after you figure expenses for the program?!  Would you continue working for a corporation wherewith you had to pay fees and month after month after month earned no money and was not paid anything??!!?  Any company that pays only sales commissions without binding promises of base pay, profit sharing, preferred stock, stock, warrants – some future reward for work performed – is a slave master.  An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.  Be up front.  Bill Gates was.  He asked the workers to accept shares of stock.  Those who did not want his promises could walk away.  Primerica pressures you to stay with threats of no refund of your $199 (or more) and the usury regarding the loans.  Bill Gates backed up his promises.  He did not puck out fairy tales of riches.  He backed his promises up.  That’s what A L Williams needed to do and did not.  That’s what Primerica needs to do and has not, to date. One wonders why ripoff report would stoop so low to defend something that they know is immoral, illegal and a nefarious pyramid scheme, not to mention all the documentation that is still on ripoff report.  Ripoff report won’t publish any more exposes, but the documentation is still there despite what Ripoff report sticks into virtually every single title in Prmerica, Citigroup, Milico.

And that’s not all.  No company is shaped like a pyramid, as defenders ignorantly say. They only explanation for such statements is Why Johnny Can’t Read and exposes like that.   You would have to be coach potato, on video games, dope and rock noise to make such a pitifully ignorant statement as that. Here’s a picture of a typical business or corporation.  You already know it, unless you believe in sorcery, global warming and all the lies the press tells you hourly:                                                                                                        Proprietor
Laborers who see the inefficiency in the plant/office and know what’s going on.
Courier-Errand boy   
Guy who reports directly to me, cracks the whip on those I cannot supervise directly
Advertising Exec
( you don’t absolutely HAVE to have the chiefs at the top and the indians at the bottom, like the nitwit Primerica apologists always say.  It’s a free country.  I’m a taxpayer.  I run my business the way I want.  It’s MY company.  A.L. Williams, Inc, told me I had my own company.  I didn’t.  You poor souls at Primerica are finding the same lunatic scenario.   Think outside the box, remember?  Duh!!  Lot of hypocrites out there.   Practice what you preach.  Better to listen to consult the Rock.)
Find the pyramid. 
Furthermore, remember that no partnership is shaped like a pyramid.  If your product is decent, and, if you run an honest business, and NOT an illegal, immoral pyramid, you’re not going to flood the search engines.   What are you afraid of???   Every single soul knows.   Darkness is always FEARFUL OF ALL TRUTH AND HAS TO MAINTAIN DECEPTION.  To be demanded by Primerica to pay for a background report made me laugh myself sick!  They want any sucker.  Any sucker will do!  Anybody can get on as an "independent contractor"!  What’s the background investigation for?!  What if I had bought the policy?  Would I have gotten my money back?? Supposedly AL Williams is an open book.  You become so brainwashed you never question anything.  He never came to see any rep and he never called for meetings.  He can afford to pay the expenses.  Primerica defenders will cease and desist now from defending that nefarious pyramid scheme. And that’s precisely what multi-level marketing is.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Pay me my 3 million of the coming class action lawsuit, then defend your wicked, pyramid scheme that has impoverished me and millions of others.   You would be put to death if you defended it in China.  Amway [now sometimes called Quixtar} is NOT allowed to pyramid in China.  And you know it, and I know it.
"I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names." -Billy Sunday   
HOW PROPHETIC with clapped up, urine drinking, child molesting sodomites being called "gay".  Wrath of God Syndrome watered down to aids and hiv.  Sickening sinsick sex pervets being called "bi", "transgender", "crossdressers".    Dykes called "lesbians".   Your sex is labeled your "gender".  "homophobe, homophobia".   I’m not afraid of man.  The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.  -Proverbs 29:25.  And, you guessed it, a nefarious, surreptitious, abominable, ugly, leeching pyramid boiler room scheme being called "multi-level marketing".  It is NOT marketing!!!!!!!!   It is a shyster, con man, fraud, skimming, blood leeching, lowdown, varmit robbing YOU or YOUR hard earned money and credit. – consult the Rock     
All the search engines have Primerica fraud defenders up front and putting our websites further down so we do not receive the hits.   Your input means everything.   Some of your have expertise and know computer engineers.   We can do something about these liars and deceivers whom want others to be deceived, hence defenders of multi-level marketing pyramid fraud are directly responsbile for not enlightening but for deceiving minds and impoverishing those that can least afford to be scammed and bled dry..     The FCC and our elected congressmen are a disgrace:  they do nothing.   It takes websites, tapes, DVDs, books, articles and newspapers which will print exposes to do something.      You all can type reviews in the yahoo yellow pages that permit a review of your local Primerica "services" office that attempted to recruit you and steal your hard earned money.   Some pages do not.   You all may know of other websites besides yahoo that permit.   Some search engines have picked up a few of mine.   The more we type online, the better.   -Consult the Rock    "I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names." -Billy Sunday HORRIFYING!!  POLICYHOLDERS NOT GETTING THEIR INHERITANCES BECAUSE OF PRIMERICA ABOMINATIONS!!  AGENT SEDUCES HUSBAND!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!

