SPORTS!     More fun.   Have to get away from the world for a while.  This is one of my many hobbies, although I am disillusioned now.    Working on a book on pro football.    There is very little doubt that pro sports are fixed.     I WILL DO RESEARCH FOR YOU ON PRO FOOTBALL {National Football League – NFL } RIVALRIES AND INDIVIDUAL RECORDS.   I’M A GOOD SETTLER OF ARGUMENTS.    $60 DONATION per question.   Discounts for more than 4 questions.   I DO NOT DO ONLINE BANKING NOR TAKE MONEY ON LINE.    IT IS MUCH, MUCH TOO RISKY.  HACKERS HAVE EVEN BROKEN IN TO THE IRS WEBSITE.,  OR   for details on my bank account# and routing #.


The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons have met thirteen times previously.   Patriots lead series seven to six.  In 1998, the Falcons were 14-2 and trampled the Patriots, 41-10.    That was the first and only year the Falcons went to the super bowl until this year.  They have met four times since.   Patriots have won all four.    The last time that the two teams met was in 2013, and the game was won by the Patriots, 30-23.   The two teams will meet in 2017.

Falcons beat the Green Bay pack 44-21 in the 2016 playoffs!

How about that!   One of my teams, New England Patriots, defeated the steelers twice ~ in the regular season and in the American Football Conference championship game.    On January 22, 2017,  the Patriots beat the steelers, 36 to 17.      Play by play:       Dallas Cowboys destroyed the same pack { Green Bay } in Green Bay, week 6, this season.    Pack just won playoff game in Dallas { Arlington, Texas,  USA }.

New England Patriots beat Houston 27-0 without Tom Brady in week 4 this past season.   Patriots did not play well,  but beat the Houston Texans this 2016 NFL postseason { divisional playoffs }, 34 – 16.

Kansas City Chiefs lost 43:14, week 4, to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh.     Chiefs had a better record but lost at home to the steelers { divisional playoffs },  by a count of 18 to 16.

“Wild card week”, which was the first week of the 2016 season NFL playoffs:    Houston 27, Oakland 14               Pittsburgh 30, Miami 12

Green Bay 38, New York Giants 13           Seattle 26, Detroit 6

2016 National Football League { NFL }  final standings:        More final standings below.


PRO FOOTBALL’S SPURRIOUS MYSTIQUE!       Dax Prescott’s rookie performance has drawn rave reviews as to how a rookie can play so very well against “the sophisticated defenses of the National Football League.   However, rookies have performed very well in the past as well as the present.           

Definition of spurious :  1)  of illegitimate birth:  bastard    2 :  outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its genuine qualities:  false     3A :  of falsified or erroneously attributed origin :  forged     3B:   of a deceitful nature or quality      THAT’S from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which I trust!     Pro football { NFL } has a spurious mystique!     The spurious mystique of National Football League public relations is this:   that pro football players must take years to learn their position on the field because pro football is so sophisticated and complex.    However, that is NOT true.     The day after rookie quarterback Clint Longley of the Dallas Cowboys threw three touchdown passes to beat the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day in 1974, either the New York Times of the Wall Street Journal came out with an article by some sports writer entitled “pro football’s spurious mystique”.   The article explained that pro football is not difficult to learn and that NFL  defenses are NOT that sophisticated.   If a receiver is open, he is open.

So I decided to come up with a few examples from the top of my head:

Greg Cook, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals in the old American Football League { AFL } in 1969 and briefly in 1973.    The Bengals were in their second year of existence in the AFL.   Yet Greg Cook contributed to the Bengals 4-9-1 record by making very few mistakes.   He had a powerful arm and was a very accurate passer.

Ben Rothlisberger 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers:   As a rookie, led Pittsburgh to a 15-1 record.

Dax Prescott 2016 Dallas Cowboys:  led Cowboys to a 13-3 record.  13-2 from one standpoint as the season finale was a meaningless game for the Cowboys.  Also, Tony Romo played for a series in that game.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots 2000 –    :   Started in 2001 when quarterback Drew Bledsoe got injured in week 2.   The Patriots wound up 13-3 when Brady was the starting Quarterback, as New England started the season 0-2, AND Brady did not start vs. Pittsburg in the American Football Conference championship game, which hasn’t been explained yet.   The Patriots beat Oakland, Pittsburg and the St. Louis Rams in the postseason.

The 1951 Los Angeles Rams team had quite a number of rookies, yet they won the championship!!     Average age for the team was 25 1/2 years.

The 1987 Washington Redskins strike team beat the St. Louis Cardinals regulars that year, 28-21, on October 4, 1987!

Jim Plunkett, New England Patriots, in 1971:  Led the Patriots to an opening day upset of the Oakland Raiders on the opening day.   The Patriots were a poor team, but he led them to a 6-8 record, which was a 4 game improvement over 1970.   Tom Landry, the great coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and one of the greatest coaches in football history, had high compliments for Jim Plunkett as the two teams met that season.   Plunkett had a 16 year career in the NFL with the Patriots, Raiders and 49ers.

Roger Staubach ~ who came in 1969 to the Dallas Cowboys but did not start until 1971.    The Dallas Cowboys won the championship that season.   He played in 6 games in 1969 and is credited with a 1-0 record, his only start.    He played in 8 games in 1970 and is credited with a 2-1 record, his only 3 starts.   He won the starting job for good in the 7th game of the 1971 season.   His team won the next 10 games, 7 regular season, and defeated the Vikings, 49ers and Dolphins in the postseason.    He was selected to the Pro Bowl, one of pro football’s highest honors.

Mark Sanchez ~ with the New York Jets in 2009.    Although he has had mainly poor years, in his first NFL start, his team, the Jets, beat the Houston Texans, 20-7.   His team made the playoffs.  He is credited with an 8-7 record, so he did not start in one game.

Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers ~ came up in 1979.   He only started 8 games in 1979-80.  But in 1981, he started all 16 games and led the 49ers to a 13-3 record.  He threw a touchdown {TD} in the NFC championship game in the final minute to defeat the favored Cowboys.   He then led his team to a 26-21 super bowl victory over the AFC Bengals.

Andrew Luck did well in his rookie season in 2012 with the Indianapolis Colts.   The Colts finished 11-5, following a 2-14 season in 2011.

Francis Tarkenton, with the EXPANSION Minnesota Vikings in 1961, won his very first game and his team’s very first game over the Chicago Bears!!!    It was the first time an expansion team won their very first regular season game!     That feat has been accomplished twice since then.

