3-17-8:       NO HOPE IN THE POPE -ROCKY  


….and the abominable, shall have their part in the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death   -Revelation 21:8     sodomite serial murderer, child molesting, hate driven, devil possessed, obscene, urine drinking, fecal eating are the abominable.  Nothing worse than being a sodomite or sodomite sympathizer or afraid to speak out against the sodomite criminals:  Leviticus 20:13, Exodus 20, 1Kings 15:11-12, Romans 1:16-2:6, Revelation 14:9-11, 17, 18, 20:10-15, 21:8, 22:15, et cetera.     Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God?     Be not deceived neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate { the “tiny tim” sodomite}, nor abusers of themselves with mankind {the butch sodomite}, …shall inherit the Kingdom of God.   Therefore, no sodomite is “born that way”!!    That is the lie of the devil.  The Lord Jesus would create someone foredoomed to scream in Hell.  The sodomite WILLFULLY chooses his abomination.  That’s why he screams and curses God in Hell.         Now notice:
And such WERE some of you, but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justifed in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.       The Verses are speaking to born again believers.  If you are born again, the abomination of sodomy.  You won’t go back to the disease spreading and all the abominations that sodomites do.  King James called them “unspeakable acts”.  Unspeakable acts.  Sodomites and the sodomite press do not want you to know the unspeakable shameful things they do in secret   (Ephesians 5:11-13).
If the sodomite refuses to repent, hence rejecting the Mercy the Lord Jesus Christ is extending to him, the sodomite will be shown his filthy life – the people he murdered, the chicken hawking he did, the spreading of disease, the people he hurt, he will be thrown in to the Lake of Fire.  The Lord Jesus died for all -2Corinthians 5:15.   Man doesn’t have to burn forever.  If any man goes to Hell, it is his stubborn refusal to repent.
Yes, the Lord hates what sodomites do.   God hates lying.   God hates serial murder.  God hates threatening to contaminate the blood supply unless we find a cure for hiv.  God hates abomination.  God hates evil that promotes and spreads disease.  That’s why he commanded them to be stoned to death.  We do not live in the Old Testament now.  We do not stone sodomites to death now.  But it shows just how grievous and heinous the abomination of sodomy is.  It is not “gay”.  It is not “homosexual”.  God calls it sodomy.  Sinful man tries to water down and dress up sin.  You must call it what the King James Bible calls it:  sodomy.  And when the Lord Jesus comes back to rule forever, the sodomites will be stoned to death.  If you break any of the Ten Commandments, you will be stoned to death.  Notice how the press always lies.  Sodomites can stand NO truth. They tolerate no exposure;  no criticism.  They try to intimidate and even lie and try to get “hate crime” bills passed!  You can’t read someone’s mind!   Sodomites commit crimes.  Decent people don’t look for souls to exploit and destroy.  Sodomites cannot reproduce – they proselytize.  Ye must be born again -John 3:3.  Repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.  -Acts20:21                         

Media is totally depraved:



‘Hollywood Henry’ Waxman Holds “hearing” To Undermine Abstinence Education  {hang the criminal!!  HTTP://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM -ROCKY     }          Also, some Links from