THINK PRIMERICA AGENTS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE IN TO?   This entire post may be worthy of you printing out, lying side by side and examining.  It consists of PFS Truth, a very weak and very poor rebuttal by a Primerica apologist, then PFS truth blows the apologist to smithereens:

13. Written by PFS Truth {later vtch786 because Primerica kgb agents plagiarized his/her name and wrote lies pumping up Primerica!!!!} , on 04-04-2008 18:14   Primericans are funny. If any of you have children, have you ever watch them do something stupid. And you know it is stupid because you did the same thing before when you were their age. And you tell them don’t do it because they will regret it. And they don’t listen to you because “they know better”. And so you watch them fall on their face and all you can say is “I told you so” and laugh.
You see {,} Primerica agents{,} I have been where you are,{sic:  .} I was at Primerica for 3 years. And when I left I was the top producer in ALL categories in my state. So we can get these out the way:
2. I believe in working hard
3. I don’t like Corporate America

Now I want you to take a hard look at the truth. You ARE selling a scam. You may not know it, and I believe that most of you don’t. The unfortunate thing is once I tell you this you will NEVER get that $100,000 Ring that you covet because the most of the people that join Primerica are good people that think they are doing the right thing and for the most part you are, but to get that Ring after knowing the information I am about to share with you, you will have to become a different person, {-} one that is more about making money rather then helping people. Once I found out this info, I refused to continue to sell that scam anymore and turned away from all the money I was making.
Here goes:
Let’s look products you sell to the client:
1. Primerica is NOT the largest seller of Term Life Insurance … AIG is … look it up.
2. It is way MORE expensive then most Term coverage outside of (State Farm and Allstate) … so if you are TRULY trying to save people money … why not find them the lowest instead of just what you have to offer. {HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. AMEN TO THAT. -consult the Rock} Remember you are trying to SAVE them money. Some Return of Premium Products are less expensive then Primerica Term. You are hurting your client. After knowing that how can you still sell it. {sic:?}
3. What would you do if your client is declined by Primerica. Tell them they don’t deserve life insurance{,} then. You see this is what opened my eyes up, because my father was turned down by Primerica. Was I suppose{d} to tell him “Oh, well .. too bad”…. No, I did what any good son would do,{;} I started looking at other companies and found he could be covered with term insurance by them, for less then what Primerica was going to charge.
4. Term is the right product for 95% of people (sorry not 100%), the problem is you only sell Term which is great but what do you do when you run across a person that is in the Top 5% … Also think about it … aren’t you trying to get all your clients and yourself to that Top 5% … what do you get when you are there?
{I am very sure Primerica goes vs. their word and sells some whole life. In any event, most of their term packages are overpriced. -consult the Rock}
5. You are taught with your mortgages to say “Interest Rates do not matter” or “Ours are calculated differently” … If it doesn’t matter then why not give them a competitive one.{?} I also dare you to put that in writing,{sic: period} 
Home Office Compliance would be down your throat quick because they know it is not true… so they don’t want it in writing.
6. With your investments…. the market is down right now … am I suppose to sink money in an investment I know is going to go down right away …. That’s right{;} Primerica has annuities now … even though just a couple of years ago annuities were “evil”.
7. A client’s money is sacred to them … why would they sink it into a company with so much negative press, it scares them …. Why do it …. When they can get the same thing for less with less negative remarks…. For all the agents who say that is just “some” agents that act like “that” …. They represent YOUR company and because the RVPs don’t care what type of people they are as long as they have $199 (now $99) {if 99 now, not for long. Plus, remember, Primerica pays for nothing, reimburses you for nothing, steals from your bank account $25/month whether you have the money in your checking or savings or not. A very, very sneaky, unscrupulous outfit.  What pyramid isn’t? -consult the Rock} so the RVP can win the next contest.
But Most of you aren’t in Primerica because of the products, you are in it for the business. Because you think there is nothing is better then owning your Primerica business. It is definitely better then {sic} Corporate America{;} that is for sure. Here is where I look at you like teenage kids with your first beat up car speeding around town like you own a brand new Mercedes and I tell you to “slow down and think” .. you will either listen or will crash and I will say “I told you so”