The rookie quarterback David Carr for the Houston Texans in 2002.   He led his team is 19-10 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in his inaugural regular season game.

Jeff Hostetler ~ took the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory following the 1990 season, following an injury to the starting QB, Phil Simms.

Kurt Warner was bagging groceries in 1999 after he was DROPPED by the Green Bay Packers and did not play.   He played in one game in 1998 for the St. Louis Rams.  He did not start.  He played in all the games in 1999.  He contributed mightily to the St. Louis Rams 16-3 record.   The Rams were 13-3 in the regular season, then defeated the Vikings, Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans for the NFL championship.

Do you have question regarding scores, dates, records for professional baseball { MLB }, football { NFL } and basketball { NBA }?    Now, you can get the answers in detail, from the entertainment AND the business perspective.    $60 donation per question.    Discounts for more than 4 questions.    It’s worth it to get the arguments settled.    EXAMPLES:   What and when was actually the first perfect season in professional football?   How many have there been?     When was the first NBA season?      When was the first championship game played between two different major baseball leagues?       How did American professional football originate?      How many professional baseball teams has the city of Cincinnati had?     How many pro football teams has the city of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. had?    How many professional football leagues were labeled “THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE”?

Have the Cleveland Browns ever played the Seattle Seahawks?     The answer:     The question should actually be:    did the Cleveland Browns originate in 1999?    Answer is   “No!!!”    The Cleveland Browns are now the Baltimore RavensTeam vs. Team all-time records have to be clarified as to which professional team you are inquiring about.   The Baltimore Ravens originated in 1946 as the Cleveland Browns of the defunct All American Football Conference.    That “conference” lasted 4 years, then went broke.      The National Football League { NFL } tries to maintain the impression, and influences authors, that the “conference” went broke because the Cleveland Browns won all 4 of the titles.    But the Boston Celtics of the current NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION { NBA } won EIGHT titles in a row from the 1958-1959 through the 1965-1966 season!    Boston Celtics won the NBA title ELEVEN times in the 13 seasons from 1956-1957 through 1968-1969.    Therefore, that argument will not fly.    The team was one of three teams – the others were the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers – that were incorporated in to the National Football League in 1950.  The NFL does not recognize All America Football Conference { in business from 1946-1949 }  results as official [the business aspect ].   Therefore, in Team versus Team rivalries, the Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Ravens are supposed to be recognized as first beginning in 1950.   

New England Patriots have done well vs. the Pittsburg Steelers in the playoffs:     1996:    Patriots, 28-3 { Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts, U.S.A.}     1997:   Steelers, 7-6 {P}          2001:  Patriots, 24-17 {P}        2004:   Patriots, 41-27 {P}     2016:   Patriots 36, pittsburg 17 { Foxborough }

I give answers to your questions regarding playoff results from the inception of the National Basketball Association { NBA }.      A good example:   what is the record of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball association post-season finals?          Celtics 9, lakers 3    Same with major league baseball { MLB } and the National Football League { NFL }.    

Good examples below:      All time rivalry between the National Football League  { NFL } Chicago Card-PittChicagoSt.Louis -Phoenix -Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburg Steelers.     Cardinals used to be in Chicago and St.  Louis.    They were known as the Phoenix Cardinals from the 1988 through the 1994 NFL seasons.    Chicago- Card-Pitt – Chicago – St.Louis-Phoenix-Arizona Cardinals now 23-33-3 vs. Pittsburg Steelers all time.  They lost the Super Bowl following the 2008 season to Pittsburg.     The two teams were the same team in 1944.    During World War II there was a shortage of pro football players due to the war.    The team nearly won one game, but finished winless at 0-10.   They scored something like 108 points and gave up 328.   The team was known as the Card-Pitt.   What with their season, the name “Carpet” was frequently used.    The team was one of the worst ever franchised by the NFL.   But they had an excuse.   They had no manpower.

Pittsburgh was favored by 7 for Super Bowl 43.     Won by less than seven27-23.     Therefore, if you are foolish enough to bet, you lost!

ALL GAMES;  AWAY AND HOME STREAKS TEAMS VS. OPPONENTS:     Some of these droughts are current.       


20  wins 1970-79 by the Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

11   wins by the Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles.    Bears 11-0-1 in first 12 vs. Eagles.

11    wins by the Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles  1967-72

10    Green Bay Packers won first ten regular season games that they played vs.  Philadelphia Eagles.

10     won by the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins 1997-2002     { 14-1 from 1997-2004 }

10     wins by Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New York Jets.   Jets have never beaten the Eagles. 

10   New York Jets all time vs. Philadelphia Eagles:  0-10


25   losses away by the  Detroit Lions vs. the Green Bay Packers {includes a playoff loss in Green Bay following the 1994 season}.      Finally ceased in 2015 season.
21  losses away;   Detroit Lions had not won in Washington.    They had lost 21  straight losses away vs. the Washington Redskins, which included 3 postseason losses in Washington.   The team last won away vs. the Redskins in 1935, 17-7, when the Redskin franchise was in Boston.   73 years.   Lions finally won away vs. the Redskins  in 2013, 27-20.

20  Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills
17   losses in a row away from home;   Boston-New England vs. Miami in Miami from 1970-85 including playoff loss in Miami in 1982.    Boston won in 1969.   The game was played in Tampa, Florida*.

16   Buffalo Bills without a win in Miami 1967-82  { 1 tie 14 consecutive losses ’69-’82}.
15   Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears.   Philadelphia did not win in Chicago from 1933 until 1999, a span of 67 years.     Chicago Bears 29-11-1 all-time vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.
15   {regular season only San Diego vs. Pittsburg:   Chargers won two playoff games in Pittsburgh following 1982 and 1994 seasons.
    Chargers finally won in Pittsburgh during the 2012 season.
14   Buffalo Bills 14 straight losses in Miami 1969-1982 { 1 tie in 1968}.         

12  Indianapolis – Baltimore Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers {including 5 postseason match ups }.    Indianapolis now 2-12 in Pittsburgh.   Streak went from 1969-2007  (no longer current).      Baltimore – Indianapolis Colts never beaten Pittsburg in the postseason { 0-5 }.

13   losses:  Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings  { 1998-2010 }

12   losses:  Detroit vs. San Francisco 49ers:    Lions last won in SF in 1975.

