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There is no such thing as global warming!!    It is a fraud to get you to accept a world government that will be 666 times worse than hitler or stalin, or the DCSE and THE SORCERY PSYCHOLOGIST, socialist workers and evil judges, for that matter:  http://www.newswithviews.com/Coffman/mike11       You’ve been had if you think health care is better in Canada,  Europe or the CIS ( former U.s.s.r. ).    You really have a sin problem if you think socialism ( communism) works at all!!!    AsIhavesaidbefore, so say I now again, the ONLY difference that there is between socialism and communism is:   was she seduced or was she a whore?         http://www.newswithviews.com/Seese/Dorothy49


Murder is abortion;  abortion is a disguised word for genocide murder.   You’ve seen the grisly pictures of what happens to babies, yes,  really live humans .   And it is not “choice”.   “I have to get a murder because I have no choice”, the girls are quoted as saying.    Furthermore, never forget that any quack can do an abortion { MURDER }!!!!!    Murdering babies does not require sanitation nor a medical degree!!   But here’s an aspect that passed us by.    We men fathers have been raped of our Constitutional right of parenthood as of January 22, 1973:   Www.covenantnews.com/rudd010326.htm

YOU do NOT have the “right”to be a serial murdering, child molesting CRIMINAL ABOMINABLE MAGGOT FAGGOT QUEER!!!!   SODOMY is a CRIME!!!!   YOU don’t have any “right” to be a buggering, soul destroying, taking The LORD’S HOLY NAME in vain – clapped up leprosy, screaming, cursing, devil possessed, devil worshipper threatening QUEER!!!      Www.covenantnews.com

SHOCKING LYING LIBERAL NEWS MAFIA COVERUP:     http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article/.asp? ?/news/article.asARTICLE_ID=14852                  Murder Ignored The Sound Of Silence
By Dana D. Kelley / The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (link expired)
So why the stone silence from gay groups that can and do howl at the top of their lungs over tragedies like the Matthew Shepard murder in Wyoming? You’d think that GLAAD and GLSEN and the rest would be eager to condemn such acts. Average, fair-minded folks grossly underestimate the radical, extremist advocacy of gay activist groups.  SODOMITES ARE MURDERERS and even publicly admit to it.  So did the American Perverts Association {APA} when they said adult chld sex is sometimes harmless!    http://www.aim.org/publications/media_monitor/1999/12/09.htm  Street preach to serial murdering, child destroying, clapped up sodomite fag queer criminal abominable sodomites!! 


 Sodomy is a crime and the government is commanded to execute sodomites!  Leviticus 20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination;  they shall surely be put to death;  their blood shall be upon them.     http://www.covenantnews.com/rudd060607.htm 

The land of the free and the home of the brave has become nazi Germany!   Not only do sodomites rule the people, but baby parts – sometimes from babies still alive!!!!  –   and vaccines are made from murdered babies!!   http://www.covenantnews.com/babyparts.htm

Legal action to help victims of murder [abortion].  http://www.covenantnews.com/ http://www.covenantnews.com/after.htm

God’s Word says abortion is murder!!  http://www.covenantnews.com/cspa990830.htm






    GENESIS 19:4-5 !!!!

    Oklahoma lawmaker threatened by \’gays\’Police investigate after legislator badgered with 30,000 e-mails