How many of you TRULY read and understood your IBA contract when you signed it? Let me go over some things before I enlighten about your IBA contract:
1. How can you tell a new recruit that you can make a lot of money before you actually do it.{?} Doesn’t that feel wrong to you?
2. The money you are spending for your IBA DOES NOT pay for your license {more fees than ever now -consult the Rock}it pays for processing and your Licensing class …. Most states don’t require a class{.} {W} why does everyone have to pay for it. {?}
3. Why can’t a new recruit go get your licenses BEFORE you sign your IBA?
4. Why can’t new recruit{s} go see clients AFTER {BEFORE} you are fully licensed and then sign ALL transactions {ONCE YOU BECOME LICENSED}? I know why this is the case …. Most agents are not making money so they need to sign it to make money and they are afraid the recruit will quit.
5. Why beat around the bush when saying the name Primerica ….. you are taught to say “Division of Citigroup” …. “Member of Citigroup” ….. “Largest Financial Services Distribution Hub” ….. “PFS” ….. anything but Primerica … it goes back to the bad rep .. and the fear that the new person will Google the name Primerica{.} And that is fact! They were sure to check your A.L. Williams business cards. You had to pay. They didn’t tell you that you just lost if the RVP does not approve the name you put on when you had the cards printed!
6. People who leave Primerica are not quitters or couldn’t make it at Primerica … people making six figures have left Primerica for better opportunities … you just don’t know they exist.  { Ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark.  More often, it is because of lazy, irresponsible rvps and svps who are reprehensible and won’t obtain a real job and earn their keep! -consult the Rock}
7. You would NEVER be able to recruit a person who is already licensed and knows what questions to ask. {This would be so hilarious but for the sad reality that there are so many, many victims of disreputable pyramid schemes. -consult the Rock}
8. Citigroup (not in the best financial shape right now and has {omit "has"} Abu Dhabi is now the largest shareholder) is looking to sell Primerica …. FACT … check out the Wall Street Journal March 28th 2008 Section C … “Citigroup has a major retail presence in just a handful of major cities, including New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco. Primerica Financial Services, which sells life insurance and mutual-fund products, is up for sale but isn’t attracting buyers, say people familiar with the matter.”             {The Primerica nut who "rebutted"  didn’t even know. I mean, HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW that he is about to lose his policyholders, contests, AND leads.  Pitiful.  You primerica captive agents own nothing. IT’S PROVEN IN POINT NUMBER 4 and 14 BELOW. -consult the Rock} THE THIRD GROUP OF LISTED NUMBERS IN THIS ESSAY:    
Now on to the IBA…. The moment you sign your IBA these things happen:  
1. You become a captive agent {HORRIFYING!!!  Bonnie didn’t inform me of an awful lot of things!} ….. not allowed to sell anything Primerica does not offer …. Hand cuffing you to fully help your client.  
2. You only have one company to work with {-} Citigroup…… why not allow you to use any company you want …. There are companies that do.  {Si`!  It’s called independent agents!}
3. You have to give up a “leg” (your MOST productive team) to become an RVP …. Why not let them become an RVP AND keep their whole team ….. Other companies do it  