11   losses:  Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs AWAY from home { 1989-1999  includes playoff loss following the 1991 season }
11    losses:  Boston-New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos {1969-2001.   New England won in ’03}.

11   Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears  { 1935-1947.  1 tie in 1933, then 11 wins in a row by the Chicago Bears over Philadelphia by the Bears ~ all games }

10   losses:  Minnesota Vikings vs. Baltimore – Indianapolis  {includes 1968 playoff loss in Baltimore } Colts.     Minnesota Vikings never won in Baltimore and have not won in Indianapolis.

9     losses:  Green Bay vs. Dallas Cowboys in Dallas includes playoffs following 1982, 1993, 1994, and 1995 NFL seasons.
9     losses:   Green Bay vs. Philadelphia away in Philadelphia  { that streak was broken in week one in 2010 }.


14   Oakland Raiders won at home vs. Denver  1963 1976 regular season.  (tie in 1973)          
ARCHIVES:     Green Bay Pack 25 consecutive victories at home vs. the Detroit Lions.    This includes a 1994 playoff loss at Green Bay.   Finally broken during the 2015 NFL season.   San Francisco has won 7 of last 9 at home vs. the Redskins.    Oakland Raiders 4-0 vs. Houston Oilers – Tennessee Oilers – Tennessee Titans in the postseason.

Oakland 14-1 in first 15 played at home vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.

10   Buffalo Bills LOST at home vs. the Miami Dolphins.

9    losses :   Denver vs. Oakland – 1963-1971    { 1 tie }

New England Patriots at Indianapolis – Baltimore Colts:    Patriots lead all time series, 47-28, which includes 3 playoff victories and one playoff loss.   There have been three postseason meetings between the two teams.   The Patriots won, 24-14 in Foxborough, Massachusetts, U.S.A,  following the 2003 season en route to their Super Bowl victory over the Carolina panthers.   The Patriots won, 20- 3 in Foxborough following the 2004 season en route to their Super Bowl victory over Philadelphia, 24-21.   The Indianapolis Colts came from 18 down to prevail 38-34 in Indianapolis following the 2006 season on the way to their Super Bowl victory over Chicago.  

Last time New England Patriots met the Seattle Seahawks was in Super Bowl 49{ until the 2016 regular season}, where the Patriots came from 10 points down in the fourth quarter to win.   Seattle was a powerful team, and, even though New England was a one and a half point favorite, many felt that Seattle would win the game.    Seattle still, as of this year, is a very powerful team, even with the retirement of probably the strongest back ever, with the possible exception of Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith and Earl Campbell.   New England started out fairly well, and led 14-7 late in the second quarter.   But Seattle did their “magic” again, and tied the score at the end of the half.    Seattle came with a rush, and led 24-14 by the middle of the 4th quarter.   With a powerful defense, it looked GRIM for the Patriots.    New England did get two late touchdowns, and led, 28-24, with approximately two and one half minutes remaining.

Seattle Seahawks came roaring back rapidly and mightily.   Their comeback was greatly augmented by an impossible catch by a Seahawk wide receiver.   The receiver lost sight of the football when a New England defensive back tipped a pass.   The football hit his heal, bounced in to air and fell into the hands of a Seattle wide receiver.   He was on the ground, but alertly kept his eye on the football and was in the appropriate position to make the catch, even though he was in a prone position!   New England starred in helpless disbelief.   Seattle would have pulled it out,  but one of the strongest running backs ever hated to speak with the press, and even refused sometimes.   The NFL lashed back.   There can be very little doubt that the head coach was told that Lynch would have to be denied the opportunity to run in to the end zone for any touchdown that could be viewed as the winning touchdown.   At the one yard line,  quarterback Russell Wilson called a quick pass.   New England had practiced for this play.    Number 21, Malcolm Butler, for New England intercepted the football, but only was able to run to the 2 -yard line.    New England quarterback Tom Brady leaped for joy over and over and screamed with relentless joy.   It looked like New England would lose a third Super Bowl because of a freak play.   A penalty of 5 yards was called against Seattle.   Then a roughing penalty of 15 yards was called against the Seahawks.   This got New England out of deep trouble.   At their own 2-yard line, New England could have FUMBLED, or been trapped for a SAFETY and been forced to “free kick” the football back to Seattle, or New England could not have stepped back one yard twice and ran out the clock.     There were 35 to 40 seconds left on the clock.    New England quarterback  Brady took the snap, stepped back one yard and kneeled down.   Seattle called time out.  New England quarterback Brady took the snap, stepped back one yard and kneeled down.    The clock ran out and New England had won an improbable victory in super bowl 49.

The then Baltimore Colts defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 41-7  in 1968, when the franchise was in Baltimore.   Since that time,  Baltimore – Indianapolis had lost twelve in a row in Pittsburgh.   That streak ended in 008.   This includes playoff losses following the 1975, 1976,  and 1995, 1996 and 2005 seasons.   The 1995 loss was very controversial, as a Steelers receiver stepped out of bounds prior to hauling in a touchdown pass.
Minnesota Vikings pro football team now has 18 wins and only 10 losses vs. the New Orleans Saints.    2-1 vs. the Saints in the postseason.  Minnesota prevailed 34-16, in 2000.   Vikes won, 44-10, in the 1987 postseason.   Following the 2009 season, the Vikings lost to the Saints in the NFC championship game.   Bret Favre threw an interception in overtime and New Orleans kicked a field goal.

San Diego Chargers now 2-8   all time vs. the Atlanta Falcons.     Chargers are 0-6 at home vs. Atlanta.

New York Jets defeated a team that was 8-0 or better for the first time in their history when they defeated the 10-0 Tennessee Titans, 34-13.   Jets had failed in five previous meetings, including last year when they faced the 2007 12-0  {at that time } New England Patriots.    

Chicago-St. Louis-Arizona Cardinals have not won a game on Thanksgiving Day since 1948.    Cardinals have lost 8 straight on Thanksgiving Day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers { Bucs } now 2-8   vs.  San Diego Chargers.    San Diego lost for the first time in Tampa in 2012.

New York Giants 4-0 vs. Cincinnati Bengals at home.    Giants are 0-6 away from home.

