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A good church:


MANY wear pentagrams, a satanic symbol.    Most Christians do not know that FIVE is the number of death!

They all are in to satan worship and occult tongues:


FANNY CROSBY, at age 95, as her fellow believers were weeping at her bedside: “why are you weeping? I am weeping for you. Do you know The First Sight I’ll see? Do you know the first Sight I’ll see? Oh! I can see my Savior now. HE is so beautiful. HIS Arms are open!” And, with that, she entered Heaven.

* When Kay was dying, he cried “Hell! Hell!” with a soul-rending terror. His family fled from the house until death had quieted him.  Not sure, but this could be the same infidel that I read about while in school. The account there was that his groanings were so soul rendering, heartbreaking, soul piercing — that his family fled from the house until he had passed into eternity.

* Tom Paine was a noted infidel, brazen in his attacks on God and the Bible. Yet when death came, his boldness was gone, and he pleaded, “Stay with me! Stay with me for God’s sake! I cannot bear to be alone!” { Some say that he said “bring a child to be with me!” }.

Duke of Buckingham after a life of folly and sin:  “Oh! what a prodigal have I been of the most valuable of all possessions — time!  I have squandered it away with the persuasion that it was lasting; and now, when a few days would be worth a hecatomb of worlds, I cannot flatter myself with the prospect of a half dozen hours.”

* Begged Honore` Mirabeau: “Give me more opium that I may not think of eternity!” Mirabeau, another version very slightly different: The last words of the infidel Mirabeau: “My sufferings are intolerable; I have within me a hundred years of life{,} but not a moment’s courage. Give me more laudanum that I may not think of eternity.”

* A fashionable lady attended revival meetings at the Morgan Street church, Chicago. Deep conviction settled on her soul.   She wept and said she would like to find peace, but was not ready to give up the pleasures of the world.  To drown her convictions, she absented herself from the house of God.  Time hurried on and soon she was on her death bed.  Realizing her condition, she sent for a friend who had attended the meetings with her and who had listened to the spiritual pleadings and found the joy of pardoning love. This friend hurried to the bedside of the dying one.   As she entered the room{,} the dying woman looked at her with eyes of terror, and grasping her hand she exclaimed,  “Oh, stay with me till I am gone!  I am dying and going to hell!  Tell Bro. C____  (the minister) to preach hell as he has never preached it before, for I am going to hell!”.  Then, pointing to the wardrobe, she said,  “Go there and you will see what has ruined my soul.”.   She opened the door and saw the rich, fashionable clothing and turned again to the side of the dying woman, who raised herself up and sang the hymn she had so often heard at the meeting:
“Parting to meet again at the Judgment,
Parting to meet no more here below;
Oh, how sad the thought to thee, Traveler to eternity,
Parting to meet again at the Judgment.
As the last word fell from her lips she fell back on the pillow and her soul passed into eternity to meet the God whose mercy she had trifled with and turned away for the gaudy toys of this earth.  Dear reader, take warning from this sad death.  Turn away from the vanities of earth and give God your heart and life’s service, and eternal happiness shall be yours.

* Charteres, infidel: Found this dying agonizing phrase in a book while in school. Wish I had a copy.  Do not know if that is possible now.   Charteres cried, “I would gladly give one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to have it proved there is no hell!”    In the book that I read, the book said “2000 pounds”.   The British pound was worth much more in relation to the dollar in those days.

This great {???} caliph, the third of his name, who was distinguished { ??!! } for his patronage of learning and the arts, and who raised the moslem empire in Spain to its highest point, was born in 888 and died in 961. The testimony of this ungodly successor of mohammed at the end of his career shows how neither the possessions of earth nor the teachings of the mohammedan religion had power to satisfy a human soul.  His words were: “Fifty years have passed since first I was caliph. Riches, honors, pleasures,  I have enjoyed all. In this long period of seeming happiness.  I have numbered the days on which I have been happy. They amount to fourteen.”

William E. Henley, an atheist, wrote a famous poem  “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”  Men who have been bold in their defiance of God have lauded Henley’s pom, but most of them were not aware that William Henley later committed suicide.

Francis Newport, despairing upon his deathbed, asked, “What argument is there now to assist me against matter of fact? Do I assert there is no hell while I feel one in my own bosom? That there is a God I know, because I continually feel the effect of His wrath. That there is a hell, I am equally certain, having received an earnest of my inheritance already in my own breast.   Oh!  That I was to lie a thousand years upon the fire that never is quenched to purchase the favor of God, and be reunited to Him again!   But it is a fruitless wish.  Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer to the end of my torments than one poor hour!  O Eternity!  Eternity!”   Then as death seized him, he uttered a groan of inexpressible horror and cried out,  “Oh!  The insufferable pangs of hell!  Oh Eternity!  Forever and forever!