4. Hear me when I say this!!!! YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! Don’t believe me … ask your RVP {the following:}  if you move to a different company can you take your clients or team with you{?} ….. you will find out real{ly} quick{ly} … read your IBA it says it in your IBA .. your RVP owns your business … you do not own your business until you are a Senior Vice President AND have had 5 years of at least 3% growth {funny how Bonnie Gore the man forgot all about that} .… Until then your RVP owns your business … even after you become an RVP…… there are other companies that allow you to take your clients with you.  
5. I will preface this comment …. I am a huge believer in recruiting ….. I love recruiting and I am good at it …. BUT you should not have to be forced to recruit to be promoted … you should have the choice to work yourself or recruit and have the same opportunity … America is about choice.  
6. Your Securities (investment) commission is HORRIBLE….. there is NO WAY you could live on it alone .. add it up.  
7. You{r} IBA has a non-compete clause in it …. Which means try to leave for something better … see how nasty your old “friends” get.   {O ho ho ho h o ho h o ho ho !  He he he he he he he he he he he he. Chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk}  
8. You have to be full time to become RVP …. Do you forget some people like their job … pastors, teachers (I know the company was started by teachers … but you fail to realize A.L. Williams was a different company then {sic: than} Primerica) or anyone else that would like to keep their job.  {it was like that at A.L. Williams.  At least in some districts -consult the Rock}
9. As an RVP you are required to get an office … again I like having an office but some people do not want the overhead … why make them pay it?   {Why can’t con America pay?  They say they have so much money.  Why say you are a private firm that doesn’t need to issue stock, then talk out of both sides of your mouth and say "we are a part of Citigroup, a world renowned large corporation"?
10. You can be “Rolled Back” which means lose the promotions that you have received and the commission levels at your RVPs discretion …. Not enough production, illness, or because your RVP wants to teach you a lesson.   {How do you like aspiring to be a RVP?   You know you are going to shaft your downline.  And you stay with such an evil boiler room.   You ought to be ashamed of yourself!  You ought to be exposing con America 19 hours a day.}
11. Some people do not like the risk of the market …. You can not sell a fixed / index annuities …. Most of you don’t know what that is … don’t worry I didn’t either when I was there … trust me your hurting some of your clients by not having access to it.  
12. What happens when you have a recruit at your same commission level … you 2 are at the same level you get no override …. Doesn’t that make you want to keep people below you {here means from moving up -consult the Rock}… not push them up…..Some companies will still reward you even when you are at the same level  
13. A brand new person starts at 25% ……. They can do all the work (and you know as well as I do … getting a warm referral is most the work … so don’t tell me because you did a flip chart presentation you did most the work) and they only get 25% ….. the RVP get 95% …. So the RVP get 70% of something … they may not have been there for….. doesn’t sound fair … I thought Primerica did what was right “100% of the time"
14. Let’s say Primerica goes out of business (don’t believe it … check out ENRON, ….{mci, Grant’s, Bear Stearns, Adelphia, Newpower, Lehman Bros – consult the Rock} And read the Wall Street Journal article I reference above) ….. your contract and license is with Primerica … what do you then? … because I already explained to you … YOU DON’T OWN IT{!}
15. Do you like paying for POL, Call Atlanta, marketing material, leadership school, and training (hype sessions) …. Most companies give that stuff out free{.}