Defense wins championships.   Not quarterbacks.   Good quarterbacks aid some, and great quarterbacks GENERALLY – not always – help a little more than some, but you can win without a great quarterback some of the time.   The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins had about a .500 record when Sonny Jurgenson was the quarterback.  You and not in the pros by being a poor player.    Bill Kilmer was considered by many to be a poor QB following his auto accident.   He couldn’t help the poor Saint teams.   However, the 1972 Redskins went to the Super Bowl and were actually favored to beat the perfect Miami Dolphins.   Had Sonny Jurgeson been healthy, it is still highly doubtful that the Redskins would have defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl seven.  

The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles have lost their quarterbacks for the 2016 season;   Vikings  by injury;  Eagles via trade.   But both teams are doing very well.     Vikings are 4-0;  Eagles are 3-0.   Eagles had what is known as a “bye week” early this season.   Beginning in 1990, all teams had what is known as a “bye week” to allow minor injuries to heal and to have a rest.    That is why, when one looks at a schedule, there is a “Week 17” even though the season consists of 16 games beginning in 1978.

New England was a juggernaut  { that means an unstoppable force.  I realize for all to whom English is not your primary language that, in professional sports in the United States, we, the natives, speak a foreign language } in 2007.    It’s been a long, long time since New England beat the Broncos by 34 points  {2014 by a count of 43-21 }.   The Patriots have a powerful offensive line and an adequate defense.    What could Brett Favre do when the Pack was lousy in the 2005, 2006 seasons?    Same way with San Francisco now.   They’ve had some good quarterbacks, but what is San Francisco doing?     Bob Griese and Earl Morrall were adequate to very good quarterbacks on the 1972 and 1973 Miami Dolphins.   They were not spectacular, but those Dolphins were arguably among the best five or ten best NFL teams of all time.   You could argue the same for Bart Starr.   He was very good (few interceptions), but he didn’t have the most powerful arm and he was not always as accurate as he was other times.   

Tom Brady threw two interceptions in Super Bowl 49.   He wasn’t that good.  The defense won the game as they held on and enabled the Patriots offense to come from ten points down.

A look at the box scores would indicate that Joe Kapp did not have a very good year for the 1969 Minnesota Vikings.   But the Vikings went 12-2 and gave up only 133 points, which set a record that stood until 1977.   The Viking defense carried the day and only broke down once during that 1969 season.

Craig Morton was not a great quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos.   But he helped the Broncos  to go to the Super Bowl following the 1977 season.   

The Los Angeles Rams { Cleveland Rams 1937-45, Los Angeles Rams 1946-1994, St. Louis Rams 1995-2015, Los Angeles Rams 2016-   } went to the Super Bowl after the 1979 season with Joe Ferragamo as their Quarterback.    He did not stand out as being spectacular.

Terry Bradshaw played for the Pittsburg “steel curtain”  throughout the 1970s and even after the “steel curtain” players began to retire.   He played until 1985.  had an arm that could throw rockets.   But he was not the best QB.    His job was to not hurt the team.    It was even more so during the 1976 season.    Bradshaw got injured and his back up, Mike Kruchek played quarterback.   His job mostly was to hand off.    He obeyed his coaches orders and the Steeler defense carried the day { and how! }.

I wrote all of this to indicate that quarterbacks do not win games.   The only reason that ONLY the quarterback’s injury status is of consequence is because the mob;   the con men;   the las vegas racket;   the so-called “experts” of sports publications and magazines;  the football “junkies” on TV;  the racketeers want you to put up your money and lose 51 to 55 per cent of the time.

Although the 1968 Jets and the 2006 Colts did not have strong defenses during their respective regular seasons, they won the Super Bowl because the defense played well.    Granted that, unless you were the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, you have to have a little offense.   But without a defense, you will win nine or fewer games during the regular season, and you will not get to the conference championship game, much less the Super Bowl.     Terry Bradshaw was injured during the latter portion of the ’76 season.   Mike Kruczek had no pro experience.   But the Steelers still won their last nine games in a row.   Why?   Because the defense carried the offence.   It is said that the loss of two running backs caused the 24-7 loss to the Raiders.   It is doubtful.   The defence gave up 24 points.   The Raiders scored some of those points early in the game.   One cannot make the argument that the defence was on the field too long.    Quit wasting your money on publications and TV shows that make their predictions based on quarterbacks and wide receivers and running backs.   Those are LAZY writers who are hoping that their commentaries and publications will still sell if they don’t have to research thoroughly.   Football is blocking and tackling, blocking and tackling.  

{ 4-12-17 }:  FOOTBALL SEASON IS COMING { 4-12-17 }      Refresher:


2016 National Football League { NFL }  final standings AND POSTSEASON:       









2007 NFL FINAL Standings:




























1969 NFL AND AFL FINAL STANDINGS AND POST-SEASON  { “LAR” is supposed to be St. Louis Cardinals.   BAL is supposed to be Baltimore – Nextaxpro }

1968 NFL AND AFL FINAL STANDINGS AND POST-SEASON:  { “LAR” is supposed to be St. Louis Cardinals.   BAL is supposed to be Baltimore – Nextaxpro }

1967 NFL AND AFL FINAL STANDINGS AND POST-SEASON:   { “HOU” is supposed to be Houston.  – Nextaxpro }

1966 NFL AND AFL FINAL STANDINGS AND POST-SEASON:    { “NY” is supposed to be New York Jets   – Nextaxpro }

1965 NFL AND AFL FINAL STANDINGS AND POST-SEASON:    { “LAR” is supposed to be St. Louis Cardinals – Rocky }







Perfect season:    1948   ALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE:   CLEVELAND BROWNS ~ 14-0 and won championship vs. Buffalo Bills { Buffalo Bisons in 1946 }

I will be focused on professional American football quite a bit for a few months.      Here’s an interesting one.  I didn’t think of this.   Many of us know that 4  NFL teams now have never played in a Super Bowl:   Cleveland, Houston(TEXANS), Jacksonville, Detroit.   But how many teams have appeared in the Super Bowl but haven’t won the Super Bowl?

This week’s TRIVIA question:

Who holds the record for most extra base hits in a Major League Baseball career?   Hint:   he retired in 1973.    His record still stands.

What record for a wide receiver still stands of highest average years per catch for a season?   Hint:  it was set in 1947.

What was Stan Musial’s number?     Answer:  6.

Did Bill Walsh win the Super Bowl the first season he was head coach?   If not, which season?

Which NFL team holds the record for first downs for the regular season only?   HINT:  while the NFL was 14 games.