John Wilkes Booth, the roman papist who MURDERED Abraham Lincoln:
“Useless! Useless! The terrors before me!

Svetlana Stalin, daughter of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili { Josef Stalin } told of her father’s death: “My father died a difficult and terrible death. God grants an easy death only to the just. At what seemed the very last moment he suddenly opened his eyes and cast a glance over everyone in the room. It was a terrible glance, insane or perhaps angry. His left hand was raised, as though he were pointing to something above and bringing down a curse on us all. The gesture was full of menace. The next moment he was dead.”

* Thomas Hobbes, the political philosopher and sceptic who corrupted some of England’s great men:  “If I had the whole world, I would give anything to live one day. I shall be glad to find a hole to creep out of the world at.  I am about to take a fearful leap in the dark!”

M.F. Rich: “Terrible horrors hang over my soul!  I have given my immortality for gold; and its weight sinks me into a hopeless, helpless Hell!”

David Strauss, leading representative of German rationalism, after spending a lifetime erasing belief in God from the minds of others:  “My philosophy { Yes!  See Colossians 2:8!  } leaves me utterly forlorn!  I feel like one caught in the  merciless jaws of an automatic machine, not knowing at what time one of its great hammers may crush me!”

Tallyrand was one of the most cunning French political leaders of the Napoleonic era. On a paper found at his death were these words: “Behold eighty-three passed away! What cares! What agitation! What anxieties! What ill-will! What sad complications! And all without other results except great fatigue of mind and body, a profound sentiment of discouragement with regard to the future, and disgust with regard to the past!”

* Sir Francis Newport, the head of an English Atheist club to those gathered around his deathbed: “You need not tell me there is no God for I know there is one, and that I am in His presence! You need not tell me there is no hell.  I feel myself already slipping. Wretches, cease your idle talk about there being hope for me! I know I am lost forever! Oh, that fire!  Oh, the insufferable pangs of hell! .… Oh, that I could lie for a thousand years upon the fire that is never quenched, to purchase the favor of God and be united to Him again.  But it is a fruitless wish. Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer the end of my torments than one poor hour. Oh, eternity, eternity forever and forever! Oh, the insufferable pangs of Hell!

Oliver Greene once told of a man on his deathbed who could not lift without help so much as a thimble full of water.   When death seized him, he suddenly lifted himself up from the bedsheets and began to scream in terror:  “Pull me up in the bed!  My feet are burning! I am sliding into Hell!” { It’s a fact. I read it in one of his booklets. Oliver Greene was a tremendous Hellfire preacher. He suffered a stroke, then preached on the radio.  He went to be with THE LORD in 1973, I believe. Yours truly HATES the devil’s noise, that is, rock noise, especially the noise since 1959.  But I NEVER destroy any thing. Some pagans were so CONVICTED – HEBREWS 4:12, JEREMIAH 23:29, et cetera^, that they would smash their radios { or whatever radio was on! } or YANK the wires of the automobile radio out!! – Nextaxpro }

* Adams: A{n} – Nextaxpro } {in}famous { – Nextaxpro } infidel by the name of Adams cried out these final words,  “I’m lost! Lost! Lost!  I’m damned!  Damned! Damned forever!”   His agony was so great that he tore his hair from his head as he passed away.

* A mother who denied Christ and sneered at religion { THE NEW BIRTH in this circumstance:  ALL religion is of the devil:  JOHN 14:6, ACTS 4:12, 1TIMOTHY 2:5, et cetera^ – Nextaxpro } came to her dying bed.  Looking up from her restless pillow on the group of weeping sons and daughters gathered at her bedside, she said, “My children, I have been leading you on the wrong road all of your lives. I now find the broad road leads on to destruction;  I did not believe it before. Oh! Seek to serve God and to find The Gate of Heaven, though you may never meet your mother there.” So, in clouds and darkness, set her sun of life. — Sent us by Dr. L. B. Balliett, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

*It was Charles IX – papist – who ordered the great {??} massacre that took place on “St.” Bartholomew’s Day.   On his own dying day, he said, “What blood! What murders! I know not where I am. How will all this end? What shall I do? I am lost forever….I know it!”

* Maybe it was this one { the website that owned the copyright on the book — maybe } :


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