16. DO YOU LIKE CHARGEBACKS?????!!!!! …. Come on{,} of all things I know you are tired of … we have to agree on chargebacks ….. for those that don’t know what a chargeback is: the agent turns in the paperwork to Primerica and is immediately paid …. But the policy is not issued which means if the client changes their mind, finds something cheaper, does not qualify, drags their feet on blood work, stops paying or for any reason does not get or continue the policy …. Primerica wants their money back ….. which means they take it out of the next check or the next one or the next one which means you are running up an escalator and YOU KNOW IT …. Sorry to give out the dirty little secret but you can not say you like the CHARGEBACK …. Again not all companies get those and NO company gives them out as much as Primerica{.}

17. Most people become disable{d} before they die …. You can’t sell disability insurance or you will be fired … hurting your clients again {.}
18. What about health insurance … again .. try to sell it and you will be fired (by the way … does it make sense that you can be fired from your own business?) 

19. Critical care …. What if you client gets cancer … or do have insurance for that …. Nope …. Fired Again … By the way before you say it …. Most life insurance has accelerated death benefit …. So Primerica not special with that.  
20. Make sure you check with Primerica before you do ANYTHING{.}  {I} if they don’t like it they can terminate you (read your IBA) … sounds like a JOB to me .. I’d rather be independent…… the sad part is most don’t know you can be ….  Listen … I wrote this for the person I was before I left Primerica hopefully that person is reading this and just starting to open your eyes a little bit and ask some questions that they didn’t have before…. I don’t hate Primerica … I don’t hate the people in Primerica … but you don’t know everything about the company ….. and I can almost guarantee you didn’t read or understand the IBA you signed. And if you don’t open your eyes and figure it out …. You are going to hurt some people and your{dic} going to hurt your family. Think about it … don’t try to argue with it{,} just read it and find out if everything I said is true …. Don’t believe me READ YOUR IBA. I was you before I found out all of this stuff. The question is  “Once an honest person knows the truth, he/she has 2 choices, continue to be honest and change their current course of action or cease to be an honest person”.  I will gladly talk to you here about it and answer any comments, questions or disagreements you have.
Rocky’s Tip:  to save a lot of souls an awful lot of money:  35 year term should not be taken in to consideration.  Even if you are disabled, etc, and think that there is no chance for you, you may not even be around 35 years from now.   NOT TO MENTION THE COMPANY ITSELF.   For the overwhelming majority of you, life {death} insurance should NOT be necessary in 15 to 20 years.   You will have something to fall back on.  Your children will be grown.    Arrange for Rocky to give you a seminar of how life{death} insurance companies rob you and what death insurance really is.        "I already feel deceived. I’ve never heard of a legitimate honest job that requires you to put down at least $100 in order to begin working.  That’s ludicrous.  Furthermore, during the presentation, there seemed to be two very strong points in which the gentlemen emphasized:  {m}Money and recruiting. They would go on and on about how much money they made, and the fact that in order to make money, you have to recruit people. 95% of the presentation was spent on these two subjects; the remaining 5% was spent on helping people get out of debt.  Right now, my mind is boggled. I can’t figure out how a company can claim to be an honest company that helps people and does noble deeds while concentrating much of their energy and manpower on greed and dishonesty.  It sounds too good to be true, because it is. Don’t believe everything you hear, fellow people."      

3. Written by Another one taken, on 12-07-2008 20:52
My wife went to an "interview" about a medical job {YEAH you apologists are really filled with godliness, aren’t you?   Amway was very deceptive but I do not know of Amway ever stooping so low as to say they are health practitioners, etc!!} that was posted on Craigslist which turned out to be one of these hyped "opportunities" and paid the *** $99 & signed stuffed before reading it or understanding what she was doing. After doing some research I found this forum and I am now pissed off that they would do this. I am not an easy target for scams like this because I always am leary about "get rich quick schemes" that blow smoke up your *** without any real or tangible products or services.  My wife had to cancel her debit card in order to keep from being another victim. Lesson learned.