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues at Concerned Women for America (and Board Member or Americans For Truth),  has requested prayer for Lisa and Isabella Miller, whose tragic case will be heard before the Virginia Supreme Court this Thursday, April 17. Lisa Miller is a born-again Christian who abandoned the lesbian lifestyle. As Matt writes, “this hearing will determine whether a lesbian woman who is Lisa Miller’s {you will always pay for your past.  David did.  I can relate.  Don’t experiment in sin!!!} former partner {in abomination} will share custody of Isabella, Lisa’s daughter. The woman is neither an adoptive parent nor is she biologically related to Isabella. In fact, she’s a total stranger to the little girl. Isabella, who is now 6-years-old, hadn’t seen this woman since she was 17-months-old. This case could have national ramifications and will help decide whether state’s like Vermont and Massachusetts get to export their radical new definitions of marriage and family around the country.” Please pray for justice and protection of this innocent child. You can commit to praying for the Millers at   Below is Matt Barber’s original column on this sad situation:    You’re Not My Mommy!  {You’re a sodomite}     By J. Matt Barber     This article was published by CWA on August 1, 2007:     The person trying to take Isabella away from her mother is entirely unrelated to the little girl and is essentially a total stranger.  Jesus said, “But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female.   For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so that they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (Mark 10: 6-8) Virginia resident Lisa Miller – now a born-again Christian – and her beautiful five-year-old daughter Isabella find themselves immersed in a nightmarish custody battle. But this battle is unlike most others. The person trying to take Isabella away from her mother is entirely unrelated to the little girl and is essentially a total stranger. She’s lesbian {sodomite partner in abomination} Janet Jenkins, a woman with whom Lisa had at one time been homosexually involved.   By her own account, emotional problems brought on by a series of events — including abandonment by her father, abuse by her mentally ill mother and a decade long struggle with alcoholism now overcome — eventually led Lisa Miller into the lesbian lifestyle. In 1999, Lisa began a homosexual  {sodomite- get your vocabulary together} relationship with Jenkins after coming out of a legitimate marriage that ended in divorce.   In 2000, soon after Vermont became the first state to legalize homosexual  {sodomite abominable}  “civil unions,” Miller and Jenkins made a weekend trek from Virginia to Vermont to enter into such a “union.” They then headed back to Virginia where they lived together.  In 2001, Lisa was artificially inseminated after the two decided to raise a child in an unnatural, deliberately fatherless home environment as self-deluded “wife” and “wife” — mother and “mother.”  In August of 2002, Miller and little Isabella, now just a few months old, moved to Vermont with Jenkins. However, things were unstable, and according to Lisa Miller, Jenkins was physically and emotionally abusive. “It was a troubled relationship from the beginning,” Lisa told World Magazine in a recent interview.  “The relationship did not improve, as Jenkins — working as a nightshift security guard — grew increasingly bitter and controlling,” reported World.  About a year later, when Isabella was less than a year and a half old, Lisa ended her lesbian relationship, took her daughter back home to Virginia and filed for dissolution of her homosexual “civil union” back in Vermont.  And that’s when the nightmare really began.  Although Jenkins had no parental connection to Isabella (she was neither an adoptive parent, nor biologically related) she filed papers in Vermont in 2003 to try to take Isabella from her mother. Even though the child was conceived, born and living in Virginia, the Vermont court nonetheless held that it had jurisdiction. The legal battle has continued since that time, and incredibly, the court recently ruled that Jenkins possessed parental rights over Lisa’s daughter. It granted Jenkins regular and very liberal visitation. Isabella is now required to make the several hundred mile roundtrip journey from Virginia to Vermont every other week to visit a total stranger (Jenkins) who, according to reports, outrageously forces the confused and traumatized little girl to call her “momma.”    Rena M. Lindevaldsen, who is an attorney with Liberty Counsel and is representing Lisa and Isabella Miller, explains, “After Lisa ended her relationship with Janet, when Isabella was only 17 months old, Lisa became a born-again Christian. For the past three years, she has attempted to raise her child according to Biblical principles. According to recent filings by Janet, however, Janet believes that Lisa’s religious beliefs render Lisa incapable of properly parenting Isabella. As the fit, biological parent of Isabella, it is Lisa, not Janet, who has the fundamental right to decide how to raise her child and with whom she visits. Shockingly, when the Vermont courts declared Janet, a woman who is still actively involved in the homosexual lifestyle, to be Isabella’s parent and set a liberal schedule for visitation between Janet and five-year-old Isabella, the court did not even address Lisa’s fundamental parental rights.”   So Jenkins, a woman entirely unrelated to Isabella, and her attorneys are alleging that because Lisa is now a devout Christian, she is unfit to maintain custody of her own daughter. They filed a motion requesting a hearing to determine whether Isabella should be taken from her mother and given to Jenkins. Unbelievably, the judge granted that motion. The hearing is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 3 [2007; the judge rejected that request — thank God — but the Vermont Supreme Court recently granted joint custody; the Virginia case will determine whether Lisa Miller will be bound by the Vermont ruling].  But that’s only one in a series of inexplicable rulings by this Vermont court. The court has additionally ruled, essentially, that its own judicial authority is superior to that of both Virginia — which defines marriage as existing only between one man and one woman — and the federal government.  Lindevaldsen further explains, “The Vermont order declaring Janet to be Isabella’s parent is inextricably tied to the underlying civil union.    Virginia statutes and a recent constitutional amendment prohibit recognition of any rights arising from same-sex relationships. Those laws, coupled with the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), should have led the Virginia Court of Appeals to refuse to give full faith and credit to the Vermont parentage and custody orders. Instead, the Virginia court {sodomite american bar associaiton:  a bar to jurisprudence} declared that Virginia must recognize the Vermont orders. In other words, the Virginia court rendered meaningless the DOMA and the recently passed Virginia constitutional amendment. Based on this recent decision, policy decisions in Virginia on family and marriage now will be set by states like Vermont and Massachusetts.”  The Virginia Supreme Court [decided to take the case on appeal].  Lisa and Isabella’s story tragically demonstrates that it’s all too often children who are ultimately victimized by state-recognized immorality. It’s the children who suffer when adults selfishly depart from God’s intended design for human sexuality and marriage — as reaffirmed by Christ’s teachings in the New Testament — and enter into counterfeit homosexual {sodomite obscence mocking the LORD} “civil-unions” or “same-sex marriages.”  Although Lisa and Isabella’s situation is both heartbreaking and unjust, it shouldn’t be at all surprising. In the name of so-called “gay rights,” the militant homosexual {mass murder sodomite} lobby has made its position crystal clear. The selfish individual interests of those who define themselves based upon a choice to engage in deviant homosexual {sodomite abominable} behaviors supersede the best interests of everyone else … even children.  And certainly, where newfangled “gay rights” come into conflict with time-honored and constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment religious liberties, the demands of homosexual activists trump the First Amendment every time.  Lisa and little Isabella are just two of the latest victims of this radical and aggressive homosexual code of conduct.   Regrettably, there will be more.    Matt Barber is one of the “like-minded men” with Concerned Women for America. He is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law and serves as CWA’s policy director for cultural issues.    