    Oklahoma police have begun investigating threats e-mailed to a legislator who discussed the homosexual agenda at a meeting of fellow Republicans.  State Rep. Sally Kern\’s comments were taped secretly and posted in a YouTube production prepared by the Victory Fund, an ardently pro-homosexual {sodomite} lobby that by its own admission "provides strategic, technical and financial support" to homosexual politicians.  The video pieced togther audio of Kern\’s comments with slides of statements condemning her speech as well as photographs of various individuals holding "I heard that" signs.  "Rep. Kern expressed her concern that the homosexual agenda was destroying our nation and that young children were being indoctrinated into believing that the homosexual \’lifestyle\’ is normal," said a statement released by the Thomas More Law Center, which has agreed to represent Kern and investigate whether legal action is advisable after she was flooded with more than 30,000 e-mails, many of them vulgar, abusive and threatening.  "Her comments caused some of the nation\’s largest homosexual groups to target her for political annihilation," the Thomas More statement said.  
    The organization said that beside the more than 30,000 vulgar and abusive e-mails, "her life has been threatened, her son falsely accused of being a homosexual, her financial supporters contacted and asked to no longer support her, and a leading homosexual activist entered her husband\’s church last Sunday and took notes on her husband\’s sermon."  "As a precaution, a state trooper walks by her side when she enters the State Capitol," the firm said.
    "Rep. Kern will not back down, regardless of the attempted hate-mongering intimidation by these national homosexual advocacy groups," said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center. "Their actions are right out of a playbook developed by radical homosexual activists in the 1980s to manipulate and intimidate the majority of Americans into accepting the normalcy of the homosexual lifestyle."
    He said his firm will represent Kern, whom he described as "a courageous Christian woman."
    "Radical homosexual groups are attempting to curtail Rep. Kern\’s constitutional rights to free speech and use that speech as a platform to push for anti-Christian \’hate crimes\’ laws," Thompson said. "In effect, their goal is to criminalize Christians and Christian beliefs."
    WND has reported on multiple attempts in Congress to ram through a "hate crimes" plan that would target those who follow biblical teachings that condemn homosexual behavior. Similar laws already have been imposed in Canada, where people have been charged with the crime of criticizing homosexuality.   "Her comments represent the view of a majority of Americans," Thompson said. "All you need to do is look at all of the states that have overwhelmingly adopted constitutional amendments or statutes defending traditional marriages from the homosexual agenda. Christians believe that homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity, contrary to the natural law and under no circumstances can they be approved.
    "However, Christians also believe one must love the sinner but hate the sin," he said.
    Victory Fund had condemned what Kern said as "evil."  "Your speech can lead to the murders of more young people," the homosexual lobby warned, connecting her stated views with an advocacy for violence.

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  2. "The point of the Victory Fund\’s releasing your speech was to draw attention to the fact that even elected leaders like you are saying some nasty and potentially dangerous things about your fellow citizens," the organization\’s Chuck Wolfe wrote.  The Victory Fund\’s work actually fulfilled a prophecy Kern included when she make the remarks.
    "The very fact I\’m talking to you like this today puts me in jeopardy," she told the assembly of GOP party members. "I\’m not gay-bashing" but just pointing out the facts of the homosexual lifestyle.
    "This is a radical element and they want us to accept their lifestyle regardless," Kern told WND.
    "In my opinion, this isn\’t about me, it is about the freedom of Americans to exercise their freedom of speech. [Homosexuals] want to silence us. They want to speak up, but they don\’t anyone who disagrees with them to speak up. It\’s about the criminalization of Christianity."
    She told WND she\’s holding up "rather well" under the onslaught the campaign against her has produced.
    "I have the prayers of the people in my state and cards and e-mails from people all over the country who are supporting me," she said. "I haven\’t lost any sleep over this."
    She said the state police investigation actually was launched by another member of the Oklahoma legislature who saw some of the threats contained in e-mails and called authorities.
    She was told the investigation was continuing.  "I stand by my statements. Everything I said I can verify. It is a deadly lifestyle," Kern said.
    Homosexuals are imposing an agenda on schools and businesses, she asserted.
    "I do think because they are so destructive to the basic moral fiber of our country they are more dangerous than radical Islamic terrorists," Kern said.
    Her son, Jesse, who had been identified by homosexual advocates as being "gay," issued a statement that he was not, but other impacts of the hate-filled e-mails were not so easily dismissed, according to Thompson.  He told WND the attack – calling supporters to condemn Kern, the flood of e-mails, the accusations of "hate," and the like – all are part of the routine for homosexual advocates.