   Dallas Cowboys vs. the Pack { Green Bay Packers }:     Dallas has won 15 of the last 17 meetings, hence only won one of their first 11 meetings vs. the Packers.  They have won 11 straight vs. Green Bay at Texas Stadium.    Dallas now leads the series, 16-12;  12-10 in regular season play.   ‘Boys won  4 postseason contests with the Pack [ stopped in the 2014 playoffs }.   Cowboys won 37-27 at home on a Thursday night in 2007.   It was a game that gave a black eye to the NFL and the cable networks.    Many could not see the game solely because of the limitless greed of the cable companies.   From this, Cowboys once 1-10 vs Pack including NFL championship games following the 1966 and 1967 seasons.   “Cowboys have not won in GB since 1980″.    usa today was INCORRECT when that paper stated that Dallas had not won in Lambeau Field in 5 attempts.   However, the Cowboys had won at least twice in Milwaukee.  That occurred in 1978 and in 1980 and 1991 too:

1966:  Pack 34-27 {D} **

1967:  Pack 21-17  {GB}  **

1968:  Pack 28-17{D}   1970:  Cowboys 16-3 {D}   1972:  Pack 16-13 {Mil}  1975:  Pack 19-17 {D}   1978:  Cowboys 42-14 {Mil}   1980: Cowboys 28- 7 {GB}   1982:  Cowboys 37-26 {D}*    1984: Cowboys 20- 6 {D}    1991:  Cowboys 20-17  {GB} 

1993: Cowboys 36-14  {D}    1993 playoff: Cowboys 27-17 { D} *    

1994: Cowboys 42-31 { D}    1994: Cowboys 35- 9 { D}  *  

1995: Cowboys 34-23 { D}      1995: Cowboys 38-27 { D} *  

1996:   Cowboys 21- 6  { D}    1997:  Pack 45-17 {GB}    1999:  Cowboys 27-13  {D}      2004:  Pack 41-20 {GB}     2007:  Cowboys 37-27 { D}   2008:  Cowboys 27-16 {GB}    Pack won last 5.     Cowboys 16-17 vs. Pack overall, including 7 postseason match ups, which includes a 26-21 loss in GB following the 20154 season.   They meet again next Sunday
In fact, Packers quarterback Brett Favre  never won a game at Texas Stadium.    Dallas won 9 in a row at home from 1990 through 2007.
* postseason meeting      **  NFL championship.   This was the NFL PRIOR to merging with the American Football League { AFL }

ST. LOUIS – PHOENIX – ARIZONA CARDINALS have lost their last 6 meetings with the New York Jets.     The Cardinals are favored by seven and a half tonight vs. the New York Jets.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS are 10-2 in last 12 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.

INTERESTING FACTS:   Twelve times National Football League teams have met in regular season and in the Super Bowl.  Reversal of the regular season result seven times:

1977: Dallas Cowboys 14, Denver 6 {D}  Super Bowl 12: Dallas 27, Den 10
1980: Philadelphia 10, Oakland 7 {P} Super Bowl 15: Oakland 27, Phil 10
1981:  SF 49ers 21, Cincinnati 3 {C}  Super Bowl 16: SF 26, Cincinnati 21
1983: Washington 37, Oakland 35 {W}  Super Bowl 18: Oakland 38, Wash 9
1986: NY Giants  19, Denver 16 {NY}     Super Bowl 21: Giants 39,Denver 20
1990: Bills 17, NY Giants 13 {NY}   Super Bowl 25: Giants 20, Buffalo 19
1993: Buffalo 13, Dallas 10 { D}   
Super Bowl 28: Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
1994: San Francisco 38, San Diego 15 {SD}    Super Bowl 29: San Francisco, 49-26

1999: Tennessee 24, St. Louis 21 {N}  Super Bowl 34: St. Louis Rams, 23-16

2001: St. Louis 24, New England 17{NE}   Super Bowl 36:  New England, 20-17

2007: NE 38, NY Giants 35 {NY}    Super Bowl 42: Giants 17, NE 14      2011:  Giants 24, New England 20      Super Bowl 46:  Giants 21, NE 17

INTERESTING FACTS:    Name THE WILD CARD teams that have won the SUPER BOWL.
ANSWER:   A bit tricky is this question.   National Football League recordkeeping rules designated teams as the wild card, beginning with the 1970 postseason.   However, in 1969, the American Football League held a playoff scenario of second place vs. the first place finisher of the other division.

The American Football League { AFL } didn’t call the Houston Oilers and the Kansas City Chiefs  { Dallas Texans until 1963 }  “wild card” teams.    That league had two divisions.    The American Football League called them “divisional playoffs”,  but it involved second place teams, which actually meets the definition of a wild card team.   Moreover, the NFL and American Football League {AFL } had already agreed to merge.   In 1990, the NFL initiated a format that involved the two divisional winners with the least best records having to play in the first week of the postseason { sometimes referred to as “wild card weekend }.     Eight teams { a wild card team, or second place team or team with the “worst” divisional winner record}  have gone on to win it all.    What is the worst divisional winner?    A team since the new format was initiated for the 2002 NFL season.   I f you win your division, but do not have the second best or best record in your conference, you have to play.    You do not receive a “bye”.   The 8 teams that were second place finishers yet won it all { no third place NFL team has ever won the Super Bowl.   It is possible for a 3rd place team to make the playoffs.   The 3rd place team must have a better record { or “tiebreaker” than the other contenders for the lowest postseason “seed” }  are:  
  Kansas City 13, NY Jets  6  [NY]  Kansas City 17, Oakland 7 {O}    AFL championship.   Last AFL game played.
Kansas City 23, Minnesota  7   in Super Bowl IV   Note:   NFL had no “wild card teams” until 1970.   In 1932, ah, long story.
1980:    Oakland 27, Houston  7  [ O]
Oakland 14, Cleveland 12        [ C]
Oakland 34, San Diego 27 [SD]
Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10   { Super Bowl 15}

1990 Bills, 17-13  {NY}   { New York Giants turned it around 5 weeks later and beat Bills in the Super Bowl. }

1997:  Denver 42, Jacksonville 17 [D]
Denver 14, Kansas City 10 [KC]
Denver 24, Pittsburgh 21 [P]
Denver 31, Green Bay 24   { Super Bowl 32 }
2000: Baltimore 21, Denver 3 [B]
Baltimore 24, Tennessee 10 [T]
Baltimore 16, Oakland 3 [O]
Baltimore 34, NY Giants  7
2005:  Pittsburg 31, Cincinnati   17 [C]
Pittsburg 21, Indianapolis 18 [I]
Pittsburg 34, Denver 17 [D]
Pittsburg 21, Seattle 10
2006:   Indianapolis 23, Kansas City 8 [I]
Indianapolis 15, Baltimore 6 [B]
Indianapolis 38, New England 34 [I]
Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
2007:   New York Giants 24, Tampa Bay 14 {T}
New York Giants 21, Dallas 17 {D}
New York Giants 23, Green Bay 20 {GB} OT
New York Giants 17, New England 14 { Super Bowl 42 }

Now here is where you get in to an argument.   The NFL states on their website that the NY Giants are the first wild card NFC team to win the Super Bowl.   That’s not right.   Pittsburg Steelers football team was the 6th seed in 2005.   As the 6th and final seed, Pittsburg did not win the AFC North division. 