9. Written by John Garvin, on 07-04-2008 19:08
Last week, the Department of Ins. for the  state of Utah raided the Primerica offices in Salt Lake. The RVP admittied {sic} to investigators that he had committed a fraud.

May be the reason Ripoff Report has ceased publishing exposes and complaints regarding Primerica: 9. Written by Consumer Advocate, on 11-08-2008 13:55   Go check out what the editor of said after being PAID by Primerica to become part of his “Consumer Advocate Program”   He will say whatever you want after you PAY him.

2. Written by vtch786 aka PFS Truth, on 08-08-2008 15:04  LTM4661: 
1st – Please use your own name not my username {.}
2nd – You have been lied to if you were told you can get promoted without selling anything.  {poor Primerica recruits will believe anything.  This is really pitiful.  -consult the Rock}  You have to do $10,000 in life insurance premiums 2 months in a row AND have 6 districts to get promoted to RVP. By the way you don’t give away the life insurance policies, you or your team has to SELL it. After being told you don’t have to sell anything to be promoted by another up standing Primerica agent and now finding out the truth, you are a sucker if you sign that IBA. How many times do I have to say this, I was at Primerica for 3 years, LTM4661 or any other new person, what makes you think you are going to say something that I don’t already know. I am trying to warn you before you sign the IBA. 
3rd – When you recruit somebody … do they give those away free too? … NO, you sell them an IBA contract for ($99 down and $25 a month) {yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!  OWWW!!!!!  YOU PAY TO GET RAPED!!!!!!!!  -consult the Rock}…. Wake up! Every promotion is based on sales, either IBAs and/or Life Insurance. You are choosing to ignore FACTS and if you sign your IBA after this you deserve exactly what you are going to get. 
4th – What McDonald’s can you buy for $10k?  From McDonald’s website: How much does it cost to open a McDonald’s franchise? Total investment: $655,750-$1,225,000 
5th – What franchise are you buying at Primerica?  Let’s use your analogy: Would you buy a McDonald’s then be told you have to start working for free at the FRY STATION and ADVERTISING at the same time …. and hopefully, one day, maybe you could own it…. Does that make sense?  Because that is what you are doing a{t} Primerica. Get this straight{:} it is a Multi – Level Marketing company{sic:  pyramid -consult the Rock}.  You have to recruit to be promoted and you have to sell to get promoted.   You will be selling OVERPRICED products to your friends and family and recruiting strangers AT THE MALL, trying to convince them with the same lies you are believing. Sounds like Amway to me … the only difference is you have to get a state licensed first … so you have to wait and make you[r} new upline money first.   {Yep, confirmed true. -consult the Rock}

Good stuff by:  Written by vtch786, aka PFS Truth, as Primerica apologist stole his name and wrote garbage favoring Primerica!   ‘nuf said!  on 09-05-2008 10:

Primerica apologist blown away;  his lies exposed:  {point #} 13. "Are you sure there are NO Financial Firms that will allow you to work part time AND own and office? …..and … Are you also sure there are NO Financial Firms that will not let you work in another Financial Field and also work for their firm? … and … Are you sure that they "Will require you to drop several thousand (often in the 6-figures) in franchise fees" before you open your office? … Wow … I should really go tell some the independent agents I know that what they are doing every day is IMPOSSIBLE. .. and … I am not sure how I owned an office when I was part-time …. And … I must owe someone a franchise fee … so please let me know who to write that check to.  