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  3. He told WND the attack – calling supporters to condemn Kern, the flood of e-mails, the accusations of "hate," and the like – all are part of the routine for homosexual advocates.
    "What they attempt to do is an old military strategy. They are far outnumbered by Americans who believe homosexual conduct is immoral and not normal and violates the natural law. The vast majority of Americans believe that," Thompson said.
    "It\’s called in the military a concentration of forces. At any given time they can mobilize 27,000 e-mails," he said.
    That makes the target feel alone and browbeaten.
    "It\’s important for Christians and those who believe the homosexual lifestyle is wrong and not normal, and who don\’t want their children to be indoctrinated in that, to speak out and stand with her," he said.
    "Gays," Thompson said, "are out to destroy her political career and send a message to other politicians, \’You\’d better not take on homosexuality.\’"
    In chapter one of his best-selling book "The Marketing of Evil," WND Managing Editor David Kupelian exposes the powerful marketing strategies used by the "gay rights" movement to "sell" Americans on homosexuality as a healthy alternative lifestyle. One key tactic for accomplishing this is called "jamming."
    "Jamming is pure intimidation," said Kupelian. "And what homosexual activists are doing right now to Sally Kern is a grotesque case of jamming. Basically, they\’re trying to silence her by threatening, intimidating, harassing and frightening her until she can\’t take any more abuse. No dialogue, no debate – just crush her. That\’s their game. It\’s despicable, and utterly un-American."
    Thompson noted:

    In one Massachusetts school district, without informing parents, kindergarten and first grade students were read the story "King and King" about two princes who fall in love and marry. The last page of the book – undoubtedly shown to the children – ends with a picture of the two kings kissing. When outraged parents found out, they sued the school district. Incredibly ─ but not surprisingly ─ the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the teacher’s right to read the book saying, "Public schools are not obliged to shield students from ideas which potentially are religiously offensive."
    A 24-page pro-homosexual booklet is set to be distributed to all 16,000 school districts in the nation. The booklet produced by the National Education Association and the American Psychological Association falsely tells students that homosexuality is a "normal expression of human sexuality."
    Every year, homosexual rights groups, with the blessing of school officials, sponsor a "Day of Silence" when students and some teachers in schools across the nation remain silent ─ with tape across their mouths ─ throughout the school day. This year it\’s on April 25. The stated purpose is to make others aware of discrimination against homosexuals. In reality, it is a means of propagandizing and pressuring students to regard homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior as normal.
    In the Montgomery County, Md., School district, eighth and tenth graders are taught that homosexuality is innate─ they\’re born that way. As if to underscore the point, students are shown a film instructing them on how to use condoms in anal and oral sex.
    In 2004, Oklahoma voters passed a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as consisting only of the union of one man and one woman by 76 percent. Of the 28 states where such a plan has been proposed, voters in 27 have approved it.
    Kern said, "They are going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle.:"
    WND previously reported curriculum for California schools, where making only positive statements about homosexuality now is allowed by law, included recommendations for children as young as 2 years old.
    A list of school resources, sponsored by a homosexual-advocacy group called Safe Schools Coalition, suggested 2-year-olds could read "Felicia\’s Favorite Story," which tells how a girl was "adopted by her two mothers."
    Kern also mentioned the health effects of the homosexual lifestyle, and WND has reported how a new drug-resistant superbug infection has been linked specifically to homosexual behavior.

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  4. Very, very vital
    Global warming liars!!  http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=2145
    Global warming liars!!  It is so cold in the Arctic that scientists had to give up a "global warming" inspection.  The satellite photographs only showed thickening ice:  more in December than what you usually see in February.   That nut at the "global warming summit to save mother earth [ha!! mother earth???  mother?? broke down and cried because he is a baby.  That\’s why he cried.  He is a baby and babies cry when they do not get their way.  He wanted to be a thief:  rob the "rich" nations to give to poor nations.  A sampling of UN justice.  It\’s gonna get worse, folks.  If you\’re not saved, get saved today!   http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_121707/content/01125107.guest.htmlMore global warming fraud to steal your assets:      http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_121907/content/01125116.guest.htmlGlobal cooling.  Don\’t lose this:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq_Bj-av3g0&search=Competitive+Enterprise+Institute

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  5. Sodomy must be outlawed NOW!!   http://www.newswithviews.com/Jackson/nicholas18.htm
    There is no such thing as global warming!!  It is a fraud to get you to accept a world government that will be 666 times worse than Hitler or Stalin, or the DCSE and socialist workers and evil judges, for that matter:  http://www.newswithviews.com/Coffman/mike11.htm
    You\’ve been had if you think health care is better in Canada, Europe or the CIS.  You really have a sin problem if you think socialism works at all!    http://www.newswithviews.com/Seese/dorothy49.htm

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