In 1969, the old American Football League { the AFL  from 1960-1969 }  hosted a second place meets first place.   The Kansas City Chiefs were in 2nd place that season.   They beat the first place Jets in the Eastern Division.    The Western Division first place finisher, the Oakland Raiders defeated the 2nd place finisher of the Eastern Division.   Then, albeit losing twice to the Oakland Raiders, The Chiefs beat the Raiders and then won Super Bowl IV.

{ in another matter}:  The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore just prior to the 1996 season.   Then an expansion team, the Cleveland Browns began play in 1999.   The NFL counts Baltimore as being an expansion team even though nearly all the Cleveland players came to Baltimore, just as in any franchise team move in any pro sport.   So it is not right, but the NFL is a business and plays politics.     Art Modell, the Cleveland Browns owner, celebrated the Super Bowl victory as the Ravens owner in February, 2001.   That’s why I think I’m right.  The NFL will say they’re right.

The only teams that played three on the road and won all of their games on the road to the Super Bowl were the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 2007 New York Giants.     That’s misleading.   There should only be a championship game as there was until 1967.    The NFL tiebreaker system determined Cincinnati to be the divisional winner in the AFC north in 2005.  Pittsburgh played the wild card game {first playoff week} in Cincinnati.


1979:   San Diego Chargers football team was 12-4, the top seed.   San Diego was beaten 17-14 by Houston [now Tennessee}  So was Pittsburg.  But SD was given the #1 seed based on a 1-0 record vs. Pittsburg in regular season play.    1979:  Dallas beaten 21-19 by Los Angeles Rams.   

1980:    Philadelphia Eagles football team was the top playoff seed in the National Football Conference of the National Football League.   Atlanta Falcons football team was top seed.  defeated by Dallas 30-27.   Atlanta was top playoff seed based on head-to-head victory over Philadelphia (1-0).   Philadelphia finished ahead of Dallas based on better net points in division games (plus 84 net points to Cowboys’ plus 50).

1985:  Los Angeles Raiders #1 seed.   Raiders tied with Miami with identical 12-4 records.  Los Angeles and Miami did not meet that year.  Raiders possibly #1 seed based on a better conference record at 9-3.   New England 27, Los Angeles Raiders { from ’82 – 94 in Los Angeles, then moved back to Oakland }  20.

1987:  San Francisco 49ers football team was the #1 seed.   Minnesota 36, SF 24.

1992:  Pittsburg 11-5.  Pittsburgh was top playoff seed, and Miami was second playoff seed, ahead of San Diego, based on conference record {10-2  Dolphins’ 9-3 to Chargers’ 9-5 }.   Buffalo 24, Pittsburg 3.

1995:  Kansas City 13-3 that season.  Indianapolis 10, Chiefs 7. 1996: Denver finished the regular season 13-3. Denver eliminated by Jacksonville 30-27.

1997:   KC was 13-3. Denver 14, KC 10.

2000:  Tennessee was 13-3.  Beaten by Baltimore 24-10.

2005: Indianapolis 14-2.  Pittsburg won over Indianapolis 21-18.

2006:  San Diego finished 14-2.  Eliminated by New England in the first round 24-21.

Chicago-St. Louis-Arizona Cardinals have not won a game on Thanksgiving Day since 1948.    Cardinals have lost 8 straight.    

2007:   Dallas was #1 seed in the NFC.  The team finished 13-3.   Eliminated by NY Giants 21-17.



The New England Patriots are 18-4 all time at home in the postseason.  They had won 11 in a row since losing to Houston Oilers {Tennessee Titans now} on December 31, 1978 until January 10, 2010.   The Pats lost at home to the Baltimore Ravens in the opening round of the playoffs following the 2009 season.

New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills ~ Bills lead the series, 6-5.    1970:  Giants, 20-6  {NY}       1975  Giants, 17-14 {B}      1978  Bills, 41-17 {B}       1987  Bills, 6-3 {B}    1990:   Bills, 17-13 NY   {Giants turned it around 5 weeks later and beat Bills in the Super Bowl.     1993  Bills, 17-14 B}     1996  Bills, 23-20  {NY}        1999  Giants,19-17 { B}         2003:  Bills, 24-7 {NY}         2007:  Giants 38-21 {B}       2011:  Giants, 27-24 {NY}       2015:  Giants, 24:10 {B}   Beginning in 1975 or 1976, the Giants have been playing their games in East Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S.A.

New England Patriots are 59-54-1 vs. the New York Jets all-time including the postseason.   The stats agree… as met only once in the  1982 NFL strike year.      

TRIVIA IS INTERESTING.   AND I GET ANSWERS!   IT SELDOM  TAKES A WHILE.   I USUALLY GET ANSWERS QUICKLY!   New York Giants did not make the playoffs at the end of the 1988 season.   The reason is because the Los Angeles Rams had a “better conference record”.   The Rams did beat the Giants, but the Giants defeated the New Orleans Saints. The Rams and the Saints split the regular season.  Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans and the Giants all had 10-6 records in 1988.   Rams were 8-4 within the conference;   Giants 9-5;   New Orleans 6-6.    Hence, it could be argued that the previous year’s record affects your fortunes the following season.    If the Giants hadn’t finished last in their division in ’87, they wouldn’t have had as many games within their conference.

New York Giants have beaten the St. Louis Rams { now in Los Angeles } six consecutive times.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not defeated the New England Patriots in the regular season {0-7 }.  But Jacksonville  won once in the postseason, defeating the Pats 25-10 in 1998.   Patriots have taken 3 from Jacksonville in postseason play for an overall 10-1 record vs. the Jags and have won the last 7 in a row.                     