Should I stop selling health insurance and disability insurance too? Just because Primerica doesn’t sell it, doesn’t make it non-compliant, it makes PRIMERICA Non-Compliant. 
{point# } 14. You have only had 1 chargeback your entire career in Primerica? … that would mean every person that you have ever put an app{lication} in for was always approved, not rated{;}   always accepted the policy and never looked for a lower rate during the underwriting period?  Since you are paid on submission {sic:  commission} that would be close to impossible … you want to change your statement about only 1 chargeback{?}{point # } 15. How can some {one} who preaches about ethics vs money … then say "Eh, its business" when it comes to Interest Rate on a Mortgage.  I can show a person how to pay of {sic} their 30 year mortgage in 12 to 18 years … biweekly without a charge to do it {HA HA HA HA HA} …. With a lower total cost AND give them the lowest interest rate.  Primerica has not cornered the market on that {ha ha ha ha ha} … they are just the only one doing it AND charging a high interest rate. If you think your clients don’t care about 2 interest rates {percentage} points … what ethics do you have? "
{All RVPs pay close attention:} {point #}17.  As for a new recruit … why not do this: 
a. New Recruit says I am interested in getting in to Financial Services. 
b. New Recruit pays NOTHING …. 
c. New Recruit goes to licensing class FREE … 
d. New Recruit goes on training appointments that I set up in MY MARKET from the referral I have made from clients I have saved money for … 
e. New Recruit Learns even more and still hasn’t paid anything. 
f. Independent Agent Pays for New Recruit to take the test. …… That’s what {sic} done all the time?" {.}  That’s why A.L. Williams owes me and why Primerica owes all their recruits.   I resent you lying to me, Bonnie Dorman.   You may have saved some money "primerica rocks"{,} but if you have a term policy with them, the fact is you could probably have paid half as much for possibly more coverage from a different carrier, and had more to invest. They could have helped you with the refinance too, especially considering that Primerica’s products are by no means special. You just didn’t shop around, and instead took the first piece of advice you came acroos {sic: across}. Best of luck!"
4. "Also how can you not know what it takes to own your Primerica business? You have no way of looking up and verifying the 3% growth {!!!!!!!!!!!!}-consult the Rock}…. This is your business, you know ALL the ins and outs of Primerica and the Financial Service Field, how can you not get that information … how can I get it and you can’t" 
{ ha haaaaaaaaa!  O ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!}

The author is very knowledgeable.  Cannot find the name of the author on the website:   "A thorough response to "Termites" has been prepared as early as 1988 for a former RVP in the A.L. Williams organization in a published book called "A.L. Williams:  Cult or Crudade?{sic}" The questions asked there are relevent{sic} to today’s PFAs and are the questions that should be asked when one is being coerced to replace their cash value policy or is being recruited to join Primerica, a company that is known for its agents unscrupulous and deceptive practices.
"1. Do you want to buy insurance from a company which guarantees that the insurance you buy this year could cost you $106,000 more by age 65…?"
2. "Do you want to do business with a company [whose agents] openly admit to lying and distortion to sell its programs?"
3. "Do you want to do business with a company [whose agents] state it is more important for them to get the business and biggest earnings than how they got them?"
4. "Do you want to join a company which offers a dream, a job opportunity and an "own your own business " pitch which is really a [MLM] sales gimmick?"
5. "Would you want to join a company which offers financial independence and yet will not guarantee any earnings, compensation plans or employee benefits?"
6. "Do you want to go to work for a company which encourages you to build your own business, but it requires you to sign 73 pages of contracts which give the company the right to take your business, to terminate you without cause, and to confiscate your past business
7. "Would you like to invest your family’s business future contracting with a company which forces you to sign a contract which allows only the company to change the terms of the contract at any time without justification?"         8. "Do you want to trust your professional future to a company whose contract states your "…appointees (business) and rights to commissions and override commissions (earnings) do not constitute property of the RVP (you) for any purpose nor shall such rights be subject to inheritance…" and that upon your death {A.L. Williams -Primerica -consult the Rock} takes it (your business) — if they don’t take it before?                                                                                    9.
"Do you want to work for a company which won’t let you sue them in a court of law if they violate their agreement with you or wrong you — but requires you to go to Georgia, under Georgia law, when {while} the company reserves the right to sue or arbitrate?"
These are a few of the questions being asked in 1988, shortly before Weill bought the company from Williams. Little has changed since 1988. If you have read your contract carefully, you will see that most, if not all of the above statements apply to today’s Primerica. I strongly advise anyone considering Primerica as a career or as a vehicle to wealth {grinding poverty -consult the Rock} to find another vehicle."