Serial murderers and mass murderers:  sodomites!

Protect our young!

Get angry:  Alfred Kinsey the abominable sex pervert did experiments on innocent children in nazi occupied Poland.  Indiana university, hellywood, the press, the sorcerer psychologist all know it

Anti-white Hate Crimes Continue
Kerri Dunn, a professor of psychology at Los Angeles area Claremont McKenna College, fueled more racial hatred recently. She told police that her car was defaced with racist, sexist and anti-Semitic slogans (too bad she wasn’t overweight too!) while she was giving a lecture against racism. 500 mindless college students rallied around the poor abused liberal. Now police say Dunn did the damage to her car and even have witnesses of the event. The professional liar may face federal charges. (Think she’ll lose her job?) Once again, the perpetrators of “hate crimes” are those who decry them. That’s the worst kind of hate crime.
Why don’t you write your Congressman with this information and demand that “hate crime” legislation be dropped from state laws? Oh, that’s right. You’re a Christian and they never do anything, except complain.

Another Professional News Media Liar
Like some sports figures, some news journalists seem to believe they are better than the rest of us and free to do anything they wish. In January, Jack Kelly, a journalist for USA Today, resigned after 21 years with that liberal political machine. Now it comes out that he lied, fabricated and plagiarized parts or all of many of his stories. Even being nominated for a Pulitzer prize for several of his professional lies.

Meanwhile: USA Today reporter, Marco R. della Cara, was helping his dog perform yoga. Uh-huh. These are the people I’m supposed to trust to honestly and intelligently inform me on world events!



Authorities in New York have launched a case against a police officer who once led a department “gay” organization, alleging he preyed on a relative’s adopted son and forced the boy to have sex with him.  Jaime Katz, a veteran officer now assigned to the Police Academy, “developed a relationship … and over time groomed him for sex and sex-related acts,” Assistant District Attorney John Temple said, according to the New York Post.  Katz, who was being held on $500,000 bail, has pleaded innocent.

But Temple said the victim was orphaned and Katz’s relatives adopted that child and an older brother. Prosecutors allege the abuse began when the boy was 11 and continued until he was 13. Temple alleged Katz paid bills for the victim’s adoptive family and went on vacations with them, the newspaper said.  To avoid detection, the police sergeant used “various methods” including the use of multiple cell phones, the newspaper said prosecutors charged.  The counts against Katz, 37, include a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child, the report said.

His defense attorney discounted the claims, telling the judge the allegations have been around “for three years,” and he’s already been questioned by the New York Police Department.  Defense lawyer Andrew Quinn told the newspaper, “The allegations have no credibility due to the boy’s denial of the sexual act occurring.”  {does he REALLY think people will be fooled by that lie?!?!}   Katz formerly headed the “Gay Officers Action League” and led the organization in “gay” pride parades.  I’m gay, very gay,” Katz said after a 2002 parade, according to the newspaper.