Jets 0-10 vs the Eagles all-time since 1972, because they first met in the regular season in 1973.

The Chicago -St.Louis -Phoenix-Arizona Cardinals had never defeated the Denver Broncos  {1 tie}.   They finally beat Denver in 2010, 43-13.

Dallas 7-0 vs the Carolina Panthers in regular season play following a 13-23 home loss in ’97.   But ‘Boys have lost twice in the playoffs to Carolina.

Kansas City Chiefs 8-1 all time vs. the Washington Redskins

Miami Dolphins now 8-2 all time vs. the St. Louis-Phoenix-Arizona Cardinals.
New York football Giants 9-2 vs. the Chiefs     New York  Giants  6-2 vs. Miami Dolphins.    Dolphins never won at home in 4 tries vs. the Giants.     Giants lost 23-13 at H vs the Dolphins in Miami’s perfect season.
New York Jets win vs. Pittsburg in 2007 season was only the third in 19 tries,  which includes a  2004 postseason loss.
Jets 7-1 vs. Minnesota Vikings.  One loss was in ’75 at Minnesota.  Vikes never won in NY {New Jersey}
Jets 8-1 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jets 2-8 vs. San Francisco 49ers.   They play this season.
Pittsburgh Steelers 8-2 vs. Tampa Bay.

San Francisco 49ers now 15-3 vs. TB.   Not including the playoff loss following the 2002 season.

Atlanta  Falcons now 7-1 vs. San Diego.      San Diego Chargers 7-1 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

Steelers  17-5 vs the New York Jets.   Was 16-2 till 2007.   From 1970 through ’05 or ’06.    From one standpoint, even more remarkable than Raiders 11-0-1, 13-0-2  vs.  Denver in Denver or Miami’s 20-0 vs. Buffalo from 1970 -1979.    Pittsburgh’s record was over a string of 37 years, not 10.    Cleveland Browns  33-9-1 from the 1950-2008 season vs. the Washington Redskins.  But the franchise was discontinued prior to the 1996 season and reignited just prior to the 1999 season, as discussed previously.

The Atlanta Falcons were only 1-13 vs. the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts until the 2011 season.   Colts won the first 10 that they played vs. the Falcons.   This record by the Colts vs. the Falcons means that the Colts have the best team vs. team mark for more than ten games.   The same Falcons are only 2-11-1 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Here’s an interesting one.  I didn’t think of this.   Many of us know that 4 NFL teams now have never played in a Super Bowl as of February, 2017:   Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Detroit.   But did you know that:  Dallas had not won a playoff game in 18 years  { ended in 2014 }.    Only five others — Buffalo, Cincinnati, Detroit, Houston, Chicago -Saint Louis -Phoenix -Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City have gone as long OR LONGER without a playoff victory.    And you shouldn’t include the Houston Texans.   That team has only been in the league since 2002.

                    MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL:

COMPLETE RECORDS OF MLB, WHICH IS THE NATIONAL LEAGUE AND THE AMERICAN LEAGUE.  Now, you can find out how they got to the World Series.  COMPLETE REGULAR SEASON RESULTS are on this website.  ALSO, the Negro Leagues are here, as well as Japanese and some Minor Leagues:



What is the record for most consecutive wins in Major League Baseball?    And read on.

Answer:   22  ~  Oakland 2002

              Then  21 ~ 1935  Chicago Cubs

              Then 20   ~   Baltimore Orioles I think.  Then:  have to look up 

How did the New York Yankees do vs. the Cleveland Indians in the 1950s? 

16  ~  New York Giants 1951.    The Giants were 13 games behind the Brooklyn Dodgers on August 11, 1951.   The team won 16 games consecutive and were 5 games behind on August 27, 1951.  Included in the remarkable streak was a 3 game sweep of Brooklyn.   The Giants then went 24-7 and finished tied for first place with Brooklyn.   And, if you are a baseball fan, you know the rest.    Virtually every one who was a major league baseball fan in the “old days” { 1950s } knew what happened when the two teams finished tied for first after 154 games.   They played 154 game seasons for a long time until 1961, when the schedule was changed to the present 162 games.

What is the record consecutive wins done by the Boston Red Sox?    15:  in 1946.    Also, the RED SOX won 12 straight in 1988 and 2004.

14 ~ 1916 New York Giants.  

NOTE:    The record is NOT 26.     In 1916, the New York Giants played to a tie during a 26-0-1 run.   Therefore, the “pro, knowledgeable sports bureaus”  do not want to see what others, especially sports fans, see.   A winning streak is NOT a winning streak if the teams do not win every single game during the streak.   In the New York Giants 26-0-1 streak, the team won 12 straight, then played to a tie with the Pittsburg pirates { presumably the game was called due to no lights when darkness began to fall }, then won 14 more in-a-row.   That New York Giants team was once the New York Gothams.



NBA NOTE:   The allegation has been made that the Los Angeles Clippers deliberately lost their next to the last regular season finale to Memphis in order to play the Denver Nuggets in the 2005-2006 postseason.   That is only possible if the tie-breaking rules would have favored Memphis had the Grizzlies won the game.    Clippers losing made them 1-3 vs. the Grizzlies for that season.   Both teams won their following game, which was the regular season finale.    The Dallas Mavericks  were hot, and eliminated Memphis.    The Clippers were the #6 seed, but the #3 seed was the winner of the weak Northwest Division, which was Denver.    The Clippers defeated Denver, four games to one.     But then the Clippers lost to the Phoenix Suns in the following round.


NBA standings 2007-2008:;_ylt=ArC17SoizBxZkooje3lBskqLvLYF

NBA standings and postseason results   2006-2007:

NBA standings and postseason results   2005-2006:  

NBA standings and postseason:  2004-2005:

NBA standings and postseason 1999-2000: 

NBA standings and playoffs results 1998-1999:

NBA standings and playoffs results 1997-1998:

NBA standings 1989-1990

NBA standings 1982-1983:

THE BOSTON CELTICS  Playoff History       

Playoff Appearances:  51  Overall Playoff Record: 288-210  NBA Championships: 17 (1957, 1959-66, 1968-69, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1986, 2008)

2008 — 

Boston 9-1 vs. the then St. Louis-Atlanta Hawks in postseason play.  