Meanwhile, please read my exposes regarding the Primerica pyramid on my yahoo blog.  I have more.  MORE ON PERFSPOT IF I CAN GET IT TO WORK.  ONLY WORKED ONCE THUS FAR:  IN SEPT, 2008.  YEP, LONG TIME.  <ahref=""><imgsrc=""style="border: 0px;"alt="Click to join MGTENTER95"/><p>Click to join MGTENTER95</p></a>

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  1. E R Rocky Phenom says:

    Meanwhile, please read my exposes regarding the Primerica pyramid on my yahoo blog. I have more. MORE ON PERFSPOT IF I CAN GET IT TO WORK. ONLY WORKED ONCE THUS FAR: IN SEPT, 2008. YEP, LONG TIME. <ahref=""><imgsrc=""style="border: 0px;"alt="Click to join MGTENTER95"/><p>Click to join MGTENTER95</p></a>

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  2. E R Rocky Phenom says:

    No restitution; not even any remorse shown by the Primerica pyramid scheme fraud defendersof evil scams!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. E R Rocky Phenom says:

    Still no restitution from those who lie and criticize. To say we did not work hard enough is obscene. You will work harder than you ever did. Making appt; arranging parties, get togethers, losing time with your family because you are making calls to get appt – all for nothing because every one knows Primerica, like Amway, is a pyramid scheme fraud. The pressure to recruit, recruit is always there.

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  4. Cecil Payne says:

    This article is very accurate.
    AL Williams rode my father, a very prosperious respected business man to the grave. One lie after another. He was a top regional RVP sales person bringing hundreds of thousdands of $$ to A L Williams and their upper line mgrs until they took all his clients away one day and gave them to another SRVP. He was told good job, here is your top sales plaque, now start all over again. His widow now gets a check for $6.42 cents a month from his commissions. Wow are they grateful or what? For all he had done for them this is her reward. She waits until she gets 2 or 3 checks accumalated and then deposits them all at once to make it worth her while, Our family says Run Run Run as fast as you can.
    Once a RVP sees this and realizes that she is getting some money they will probably go after that also,
    They will be judged by God to pay for their sins!


  5. Bitter bunch of failures. Was there a gun to your head when you thought you had discovered the easy way through a difficult life by signing up? Where was your due diligence you sorry failure? You have no right to pee on the dreams others may have in this capitalistic society we live in. There are people out there with the motivation AND INTELLIGENCE to make MLM work. Surely, if your vomit had any merit whatsoever, this Company would not be in operation as so many MLM’s can tell you firsthand. The worst thing that happened to you was the invention of self serve gas stations. You might want to try McDonalds.


  6. Adrian says:

    warburg pincus invested 10million dollars to check us out if we were legit and we are than they invested 230million dollars to the company


  7. nextaxpro says:

    Now then, in regards to illegal aliens coming illegally, demanding “free Obama medical care”, you don’t ever THINK of coming here illegally. And most of you don’t know this, but, from 1924-1965, there was no immigration allowed at all. The purpose was to assimilate the immigrants whom had already come. They wanted to become Americans – think like an American, be an American. There is NOT ONE illegal alien who desires to become an American. Matter of fact, nowadays, the immigrants maintain their stink, weird customs, misbehavior, atrocities, sarcasm and so on.

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  8. Sherri says:

    You are an asshat


    • nextaxpro says:

      But the natural man receiveth not the Things of the Spirit of GOD, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned: 1Corinthians 2:14. Repentance toward GOD, and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST. REPENT AND BELIEVE TODAY.

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  9. nextaxpro says:

    Primerica is not listed. Even were it, don’t forget CBR – cybersentry. It was found to be a fraud and the stock went down and then made illegal. It was started by the mob and the mob threatened with physical harm a number of brokers who would not be intimidated by the mafia.

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