Acts 4:29-31, Galatians 4:16, Psalm 94:16. If you're born again, don't be afraid to speak out vs. evil. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST will take care of you, as HE has I. If you're not born again, repent and believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST now, before it is forever too late! Isaiah 53, Romans 5:8-9, Luke 13:3, 5; 2Corinthians 7:10, Acts 20:21, John 5:24, Romans 10:9-10. Use only Authorized Version King James 1611. ALL OTHER "bibles" are jesuit, hence false. That is, the niv DENIES the Deity of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in at least 160 places. Even the new king james DENIES the Deity of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in at least nine locales.
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  1. E R Rocky Phenom says:

    What a joy.  Because of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, I can help souls.  This guy on yahoo was troubled by some liars and bullies at school.  You can witness to them.  Tell them you are not a sodomite and that they must repent of their heinous, filthy, raunchy lies.   Your statements intrigue me.  Do you have blond hair and blue eyes?  I do, and, even though I wasn\’t saved, the kids hated me.  One time, after I fought this guy whom I did not know why he would hit me, a friend of mine asked him why he would hit me.  The guy said "I thought he was a fag. Then he smashed me in the head".  Since I wasn\’t saved, I couldn\’t tell anyone about the Lord Jesus and that the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.  That\’s the only thing that really convicts souls because the King James Bible is the Word of God and a Sword.  No one likes to be thrust through.  So just because I didn\’t smoke nor drag race wouldn\’t have convicted them.  It had to be some thing else.  One guy told me that 90% of those sacrificed to satan to blond haired and blue eyed.  Of course, that HAS to be exaggerated, but I\’ve often wondered since.   From what you said, it is easy for me to tell that there is something really dark going on.
    Gay means cheerful, lighthearted.   Gay doesn\’t mean a clapped up, fecal eating, urine drinking hate-driven, devil possessed sodomite.  Sodomites pervert everything and I guarantee you that includes the true meaning of words.  You are right about the girls: they won\’t like you if they think you may be an abominable.  If you show the sodomites you are not afraid of being right and not afraid of persecution, the decent girls will respect you and will like you.  You know what I mean.  The boy that told that vile, vicious lie:  tell him he needs to be thankful that you do not take him to court.   He bore false witness and he must repent.  The principal needs to be fired.  He wouldn\’t do anything because of that trash about "separation of church and state".  Imagine our forefathers saying that garbage!  Our founding fathers knew that sodomites commit unspeakable acts:  Ephesians 5:11-12.   There\’s not much you can do about the principal.  You can pray for his transferral and you can ask your parents to try to get the PTA to do something.  But I think the PTA is a sick joke, what with GLA and GLSEN destroying the souls of our youth.  What devil possessed beasts they are!  And the parents can\’t do anything about it, it appears.
              Have a friend with you every time possible as witnesses.  The sodomites are filled with devil possessed lust and violence.  If you trust in the Lord Jesus, you will not be afraid of them.   I preach on the street, so I know how fierce, hate-driven and violent the sodomites are.  What those kids are doing is not funny.  Nowadays every one thinks it\’s funny to imitate sodomites.   At least 90% of serial murders are committed by sodomites, even though they are less than 2% of the populace;  may be less than 1.5%.  There\’s nothing funny about serial murder, eating human manure, catching diseases, spreading diseases, seducing young children, preying on young children, hating God, His Word and His people, nor the press and hellywood attempting to intimidate us against speaking out.  If you\’re born again, you can rejoice in suffering for the Lord Jesus.  You will suffer persecution, but you will be safe and secure and it will make you lean on the Lord to take care of you. 1Peter 3:14, 4:14.
              I wish someone had witnessed to me when I was in junior high.  The area I grew up in was 95% catholic and unbelieving jews, so I never heard about the Lord Jesus until I was in college.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NEXTAXPRO says:

    SEE my upcoming expose of the lying, left coast, lib, sodomite, globalist, criminal press upcoming. I will put under NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON or compose a new Category: WOE UNTO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD, AND GOOD EVIL – ISAIAH 5:20. Why doesn’t President Trump get the lib news
    Mob tried for TREASON! Further, I will continue adding to and updating my exposes of the con America fraudulent pyramid { primerica, nee a.l. williams:

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