Boston defeated Atlanta 4-3.     Boston defeated Cleveland, 4-3.    Boston 19-5 in Game sevens now.   Boston is something like 16-3 in game sevens at home.
Boston defeated Detroit 4-2.
Boston defeated Los Angeles 4-2.

NBA Finals series between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, which was won by the Celtics in six games:

GAME 1:  Celtics 98,  fakers 88       { B}
Game 2:  Celtics 108, fakers 102    {B}
Game 3:   fakers 87, Celtics 81    {LA}
Game 4:   Celtics 97, fakers 91    {LA}
Game 5:   fakers 103, Celtics 98 { LA }
Game 6:   Celtics 131, fakers 92    { B}


2016 — lost to Atl 4-2.

2015 —  lost to Clev 4-0.

2013 —  lost to Knicks first round

2012 —  defeated Atlanta 4-2 ;    defeated Philadelphia 4-3, lost to Miami 4-3 after leading 3 games to 2 and having the Heat at home.

2011 — defeated NY knicks 4-0;   lost to Miami 4=-1

2010 — demolished Miami 4-1.   Demolished Lebron and Clev Cavaliers 4-2.   Demolished Orlando 4-2.   Lost in finals 4-3

2009 — defeated Chicago 4-3.   Lost to Orlando 4-3   

2005 — lost to Indiana, 4-3, first round

2004 — lost to Indiana, 4-0, first round

2003 — defeated Indiana, 4-2, first round lost to New Jersey, 4-0, in conference semifinals

2002 — defeated Philadelphia, 3-2, first round – defeated Detroit, 4-1, conference semifinals – lost to New Jersey, 4-2, conference finals

1995 — lost to Orlando, 3-1, first round

1993 — lost to Charlotte, 3-1, first round

1992 — defeated Indiana, 3-0, first round – lost to Cleveland, 4-3, conference semifinals

1991 — defeated Indiana, 3-2, first round lost to Detroit, 4-2, conference semifinals

1990 — lost to New York, 3-2, first round

1989 — lost to Detroit, 3-0, first round

1988 — defeated New York, 3-1, first round – defeated Atlanta, 4-3, conference semifinals – lost to Detroit, 4-2, conference finals

1987 — defeated Chicago, 3-0, first round – defeated Milwaukee, 4-3, conference semifinals – defeated Detroit, 4-3, conference finals – lost to LA Lakers, 4-2, NBA Finals

1986 — defeated Chicago, 3-0, first round
– defeated Atlanta, 4-1, conference semifinals
– defeated Milwaukee, 4-0, conference finals
– defeated Houston, 4-2, NBA Finals


1985 — defeated Cleveland, 3-1, first round

- defeated Detroit, 4-2, conference semifinals  
- defeated Philadelphia, 4-1, conference finals 
- lost to LA Lakers, 4-2, NBA Finals

1984 — defeated Washington, 3-1, first round

– defeated New York, 4-3, conference semifinals

– defeated Milwaukee, 4-1, conference finals

– defeated LA Lakers, 4-3, NBA Finals

12 home wins a record that has been tied since by the ’88 lakers.   Broken in 2008 by Celtics who had 13:    4 vs. Atlanta; 4 vs. Cleveland; 2 vs. Detroit; 3 vs. lakers.


1983 — Defeated Atlanta 2 to 1 in a best of 3 “first round” format Celtics only 56-26 in 1982-83. Then lost to Milwaukee, 4-0, conference semifinals

1982 — defeated Washington, 4-1, conference semifinals lost to Philadelphia, 4-3 conference finals

1981 — defeated Chicago, 4-0, conference semifinals

defeated Philadelphia, 4-3, conference finals

defeated Houston, 4-2, NBA Finals


1980 — defeated Houston, 4-0, conference semifinals lost to Philadelphia, 4-1, conference finals

1977 — defeated San Antonio, 2-0, first round lost to Philadelphia, 4-3, conference semifinals

1976 — defeated Buffalo, 4-2, conference semifinals

defeated Cleveland, 4-2, conference finals

defeated Phoenix, 4-2, NBA Finals


1975 -- defeated Houston, 4-1, conference semifinals
         lost to Washington, 4-2, conference finals
1974 -- defeated Buffalo, 4-2, conference semifinals
         defeated New York, 4-1, conference finals
        defeated Milwaukee, 4-3, NBA Finals


1973 -- defeated Atlanta, 4-2, conference semifinals
        lost to New York, 4-3, conference finals
1972 -- defeated Atlanta, 4-2, conference semifinals
        lost to New York, 4-1, conference finals
1969 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-1, division semifinals
        defeated New York, 4-2, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-3, NBA Finals


1968 -- defeated Detroit, 4-2, division semifinals
        defeated Philadelphia, 4-3, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-2, NBA Finals


1967 -- defeated New York, 3-1, division semifinals
        lost to Philadelphia, 4-1, division finals
1966 -- defeated Cincinnati, 3-2, division semifinals
        defeated Philadelphia, 4-1, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-3, NBA Finals


1965 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-3, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-1, NBA Finals


1964 -- defeated Cincinnati, 4-1, division finals
        defeated San Francisco, 4-1, NBA Finals


1963 -- defeated Cincinnati, 4-3, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-2, NBA Finals


1962 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-3, division finals
        defeated LA Lakers, 4-3, NBA Finals


1961 -- defeated Syracuse, 4-1, division finals
        defeated St. Louis, 4-1, NBA Finals


1960 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-2, division finals
        defeated St. Louis, 4-3, NBA Finals


1959 -- defeated Syracuse, 4-3, division finals
        defeated Minneapolis, 4-0, NBA Finals


1958 -- defeated Philadelphia, 4-1, division finals
        lost to St. Louis, 4-2, NBA Finals

1957 — defeated Syracuse, 3-0, division finals
       defeated St. Louis, 4-3, NBA Finals


1956 — lost to Syracuse, 2-1, division semifinals   1955 — defeated New York, 2-1, division semifinals: lost to Syracuse, 3-1, division finals   1954 — defeated Syracuse and New York,3-1, round-robin lost to Syracuse, 2-0, division finals.  1953 — defeated Syracuse, 2-0, division semifinals lost to New York, 3-1, division finals.    1952 — lost to New York, 2-1, division semifinals    1951 — lost to New York, 2-0, division semifinals    1948 — lost to Chicago, 2-1, quarterfinals


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